26×4 Fat Bike Street Tires

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Aggressive Fat Bike Tires

Fat Bike Tires For Road – RadRover

Aggressive fat bike tires are tires which are well-suited to loose snow, mud, rocks, and pretty much everything you can throw at them.

45NRTH Dillinger 4, Dillinger 5: The Dillinger tires from 45NRTH are studded and ready to dominate snow and icy conditions. The Dillinger 4 is 26×4.0 and retails for $175 while the Dillinger 5 is 26×4.8 and retails for $240.

45NRTH Wrathchild: This is another studded tire from 45NRTH with good cornering lugs for added confidence in the snow. The Wrathchild is 26×4.6 and theres also a 27.5+ version as well.

45NRTH Dunderbeist: This rear-specific tire features dual-compound construction and a tread designed for optimal braking and acceleration. The Dunderbeist is a 26×4.6 tire and retails for $140.

45NRTH Flowbeist: The Flowbeist is the front-specific tire thats meant to be paired with the Dunderbeist mentioned above. Like the Dunderbeist, this is a 26×4.6 tire and retails for $140.

Bontrager Gnarwal: The Gnarwal is designed for rough terrain and deep snow, with a studded version available as well. Buyers can choose from either 26×3.8 or 27.5×4.5 sizes, and pricing starts at $119.99 for the 26 fat tire version.

Maxxis Colossus: The Colossus is designed for loose conditions which, for fat biking, usually means mud and snow. This tire certainly isnt a lightweight, tipping the scales at 1445g. 26×4.8, $130 MSRP.

Maxxis Minion FBR: The rear-specific Minion fat bike tire. 1210g, $100 MSRP.

Can I Ride My Fat Bike On A Trainer

Even though fat bikes are ideal for winter riding, there just might be some days when you need to ride indoors. Maybe it is pouring, or you dont have time to bundle up.

We do not recommend riding normal fat bike tires on a regular friction bike trainer, but you can do it on a direct-drive smart trainer. On an old-fashioned trainer, the friction from the tire on the drive creates heat and it will wear out your fat tire way too fast.

Instead, we suggest throwing an old road bike on the trainer and using that for your indoor riding.

Fat Bike Tires: A Comprehensive Guide

The fat bike market has grown up a lot over the last few years, and these days fat bike owners have plenty of great fat bike tires to choose from. Whether youve finally worn out the tires that came with your fat bike or youre looking for something more aggressive or faster-rolling, this is your guide to virtually all the fat bike tires on the market today.

Weve organized this list of 44 unique fat bike tires a couple different ways: by tread pattern and by size . So whether youre looking to change up your style of fat biking or youre just trying to find replacement tires to fit your rig, this article should have you covered.

Note: weights and prices reflect the lowest weight and price for any variation of the selected tire.

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What Tire Pressure For A Fat Bike

dgroebl said:Ive just received my new super sweet Juggernaut Ultra FS fat tire bike and Im not sure what kind of tire pressure to run. I realize the 26 x 4 fat tires will probably always seem squishy but I wonder what is a good pressure of them. Ill just be riding on the street as a commuter.

Seasonal And Terrain Factors

Deli Fat Bike Bicycle Tires 26x4.0â? Black Big

That last point on tread raises an important consideration: The type of riding you do, or season of riding, makes a huge impact on your tire choice. It is certainly not a one-size-fits-all decision.

If you will be owning a fat bike mainly to winter ride, so you can stay off the indoor trainer in a snowy climate, then you need a tire that either has or accommodates studs. On the other hand, you might be buying a tire for riding on a sandy beach. If that is the case, studs are irrelevant but a wide floating tire is key. But you might simply be buying the fat bike for that gravel trail near your house, so you can tackle any mud or loose sand that you encounter. In that case, you can go with a tamer, narrower tire.

In many cases, the same tire is offered with different features. For example, one of our favorites, the Terrene Wazia, comes in a studded and non-studded version.

Congratulations: you too can now read the tire tread tea leaves! Lets try picking our way through a few different brands fat bike tire lines.

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Fast Rolling Fat Bike Tires

Whether youre looking to dominate the local fat bike race series or to transform your fat bike into a winter commuter, these low resistance, fast-rolling tires should fit the bill.

Bontrager Rougarou: If there ever was such a thing as a fat bike race tire, this is it. The Rougarou has a ton of closely spaced knobs and is offered in a barely-fat-bike-legal 3.8 width only. Trek claims this tire is lightweight, but isnt very forthcoming about how much it actually weighs 26×3.8, 1100g, $119.99.

