Best Bike Cell Phone Holder

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Gub Bike Phone Mount:

Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts

This holder comes with a dope construction and its price will not hurt your pocket. It provides a full aluminum body for less than half what the Ram Mounts holder costs.

The GUB Bike Phone Mount also features sponge for safeguarding your phone from metal damage. It can actually rotate 360 degrees to accommodate your favorite orientation.

The Best Bike Phone Mount

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Using a smartphone mount while biking is a boon for anyone who wants easy access to their device. But with phone price tags approachingand toppingthe $1,000 mark, you want to be sure your device will stay firmly attached. After riding with 23 smartphone bike mounts over 90 miles’ worth of smooth and rough roads, we conclude that the Quad Lock mounts are the ones we’d use for our own phones.

Best Waterproof Cycling Phone Cases Reviewed

For better or worse no one is going anywhere without their phone these days. When you are out on a ride it provides a lifeline in case something happens, and it can also track your rides and help you meet up with riding buddies.

But when the rain falls and the mud and grit splashes up off the ground and onto you, you need to think about how to protect your phone on your ride.

If you use a dedicated cycling computer, then your needs will be different from someone who needs to see their phone. For some people an always on, always protective, case simplifies what it takes to get ready for a ride. For other people it makes more sense to keep their phone as unencumbered as possible most of the time then add a case for riding when it’s necessary.

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Where To Put Your Phone While Cycling

There are many ways you can carry a phone while cycling. You can put a phone in a pocket, a backpack, pannier, or strap it around your waist or arm. But in terms of ease of access and visibility, if youre using the phone while moving, a phone mount is by far the most practical.


A folding helmet that reduces to 50% in size and actually looks good.

It’s comfortable, protects your noggin and can be thrown in a bag.

What more do you want from a helmet?

Where you put your phone will depend on how often you want to use it and whether youre stationary or moving when you do use it.

Many cycling garments have easily-accessible pockets where you can store your phone. Armbands or waistbands with phone holders can also be used. However, accessing your phone this way does mean taking your vision away from the road.

A bike phone mount offers clear visibility that aligns with your cycling field of vision. Your phone stays put and can be used safely while on the move. Its a practical solution for those who want to use the phone frequently, without interrupting the ride.

Ipow Metal Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

Roswheel Essentials BLACK Bike Top Tube Front Frame Bicycle Cell Mobile ...

Ipow is a popular smartphone accessories brand. The company is known for striking a great balance between quality and affordability, and this is no exception. It has an all-metal mount, stem, and ball joint. Ipow claims its unbreakable. The rest of the phone is made of plastic, but its still a very resistant product that keeps a pretty reasonable price point.

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Types Of Bike Phone Mounts

For the layman, a bike phone mount is simply a bike phone mount, but in actuality, there are different types, hopefully, this sheds adequate light on them.

Case and mount – The name is pretty self-explanatory this type of bike phone mount comes along with a case for the phone and as such, these are pretty phone-specific. Having these cases attached is most advantageous as it does provide additional protection for the phone and makes it easier for it to be held in place.

Universal bracket – This type of phone mount is quite prominent in the market it allows the user to adjust the bracket to fit whatsoever phone they have. Some of these devices have wider ranges of size than others do, but all in all, there is a limit to how adjustable they are as a whole.

Frame bag – This usually comes in the form of a pouch that you can fit your phone alongside other items into and then, in turn, attach to your handlebar for hands-free use while in motion. They are a little snugger for the phones as they totally encase them and as mentioned earlier, can be used to store other useful cycling related items.

Mounts With Waterproof Universal

The Topeak Smartphone Drybag, which we tested in its 5-inch size, was a tight fit on the iPhone 8 Plus in its case. However, we were more concerned with how much the test phone rattled and bobbled up and down at the slightest pavement change, regardless of whether the bag was mounted to the handlebars or stem.

The Bikase Handy Andy 6, which attaches with two Velcro straps, was easy to put on and take off, and Amy noticed minimal phone movement and shaking on the road. But the plastic window reflected so much glare that she couldnt see the phone screen at all.

This article was edited by Christine Ryan.

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Best Overall: Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Why We Love It: Compatible with most smartphones, modest in price, and offering full rotation, the Roam Universal Bike Mount proves to be versititle enough for most bikers.

What to Consider: Compared to some other more expensive models, the Roam is fairly bulky, which may bother the more aesthetically-conscious cyclist. And that assured mounting system makes it a multi-step process to remove your device.

