Best 1000 Watt Electric Bike

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Yeasion 1000w Fat Tire Electric Bike For Adults Best For Style

What’s the 1000 watt electric bike top speed?

How do you feel about a stylish and multifunctional electric bike? Lets say an e-bike that you can take to work and also take you to adventures while riding it in style. Sounds pretty exciting, right? The Yeasion 1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike will provide you with both style and functionality on the road.

Equipped with a 1000W powerful motor and a 48V battery, this electric bike has the ability to reach a maximum speed of 18 to 31 mph. The maximum speed rating varies significantly depending on the road conditions and the weight and height of the rider.

Similar to the majority of e-bikes , it also features three riding modes. In throttle mode, the bike fully relies on the motor and runs for 50 to 70 kilometers per charge. The pedal assist mode covers a higher distance than 70 kilometers.

And the all pedal mode has no distance limit since youre just pedaling it like a regular bicycle. All youre getting witthout compromising a bit on style that you love to ride in.

It takes the battery 5 to 7 hours to become fully charged and supports 750 charging cycles. This e-bike features tires of 20 inches which ensures a smooth grip and great friction on the road, allowing the vehicle to move freely on any type of terrain.

The suspension fork at the front and topnotch shock absorbers at the rear make sure that the impact of bumps and potholes is significantly low and the rider enjoys a decent and comfortable ride.


What We Dont Like

  • 5 to 7 hours of charging time


The Best Electric Cargo Bike 2022

On its own the Blix Packa Genie is impressive, but when you take the price point into account its a clear choice for our best electric bikes list.

Cargo e-bike manufacturers need to think outside the box to adapt to various cargo needs. Maybe a parent is wanting something to bring two youngsters on a ride-along, or maybe a courier is looking to get quickly and safely from point A to point B a great cargo bike needs to be versatile enough to perform various tasks. Blix seems to have thought this through by making a highly modular cargo bike with a great starting price.

The Blix Packa Genie comes well-stocked with a 750W hub motor, powerful hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors, and a 614Wh battery. From there, you can easily customize this bike to fit your needs.

Are you running around town making deliveries all day? Add a dual battery setup and one of their basket options. Looking forward to riding to the park with the kids? Add on the rear cushion and child safety bar.

Blix says there are up to 200 different accessory configurations to choose from so no matter what youre in the cargo e-bike market for, the Blix Packa Genie is a great option to tailor to your needs.

Check Best Price | Full Review Coming Soon

  • The long chain can move and bounce quite a bit, but its not much of an issue other than when riding conditions are bumpy.

Where To Buy 1000 Watt Fat Tire E Bike Online At An Exceptional Price As Well As What Is The Cost

Since on the internet shops do not need to employ salespeople or upkeep staff for public spaces, they can offer 1000 watt fat tire e bike at a discount rate, also consisting of delivery costs. The electric motor of electric bike is powered by rechargeable batteries that can be charged at house with an electrical outlet .

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Charge Xc: Best For Trails

Want an electric bike you can fully trust when cycling on tight or technical trails? The Charge XC is the best option on the market at the moment.

A rugged electric mountain bike from one of the best American electric bike manufacturers that can easily take you anywhere and be packed away easily too. With big, grippy, fat tires, tough shocks, and a Shimano motor, the Charge XC E-Bike is your passport to new adventures on the trail.

The Charge XC electric bike features a powerful mid-drive motor that can flatten steep hills, handle gravel roads and dusty trails all day long. With up to 50 miles on a single charge, youre set for long adventures on or off-road.

Best for: trustworthy riding on the toughest trails.

Motor: 250W power brushlessBattery: 14 Ah/36VRange: Up to 50 miles per charge

Cyrusher Xf650 1000w Electric Mountain Bike

1000 watt electric bike

This is a hard tail fat tire eBike with a max output 1000 watt powerful rear hub motor. This eBike excels at off road riding in any weather and trail condition. The 1000W 48v 13ah battery can provide enough power for high-speed and super long endurance riding. The fat tires are perfect for everything from off-road riding to standard bike lanes and city streets.

