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A Few Words In Conclusion: Which E

What Is the Best Battery For Your EMTB? | Electric Mountain Bike Batteries Explained

At the end of the day, all comes to tastes and budget.

It doesnt matter which one of the list above you choose, what is really important is choosing a lithium battery which is proving to be the top performer overall and with an outstanding price-value.

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Now, which of the lithium batteries should you take? I dont know. In fact, your e-bike will be suited with either of the options we have given to you. Remember, as long as its a lithium battery, it is okay.

The budget will determine which one you will get, as some batteries of the list above are cheaper than others.

The Best Electric Bike Battery Faqs

The following questions will help you to clear your queries regarding Best Electric Bike Batter:

Which Electric Bike Battery is the best to take?

It could be tough to answer because almost every battery works well if the user is taking good care of it and maintaining all the safety measures that your battery requires. The quality and price of the battery are also a thing to consider because if you choose a low-quality battery then it wont work longer and will definitely give you the worst experience. When it comes to batteries you must not risk the quality and for the best quality, you should pay the price.

What I should keep the battery safe when Im not using it?

This is determined by the nature of the battery. Most lithium-ion batteries have a very poor discharge rate and may be held in a reasonable state of charge for several months. If possible, keep lithium-ion batteries at ambient temperature.

Is it important to drain all the remaining batteries before another charge?

The previous batteries were different from Lithium-ion batteries, so it is recommended to keep the charging between 30% to 90%, by which I mean that dont let the battery drop from 30% and while charging the battery charge it till 90%.

Which temperature is suitable for batteries?

Best E Bike Battery Purchasing Tips

Most of these 18650 lithium ion batteries are priced in the couple hundred dollar range and above.

We dont recommend taking on a battery build yourself unless you have plenty of electrical experience and the right equipment

Be cautious of the battery range estimates provided by companies. If a battery claims that it has a range of 50 miles, it could mean that it will take you 25 miles on full electric while you pedal on your own for the other 25 miles.

Typically the larger and heavier a battery with quality 18650 cells, the longer distance it will take you.

In pedal assist mode ranges could possibly be doubled. this range will depend on the wattage that you are supplying with your energy.

Lastly, Its important to take note of the warranties provided by each battery manufacturer. Additional warranties are also available through Amazon.

Read our review

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To Be Safe Never Use Damaged Or Loose 18650 Battery Cells

Using damaged or loose 18650 battery cells can damage your device and expose you to possible risks. Not only can this be hazardous to your health and well-being, but it can be costly.

If a damaged battery cell releases its internal components, it can damage your electric bike. These damages can quickly add up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

An exploding battery can damage your body. It would be best if you never attempted to use damaged battery cells. You are far better off buying new undamaged 18650 cells.

Lithium Phosphate Lithium Cobalt And Lithium Manganese

The Best Electric Bike Batteries Review Guide For 2021

While polymer batteries are relevant because of the way they are made, they dont refer to the chemical make up inside. Below, you can find three popular types of lithium batteries in use today.

Lithium phosphate

The advantage is in extracting a larger amount of amps out of them, and therefore more power and acceleration. The downside of this is that they take up a lot of weight.

Lithium cobalt

These batteries are being produced in vast numbers these days, and they are used in everything from Tesla cars to laptops. They produce around double the watt hours as a lithium phosphate for the same size and weight.

Nowadays, almost all e-bike battery manufacturers that use lithium batteries go for lithium cobalt batteries over lithium phosphate, opting for a lightweight, long-range bike over a heavier, but fast-accelerating one.

Lithium manganese

This type of batteries are another result of the evolution of lithium batteries. Used in the Nissan Leaf and some elite electric bikes, it is said to be the best base for an e-bike battery currently in existence, with reportedly higher power and better range than all other lithium batteries.

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What Battery Can I Use Instead Of 18650

As a general rule, you can use 21700, 20700, and 26650 batteries instead of 18650 batteries. These batteries are all made from rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells. As a result, you can use them interchangeably in certain circumstances.

Their sizes are the first noticeable difference between 18650, 21700, 20700, and 26650 batteries. Therefore, these batteries are named after their sizes. The first two numbers are the batteries diameters, the next two are their lengths, and the 0 is their cylindrical shapes.

With that, 18650 batteries have a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm. The 20700 and 21700 batteries have 20mm and 21mm diameters, respectively. They have the same length of 70mm.

On the other hand, 26650 batteries have 26mm diameter and 65mm length.

18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650 batteries are from rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells. All of these batteries can be protected and unprotected. The 18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650 batteries can also be flat tops and button tops.

Since 20700, 21700, and 26650 batteries are bigger than 18650 batteries, they have larger capacities. The capacity of 18650 batteries ranges from 1200-3600 mAh.

