Best Bike Parks In Colorado

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Beaver Creek Bike Park

Riding the Best Trails in Ute Valley Park | Colorado Springs Mountain Biking

Beaver Creek is an exception to the closure of most of Vail Resorts bike parks this summer. As of July, Beaver Creek is open to riders, and though they dont have as many mountain bike only trails as some of the other downhill biking destinations on this list, its still a beautiful place to go for a ride, and is great for beginners or those looking for a more gentle experience.

Crested Butte Mountain Bike Park

Crested Butte boasts over 30 miles of lift-served, single-track mountain biking trails. Ride the Red Lady Express to the top where both single-track and cross-country trails await. Single-bike hauls are $24, and day passes range from $39 to $55. Multi-day passes also are available as well as bike guides and lessons. Lessons range from $75 to $309 and take place at the Crested Butte Rental and Demo Center. The Red Lady Express operates as a bike haul from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Sept. 6. Crested Butte offers three green, five blue, six black diamond and two double black diamond trails. There is also one uphill bike trail for those looking to get in a good workout. Check out this detailed trail map for more information or visit the Crested Butte Mountain Biking Association. 11 Snowmass Road, Crested Butte, 877-547-5143

A mountain biker leaves a trail of dust behind as he descends down one of the Aspen Snowmass bike trails.

The Colorado Trail 535 Miles Of Mtb Trails

I know Im cheating a little bit by putting the entire Colorado trail as just one number on this list, but it seems wrong to isolate just one portion of this incredible 535 mile trail. The terrain varies greatly across the hundreds of miles of trails, but the shear length alone makes it a noteworthy trail.

The trail has switchbacks, smooth and fast descents, long aspen covered sections, desert terrain, mesmerizing views and so much more. The sections that I have ridden are located in Breckenridge. They were fast and smooth descents with technical and tight switchbacks. They were not extremely technical but allowed for high speeds.

Pro Tip: A Maxxis Aspen tire would be a great all-around tire to conquer this trail. Check out the cost and reviews on AMAZON Maxxis Aspen 29

Waterton to South Platte: While the Colorado trail is one singular trail, due to its length, it is often broken up into out and back segments. This is one of the most heavily explored segments of all of the Colorado trail. This trail can be ridden by all skill levels and has some longer sustained climbs as well as rolling hills.

Molas Pass To Bolam Pass Road: This part of the trail can be extremely challenging because of the elevation and climbing involved. The trail passes up and over 12,500 feet. If you arent up for the physical challenge, then this trail can be ridden as a shuttle.

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Plan Wisely Or Hire A Guide Before Biking In Colorado

Despite its popularity, Colorados terrain can pose its own risk and people in the high-alpine cant be easily reached. Whether youre new to the sport or have a thousand miles under your tires, its always worth considering hiring a MTB guide in unfamiliar terrain. Many of these trails involve stretches of bare rock that are slippery during and after rain, or gravel that can get loose when dry.

Investing in a sturdy mountain bike with good tires and suspension will make a world of a difference. As a beginner, I balked at the gear prices. After one trip to the desert using a borrowed bike without decent tread changed my mind forever.

Pack for weather events the Rockies get late-afternoon lightning events and the Front Range is notorious for hail storms that will total a car without warning! And bring a GPS, especially if youre headed into remote areas where youre unfamiliar. And regardless of the terrain or weather, make sure someone knows where youre going and when you expect to be back.

Greek Peak Mountain Resort

Vail Mountain Bike Park photo

Located in the picturesque Finger Lakes region of New York, Greek Peak Bike Park has something for everyone. With 17 gravity-fed downhill trails suited for all levels from beginners to the pro-only Free Bird with 40+ features including jumps, tabletops, and a wooden rollercoaster.

There are also nine miles of cross-country trails just across the street, making Greek Peak a great weekend destination for families. Plus the views are jaw-dropping!

Greek Peak Mountain Resort is also home to an adventure center including a mountain coaster, ropes course, zip line tours, and indoor waterpark.

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Brecks Section Of Colorado Trail: Kenosha Pass To Breckenridge

Technically this 33-mile segment of the 547-mile IMBA EPIC Colorado Trail, signifying true backcountry riding in a remote setting. The all single-track trail begins in nearby Kenosha and ends in Breckenridge. Youll be spending most of this ride at higher elevations, so plan accordingly and bring extra water and food.

Starting from Kenosha, youll begin with a decent climb to an aspen clearing and views of the Como Valley. After your first descent, an even greater climb awaits, bringing you to a breathtaking 12,000 feet.

Ill admit this route is definitely brutal and potentially energy sapping, but this section of the Colorado Trail is worth every foot. Once youve broken treeline, the views are so vast and scenic youll feel like youre mountain biking in Croatia. While the greatest elevation may be behind you at this point, get ready for three more ascents to conquer before you hit the Gold Hill trailhead just north of Breckenridge on Highway 9.

