Addmotor Motan M-560 P7 750w Hunting Electric Bike

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Addmotor Motan M560 P7 Electric Bicycle

Addmotor Motan M-560 P7 750W Hunting Electric Bike Review


Addmotor MOTAN M-560 P7 750W Front Suspension 26 Inch Fat Tires Electric Bike

2019 New MOTAN M-560 P7 hunting electric bicycle is a new fashion design e-bike, which is an upgraded version of m-560 with 11.6AH hidden bakery, 750W motor, and steady ARC frame. The front fork and 26-inch fat tire e-bike let you feel more comfortable.

Addmotor Motan M560 P7 Specifications

Size: 26 Inch Watts: 750W Battery: 11.6Ah

The M-560 P7 powerful fat tires electric bike that feels well suited for the city, but also can tackle some moderate trails thanks to the adjustable fork suspension and extra big tires. It is also a good bike option for hunters who want to go deep into the woods without getting slowed down by the soggy terrain. The 80mm travel front suspension with lockout, fat tires and wide saddle make for a comfortable ride.


ARC INTEGRATED SPORTY STRONG FRAME DESIGN. The Addmotor Motan M560 P7 is a sporty, agile electric bicycle designed with an elegant ARC INTEGRATED frame for the more aggressive, sportier rider. The frame is curved for both stylish and strength that meaning the Addmotor Motan M560 P7 is designed to ride and handle like a sportier than average electric bicycle.

POWERFUL MOTOR. With its hub mounted the 750W brushless motor and 11.6Ah lithium-ion Panasonic battery, the MOTAN M-560 P7 has the power and range to accompany you on adventures of almost any length and duration on a single 4-hour charge.

Pros And Cons After Testing

There are a number of features on the AddMotor Motan e-bike that really left a good impression on us. The stand out feature definitely has to be the overall sturdy build of the bike. From the aluminum frame to the fat tires, not to mention that there is a powerful motor that adds to its general versatility.

Another thing we feel youll like about the bike is the advanced pedal assistance sensor. This crucial device measures the torque on the cranks and rotations so that the motor power stops or starts whenever the rider starts or stops pedaling. This is a good way to save power but also ensures that you remain active on the bike.

You also get to monitor the way you are riding when using the Motan e-bike. The Bafang display in the middle of the handlebars keeps you updated with electronic feedback regarding distance, speed, battery level, wattage output, and so on.

Another great quality is that the bikes top speed of 23 mph that wont slow you down when you get the speed bug. And even though you’ll feel that you are going fast at this speed, the wide tires, handlebars, and overall geometry of the bike ensure that you remain stable and in complete control of the bike.

Despite all the useful features on the Motan e-bike, there are still drawbacks youd like to watch out for. For one, the bike doesnt come with a backlight, making it a bit risky to ride in the night.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

Which Motor Is Best

It depends on what youre planning on using it for. If youre using it on moderate to rough terrain with some hill climbing a regular mid-drive would be best suited. If you know you will have some challenging hills and/or rough terrain that you need to be in complete control of the power the Ultra mid-drive is the one that will get the job done . If you have moderate terrain with some hills but nothing too steep a rear hub motor will do a good job and you wont even need the higher priced mid-drive or Ultra mid-drive.

Rear Hub Motor

The rear hub sits inside the back wheel. The hub motor is simple and quite inexpensive to manufacture and so usually used on ebikes that don’t need the hill climbing capabilities of the mid drive which means a less expensive ebike.

Hub motors tend to be more about raw power and brute force, it pushes from the back and can feel similar to the force of a motorcycle. One nice feature is since the rear hub spins the wheel, if the chain was to snap you could still get back to camp or back home.

The mid drive motor works with the drivetrain so a snapped chain would prevent the bike from operating. Not so much an issue now with the bikes on this list as they all use harden steel chain links built to withstand the extra pressure put on the chain by the motor, but still something to consider…

Mid Drive Motor

Ultra Mid Drive Motor

A regular mid drive has both cadence and speed sensors, while the Ultra has a torque sensor too.