The bicycle transmission uses a 21-speed Shimano shifter and derailleur that is great for leisure/recreational riding. With no rear suspension, the ergonomic sport cushion seat and fat tires work together to cushion the rear. That seat also helps complement the front suspension and provides some nice comfort while riding.

Features:Range. 25~50 miles Speed. 26~28 mph Pedaling. It pedals easily even with no power despite the extra eBike weight.Design. Heavy duty frame, quality components, easy to use. Carry heavy loads up to 330 lbsAdjustable. Everything is easily adjustable, regardless of riding style or size you can make the XF800 tailored to your specific needs.Gear shifting. Gear shifting and gearing system by Shimano are smooth and simple.90% Pre-assembled. Finishing assembly is simple and only takes a few minutes.All-Terrain. Kenda 26 x 4 puncture-resistant fat tires tires move through snow, mud, ice, sand, and any surface with ease.Noise reduction. The Bafang motor is whisper-quiet, perfect for trails and enjoying nature.

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Radcity : Best Overall Electric Bike

Smooth yet powerful ride. Easy on the road yet very capable on rugged terrain. The RadCity 4 Ebike easily wins over the overall best electric bike of 2022 category.

For its latest version, the RadCity 4 has been upgraded with a single 18.5 frame size to fit a wider variety of riders. Making it a great choice for a wide variety of riders and terrains. The updated handlebars are designed to keep you comfortable on longer rides.

Among the main highlights of this year, the RadCity 4 comes with puncture-resistant tires. A padded line of defense inside the tire provides extra protection against punctures from thorns, glass, and other small materials. The 7-speed gear gives you more torque when climbing hills and more speed when cycling on flat terrain. And an integrated rear brake light keeps you safe and visible on the road.

Check the full bike technical description on Rad Power Bikes website for more information and the latest price. We also have a dedicated Rad Power Bikes review of their most popular models if you want to compare their options and prices.

Best for: The RadCity 4 is ideal for your daily commute and general road cycling.

Motor: 750W brushless Shengyi direct drive hub motor with regenerative brakingBattery: 48V, 14 Ah  with Lithium NMC Samsung 35E cellsRange: Up to 45 miles per charge

Emu Roam Crossbar Electric Bike

Emu are a British company who build their own e-bikes. Electric bikes are all they do! This really helps when choosing because you know the company is dedicated to giving you great service in the specific field of electric bikes.

There are a wide range of dealers selling Emu bikes around the UK we recommend Electric Rider if youre buying online and want an effortless purchasing experience.

The Emu Roam Crossbar is a fantastic entry level ebike which is available with two levels of battery a 374Wh version for around 27-45 miles range, and a larger 522Wh beast for longer rides of around 35-55 miles. Theres about £200 difference in price between the two with the large battery just edging above £1000. If your budget can stretch to it then we dont think you will regret spending the extra for additional range and fun times in the saddle. The battery cells are Samsung too which are just about the best in the business for decent power and longevity.

Emu recently the design and structure of the Roam the old version had a hub motor in the rear wheel and the battery was stored on the rack at the back of the bike. It worked well, but the new model is much sleeker and incorporates the battery seamlessly into the downtube. To our eyes it looks fantastic and a real credit to the designers, especially in British Racing Green. We also sense that the handling has been improved because the centre of gravity of the bike is now significantly lower than before.

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Reviews For The Rebel

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason Koenig Verified Owner

    Excellent ebike Exceeded my expectations!!

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Jason Koenig Verified OwnerMay 27, 2021

    Amazing bike exceeded my expectations. Besides a little hiccup with Intermediate PAS, I am very happy. Currently being resolved in a timely matter

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Warren March 20, 2022

    I am extremely happy with my Rebel. Fun on any trail with great traction and power for the hills. Gears are easy within the cool twist shift grip. Battery life and range exceeded my expectations. Well built, strong and relatively light for what it is. Good accessories. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. Rolex of hunting ebikes!