Using both a premium plastic grip on the sides as well as a four-point silicone net, the Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount will secure any smart device that measures up to 3.5 inches wide, attaching to handlebars from 0.875- all the way up to 1.25-inch diameters. The mounting system employs an easy-to-use screw that sandwiches the mount to the handlebar stem before locking the device in place. Once the phone is set, you have 360 degrees of device rotation in case you need to shift from landscape to portrait display, and the netting that wraps around the four points on your phone provides an unencumbered view of the screen and won’t interfere with touch controls.

Weight: 3.4 ounces | Rotation Ability: Yes

Budget Pick: Nite Ize Wraptor

Tested brutally! Bicycle smartphone handlebar mounts

The Nite Ize Wraptor is a great choice for occasional riders, and for anyone who wants to easily add or remove a phone mount from their own bike or a bike-share bike. It wont hold your phone as motionless as the Quad Lock mounts, but its less than a third of the price and will work with the case you already have.

With the Wraptor, silicone straps both hold the phone in and attach the mount to the bike. The ones that secure the phone to the mount are wider and thicker than most others of this style. Nite Ize says the Wraptor fits regular- and plus-size phones with or without a case the straps on ours accommodated our iPhone 8 Plus in a Speck Presidio Grip case and held our smaller Samsung Galaxy S8 Active firmly. They also didnt cover the buttons or screen in a way that impeded the use of the phone, unlike some silicone mounts we tested.

One unexpected use for this mount appeared during the pandemic, when many of us were indoors riding bikes attached to smart trainers and spending a lot of time in virtual cycling games. One of these games, the Zwift app, introduced a steering feature that only works if you attach your phone to your handlebars, and the Wraptor proved ideal for that purpose.

Although we saw no indication of wear during our tests, and weve used similar straps for years with no problem, we still recommend inspecting the straps regularly.

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Tips For Buying And Using Bike Phone Mounts

Now that you have been equipped with more knowledge about bike phone mounts, you surely have more confidence in buying one for yourself. There are also bike phone mounts available on the market that offer easy installation and use. However, a tip or two can definitely improve your bike phone mount experience. Besides, more knowledge can help you maximize the use of your bike phone mount and experience the benefits of owning one.

Here are some tips you can apply or keep in mind when buying and using your bike phone mounts. Follow them, and you will not regret purchasing one for your phone.

  • If you have the money, go for the high-end bike phone mounts, because they are more durable and reliable than cheaper ones.
  • The most durable bike phone mounts are made of silicone, plastic, and rubber. They become a much more reliable support when your bike phone mount comes with strong straps.
  • When buying bike phone mounts, test it out with your phone. You cannot just rely on descriptions, because they can get a bit exaggerated.
  • Bike phone mounts that can shade your phone from sunlight are very useful, so find one that has this feature. You wont have a hard time squinting your eyes to see whats on your display if your bike phone mount offers this feature.
  • Never forget about warranties. There may be cheaper bike phone mount options that will not make a dent in your bank account, but it pays to go for products that have at least a limited warranty.

Best Bike Phone Mount Faq:

You may feel lost when it comes to deciding which bike phone mount to buy. This is quite understandable, as there are many types and features you can choose from, which can be very enticing. To help you decide better, we gathered some questions that you may also have about bike phone mounts and answered them as accurately as we could. Read them carefully, as they may be of use to you when buying and using bike phone mounts.

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Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount

With an extremely secure fit and low-profile design, the Quad Lock Out Front mount is the best phone holder for any bike. The Quad Lock uses two pieces: a handlebar anchor and either a case or a universal adapter. The case, which can be ordered for most smartphone models, features a built-in lock that twists onto the handlebar anchor. The option, a universal mount, adheres to the back of your smartphone or to a plastic or metal case of your own .

This system keeps almost any phone from rattling or moving even with bumps and allows for easy attachment/detachment action. Plus, the low-profile build ensures minimal wind drag.

Spigen Gearlock Mf: Bulk

Baseus Bicycle Mount Holder

Spigens Out Front Bike Mount has a universal adaptor that you can attach to any phone, with or without a case. So you dont need to purchase a matching phone cover. Just attach the adapter and lock your iPhone into the mount with one click.

With two different rubber spacers, the mount fits most handlebar diameters and can be adjusted to any viewing angle. I liked its lightweight fiberglass core and bulk-free aerodynamic design, allowing you to easily access your phone. If your bikes handlebars are less than 31.8mm, you may fit the mount using the spacer.