All Wheel Drive

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The Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike By Bakcou

Best Selling Electric Hunting Bike

The Mule is available in either the 750 watt or 1000 watt and carries that phenomenal Ultra mid drive Bafang motor so the performance on steep hills and rough terrain makes this a best in class.

Priced a few hundred bucks less than the other 1000 watt on this list yet it carries the Ultra motor. Built by hunters for hunters, the Mule comes as standard with front light, fenders, rear rack and Teflon liners to help prevent punctures.

The 750 watt model has a top speed of 20mph while the 1000 watt model reaches 35mph without pedaling. Stand over height of 30 inches so ranging from 59 to 64 this frame size is perfect.

Shorter riders can check out the Step Through model which is identical, except with the crossbar lowered by 3 inches to make it easier to get on and off.

The battery is a 48V, 14.5Ah extended distance built with Panasonic cells. This particular battery releases energy more efficiently than most batteries so can reach 40 miles on a single charge.

The Mule also has a cool walk-assist mode so if you need to get off and walk but dont want to carry the gear you can engage the motor at 2.5mph and the bike will cruise along with you and do the heavy lifting for you.

What we love the most

  • The 750 Watt motor is actually a 1000 Watt motor set to 750 so it can be dialed up again in just a few seconds directly from the display.
  • PThe Mule comes fully accessorized
  • Walk- assist mode is an awesome hidden feature
  • Has both Eco & Sport modes

Class 1 Pedal Assist Bikes

Addmotor MOTAN M

On these bikes, the electric drive of the bike must be activated through pedaling.

Sensors measure pedal movement, pedal torque and / or bicycle speed.

In most parts of the United States, these bikes are limited to a top speed of 20 mph.

Because of their limited power, they are permitted to be used in the same areas as regular push-bikes streets, bike lanes, bike paths and off-road trails.

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Special Offers And Product Promotions

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  • Save 5% on when you purchase 1 or more Addmotor Electric Bike offered by Addmotor CO.,LTD..
  • Save 5% on when you purchase 1 or more Addmotor Electric Bike offered by Addmotor CO.,LTD..
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  • Save 5% on when you purchase 1 or more M-560, M-5500, M-550, M-5600, E-43, Or E-53 E Bike offered by Addmotor CO.,LTD..

Rehab And Limited Ability

For whatever reason, you may have limited ability to cycle. This could be due to age, injury or a physical disability. E-bikes can be a great way to supplement or rebuild strength.

Depending on your intended use, youll have different requirements concerning motor wattage, battery capacity, torque, build and configuration.

Consider these factors while reviewing the following information and when choosing a new e-bike.

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Class 3 Speed Pedelec

Addmotor All Terrain M-560 P7 MOTAN Electric Bike Review

These bikes are pedal-assisted, with a top-speed limit of 28mph. This speed must be achieved with pedal assistance.

Class 3 e-bikes are permitted on roads and on-road bike lanes but are not allowed to be used on bike trails and multi-use paths.

Even though the higher speed of a Class 3 bike may seem attractive, keep in mind that this may limit your access options to paths and trails.

Class 3 e-bikes are suitable if you enjoy on-road cycling and use your e-bike purely for commuting.

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So What Is An Electric Hunting Bike

Contrary to popular belief it’s not just a standard ebike with a camo paint job, There’s a lot more to it than that. The excellent electric hunting bikes that well look at later in the write-up start with the motor, a motor that is powerful enough to carry a 300lb rider and still tow a trailer with lots of gear.

The bike is then designed and built around that motor. The bike frame needs to be built to withstand the rough terrain but light enough to lift out of your truck or trailer.

Front suspension is an essential aspect of a smooth ride. Nobody wants to clamp their finely tuned bow to their handlebars only to ride 10 miles rocking and vibrating all the way in. Ebikes built for hunting also have fat tires ranging between 4 and 4.8 so they get a lot of traction on soft and loose terrain.

One on the list actually has a walk-assist mode too. Imagine you are pulling a load on the bike trailer and you come to terrain or hill that youre not confident navigating on the saddle. You can walk beside the bike with the walk-assist engaged at 3 mph and the ebike motor does the heavy lifting.

