Best Bike Racks For Garage

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How Many Bikes Do You Have

The Lift Bike Rack – Perfect Solution for Bike or Bulk Garage Storage!

It may seem super obvious, but the number of bikes you need to store is among the most important things to consider when searching for bike storage. If you have just one bike, there are loads of single bike options to choose from. If you have multiple bikes, you can purchase and combine several single bike hooks, hangers, or stands, or choose from a variety of multi-bike racks. Many of the models we tested are sold as singles or in pairs, and some come in several configurations to accommodate different numbers of bikes.

Is It Okay To Store Bikes In A Garage

Of course! A garage is an excellent place to store your bikes. This is even more true if you do choose to use a garage bike storage rack to keep them organized and out of the way inside the garage.

They will be better protected from the elements and even from potential thieves if they are inside opposed to outside.

The Storeyourboard 5 Bike Garage Rack

Just like the Koova, the StoreYourBoard is a solid, sturdy, and heavy-duty bike rack. The metal is powder-coated, making it more durable. You can fit up to 5 bikes here, no matter whether it is a kid bike, commuter, or mountain bike. It is designed for easy access should you need to do repairs or head out fast.


  • It can hold up to 5 bikes.
  • Max weight is 200 lbs.
  • Comes with mounting hardware like lag bolts, mounting brackets, and screws.


  • Fits different bike types â universal, hybrid, kids bikes, bike rides, commuter, and even mountain bikes.
  • Easy access for your bike ride or repairs.
  • It has Secure hooks making it children-friendly and safe when handling their bikes.
  • Hooking the bike is easy because of the adjustable bike hooks you can lock in with a pin.
  • It is difficult for the bike to go free, as the fully locking pins lock the hook bracket.


  • It is not built for fat-tire bikes . It is easy to damage parts like the rim if you try to use the rack with large tire bikes.
  • There have been lots of complaints about missing parts.


We recommend the StoreYourBoard. The metal is powder-coated makes it likely to last longer. It is also a safe bike vertical storage as the adjustable hooks hold in place. So you can be sure that even children are safe when trying to access their bikes. However, this is not built for fat-tire bikes, and you could easily damage your wide-tire bike.

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Stashed Storage Ceiling Rail

MSRP: $185 $1,000

Fits Wheels: 12 and up

Capacity: 1 12 bikes

**Ships from UK. Prices on site are in British Pounds**

For families with a lot of bikes, but very little room, the Stashed Storage system is a game-changer. The Stashed system is simple in concept but brilliantly executed to bring additional functionality to the simple bike hook. With the Stashed system, bike hooks are given a new life as they can slide left to right, twist 360°, and lock into place along a sturdy aluminum rail.

Like moving library shelves, the Stashed system lets you store more bikes in a smaller space by allowing you to shift bikes to the right or left to easily access any bike in the middle of the fleet. With the ability to hang bikes via the rear or front wheel, as well as rotate bikes so that the handlebars can face the wall, nesting bikes together has never been easier.

To help make the loading process even easier, the Stashed hooks lock into place along the rail when empty, so they wont run away from you if you accidentally hit the hook with your bikes tire when loading it up. For extra room, Stashed also sells a double hook to allow you to vertically stack one bike on top of another, allowing two shorter bikes to share one hook!

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Free Standing Bike Rack

The 12 Best Garage Bike Racks in 2020

MSRP: $80/$110

Fits Wheels: 20 and larger

Capacity: 1 bike

Deltas freestanding bike rack has several advantages. It can store two bikes horizontally, without any damage to the walls. It can easily be moved at any time.

The frame cradles can be adjusted up or down, and angled in or out to accommodate virtually any frame design. We were able to store everything from balance bikes to kids bikes and adult bikes.

While this standing bike rack can be used indoors or in the garage, we prefer it for indoor bike storage, so it could easily be included in the section below as well.

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Vertical Bike Racks For Garage Walls

Vertical bike racks are the best way to save the most space in the garage. They hold bikes upright by holding either the front or rear wheel. Vertical bike racks for garage can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted so you can choose according to your ease. For instance, you can go for floor-mounted ones if you do not want to drill in the walls of your garage or you can buy a wall-mount vertical bike rack and save the floor space for other stuff.

These racks have a very compact structure and usually have hooks that go around the wheel. But other designs are also available like vertical bike racks that have a resting post for the bike seat while the front wheel is raised and fastened to a long post. The wall-mounted vertical bike racks for garage might require the lifting of bikes but the floor-mounted racks do not so this makes them suitable for kids use.

