Balance Bike For 5 Year Olds

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Choosing The Right Balance Bike For Your Child

5 Year Old Girl with Down Syndrome Balance Bike

Choosing the right balance bike might seem simple in comparison to a pedal bike. After all, there are fewer moving components, they appear easy to operate, they are small, and they cost far less than a full-sized kids pedal bike. But dont be fooled, there are many things to consider ensuring you choose the right balance bike for your child.

Below are the key elements you need to consider when choosing the right balance bike.

1. Bike Size

Bike size is the number one thing to consider when buying a balance bike. Dont think of a balance bike the same way as a pair of shoes, the bike needs to fit your child right now, not in 6 months.

Getting a bike that is too big or too small can make your kid feel uncomfortable and lead to a negative experience. If they arent happy on the bike, they wont want to get on it.

The most common size for balance bikes is either 12, 14 or 18 which relates to the size of the wheels. Although wheel size is a useful measurement, it is not indicative of the frame size or seat height of the bike. As well as looking at the bikes tyre size, be aware of the minimum and maximum seat height.

  • Consider a few of the following questions when figuring out if the size of the bike is right.
  • Can the child easily stand over the bike?
  • Can the child walk the bike while standing over it?
  • Can the seat be adjusted as the child grows?
  • Can the child easily reach the handlebars when sitting on the seat?

2. Seat Height

2. Weight

3. Price

4. Wheels

5. Brakes

Faqs About Kids Bicycles

Do you still have questions about buying the best kids bike for your little one? Many shoppers do so weve listed our top 5 frequently asked questions when it comes to the subject.

Q: What size bicycle does my kid need?

A: The size bike they need will be determined by their height, and to a lesser extent, their weight. A 4- to 5-year-old with a height of between 40 and 46 should be riding a 16 kids bike. Its important for the size of the bike to match the size of the child, so if they are shorter or taller than that, they may need a smaller or larger bike to start out with.

Q: How do I calculate the right seat height?

A: When a rider is first learning, they should be able to stand up with their feet on the ground and still have the seat comfortably underneath them. To find this height easily, measure the inseam of their pants and set the highest part of the seat to that height.

Q: Does the height of the handlebars matter?

A: The handlebars may be set at a specific height or they may be adjustable. If they are adjustable, you can increase the height of them in relation to the increase in seat height. This can help the rider get more months or years of use out of the bike. If the handlebars can be adjusted forward or backward, the position should depend on the height of the rider.

Q: Which braking system is best for my 4- to 5-year-old?

Q: Why dont most kids bike come with gear systems?

How Many Years Do Kids Ride Them

Kids generally ride balance bikes for 1 to 2.5 years, depending on the age they start, their athletic ability, and their developmental readiness.

A child that starts at 18-months-old may take several months to sit and run confidently on their balance bike, but then spend the next year or two dominating the world on those two wheels.

Your average 2 year old or 2.5 year old will grasp the process more quickly, but may still spend another year or two enjoying the ride.

Remember while a balance bike certainly prepares a child for a pedal bike, thats not their only purpose. They are a ton of fun. There should be no rush to put a child on a pedal bike just because they are 3 or 4, or even 5 years old!

Less coordinated kids generally stay on a balance bike longer because its a simple little machine thats easy and fun for them to maneuver. Dont force the complexity of pedals onto a child that isnt ready and who is still enjoying their balance bike!

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How To Ride A Balance Bike Video:

Why are our Natural Wooden Balance Bikes far quicker and safer than a traditional bicycle?

Our wooden balance bikes are moved by your child pushing with their feet against the floor. This also allows the child to remain balanced far easier compared to a normal bike.

With our wooden balance bikes, children learn how to ride a bike quicker Our bikes allows the child to stay balanced and upright even without the use of stabilisers. This means that the child can start learning how to balance immediately and learn in easier steps. Most kids you see riding at the age of 2 have leant initially on a balance bike

Why are our Bikes safer Much less likely to fall over. Both feet are never far from the floor.

Why are our Bikes simple and easy to use Specially designed so the child can push against the floor to walk on the bike

Why are our Bikes strong and light-weight Made from durable wood and weighs only 3.5kg. Light enough for your child to carry.

So if you want your child to learn how to ride a bike quickly and safely, then our balance bikes will be ideal.

Is your child too young to ride a bike? Buy them a zoom epic rocking horse which transforms into a proper zoom epic balance bike when theyre ready to learn!