The capacity of 20700 and 21700 batteries range from 3,000 to 5100 mAh, and 26650 batteries can reach up to 10,000 mAh

Because 20700, 21700, and 26650 batteries have higher capacities, they have better run-time. As a result, they are suitable to use for high-drain devices.

How To Get The Most Of Your E Bike Battery

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your battery is charge it often. Even if you are taking shorter trips you can plug in the battery to top it off.

Try not to run the battery to zero between charges. Rather charge frequently and reduce the amount of times you run the battery to empty and then recharge.

Keep a spare charger with you so that you can keep a full charge.

Store your battery out of direct sunlight and at room temperature when not using.

If you have any questions or comments wed love to hear from you.

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How To Choose The Right Battery For Your Electric Bike

Batteries are arguably the most vital component of an electric bike. As a new or versatile e-bike user, we believe you are aware of the importance of an e-bike battery. However, there is a popular question that most e-bike users ask. How do you choose the right battery for your electric bike? How do you know which one is the best of all the varieties of available battery types? What type of cell do I purchase for my electric bike?

In this guide, we will answer all the questions bothering you. This article also contains information on the different types of electric bike batteries available for your usage. Additionally, we will let you know about the factors that you should look out for before choosing an electric bike battery. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best battery for your e-bike.

Which Battery Are Used In Electric Bike

Electric bike batteries: Everything you need to know

Electric bike get its driving force from its battery. So how good the performance of the electric bike is, mainly dependent on its battery.Here I will explain, about the ebike batteries, on which basis ebike batteries are similar or non similar and which is the best battery for your electric bike.Among the various categories of ebike batteries, like lead acid battery, Li-ion battery is the most reliable choice for your ebike.

1. Lithium Ion power bike batteries

Lithium batteries are most loved among electric bikers due to its strong durable features like long lifespan, high performance, light weight and compact size.

2. Categories of lithium Ion power bike batteries

Lithium ion batteries come in different categories that are discussed belowa)Lithium Manganese batteryAmong the Lithium ion batteries, Lithium Manganese battery is the most latest lithium battery technology and famous for its range and age. Among other lithium ion batteries, Lithium Manganese battery last for longer time. Good for heavy duty applications.

b)Lithium Cobalt batteryIts also reliable but rather older technology in lithium ion batteries but its energy density is better than the rest Li-ion batteries.

c)Lithium Polymer batteryIt is light weight, low price and good performance battery.It is dry battery and deliver more stable performance.It is good for light use and light applications like electric bike, as e-bike is low power application.

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The Best Electric Bikes You Can Buy Today

For the vast majority of riders, the Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus will be the best electric bike. It has a comfortable design, plenty of power, and a multitude of mounting points for things such as baskets and child seats. Plus, it comes with a rear rack and mudguards. Its 7-speed shifter, combined with three levels of pedal assistance and a twist throttle is more than enough to get you up even the steepest of hills.

We really enjoyed pedaling around on this bike, which is offered in both step-through and step-over models. Its battery, while not fully integrated into the downtube, provides plenty of range, and can also be used to charge your phone . At a starting price of $1,999, it’s reasonably affordable, too.

The price of electric bikes is coming down, but many of the best electric bikes still cost more than $1,500. The Aventon Soltera is a much more modestly priced model that sacrifices little in the name of economy. In our tests, we found it very comfortable to ride, and it looks great, too.

However, the Soltera’s rear hub motor does feel a little underpowered, especially on hills, and if you want the least expensive version, you’ll have to go with a single-gear model. Still, if you’re looking for a low-cost electric bike to get you around town, this is definitely a model to consider. Be sure to check out the best budget electric bikes for more picks.

In April 2022, VanMoof announced the VanMoof S5 , which will replace the S3 later this year.

Gives You Complete Freedom

It can be annoying to charge your e-bike battery daily amid your busy life schedule. If you want to charge 100%, youll have to keep it for 3-7 hours on charging. So, youll have to keep at least 4 hours in your hand for charging the bike. However, if your e-bike has a removable battery, you can swap it with the fully charged one. Moreover, you can detach the battery, take it to your bedroom, and put it on charge.

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Do Not Store In Extreme Temperatures

The perfect charge percent to store a battery for a few months is 40 to 70. Check the battery at the start of every month so that, you can evaluate its condition. If the charging rate decreases to 20% then recharge the battery to gain the same rate.

The temperature also plays a vital role in keeping the battery in phenomenal condition. The place where the battery is stored should be dry with an average temperature of neither too hot nor too cold. This is why it is recommended to avoid leaving your battery in the car because the temperature might rise within 20 to 30 minutes of drive, and the battery can also come in close contact with sunlight.

Even when you are transporting your e-bike do not leave the battery insert in it because the bumpy roads will damage your expensive battery.

