Best Balance Bikes For 2 Year Olds

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Tricycle And Training Wheels

World’s Best 2 Year Old Balance Bike Rider and Skatepark Fun!

Tricycles are similar to training wheels, but they give your toddler much more stability as the wheels are bigger in the rear rather than two small training wheels on the sides of a big wheel. Stating the obvious here but tricycle bikes have 3 wheels.

Tricycle bikes are extremely durable, super easy to ride, and even you can help out. Because some of these bikes come with a handle at the back to help push your child. As far as 2-year-olds go, it is probably the ideal choice as they may not have the ability to use a balance bike yet.

While balance bikes are great for teaching children how to balance independently, some 2-year-olds may struggle if they dont have any experience. So do consider your childs ability.

Price Can Be A Factor

There are a wide variety of balance bikes on the market, and they run the gambit of prices. Balance bikes range anywhere from $80-$300, and a lot of times, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and durability.

A more expensive bike will usually be lighter, longer-lasting, and have more safety features. These brands usually use better quality parts, have better warranties/customer service, and will often have a better resale value. Cheaper bikes can often look like their more expensive counterparts, but the quality and attention to detail suffer. They may not last as long or have many of the better features that quality brands offer. However, if you know your child wont be using the bike for long and cost is a big deciding factor, a less expensive bike may be a good option. That being said, you can usually find good-quality balance bikes on resale websites and in bike shops for a fraction of the original retail price.

Balance Bikes And Age Ranges

Children can start riding balance bikes when theyâre around 18-months to two years old, and little ones up to around the age of five enjoy them. In most cases, children will move on to a bike with pedals at around the age of four. There isnât a top-end restriction on age, though, and you can even get balance bikes for adults .

Itâs important to remember that balance bikes need to be the correct size for their rider: bike fit is just as important for kids as it is for adults. Of course, children grow quickly between the ages of two and five, so ideally youâll want to select a bike that is adjustable.

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Cannondale Trail 16 Single

Best Cannondale kids bike for 4-year-olds

Wheel Size: 16| Stand-Over Height: 17

  • Tires: 16×2 Pathfinder Sport

Specializeds Jett 16 is a premium bicycle that is highly adjustable and built with high-quality components for smooth, durable riding.

This 16-inch girls bike has a child-specific saddle and grips, along with grippy pedals to boost safety while riding. Specialized chose an A1 premium aluminum alloy frame to ensure the Jett is lightweight and can be carried by kids as young as 5.

As mentioned, the bike has adjustable handlebars, hand-adjustable brake levers, and a longer seatpost so your kid can keep riding comfortably as they grow. Additionally, the bike has wide and grippy Pathfinder tires to make balancing and handling easier.

How Long Do Kids Ride Balance Bikes

Best Balance Bike For a Two Year Old

Kids generally ride balance bikes for 1 to 3 years, depending on the age they start, their coordination and athletic ability, and their developmental readiness.

A child that starts riding a balance bike as a young toddler may take several months to sit and run confidently on their balance bike. But, that child could then spend a few years enjoying the bike. Children who start later will pick up how to ride a balance bike more quickly. Its totally up to you and your child how long they remain on the balance bike before moving onto a pedal bike.

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The Best Balance Bikes

We have selected three of the best balance bikes to fit every childs needs.

The Rebel Kidz is a solidly built classic looking bike at a reasonable price. It is best for families that will be doing shorter excursions with their child around town or in the park.

Early Rider is the leader in quality kids bikes of all sizes. Their stylish Bonsai 12 Balance Bike is one our all-time favorites. Lightweight with excellent bearings makes for minimal rolling resistance. It is perfect for those longer outings on bike paths for example.

The Early Rider Big Foot is arguably the single best balance bike available and certainly so for any parents that mountain bike. The high-quality construction and lightweight that Early Rider is famous for, paired with knobby tires and a rear brake make a a do-it-all balance bike.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

We did some serious digging into the best balance bikes on the market for kids. The brands weve listed below are the ones our Creative Team members tried and tested on their own kids over the years or that we received glowing feedback on from our online community. Weve listed 13 quality brands below that all make excellent quality balance bikes for toddlers. The difference between many of these bikes comes down to a few key features and basic size/shape/weight.