  • Sumotive Folding Electric Bike With Fat Tire Best For Durability

    Best value E-Bike!! Shengmilo / Gunai MX02S 1000 watt Electric Bike Review unboxing and impressions

    Last but not least, let us talk about an amazing electric bike that will last for a long time without any trouble and make your daily movement and traveling simpler and more convenient. Were talking about the stunning Sumotive folding ebike wiht a well-through design and a 1000 watt drive system.

    Manufactured with aluminum and steel, the Sumotive Fat Tire E-Bike provides a powerful performance, all thanks to its 1000 watt motor and 48V battery. It can travel up to 45 to 50 miles with a full charge. With the pedal assist mode, it moves smoothly for about 50 to 60 miles per charge.

    The battery that comes with the bike requires a charging time of 4 to 5 hours and can be charged for 1000 circles before requiring replacement. Due to the waterproof structure and technology, you do not have to worry about leaving the bike out in the rain.

    This electric bike can ride freely on concrete roads, mountain terrains, snowy paths, and many more. You can easily fold the bike in half for easy carrying and storage facility.

    With a wheel size of 26 inches, this electric bike can carry weight up to 330 lbs and is typically suitable for people between 510 to 65. Besides, the top quality suspension makes it suitable for bumpy roads and doesnt ruin your comfortable ride.

    In addition, it has an astonishing LCD display that helps to track assist mode, speed, mileage, battery level and so on.


    What We Dont Like

    • Battery requires replacement after 1000 charging circles


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    Bakcou Storm G2 19 Frame Electric Hunting Bike

    This e-bike is the most expensive one on this list. It also has the lowest standover height, and the widest color, motor, and battery options on this list. The Bakcou Storm G2 is a sturdy hunting e-bike with a torque sensor motor that can be preset to provide power from 750W to 1500W.

    It also offers the options of 17.5Ah, 19.2Ah, and 21Ah 48V battery packs, depending on the color choice you select. Theres also the option of a 25Ah matte black battery pack.

    The Bakcou Storm G2 can deliver 50+ miles on a single charge, can haul a maximum of 300 lbs, and weighs a relatively light 72 lbs. Its powerful Tektro 203mm hydraulic disc brakes and beefy 26″ x 4 Maxxis Minion tires provide adequate braking power and the ability to maintain optimal traction and control on any terrain.

    The suspension system is an RST renegade fork with 120mm of travel and a Rockshox Monarch rear. This electric bikes frame is made from dependable aluminum alloy 6061 with a 30.5 standover height that is good enough for riders 510 and taller. While riding, you can take advantage of the Bafang full-color LCD to track your speed, wattage, range, etc.

    The Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike By Bakcou

    Best Selling Electric Hunting Bike

    The Mule is available in either the 750 watt or 1000 watt and carries that phenomenal Ultra mid drive Bafang motor so the performance on steep hills and rough terrain makes this a best in class.

    Priced a few hundred bucks less than the other 1000 watt on this list yet it carries the Ultra motor. Built by hunters for hunters, the Mule comes as standard with front light, fenders, rear rack and Teflon liners to help prevent punctures.

    The 750 watt model has a top speed of 20mph while the 1000 watt model reaches 35mph without pedaling. Stand over height of 30 inches so ranging from 59 to 64 this frame size is perfect.

    Shorter riders can check out the Step Through model which is identical, except with the crossbar lowered by 3 inches to make it easier to get on and off.

    The battery is a 48V, 14.5Ah extended distance built with Panasonic cells. This particular battery releases energy more efficiently than most batteries so can reach 40 miles on a single charge.

    The Mule also has a cool walk-assist mode so if you need to get off and walk but dont want to carry the gear you can engage the motor at 2.5mph and the bike will cruise along with you and do the heavy lifting for you.

    What we love the most

    • The 750 Watt motor is actually a 1000 Watt motor set to 750 so it can be dialed up again in just a few seconds directly from the display.
    • PThe Mule comes fully accessorized
    • Walk- assist mode is an awesome hidden feature
    • Has both Eco & Sport modes

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    Decathlon B’twin Elops 500 E Step Over Classic Electric Bike

    Buy now from for £650

    The cheapest bike in our line-up, the Decathlon makes its cost-saving cleverly, providing a bike thats cheap, but will leave you extremely cheerful. So whats good?