Unit Pack Power Official 20ah /15ah / 13ah Ebike Battery For 200

Joyisi Ebike Battery Review


Unit Pack E-bike Battery is a highlighted name in the market of batteries. Unit Pack battery offers several different variants like 52V 20Ah, 48V 15Ah, and 36V 13Ah models, this helps to run this battery on a variety of motors. This battery can be installed in various selections of bikes as it is a versatile and reliable battery.

The best part of this battery is that it comes with a lock and key to secure your bike and the battery from thefts because we cant always guard our bike so this bike offers you great security.

Moreover, this battery is made of lithium-ion which is considered to be the best material for the battery. The lithium-ion cell helps to hold the charge as well. Unit Pack Power Battery has a durable lifetime that goes beyond 800 cycles.


LED Indicator: The unit pack power battery is equipped with an LED indicator through which you can keep track of the battery life and also you can check the range it covers. It can give you the indicator when the battery is low.

Connectivity Options: The battery also features a USB charging port and it also allows smartphones and other peripheral devices.

Warranty: The unit pack power battery is a prominent name for competitors and it provides a one-year promising warranty and lifelong technical support to give you the best shopping experience.

Final Verdict

  • With 36V 13Ah the battery life might not be reliable.
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    Xqzf Electric Bike Battery


    WHY WE LIKE IT: This battery features quality lithium-ion cells that support fast charging. It supports a wide variety of motors and a huge selection of bikes as well.


    • Requires a conversion kit to work with some bikes

    The QZF electric bike battery features a wide variety of variants, including 48V 13Ah, 36V 13Ah, and 52V 13Ah models. This ebike battery is suitable for bikes with motors ranging from 250W to 1000W. It provides a battery life of up to 85 miles, depending on the riding speed and driving characteristics. A BMS management system prevents overcharging and other electrical issues. However, this battery may require a mounting kit to install on some bike frames.

    This QZF electric bike battery has an LED indicator to help users monitor battery life. This QZF battery is lightweight, so it is unlikely to substantially increase the weight of the bike. It has a lifetime of over 1000 cycles and an expected lifetime of over 5 years. It also resists overheating, so its quite efficient. With a modern base, this device securely attaches to a variety of bikes. This battery features a USB port for charging.

    Buying Guide For The Best Batteries For Electric Bikes 2022

    However, despite the extra expense and additional cost of decent quality, a nice limit capacity lithium-ion battery is often the most practical choice for batteries bikes. It will give you the best reach, dependability, and longevity.

    You could peruse a wide range of cases for various lithium batteries for electric motorcycles with cobalt, manganese, and more remembered for the blend. When you have to decide to purchase a battery for e-bikes, you will have to focus the following points.

    Voltage Power:

    When you come to any shop physically or online, you must check the voltage capacity of the batteries. For example, the 12v 24ah electric bike battery price or power is less than the 48v battery power. You must choose the higher voltage battery for the e-bikes and motorcycle etc.

    Durability and Shelf Life:

    The second most important thing you should apply before buying is the durability and the batterys shelf life. You purchase the best brand battery by focusing on the long-lasting life. The best electric bike battery life is around about 4 to 5 years.

    Safety Features:

    The safety features must be necessary to fight against theft and robbers when your bike and motorcycle are standing on the parking slots. You select the lock and key having a battery for your usage and are also recommended to friends.

    Quality Certifications:




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    How To Choose The Best Electric Bike Battery

    There are a number of factors that make for the best choice among electric bike batteries. In general, the battery should be matched to the power needs of the electric motor, and it should be able to deliver enough electric current to provide useful assistance and make a powerful motor on hills or when accelerating. A rugged, durable housing is necessary for externally-mounted battery packs this housing should be water and fire-resistant for safety. If youre concerned about future maintenance and/or repairs, be sure to look for a warranty on the battery.

    Sscyht Ebike Batterylithium Battery For 1200w350w Bike Motor

    E Bike Easy to Handle | Long Battery | Best Electric Bike 2022 Velotric


    The last on my list is SSCYHT E-bike Battery. Among all the reviews I have given in this comparison chart this battery is different because it is a folding lithium battery. This feature makes it the sleekest and most versatile one to consider for your stylish electric bike.

    This battery comes with a charger that needs 8 hours of constant charging. You must notify the light of the charger when it turns green then the battery is fully charged. Moreover, SSCYHT electric bike battery is lightweight and it is made of substantial plastic material that resists heat.


    BMS System: A high voltage component and a BMS protection plate prevent overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuit, ensuring the long-term usage of your bike motor and e-bike battery.

    Final Verdict

    The SSCYHT Electric Bike Lithium Battery is suitable for a wide range of bikes like E-bikes, electric scooters, mobility scooters, electric motorbikes, tricycles, and electric wheelchairs, childrens ride-on vehicles, DIY power tools, and other applications. This bike also comes with a promising warranty so feel free to buy this battery.

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