What Are The Main Benefits Of A Balance Bike

3 Colors Children Balance Bike Walking Balance Training For Toddlers 2 ...

There are five main benefits of balance bikes over other types of bikes for toddlers. Balance bikes

  • Fit kids much better than tricycles or training wheels
  • Move easily and safely over uneven surfaces
  • Are light and easy to ride kids can ride much farther
  • Provide years of fun and independent riding before a child transitions to a pedal bike
  • Eliminate the need for training wheels balance bike graduates usually learn to ride a pedal bike in about 5 to 10 minutes, DRAMA FREE.
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    Is A Balance Bike Better Than A Conventional Childrens Bike

    A balance bike typically represents an easier first step into teaching your child to cycle for toddlers. As their motor skills and coordination develop, the child can learn how to balance and steer on the bike, without the distraction of learning how to pedal.As they typically feature a smaller wheel size, it is also easier to get a tot onto a bike at a younger age.

    With time, a balance bike will give a child the confidence to step up to a pedal-powered bike and by now, theyll understand how to balance, manoeuvre and control the bike, with pedalling the final piece in the puzzle.

    While one alternative is to buy a conventional 12- or 14-inch kids bike and remove the pedals, a balance bike will typically be lighter in weight, given there are fewer components, and some may have specific features such as a footrest.

    Another alternative to a balance bike is to teach your child how to pedal straightaway. That way, there is one learning curve to cycling rather than two, but wed recommend a balance bike as the entry point for young children.

    Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

    Retrospect club balance bikes are no-pedal and light-in-weight bikes that are affordable in terms of their cost as well. With a seat option ranging from 12.5 inches to 16 inches, this balance bike is a great gift for 20 Months to 5 Years old kids. Furthermore, it is equipped with handlebars that are adjustable and comes with a step-through frame to enhance Cubs durability.

    Moreover, it comes with puncture-proof tires, which means less need for maintenance. Also, a lesser need to maintain the bike means more freedom to keep playing with it or to ride it for longer hours.


    • This no-pedal bike is very light in weight.
    • It has a seat that is very comfortable for kids.


    • It has a good built quality.
    • This bike helps the kid with the overall improvement in balancing and coordination
    • It is much easier to ride and requires minimal assembling of the parts.


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    Do You Need Handbrakes On A Balance Bike

    Balance bikes can come with no brakes, rear hand brake only, or both front and rear hand brakes. Without any kind of braking system, kids naturally learn to stop a balance bike with their feet. This is okay at slower speeds when your kids are really little, but as they get older , a handlebar brake lever could help them stop faster !

    Small toddlers and little riders just getting started with a balance bike do not have the coordination required to use a handbrake. At this point, the handbrake is a bit worthless because their feet will do the work for them . Therefore, if youre buying a balance bike for a tiny toddler that wont be riding the bike for very long, a handbrake may not be needed .

    However, by the time your child reaches about 2 1/2 3 years old, they will be able to use the handbrake . Plus, it is good practice for older toddlers and children getting ready to transition to a pedal bike, so they learn the proper way to brake. If your child is going to use their balance bike for a long time or youre starting them after 2 1/2 years old, a braking system is probably a good idea.

    Strider 14x Balance To Pedal Bike

    FirstBIKE Balance Bikes for Toddlers from 2 to 5 Years Old

    Well built with rubber and steel, the Strider 14 xs is a bike that helps to enhance the riding skills of your little munchkin and boosts his confidence as it introduces him to a whole new adventurous world. This product serves the purpose of two bikes in one, thereby proving to be the Best first bike for a child. This bike allows your child to first master his balancing skills and then lets him move on to the pedal part.

    Ideally suited for the curious children aged between 3-4 years, this bike is setting new milestones in the world of physical child activities. Get hold of this bike and watch your child grow more confident and outgoing.


    • The frame of the bike is extremely lightweight, and your child can control the bike independently
    • Bikes seat and the handlebars are adjustable
    • There are footrests so that children can rest their foot easily
    • It comes with pedals that are easy to attach and take off


    • It can be converted to a pedal bike quite easily
    • It is loaded with many safety features
    • It is easy to lift, handle and drag


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    Air Is No Longer Rare

    Direct and reliable feedback from a balance bikes steering can help a child feel immediately comfortable, so low-grip tires can make the learning process a little frightening. The most affordable balance bikes have hard plastic wheels, more or less as you remember from the Big Wheel trikes of the Seventies, with all the attendant drawbacks. Moving up to a foam tire on a plastic mag wheel, as found on the segment-defining Strider Classic, offers a bit more traction . More and more balance bikes are using a traditional pneumatic tube and tire, which improves the riding experience but increases the likelihood of maintenance.

    My Child Wont Ride His Balance Bike Whats Wrong

    Every child has a will of their own, and sometimes they just refuse to do what you want! It often takes younger toddlers several months to be consistently interested. For example, at 18 months, our toddler walked with her balance bike for about 2 weeks. And then for 5.5 months she wouldnt touch it! Miraculously one day, she just picked it up and started going. We havent been able to stop her since!

    If your child doesnt seem interested, keep the bike around so they can see it and use it when they feel the time is right. Resist the temptation to pressure them. Weve seen time and again that kids will be interested when they want to be interested.

