20×4 1/4 Bike Tire

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Street Hog Iii Extra Wide Tire 20 X 4 1/4

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Diameter: 406

For custom and chopper bikes like the Schwinn New Stingray.

This tire fits on all 20″ Classic Cycle rims wider than 50 mm ! But please check frame/fork for clearance!

On a 80 mm rim the tire is about 93 mm wide and it will 70 mm protrude over the rim.

Depending on the rim width and the air pressure, the tire has a total diameter of approx. 60 cm.


Weight: ~ 1,67 kg

If you assemble the tire on wide rims not to put more pressure than 30 PSI. It could blast.

Mongoose Fat Tire Bike Tire Mountain Bike Accessory

  • Heavy duty rubber for extended tire life
  • Specifically designed to be used with fat bicycles only.
  • Knobby, aggressive tread pattern to provide added traction around corners and while climbing,
  • With added tire volume, it also allows you to roll over obstacles more easily with less feedback, smoothing out the trail.
  • It is durably constructed, making it ideal for riding in almost any environment.
58.42 x 58.42 x 8.89 cm 952.54 Grams
Item model number
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Your Choices In Tire Widths

While tire diameter should be an exact match, you do have the option of putting on a tire with a slight variation in width. Some riders opt for wider tires, for example, to give them more traction and a somewhat cushier ride. Things like rim size, fork size and frame tolerances make things tricky here, though, so talk to a bike shop before trying this.

Fat tires and plus tires: Fat-tire bikes are the ones you see with obviously gigantic tires. They work well on snow or sand, and offer a cushy, grippy ride wherever they go. The same rule on size applies, though: Match whats on the sidewall of your current tires in both diameter and width, which might be 4″ or more on a fat-tire bike. Plus-size tires, a tweener option between standard and fat, might be 3″ or more.

Typical tire sizes: The example sizes below give you a rough guide for tire sizes on different types of bikes today.

  • Mountain bike tires: Outer tire diameters can be 26″, 27.5″ or 29″ widths range from 1.9″ to nearly 5″. Some examples:
  • Cross-country bikes: 1.9″ to 2.3″ wide.
  • Trail and all-mountain bikes: 2.3″ to 2.5″ wide.
  • Downhill bikes: up to 2.5″ wide.
  • Road bike tires: Most road bikes have a 700mm outer diameter, with widths starting at 23mm. Most road tire widths are less than 30mm, but you can also find tires as wide as 45mm on bikes intended for gravel roads.
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    How To Choose Bike Tires

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    Just as you would replace old running shoes when they wear out, you need to do the same with your bike tires when the time comes. And just as you have choices to make with new shoes, the same applies with new tires. You want to make sure they fit well, but you might want to make upgrades for better speed, durability or simply all-around performance.

    This article will help you know when its time to replace tires, how to know what size bike tire to buy and some key features to think about when you look for replacement tires.

    The following signs indicate its time for new bike tires:

    • Your tread edges are noticeably worn down and youre getting a lot of flats
    • Your bikes handling has gotten noticeably worse
    • Your tire tread appears rounded or uneven
    • You notice a thread pattern on the sidewall of the tire
    • Rubber is beginning to crack or flake off of the knobs or sidewalls
    • You notice a distortion in the tire
    • You notice the sipingtiny slits in tires that help their grip on wet surfacesis disappearing
    • You notice a lot of small cuts that may contain slivers of glassthose can work their way inside the tire and cause flats
    • Your wear indicatorstypically one or two small dimplesare disappearing

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    Skypark Bike Fest will offering bike clinics with the pros, live music on St. Nicks patio and raffle giveaways. Enjoy special buys and information from your favorite brands, so be sure to stop by their booths to hear about the latest in the industry! The mountain biking at SkyPark is in a league of its own. The trail network winds through a thick canopy of pine trees and sports several well-marked, directional mountain bike trails for the beginner to advanced rider. The bike trails take you through 10+ miles of dense Alpine forest, natural jumps, wall rides, ladder bridges and obstacles. Each trail is specifically designed to prepare you for the next, slightly more challenging one.