Trestle Bike Park Colorado

Trestle Bike Park is one of the best bike parks in western America and is available for biking in the summers. It has plenty of trails, stretching over 40 miles that both amateurs and professional bikers can explore.

This park has the most extensive rental fleet in America and offers various facilities close to the trails, including lodging and food. Trestle is a premier bike park offering a range of services for bikers, ensuring that everything is accessible for riders of all ages and abilities.

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Ruby Hill Bike Park Denver

This brand new 42-acre urban park features thigh-burning climbs, fast single-track descents, and challenging features. The extensive slopestyle course includes rock drops, whales tail ramps, ladder drops, and a quarter pipe. Riders of all levels will be challenged by this state-of-the-art mountain bike park destination.

Highland Mountain Bike Park

Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park Review

Highland Mountain Bike Park is the crown jewel of the east coast. Located 90 minutes from Boston, this park is entirely dedicated to mountain biking and the variety and quality of terrain show it.

Boasting an extensive downhill and cross-country trail network with over 12 miles of lift-served downhill trails, several skill-building areas, a 9,100 square foot indoor training facility and a 50 x 50 Ayr Bag bag jump, Highland Bike Park should be near the top of any mountain bikers bike-it list.

Highland also hosts a ton of fun events throughout the year like a womens gravity weekend, kids camps, Friday night race series, and much more.

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Bike Shops Supporting The Telegraph Trail System:

Since the trail is so close to town, you shouldnt have any issues finding a shop that can tune up or fix your bike before heading out onto the trails.

  • Velorution Cycles: Only 250 feet from the trailhead! They are open Monday-Saturday at varying hours.
  • San Juan Cycles: Just over 3 miles from the Trailhead. They are open from 9am-5 pm Monday through Friday.

The Washington Park Loop

TripSavvy / Vincent Mercer

This is Denvers version of New York Citys Central Park. At 165 acres, Washington Park is also one of the largest parks in Denver. If youre arriving to the park on a bike, you can access it from the Platte River trail from the south.

Whether youre on a road bike or a cruiser, you can loop around the 2.25-mile perimeter at Washington Park , which is filled with flower gardens, a playground, and two lakes. Youll be sharing the paved path with runners, walkers, and the occasional roller skater as well.

After you’ve worked up a sweat, you can go shopping in the nearby Wash Park neighborhood. South Gaylord Street is six blocks east of Washington Park in between Mississippi and Tennessee Avenues, and is lined with boutiques, coffee shops, and art galleries. Pop into Devil’s Food for tasty, homemade pastries.

SWKrullImaging / Getty Images

You can hop on this trail at Confluence Park, which is where Cherry Creek and the South Platte River combine. In its entirety, this bike path stretches for more than 40 miles, running into Franktown.

If you’re up for a long ride, you can follow the Cherry Creek Bike Path all the way to Castlewood Canyon State Park to marvel at remnants of the Castlewood Dam, which sent a 15-foot-high wave of water into Denver when it burst in 1933.

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Powder Ridge Mountain Park

  • Opening day: April 30th, 2022
  • Miles of trail: 6 miles
  • Lifts: Bike Lift

Jarrods Place is Georgias first and only bike park. It opened in early 2022 and has gotten rave reviews for its dialed, purpose-built trails suited for all levels from beginner to pro. Theres fun flow tracks as well as doubleblack diamonds featuring rugged terrain and mandatory features.

A day or multi-month pass will get you unlimited shuttles and access to bathrooms and a bike wash station.

Additionally, Georgia is actually home to some really great riding, so plan to spend a few weeks exploring the trails in the northwestern part of the state.

Snow Summit Bike Park California

Best Fall Hiking &  Biking Trails

Located along Big Bear Lake, the Snow Summit resort was established in 1952. The bike park at this place has dialed trails and some fantastic features, including dirt jumps, wooden ramps, flowy berms, and rock gardens. So, if you want to improve your biking skills, Snow Summit Bike Park is an excellent place to learn as it offers a versatile bike terrain.

Try to visit this park during weekdays as it is more crowded on weekends as it is located just outside Los Angeles.

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Emerald Mountain Mixing Mountain Bike Trails

The Emerald Mountain trail system is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is a great system for beginner and intermediate riders. It has 65 trails with 44 of them being either blue or green in level. Many of the trails are two directional and are extremely twisty-turny. The constant turns allow the trail to be a relaxed gradient to make the climb tolerable for a novice rider.

Many of the trails in this system are very short which allows riders to pick their journey by either linking a bunch of trails together to create a long ride or a bunch of smaller loops. The trails appear to be well maintained and even offer a mechanics station on the Bluffs Loop trail. This station has a set of tools attached to a pole so that you can complete quick repairs while still out on the trail.

Pro Tip: Download the Trailforks App before riding these trails. The short trails can be difficult to navigate and Trailforks allows you to see your own dot as it rides throughout the trails. Some bike computers even allow you to download the App directly onto your screen mounted on your handlebars.