Theres no one right bike for everyone we hope that our research helps you narrow down the hundreds of choices out there to just a few, depending on what features youre looking for, the size/age of your kids, where youll be riding it, and how much you want to spend. Our favorites are as follows:

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Why Should I Buy A Best Balance Bike For 2 Year Old

You can tell if you need or want a best balance bike for 2 year old by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you can’t bear to go with the old one, you could always sell it and put the money toward the purchase of a replacement.Finishing your project in this manner is a lot of fun and simple to do.

Best Balance Bike For 2 Year Old 2021

Best bike for 2 year olds – Balance Bike Video

Buying a bike for an adult or a teenager is one thing, find the best balance bike for 2-year-old is a totally different one. Children can be picky and meet their needs and wishes can seem impossible. Fortunately, youve landed at the right place.

Were going to show you what the best balance bikes for the 2-year-olds are along with a brief section about whats important regarding balance bikes. Hopefully, this will make your final buying decision an easy one.

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Best For Timid Toddlers


The Velo Toddler Bike is a toddler-centric option with rubber tires and the ability to increase the difficulty level when your child is ready for a new challenge. We like the style of this unique bike, and little ones will think it’s cool . It has rubber handgrips, easy assembly , and is one of the few designed with younger toddlers in mind with its adjustable width.

This bike is somewhat heavy and might be more challenging for smaller or younger children to pick up alone, which is disappointing given the group they want to engage. That aside, we like the adjustability and the confidence this unique bike can give younger or reluctant riders. We think it could be a good transition option from the XJD Baby Bike when toddlers are ready for more fun and new challenges.

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    Top Balance Bikes For 2

    Balance Bike
    18 months to 5 years 12 inch to 20 inch 2 year
    18 months to 3 years 12 inch to 17 inch 2 year
    3 year to 5 year 11 inch to 17 inch 1 year
    18 months to 5 years 12.2 inch to 15.7 inch 1 year
    3 year to 6 year 12 inch
    18 months to 5 years 11.6 inch to 17.5 inch 1 year
    20 months to 5 year 12.5 inch to 17.5 inch

    Balance Bikes And Their Benefits

    10 Best Balance Bike For 2 Year Old Of 2022 â Fall Creek Cabins
    • An Entry Level Bike. Balance bikes are the gateway, the stepping stone for 2 year olds that take them into the world of cycling. A premium balance bike goes from one generation to another. A real time capsule once you look back at it a few years later.
    • Can Be Very Fun. It may not offer a lot of opportunities, but watching your kid have fun, smiling and laughing will make you feel good as well. Because its safe, you can let your little one have fun on its own.
    • Safe and Easy to Use. It doesnt require any training, previous knowledge or anything similar to that. Once you unpack it, you can give it to your kid and let it ride it right away.
    • Simple. Due to their simple design malfunctions rarely happen, they dont require professional assembly and even if something goes wrong youre able to fix it yourself. Youd be surprised once you realize that the top balance bike for 2 year old has a rather simple design.

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    Bike Height And Adjustment Options

    Another important factor for a balance bike is the height of the bike. A lot of children struggle to ride the bike properly if the height of the bike is too much for their age. And since balance bikes are designed to teach the kids how to balance, such an option will not be an ideal choice for them. The best way to ensure that the height of the balance bike is right for your child is to make sure that their leg can easily reach the ground when they are comfortable sitting on its seat.

    So, it all comes down to the height of the seat. And as you may have already noticed, balance bikes do not have pedals. So, the only way your child can ride a balanced bike is by pushing it manually to gain momentum and then balance it on a gentle slope. This is only possible if the height of the balance bike is perfect for their legs.

    You can also look for balance bikes that have a height adjustment option so that the bike can be upgraded according to the growth of your child. It also helps if you are buying a single balance bike for siblings with around a 1 to 2 years of an age gap.

    Why Choose A Balance Bike Do They Really Work

    Riding a bike is all about learning how to maintain balance with forward motion. This requires muscle development that training wheels dont allow for. Balance bikes help develop those muscles and gain the confidence needed for a pedal bike.

    Balance bikes arent for everyone, but they are an excellent fit for most athletically trending kids. Some kids naturally prefer a scooter or a four-wheeler, so its not always guaranteed that your child will take to a balance bike.