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    Vee Tire 20×40 Speedster Junior Fat Tire Folding Bead 20×4

    • Bike Type: Junior, Size: 20 x 4.0, Weight : 1200, Weight : 2.646, ETRTO: 102-406
    • Material: MPC – Multiple Purpose Compound , Color: Black, Tube Required: Tubeless Ready
    • Model: Speedster, Rim Size: 20, Rim Width: , Tire Width: 20
    • TPI: 120, PSI: 8 – 20, Durometer: 56± 2, Bead : FB, Bar: 0.6 – 1.4
    24.3 x 19.5 x 16 cm 1.2 Kilograms
    Manufacturer reference
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best Sellers Rank

    How To Get The Right Bike Tire Size

    Tire dimensions can be complicated, but you have a straightforward way to find out the size of your current tire:

    Check your tires sidewallthe numbers there indicate your tire size .

    Typical mountain bike tire: 2.2 and 27.5 indicate a tire that has a width of 2.2 and an outer diameter of 27.5″Typical road bike tire: 700 x 32c indicates a tire that has an outer diameter of 700mm and a width of 32mm.

    You might see just one set of sizing numbers on a tire, or two or even three. As long as your new tires size matches one of these sets of numbers, the new tire should fit your bike.

    A tire size you might see on a mountain bike: 29 x 2.3 indicates a tire with a 29″ outer diameter and a 2.3″ width.

    A tire size you might see on a road bike: 700x25c indicates a tire with a 700mm outer diameter and a 25mm width.

    A third type of tire size might appear on either a mountain or a road tire: 25-622 is the International Standardization Organization way of identifying the 700x25c tire in the example above. This system states the 622mm inner tire diameter, rather than the 700mm outer tire diameter, because a key concern is ensuring that wheel size and inner tire diameter align with one another.

    Even though ISO numbers are starting to show up on tires, they arent commonly stated elsewhere so you only need to pay attention to an ISO number if its the only sizing number you have to work with.

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    Other Bike Tire Options

    Tubeless bike tires: These are bike tires that seal directly on the rim and are inflatedno tubes required. If you have tubed tires now, switching to tubeless will offer a substantial performance upgrade. Tubeless tires let you run lower tire pressuresdown to 20 psi for better traction and a smoother ride. They also free you from flats that sometimes result when a tube gets pinched. For more on whether to switch or not, read Tubed vs. Tubeless: Should I Upgrade My Tires?

    The tubeless installation process can be a little complex, as is fixing a tubeless flat. The conversion process requires you invest in tubeless-ready tires and rims or a tubeless conversion kit.

    Puncture-resistant bike tires: If youre a commuter or simply detest changing flats, investing in this more expensive type of tire makes sense. Puncture resistance comes from tougher compounds and thicker tires overall.

    Foldable bike tires: Instead of what is found on most tiresa wire bead these tires often have a Kevlar® bead. A big reason to get a foldable tire is to save weight. Because it can be folded up, storing and carrying the tire is also easy. Available for both mountain and road bikes, foldable tires are usually more expensive than standard-bead tires.

    Studded bike tires: If you ride in the winter, these are worthy of consideration. Studded bike tires have steel or aluminum studs that provide traction for riding on snowy or icy surfaces.

    How To Get The Right Bike Tube And Valve Size

    Buying an Electric Bike? This could save you from REGRET. Step-thru benefit vs Stepover frames.

    Bike tube sizing essentially mirrors bike tire sizing with one exception: Tubes, because they can stretch, will list a range of widths: 27.5 x 1.9-2.3″, for example. Thus you need to be sure any new bike tube has sizing that has a width range that aligns with the sizing on your bike tires.

    Bike tube valve types: Valves on bike tubes are either Presta or Schrader. The hole in your bike rim matches your valve type, so you want to be sure that your bike tubes valve type matches your old tire, too.

    • Presta valves are narrow and often have a tiny nut to seal and open them theyre seen more typically on road bikes. They will fit in any rim, but should only be used in a Schrader rim if you install an adapter to shrink the holeotherwise you run the risk of the valve stem being pulled free of the inner tube.
    • Schrader valves are wider than Prestas, with a valve like those on car tires. Most mountain bikes have Schrader valves. Schrader valves are too wide to fit in Presta rims.

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