Duro Big D: Duros lone fat bike tire offering is said to be a hardpack slayer thats designed to roll fast and easy. 26×4.0, 1280g.

Origin 8 Captiv-8er: These fat bike tires are clearly designed for only the grippiest hardpack or street riding. At 3.5 wide, theyre really pushing the limit of what we consider to be a fat bike tire, but at least they should roll really fast! 26×3.5, $66 MSRP.

Origin 8 Supercell: These are straight-up street tires, with a bit of channeling for wet conditions. 26×4.0, $60 MSRP.

Specialized Fast Trak Fat: Leave it to Trek and Specialized to duke it out in the newly-emerging fat bike race category. The Fast Trak Fat promises to be a racy, low rolling resistance tire. 26×4.0, 1100g, $110 MSRP.

Surly Black Floyd: The Black Floyd is a street tire thats about as fast rolling as you can get. Just dont take these tires off the pavement. 26×3.8, 1050g, $90 MSRP.

Maxxis: Best For Selection

Taiwanese mega-maker of bicycle and off-road vehicle tires, Cheng Shin, sells premium bike tires under its Maxxis brand. Best known in mountain biking for the legendary Minion downhill and trail tire, Maxxis is one of the most comprehensive tire lines in cycling. Fat bike tires are no

Maxxis Minion

exception: the Minion FBF, Minion FBR, Recon, High Roller, and Chronicle tires cover a range of fat bike needs.

All five of Maxxis fat bike tires are available in 26 and 27.5 diameters, except for the Chronicle which is just 27.5. Widths are model-specific without much choice, so some fat bike owners will find the right Maxxis tire for their terrain is not available in a size appropriate for their frame.

Available treads show Maxxis off-road focus, with Minion FBF and FBR models borrowing names and tread patterns from their well-known mountain bike counterparts. The Minion FBR should suit most riders looking for a tall tread in soft terrain such as mud in snow, with higher speed trail riding in mind. The Minion FBF is a bit extreme, and only the most aggressive riders in the most challenging conditions will benefit from its massive knobs for use as a front tire. The Colossus knobs are shallower than either Minion model but tall by any other standard, making it a good all-around at home in the flat but capable of tackling some trails.

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Nrth: Best For Extreme Performance

45NRTH Dillinger

Cold weather is the specialty of Minnesota-based 45NRTH, as even their name is keen to stress: the 45th north parallel intersects Minneapolis, Green Bay, and Ontario, roughly halfway from the equator to the north pole. 45NRTH cements their Minnesotan pride with fat bike tires named Dillinger 4 and Hüsker Dü. However, even fat bike riders without a palate for geography or punk rock will find plenty of options among a wide range of fat bike tires, with the Wrathchild, Wrathlorde, and Vanhelga rounding out the mix.

Owners of 27.5 fat bikes can choose from 4 Dillinger 4 and 4.5 Dillinger 5 models, studded or studless, plus the studded 4.5 Wrathchild. 26 Wrathchilds are available in a studded 4.6 width, while the 4.2 Vanhelga and 4.8 Hüsker Dü are strictly studless 26 tires.

45NRTHs fat bike tires all claim tubeless compatibility, but other tires in the 45NRTH range are explicitly not tubeless: check tire packaging and labels to be sure. 45NRTH also offers black and tan color options in some models, and a choice of 60tpi or 120tpi casing: lower tpi numbers make a thicker and heavier tire more suitable for use with tubes. Find the lineup here.

Two Duro 26×40 Fleetwood Semi

Review of the Mountaineer 26×4 Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike
Item Dimensions LxWxH 26 x 4 x 26 inches
  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Two 26×4.0 Duro Fleetwood fat bike semi-slick road tires.
  • Folding beads help reduce the weight of the tire to help you out on longer rides
  • Semi-Slick tread allows you to cruise the streets without the rumbling and bumbling of knobby designs.
  • The Fleetwood is Duro’s answer to street cruising. With an almost smooth semi-slick design, the Fleetwood gives you comfort and agility on pavement like no other. The 60 TPI casing offers comfort while the tread design gives stability to your ride.
  • ETRTO: 102-559, Air Pressure 15-30 PSI, 1-2.1 BAR, Rim Width 80-100 mm, Folding Bead, 60 TPI, Weight 1210 g

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Arisun Big Smoothy 26×40 Folding Semi Slick Fat Bike Street Tire 26 X 4 Fast