    Although basic, its 6-speed gearing is made by Shimano, and while its stately riding frame is made of steel, not aluminium, it provides comfort and durability. There are even some touches of real design flare, like the integrated lights which run directly off of the bikes main battery.

    There are even mudguards and a kickstand included as standard. Less pleasing are the v-type brakes and relatively small capacity battery which limits range. Still, you get far more than you could reasonably expect given the headline price.

    Buy now from for £650

    A Rich Experience For A Modest Budget

    E Bicycle Bafang Ultra Mid Drive 1000 Watt

    One of the most appealing aspects of the $2,298 VanMoof S3 is it doesn’t look like a traditional e-bike. The wires and battery are housed inside the frame with integrated lights to give it a sleek, immaculate look. Even the shipping package is an experience, with a pull-tab to open the box and the tools necessary to put it together. The overall experience gave me the same feeling as opening an Apple product.

    But the appeal doesn’t stop at the packaging nor how it looks. The VanMoof continues its premium experience with a slew of features, starting with its antitheft capabilities. A button located on the frame by the back wheel locks it to prevent it from being rolled away. If the bike is lifted, it triggers an alarm and starts its lights flashing. Should someone still get away with your S3, the bike also has GSM and Bluetooth theft tracking so you can locate it.

    At an additional cost, VanMoof also provides a service to locate your bicycle if it does indeed go missing. If you can’t locate it on your own, Vanmoof has a team of bike hunters — again, there’s a small fee at purchase for the service — and if the team is unable to find your bike, VanMoof will replace it with one of equal value.

    If you’re on the fence, VanMoof has actual retail stores and allows test rides before purchasing.

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    Radrover: Best Fat Tire Electric Bike

    Rad Power Bikes strikes again with the RadRover easily winning the crown for the best fat tire electric bike of the year.

    Looking for the riding comfort of a fatbike with the assistance of an electric motor? Check the RadRover fat bike. With its powerful 750W electric motor, 4 fat tires, upgraded LCD display, and high-quality materials throughout, the RadRover fatbike easily wins our best fat tire electric bike award no wonder the model is currently the best-selling electric fat bike in North America.

    The RadRover was designed to ride effortlessly through snow, sand, or muddy terrain.

    Costing less than $2,000, its full to the brim with impressive features like a 48V high-speed brushless motor and a Samsung battery capacity twice as powerful as most on the market. Its heavier than average, at 69 lb , but makes up for that weight with plenty of innovative elements.

    Best for: All-terrain comfortable electric cycling.

    Motor: 750W Geared Hub MotorBattery: 48V, 14 Ah  Lithium NMC Samsung 35E cellsRange: Up to 45 miles per charge

    Nakto 26 250w Electric Bicycle

    Nothing beats an electric bike cruiser when it comes to casual rides around town, and with this model from NAKTO, a brand that delivers quality electric cruisers time and again, it can be a lot of fun, too.

    The beautiful design, combined with user-friendly controls and top-notch mechanics make this one a treat to ride.

    The steep, low-step frame lends it a somewhat old school feel, while also combining that signature retro vibe with quite a few sophisticated features.

    Built around a high-strength carbon steel frame, this electric bicycle by NAKTO is the epitome of strength and durability. The frame does make it heavy, which requires some getting used to, but the bikes ability to withstand not only long city commutes but some rough terrain, as well, makes it a worthy trade-off.

    NAKTO 26″ 250W Electric Bicycle

    Both the handlebar and the saddle height and inclination can be customized to your preference, which is a plus, but the actual seat is on the narrower, firmer side, which could prove to be uncomfortable during longer rides.

    The ebike features 6 gears with a Shimano transmission system, which may seem limited at first glance, but for a cruiser, its more than enough. The derail system operates flawlessly, and slides into gear with ease, too.

    The brake system combines a standard V-brake that clamps the front wheel with a rear expansion brake, and overall perform well when its time to put a bike this heavy to a full stop.


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