These racks usually accommodate a wide variety of bikes easily. You just have to check the compatibility with your bikes beforehand, for example, if a rack has hooks that hold the wheel of the bike, you might want to check the range of wheels it will hold. You should also check if other bike parts come in contact with the rack and make sure it does not damage the bike. These racks are the best solution for storing multiple bikes.

How Do You Hang A Bike Rack On The Wall

While the exact instructions for installing a bike rack on your wall will vary with different bike racks, the basics generally remain the same.

You will need to secure your bike rack to the wall in two different locations. You want your screw to go through a stud in the wall as well. This is especially important because the rack will be supporting a significant amount of weight.

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Garage Bike Rack A Buyers Guide

With the right bike rack, planning, and organization you can ensure that your garage is free of clutter and your bikes are kept well out of the way and protected against any damage. However, there are a few things to consider when investing in a bike rack for garage storage, such as the type of storage, budget, and the number of bikes to name a few.

Types Of Garage Bike Racks

The Best Garage Bike Rack – Steadyrack Installation

Choosing the right bike storage system means understanding your space, then selecting the perfect type of garage bicycle rack that would work well for this space.

Were talking about what kind of space youre working with, how big or small it is, whether youre limited to the wall or you can work with a bit of floor space, whether its possible to hang bikes on the ceiling, how many bicycles require storage solutions, and how accessible you need your bikes to be.

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Best Garage Bike Racks

Having the correct garage bike rack can be a huge space saver and not only keep your bike safe but also stop it from getting damaged.

Typically, garages are one of the best places to store your bike. But it might not be easy, unless you have a bike rack.

A garage bike rack keeps the bikes out of the way, makes it much safer to store them, and keeps everything organized.

With so many different options on the market to make it easier to store your bike, its crazy not to have one.

In this article, well tell you about the best garage bike racks you can buy and talk about some ways of storing bikes in a garage.

Horizontal Bike Storage On The Wall

Best For: In-home storage, tight garages, or displaying bikes as art

On-wall horizontal bicycle storage secures a bike flat against a wall, taking up significant wall space, but very little space in the actual room. Because it takes up so much wall space, its not common for more than two bikes to be stored this way in the same room.

There are two different styles of horizontal bike storage a free standing horizontal wall stand that leans against the wall, and a wall-mounting version thats installed on the wall itself. Horizontal bike storage is very common for storing bikes indoors.


  • Can fit in most rooms in your house great for apartment dwellers
  • Generally easier to lift up and down than vertical storage
  • Come in free-standing or wall-mounting options
  • Great for displaying bikes
  • Some options can fit the smallest bikes even balance bikes


  • Take up a ton of wall space
  • Generally cant store too many bikes this way
  • Most only fit larger kids bikes
  • Can be difficult for kids to raise and lower bikes on their own
  • Bikes with wider handlebars are more problematic

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Simple Houseware 5 Bike Stand

Style:Number of Bikes:REASONS TO BUY

The Simple Houseware 5 Bike Stand is a good option for storing/organizing up to 5 bikes. This freestanding floor rack has wheel cradles for 5 bikes, with an easily convertible design to adjust its capacity anywhere between 5 and 1. Since this rack sits on the floor, there is no need to drill into your walls, and loading bikes is as easy as rolling them into position in the wheel cradles/supports. This versatile rack can handle just about any size and style of bike and tires up to 3-inches wide. It’s also reasonably priced, and an affordable solution for storing all of the bikes in your household.

The Simple Houseware 5 Bike Stand works, but it is not without its faults. Our biggest gripe was that the wheel supports conflicted with the disc brake rotors on our mountain and gravel bikes, and they made contact with the drivetrain components and the frames/forks of most of the bikes we loaded into it. Bikes with very skinny tires also tended to tip to one side due to the 3-inch width of the supports. The side by side storage method may also result in some bike to bike contact in the rack. We found it to work best with strategic positioning and bikes of varying sizes. Lastly, this rack certainly helps to organize bikes, but they still take up a significant amount of floor space. Beyond those concerns, we feel this is certainly an affordable way to store every bike in your fleet.

Things To Know About Bike Storage

Compact Vertical Bike Rack

You don’t need us to tell you that bikes are awkward things to store. If you dont have a shed or garage and dont want to leave your bikes outside in the rain, then you need some way of stashing them in the house. With pedals and handlebars sticking out, just standing them in the hallways is a bad idea theyll snag, get knocked over and generally be annoying.

What you need is a rack or stand thatll hold your bike, preferably off the floor. There are main two types: freestanding racks and wall-mounted racks.