$89.50eBay Money Back Guarantee

Seller:the_bikesmiths99.8%, Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item:294601872528Arisun Big Smoothy 26×4.0 FOLDING Semi Slick Fat Bike Street Tire 26″ x 4″ Fast. Big Smoothy. Semi Slick. Lightweight Folding Bead Fat Bike Tire. Fast Rolling 4″ Fat Tire. A note about Fat Tires — This tire is very wide. Lightweight folding bead construction. Advertised weight: 1355g per tire.Condition:New, Wheel Size:26 in, Model:Big Smoothy, Country/Region of Manufacture:China, Item Width:4.0 in, Material:Rubber, Number of Items:1, Features:Semi-Slick Tread, Color:Black, Part Type:Tire, MPN:T090201, Compatible Bike Type:Fat Bike, Folding Bike, Brand:Arisun, Tire Type:Wire Bead, UPC:6927116105372 See More

Fatty Street Tire Options

also here is a review of them: I wonder how these would compare to the Speedster & the Zig ZagAnyone ever heard of this brand before?

JCHobbes said:The only street tires I like are on alibaba. The problem is the only size every company offers is 20 x 4.0 or 20 x 4 1/4, and have to buy 500 tires. I do need two of this size, and two 26 x 4.0 or 4 1/4. One supplier is sending me samples of the tire in the photo below to check the quality. It is 20 x 4 1/4. They said I would have to pay for mold and buy 500 tires to have them made in 26 x 4 1/4.

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Should I Put Studs On My Fat Bike Tire

Depending on the model, you can, but there is a good chance you dont need to. Studs should be used when you expect to go on uneven ice, or if you will be riding in areas where you cant afford to slip and slide at all . For most people, the width and traction of a nice 4 or more fat bike tire will provide plenty of grip, even on flat ice. Plus, studs increase your rolling resistance so riding on good surfaces will be made harder by studs. Still, if you need the traction for safety, many fat tires can accommodate studs.

What Psi Should My Fat Tire Be

26x4,00 fat bike tire 100

Air pressure in a fat tire is an important factor, and will greatly affect your ride. Unlike road tires, or even gravel tires, fat tires are meant to be ridden at LOW pressure. Many who ride in snow, and therefore want to be able to float over the looser parts, set their PSI as low at 4-6. Taking a fat bike on gravel will require a bit firmer tire, maybe in the 12 range or as high as 15. But you rarely are pumping your fat tire up to 20 PSI or more.

You also need to check your pressure before each ride. Fat tires tend to fluctuate and you want to start each ride with the right PSI.

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Inch Wide 26 Inch Tires

Inverted continuous center tread is formed by dimpled diamonddesign with narrow grooves between blocks to decrease rolling resistance and provide read more

Design leads from the classic Minion DHR, morphed into a Fatbike tire EXO: additional densely woven, lightweight, flexible fabric added to read more

Tightly spaced, low profile center knobs paired with open shoulder knobs for smooth transitions Low knob profile make this tire perfect for sand read more

Riding your fatbike on ice just got even better with the redesigned Dillinger tread pattern and tubeless compatibility. 240 carefully positioned studs read more

Panaracer Fat B Nimble Tires Medium height tread works well in a variety of conditions Supple casing helps this tire perform well at any read more

“Think all tires look the same? Look closely and you’ll see that Kenda Tires perform to the highest standards across several different categories. For the past 50 years, Kenda has been building a better tire for life’s most demanding activities. Actually, they overbuild them to ensure you succeed safely in everything you do.”

“VEE Tire Co. prides itself on offering affordable, innovative products that enable you to push the boundaries of your ride. With over thirty years in the industry, our engineering advantage has elevated the biking experience by providing you with a premium tire you can trust is on the cutting edge.”

Will It Fit

There are two major considerations when looking at choosing the best fat bike tire for your bike, and these come down to compatibility. The frame size and width to ensure the tire can spin freely and is not too tight or wide for your frame. The second is the width of your rim, a wider tire requires a wider rim.

Frame Size And WidthEvery frame is different and for the fat bike tires reviewed above, you will need a fat bike specific frame. Additionally, not every fat bike has the capability to fit the fattest of fat bike tires. So ensure you measure your fat bike before purchasing tires to avoid disappointment.

The link below is a guide on how and where to measure your frame to ensure you know what size tires will fit with your frame.

Rim Widththe rim, which is the circular part of your wheel, comes in different widths which is compatible with certain tire widths so ensure your rim and tire choice are compatible.

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