Check out on: | Spigen

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How To Install A Bike Phone Mount

If you want to know how to mount a phone to your bike, its best to read the directions that come with it. Although installing a mount is relatively straightforward and easy, you can always browse the Internet for how to installation videos.

Its important to note that the installation instructions will vary depending on the type of mount you have for your bike. Even if it’s easy to install, dont throw out any of the instructions.

Who This Is For

A smartphone bike mount is a worthy investment for bike commuters or recreational riders who want to use their phone for directions, whether on their own bikes or on ride-share bikes. Its also of use to someone who wants to record their rides for fitness purposes but doesnt need the bells and whistles of a dedicated cycling computer.

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Best Bike Phone Mounts

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We live in an age where over 80% of the worlds population owns a smartphone. Having a handy-sized, sophisticated computer allows us to do virtually anything on the move.

On our bikes, smartphones enable us to navigate, check our speed, listen to music, make notes, light the way and so much more. We can even make a call!

There are clear advantages to having your phone at your fingertips while riding. You can, of course, get brilliant cycling computers for all your needs, but a smartphone will do the same job without you having to invest in a separate piece of equipment.

But if you are using a smartphone while cycling, for safety reasons it needs to be accessible. And with this in mind, a good bike phone mount could be your best option.

Its also important to use headphones that enable you to still hear your surroundings while cycling.

Ipow Metal Motorcycle Phone Mount Unbreakable Metal Handlebar Holder

5 Best Bike Smartphone Mount 2022

In case you are worried that your phone might get damaged due to constantly riding at high speeds, you may be interested in this sturdy holder. The IPOW Metal Motorcycle Phone Mount, Unbreakable Metal Handlebar Holder is strong enough to withstand the vibrations generated by your motorcycle as well as the wind force during your rides.

The unit comes with a shock-absorbing shim that is designed to hold the handlebars tightly and to eliminate vibrations. The arc-shaped design is meant to prevent your phone from accidentally popping out.

Moreover, the rubber straps hold the corners of the device for increased security. The installation process is extremely easy and convenient as it does not require any special tools. Then, all you have to do is secure and adjust your smart device in any position or angle. You can conveniently set your mobile phone on portrait or landscape position for ideal viewing.


  • The unit offers an adjustable grip and 360-degree rotation freedom
  • The wide clamp can hold a large variety of devices with widths between 2.3 and 3.5 inches
  • Despite its high quality, this model is an affordable option


  • Not all of the parts are made of metal. The clamp which holds the phone is made of ABS engineering plastic

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Best Overall: Quadlock System

When it comes to bike phone mounts, QuadLock is the brand to beat. Bikerumor staffers try phone mounts regularly, and many come back to QuadLock and keep mounts on all of their bikes .

The QuadLock system includes a case your choice of two out-front handlebar mounts, or a strap-on stem mount. Your phone connects in the same way that cycling computers attach to their mount pop it on and twist it to lock.

Quick, easy camera access and rock-solid security is the highlight of the QuadLock case. The mount locks the phone into it, yet its easy to detach it quickly. The cases are slim but protective, and the mounts are sleek enough that they wont look out of place on rides without your phone on it.

While this case/mount combo is pricier than others up front, additional mounts are relatively inexpensive. Youre committing to a system, but QuadLock has been around since 2011 and keeps up with new phone technology, so you can rest assured that your new phone will have a QuadLock case that works with it. And they make mounts for everything: Dash, moto, suction cup, tripod, armband, stick-on, desktop, and more. Theres even a clear silicone poncho cover to protect it from inclement weather, and a stick-on mount you can use on other cases if you just want the mounts.

PROS: Full system with different mount options, ultra secure, camera readyCONS: Uses QuadLock-specific phone case

How Long Can I Expect My Motorcycle Phone Mount To Last

Again, there is no definite answer that can cover all scenarios. It really depends on a series of aspects such as how often it is used, what type of riding conditions you put it through, was it installed correctly, and so on. Also, the quality and materials it was made of matter a lot.

Normally, a high-quality phone mount should last a few years, of course, if you do not have the misfortune of getting into an accident. Since these units are always exposed to different types of weather, temperatures, speed, and riding conditions, they are made with sturdy materials that are meant to keep them from corroding or breaking.

Also, you should keep in mind that it is not recommended to often install and uninstall your mount too often. Some of the pieces that are utilized for the installation might not resist the pressure and can break after a while.

This can cause the entire kit to collapse, making it useless. The best way to care for your phone mount is to have it installed in a strategic spot that offers you easy access at all times without having to modify its position or arms too frequently.

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