    If your kid latches onto a balance bike, it is guaranteed to be the most direct route to learning how to ride a pedal bike. The balance bike makes the most difficult part of riding a bike familiar, so when the time comes to add pedals, theyll tackle it with confidence.

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    Best Balance Bikes To Get For Toddlers

    With so many options available, it can be tricky to pick the best balance bike for 2-year-olds. Some of the best balance bikes to select for toddlers are as follows:


    The TinyTot Plus 2-in-1 Wooden Balance Bike from Kinderfeets is the bigger version of the Tiny Toy 2-in-1 Bike, the award-winning vehicle. The height of this bicycle seat goes up to 13 inches, and it is made for kids up to the age of four.

    The extra-wide base makes for a comfortable design, and the 9-inch airless tires improve the toddlers balance. Created using sustainable birchwood, this bike is friendly to the environment and contains water-based lacquers and nontoxic handlebar grips.

    Balance Bike Vs Stabilisers

    10 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers & Kids (Video Demo)

    Immediate Media

    Wed recommend starting a young child on a balance bike, rather than using stabilisers .

    As balance bikes teach young children to balance, it often makes for a simpler transition to a kids bike without the need for stabilisers when they are older.

    Peter Cade / Getty Images

    On a balance bike, children learn the art of cornering, how to steer and sometimes correct braking techniques .

    Stabilisers effectively turn a kids bike into a tricycle, offering very different characteristics when cornering, which can complicate matters when stepping up to riding solely on two wheels, and having to learn how to balance on a bike from scratch.

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    Forget Stabilisers A Balance Bike Is The Perfect Tool To Help Kids Get Comfortable On Two Wheels

    Balance bikes are a safe way to get your kids up to speed with cycling. Learning how to ride on a balance bike is not only more fun than using stabilisers, but it’ll allow for a smooth transition when it comes time to pedal without support.

    We’ve picked balance bikes here for a range of ages from 18 months up to six years and at a spread of prices. A more expensive balance bike might seem like a luxury, but don’t forget that a quality bike from a well-known name will retain its value, so you might recoup a lot of the initial cost if you decide to resell it.

    Doing away with finicky pedals and cranks, a balance bike enables children as young as two the chance to get cycling. Kids start by scooting along using both feet on the floor, allowing them time to develop the ability to balance and steer. Once this is mastered, the hard part is done, and they’ll be ready to ride a traditional pedal bike with confidence.

    A balance bike also offers all the benefits of cycling, including positive effects on health and confidence, plus it’ll give you a break as you won’t need to push or carry your young ones around.

    How To Get The Right

    There are no standard sizes for balance bikes, so pretty much every make and model is different even if they have the exactly same size wheels. And, to make things even more complicated, manufacturers often detail different measurements in their technical specifications .

    So, how do you reliably find the right-size balance bike for your child? You need to know your child’s inside leg measurement and you need to know the seat height of the balance bike. What you’re looking for is a seat height that’s 1.5cm to 2.5cm lessthan your child’s inside leg measurement and will, preferably, adjust higher as your child grows.

    How do you measure your child’s inside leg? Stand them against the wall with their legs hip-width apart and place a hardback book, spine up, between their legs. Gently raise the book till the spine touches their crotch. Measure from the floor to the spine of the book and that’s the inside leg measurement.

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    Puky Lrm Learner Bike

    The Puky bike is perfect for 2 year old and it comes highly recommend it. It features a low step through and platform so great for little legs getting on and off.

    The seat height ranges from 29cm to 40cm. Remember to get a child’s inseam measurement to make sure that the seat can be set at the right height for your child.

    It has foam tyres so you dont have to worry about punctures and they give a smooth ride across pavements and paths.

    It features a special learner bike saddle and safety handlebar grips. There are also footrests where little ones can rest their legs while they’re gliding.

    If you’re looking for a cheaper balance bike, another good option is the tiny bike.

    Tyres – many balance bikes for very young children will have EVA Foam tyres. They are lighter than airfilled tyres so don’t add to the weight of the bike. They are also puncture proof and don’t need to be checked. Air filled tyres can be seen on some balance bikes especially those for older children as they offer more traction and cushioning.

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