As I explain which 11 ebikes make the list and why, take note of the different types of motors. The motor is the most important aspect of the hunting ebike and depending on what you use it for and where you plan to use it, should be the biggest factor when choosing your next electric hunting bike.

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Commuters And Urban / City Bikes

At this time, the most popular types of e-bike are commuter and urban bikes. Many riders are looking for an e-bike that can get them to work over long distances or without working up a sweat.

For an electric commuting bike, youll want all the features that you would seek in a pedal-powered commuter, plus a moderately powered motor and battery capacity .

Tough D-locks and a removable battery are essential if you are locking up your e-bike in a public area.

What Is An Electric Bike

Addmotor MOTAN M

Electric bikes use an electric motor, along with pedals and some of the gearing of a traditional bicycle. This helps riders to travel longer distances and up more hills, than would otherwise be possible with their own energy.

Most bikes use a system known as pedal-assist. This means that rider input is helped along by the motor. Electric bikes are great for anyone looking to travel further than they could on an unpowered bike. This makes e-bikes suitable for senior cyclists and riders with compromised ability.

Some e-bikes offer throttle-only power, which means that riders can accelerate without pedaling at all. In most nations, its a requirement that electric bikes are partially human-powered.

The uses for an e-bike are as varied as the uses for regular bicycles.

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$3500 To $10000 And Beyond

A full-carbon, high-powered, top-end beast

In this corner, we have full-suspension electric mountain bikes, high-end commuters, performance e-Gravel, drop-bar e-Road bikes and reliable cargo machines.

Components are lightweight, high quality and durable. Racing rigs are fast and light, with concealed batteries and inconspicuous motors. Many are made from carbon fiber.

Motors will be powerful and batteries are high capacity. Some options come ready-built to incorporate a second battery in a dual setup.

Where Can I Buy Addmotor Motan 750 W Electric Bike 26 4 0 Fat Tires Mountain Hunting Ebike 23 Mph Winter Snow Electric Bikes M 560 P 7 Ebikes For Adults Removable 48 V 12 8 Ah Lithium Battery Fenders Rear Rack Online At The Best Price In The Haiti

desertcart is the best online shopping platform where you can buy Addmotor MOTAN 750 W Electric Bike 26 4 0 Fat Tires Mountain Hunting Ebike 23 MPH Winter Snow Electric Bikes M 560 P 7 Ebikes For Adults Removable 48 V 12 8 AH Lithium Battery Fenders Rear Rack from renowned brand. desertcart delivers the most unique and largest selection of products from across the world especially from the US, UK and India at best prices and the fastest delivery time.

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Addmotor Motan Electric Mountain Bicycles Fat Tires 26 Inch 750w Power Electric Bikes Removable 48v 16ah Lithium Battery M

In stock.7-9 daysOrange

  • MOTAN M-560 power plus electric bikes with rear rack and fenders new design fit for 5’10”-6’6″ and it can carry adults weighing close To 300 lbs, making it an ideal option for larger riders.
  • 48V 750W brushless rear hub-motor has plenty of power to get the bike up to its top speed of 23 mph and also has enough power to climb some moderate hills without even having to pedal at all. The distance up to 40-55 miles per charge.
  • Latest stiff and strong mountain bike frame design, streamline arc. Hidden removable 48V 12.8Ah battery A USB charging port enables you to charge your devices while you ride. With night mode LCD ensured visibility at night and shows mileage and speed.
  • 3 working modes: Normal bike, E-bike& assisted bicycle. The Eco-friendly is 100% electric & emissions-free, saving both your wallet& the environment. 4 inches wide tires allow you to effortlessly float over virtually any terrain including sand, trail, mud, beach, mountain, snow or other soggy or loose terrains.

About Addmotor

  • Founded in 2011, Addmotor began with one goal in mind: making the highest- quality electric bicycles accessible for everyone.We have spent years perfecting, tweaking and designing our electric bicycles to suit the diverse needs and lives of our customers. Along the way, we have gained a passionate, adventurous and loyal community of riders who are proud to represent and be a part of our Addmotor family.

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AddMotoR MOTAN M-560 Review – $1.7k

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