    It can also be helpful to take your child somewhere that they can see other kids riding balance bikes. When they see other kids doing it, they realize that its not that hard and they want to be in on the fun!

    Kids who have tricycles, scooters, or bikes with training wheels can be more resistant to ride a balance bike. Why? Balance bikes require a little more effort to learn but offer far greater rewards in return. If you think this might be the problem, remove these other distractions and only offer up the balance bike as a possibility.

    Best case scenario, we encourage parents to not introduce a tricycle, training wheels, or scooter until after a child has mastered a balance bike.

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    Pinto By Black Mountain 399

    Best for longevity

    Age: 3+ | Weight: 5.7kg | Brakes: Yes | Wheels: 14in | Tyres: Pneumatic | Seat height: 42cm to 54cm | Child height: 90cm to 109 cm

    What it is: An aluminium-frame toddler balance bike that converts to a small pedal bike and then a larger pedal bike. Features a growing frame and gear system, rubber belt drive, front and rear brakes with easy-pull brake levers, and height-adjustable seat. Comes with pedals, in Neon Green, Sky Blue, Orange and Purple.

    Why we love it: Its very expensive but it’s super high-quality and you are effectively getting a balance bike and 2 sizes of pedal bike in one. The saddle sits nicely low on the frame and the large wheels are tough and roll well, but it is a bit heavier than other balance bikes. It arrives all set up as a balance bike changing from balance bike to pedal bike and, particularly, from the small-size pedal bike to the bigger size is not difficult but does take time, a certain amount of jiggling and some bike-tinkering confidence.

    Latest deals from trusted retailers

    Radio Flyer Balance Bike

    12"  Kids Balance Bike For Children Aluminum Alloy No Pedal Bicycle For ...

    This body balance bike for babies, manufactured by Radio Flyer, is a compact product. It is equipped with adjustable seats, skid-resistant tired, comfortable handbrakes, and so on. This bike helps to get a child accustomed to all the motor skills that he needs to acquire before moving on to a conventional bike or bicycle.

    The design of the bike is pretty attractive and catchy as the vibrant colors easily arrest the attention of the children. Moreover, the height of the seat can also be adjusted, which is a plus point when your child is growing. Also, you can set the seat height to anything between 14 to 18 inches depending on the convenience of your baby.


    • The wheels are designed carefully so that they do not slip easily. They also do not make a nasty screeching noise as the bike moves.
    • The bike has a ringing bell.
    • It also has a saddle.


    • The product is very lightweight and offers maximum support and protection to the child
    • It is very robust and sturdy
    • It is available at an affordable rate


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    Titan Girls Flower Princess Pretty In Pink For Your Precious Girl

    One more bike specifically designed for girls on this list is the Flower Princess BMX Bike from Titan.

    As its name gives away, this bike features many of the design elements that most little girls love to see in their toys and clothes. There are flower prints, pictures of princesses, and of course, the majority of the bikes frame is colored in bright pink.

    Those elements work well for clothes and toys, and they clearly look just fine on a girls bike as well.

    The makers of this bicycle added some other nice touches that work to give it more charm.

    If your little girl is fond of playing with dolls, theres a small compartment next to the seat where she can put her doll. The basket situated up front is well-made and the flower accents make it pop.

    In contrast to the design, the brakes of this bike are not quite as good. Its troublesome enough that they are coaster brakes but that is compounded by the fact that this is a heavy kids bike. Its possible that your daughter will run into issues both with braking and steering while trying to use this two-wheeler.

    • The doll seat and handlebar basket are nice touches that round out a beautiful bike
    • This bike surpasses the ideal weight range for a kids bike, and that could lead to it becoming harder to steer

    Best Bike For A 4 To 6 Year Old Child Learning To Pedal

    The average age for learning to pedal a bike independently is around 4 6 years old. Indeed this is a broad age range, but as mentioned at the outset, all kids are different and will begin pedalling at different ages. Some kids are total daredevils and hitting the skatepark age 3 , while others still tip-toe along age 4 or 5. Its best to let your child learn to ride in their own time with perhaps a little nudging to get them onto their pedal bike if needed. If your child is a little reluctant to begin pedalling, you may find this guide useful.

    There is no need to rush into pedalling. If your little one is happy on the balance bike, thats great! They are still developing their balance and coordination and the more confident they are on the balance bike, the more seamless the transition to pedalling will be.

    Usually, starting to pedal is the stage at which youll throw away the balance bike and buy a new pedal bike. Not the most sustainable or budget-friendly solution.

    Learning to pedal a completely different bike can be daunting for some children. And if youre tempted to add stabilisers on to the new bike, you may end up causing more harm than good.

    Fortunately, the LittleBig balance bike has a solution to this problem. When your child is ready to start pedalling, you can simply fix on the pedal kit. As your child is already familiar with the bike, theyll be able to start pedalling independently far sooner than they would on a different bike.

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