Peaks Trail For Some Intermediate Aerobics

Starting out at 10,500 feet, Peaks Trail is a Colorado classic and favorite of both locals and visitors alike. Peaks is the perfect blend of adrenaline downhills and relaxed cruising. This route can be ridden as an out and back, with plenty of roots, climbs and descents.

Traveling from Breckenridge to Frisco sets you up for some fairly moderate climbing until you plateau and hit the 1,000 feet for your ascent. If you ride this trail both ways, make sure youre rested up before the journey, as its pretty much all up hill. Keep an eye out for hikers when you get close to either town because its a popular walkway. If the return-trip climb isnt appealing, you can always ride back on the paved Blue River Bikeway to get back to Breckenridge.

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Downhill Biking In 2020

These eight bike parks are just a handful of the options Colorado has to offer. re are a ton of other great bike parks in Colorado, but not all of them are open this summer. Many, like Vail Resorts, are remaining closed for safety reasons to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, but may open later in the summer if its deemed safe. Some resorts, like Steamboat, have already announced that they will not be opening in the summer of 2020 at all. On the other side of that coin, any of the parks listed above might close at a moments notice if the pandemic worsens again, so be sure to check their websites and call ahead for more information if youre not sure.

Can You Just Start A Bike Park 2 Guys In Colorado Are Trying

The Breckenridge Bike Park!!

Colorado is known for great mountain biking. Thats not disputed. Depending on who you ask, the sport was born in Crested Butte, a destination known for its rugged climbs and vistas, and there are dozens of other great MTB stops almost anywhere west of I-25, including 13 lift-served bike parks.

That doesnt mean that the state has everything that everyone is looking for though. Jason Evans and Phil Bouchard, lifelong friends from New Hampshire moved to the Centennial State in 2020 and quickly noticed a gap in mountain biking terrain, compared to their home state in the Northeast. There was no lift-served bike park dedicated solely to mountain bikers, like Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire.

We came to find out that it doesnt exist, says Bouchard. Why is it important to have a bike park and terrain solely for mountain bikers? He explained why Highland stood out as the best bike park either of them have ridden.

The experience theyve created there is unbelievable. Its all they do. Most lift access mountain biking is ski first. The lift infrastructure is designed around skiing. Where the trails go on the mountain is going to be constrained by the business of skiing. Everything about the mountain bike operation is ancillary, including when they open and close.

What they found is unconventional compared to any big business or mega-corporation that runs most bike parks we think of.

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Copper Mountain Bike Park

Though for a while their season was up in the air, on July 4 Copper Mountain Bike Park finally opened for the summer, though they are enforcing some strict COVID-19 regulations to keep everyone safe as they fly down the trails. You can take the Woodward Express chair lift daily to the top of the mountain between 10am and 4pm, or ride the service roads if you prefer to ride uphill, though be warned, youll be heading up steep grades at 11,000 to 12,000 feet.

Best Dirt Bike Trails In Colorado Worth Riding

If you live in Colorado and own a dirt bike, then youre spoilt for choice! There are so many epic trails around to go riding. From Aspen to Denver, to Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, a great spot isnt too far away.

From State and National Forests to MX Tracks and riding parks, riders really do have the mecca of offroad riding. Its little wonder why so many adventure motorcyclists and dual-sport riders also make a trip over here, even from the other side of the country!

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Stevens Pass Bike Park

  • Opening day: June 24th, 2022
  • Miles of trail: 8 miles
  • Lifts: Hogback Quad
  • Website& Trail Map:Stevens Pass Bike Park

Stevens Pass Bike Park is the only bike park in Washington and one of the few bike parks in the Pacific Northwest . The resort, which is located between Everett and Leavenworth, currently has 10 trails and 8 miles of singletrack, but they are continuously expanding and growing their mountain bike network.

Theres a great mix of trail at Stevens Pass from the machine-built flow of Rock Crusher to the big wooden features on PBR.

Cross The Continental Divide On Historic Boreas Pass Road

Apex Park Mountain Bike Trail in Golden, Colorado

I recommend this trail for its high-altitude panoramas and historic sights without the grind of Boreas Pass. Despite its length, Boreas Pass is more of a beginners trail and worth riding for the single-track downhill until the end.

The ride starts on Boreas Pass Road, a 17.4-mile out and back passing glimpses of historic markers such as a water tank and old mines. Spoiler alert: youll have to share with other vehicles. To take it to the next level, you can connect with Bakers Tank, after the Pass. Youll get some steep and challenging terrain to climb before heading down through a beautiful pine forest. Keeping with the flow, you shoot back out upon the paved section of Boreas Pass road.

Breckenridge is a designated Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community, deemed such by the League of American Bicyclists this is a testament to the areas facilities and dedication to supporting the two-wheeled community fat-tired or not.

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