If you live in rented accommodation you may not be able to go bolting a rack to the walls, and thats where freestanding racks come in. These are either gravity racks that lean against a wall or floor-to-ceiling racks that expand to brace vertically. A gravity rack will usually carry two bikes, one low and one high, while some floor-to-ceiling racks can hold up to four bikes. There are also free-standing racks that will hold up to four bikes, though these need more floor space

If your walls are your own , then you have lots of choices in single-bike hangers that mount on the wall, ranging from simple hooks to nicely-styled mouldings that also have room for bits and pieces like lights and gloves.

Even if you do have a shed or garage for bike storage, many of these devices are still useful to reduce the floor space bikes take up.

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No Drilling Required To Secure Multiple Bikes


If you dont want to drill into your walls, this floor to ceiling bike stand is the perfect non-permanent solution for storing multiple bikes. And it looks pretty sleek, too. The elegant single pole design securely wedges between the floor and ceiling of any room without the need to bolt it into walls, ceilings, or floors.

The bike stand extends to fit ceilings up to 10.5 feet high and no tools are required to install the stand. Simply extend the spring-loaded pole to reach the ceiling and lock the extension lever into place. This lever can then be tightened with an Allen key to ensure the arm doesn’t slip down when under load.

Once the bike stand is in place, lock the foot stepper to engage the spring and form a secure platform from ceiling to floor. While the stand will hold up to four bikes, the package only comes with two hook mounts, so youll need to buy more to expand your storage. These hook mounts swivel up to 30 degrees to accommodate a variety of standard or sloping frame top tubes. The mounts also slide up or down along the stand to make room for large or small bikes. Each hook mount can hold up to 39.7 pounds in weight and the entire stand can accommodate up to 158.7 pounds. As an optional accessory, stabilizers can secure your bike handlebars in place so the front wheel doesnt twist when its suspended off the ground.

Best Bike Racks For Your Garage

Storing bicycles in a small garage comes with lots of trouble. This is especially relevant for winter time when most cyclists postpone riding bikes until the warmer season comes. Nevertheless, various types of bike racks might solve the problem of storage. They come in different designs and materials while also serving different needs.

In this article,we are going to talk about the best bike racks to have in your garage. Butfirst, lets find out why you need them in the first place!

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Waterluu Heavy Duty Storage Hooks

Cheapest bike rack idea for garage ceiling

Another cheap and simple alternative to use as a hanging bike rack system in your garage. This type of hanging hooks for the garage is a perfect way to hang the bikes upon. Make sure to drill the holes in a concrete/wooden ceiling and use two plugs for the best fitment. Also, make sure to measure the distance between two bikes to get the best fitment idea.

  • Two hooks for the ceiling
  • One hook for the wall
  • Although those hooks might look that theyd bend through under heavy loads, Waterluu advertises those for heavy-duty use, suitable for bicycles. In addition those hooks have a rubberized coating to prevent any scratches to the wheel.

    Cyclingdeal 5 Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand For Mountain Mtb And Road Bike Indoor Nook Garage Storage 5 Bikes

    Best bike rack? Unsponsored. Fits in garage.

    Highlighted Features:1. The rack is very stable and can hold up to five bikes without wobbling.2. It is easy to assemble, even for people who are not very handy.3. The sturdy build ensures that the rack can withstand a lot of weight.4. The design of the rack is very space-efficient, making the most of the available nook space.5. It is a very affordable bike rack option.

    Do you have a lot of bicycles and not enough storage space? Check out this bicycle floor-type parking rack stand! It can hold up to five bicycles, making it the perfect solution for indoor storage. Its made of heavy-duty steel, so its durable and long-lasting. Plus, its easy to assemble, so you can start using it right away!

    This bike rack is perfect for our small garage. It can hold up to 5 bikes and is very sturdy. We have it set up in the corner so that it takes up minimal space. It was easy to assemble and is very well made.

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    Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci

    Easiest to Install

    The Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci is a simple and no-fuss solution for all of your bike hanging needs.

    All you need to do is to mount the hooks on a stud, concrete, or masonry wall, and mount your bikes front tire. Thats pretty much it. But, if you want to, a rear tire tray exists that you can mount your bikes rear tires to for minimal damage to your walls paint.

    Priced at well below the usual going price of other bike racks, this bike rack is a minimalistic and affordable option.

    The best part is that this rack will fit easily in small areas where other wall bike racks wont.


    Topeak Two Up Bike Stand Buy Now For 18699 From Chain Reaction Cycles

    This freestanding unit can hold up to four bikes. It comes with two sets of hooks and extras are £14. Topeak says it’ll hold up to 72kg of bikes, so you should be fine unless your fleet includes some very cheap e-bikes.

    The workstand-style tripod feet mean it can be folded away and it’s sturdy enough to be used for light maintenance.

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