Best Class 3 Electric Bike

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Electric Bike Company Model E

Electric bikes: The ultimate buying guide 2022

Power: 500W | Weight: 53 lb. | Top speed: 25 mph | Range: Up to 70 miles

Electric Bike Company Model E
Electric Bike Company Model E
  • Add-ons hike up the price quickly

The new Model E is a sturdy, elegant beach cruiser assembled and painted in the U.S. We tested the brands model X last year and it impressed us with its high quality. All Electric Bike Company models are assembled in the U.S., and the attention to detail is immediately evident. Unlike the Model X, this one is sleeker, with an integrated battery. But like that one, its fully customizable and built to order with your options. The Schwalbe Fat Frank tires and steel frame and fork combine to deliver a smooth ride, and the comfortable saddle and retro handlebar beckon you to relax and let the e-assist do most of the work. And despite its weight, the disc brakes help you come to a smooth stop, whether youre dodging squirrels on the bike path or avoiding tourists on the boardwalk.

The Best Class 3 Electric Bikes

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Class 3 e-bikes or speed pedelecs are the most powerful class of electric bicycles on the market. These bikes support riders with varying levels of pedal assistance up to 28mph .

The best class 3 e-bikes have large battery capacities and range, extra accessories such as LCD screens and lights, lightweight components, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and good weight distribution for optimal handling. Depending on the type of riding you do, you can look for a style that suits your needs.

Class 3 Speed Pedelec

These bikes are pedal-assisted, with a top-speed limit of 28mph. This speed must be achieved with pedal assistance.

Class 3 e-bikes are permitted on roads and on-road bike lanes but are not allowed to be used on bike trails and multi-use paths.

Even though the higher speed of a Class 3 bike may seem attractive, keep in mind that this may limit your access options to paths and trails.

Class 3 e-bikes are suitable if you enjoy on-road cycling and use your e-bike purely for commuting.

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How We Tested These Cheaper E

Our team of experienced testers spent many hours and miles using most of these bikes for their intended purposes. Ive personally ridden and tested many of them to and from work, used them to stock up on groceries and beer, tested their passenger-hauling capability, ridden them on questionable terrain to see how they handle, and run their batteries down to officially see how long they last on one charge. The Bicycling gear team evaluated every model on performance, price, comfort, handling, value, reliability, fun, and overall e-factor to come up with these recommendations that we believe will best serve the needs of anyone looking to add a little pedal assist to their ride.

Great For City Riders

IZIP E3 Moda 27.5"  Women

Power: 350W | Weight: 41 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph | Range: Up to 63 miles

Aventon Soltera

This affordable single-speed model from Aventon delivers simplicity and style that is tough to beat. The bike also comes as a 7-speed geared option, but we like the easy maintenance and convenience of this one-speeder. Simply push the throttle to get started and the brushless hub motor kicks in, assisting you more gently as you start pedaling. There are disc brakes or rim brakes and an integrated light. The battery is hidden in the bikes frame, a surprising feature compared to the bolt-on vibe of many bikes in this price range. Best for smoother roads and bike paths, the Soltera delivers the most essential features a city rider needs in a strikingly light 41-pound package.

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The Best Tech: Vanmoof S3

Some 36 percent of people in the Netherlands commute daily on two wheels, making the flat nation one of the richest bicycle cultures on Earth. So, its only fitting that Dutch brothers Taco and Ties Carlier would design one of the best ebikes out there. Since launching in 2009, VanMoof has sold some 200,000 bikes to a devoted worldwide community by designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing everything in-house. Recently they boosted stores from 8 to 50 worldwide, raising over $180 million in less than two years to become the most funded ebike company in the worlda growth built on the strength of models like their S3. The Red Dot-winning design is simple yet unique, and loaded with every consideration. A clean matte black straight-frame geometry incorporates integrated lights, a unique 166 LED dot matrix screen on the top tube displaying basic info, hydraulic disc brakes, 504W integrated LG battery, a powerful front hub motor and automatic electronic gear shifting that smoothly selects between four speeds to tackle almost any landscape.

Throttle: No Range: 37-93 milesApp: YesSecurity Features: Kick Lock, Touch Unlock, Rider Recognition, Integrated alarms, Manual disarm with personal code, Anti-theft nuts and bolts and GSM and Bluetooth theft tracking

The Best Folding Ebike: Gocycle G4

One afternoon former McLaren engineer Richard Thorpe stepped out of his London flat, saw the gridlock, winced and realized there has to be a better urban mobility solution than cars. So he set out to create GoCycle, delivering the G1 in 2009. Thirteen years and five generations later we have the G4, easily the best foldable bike weve ever experienced. Thanks to hypercar materials its feather light , with greatly improved twin hinges that fast-fold the bike in literally 10 seconds, making this is the most carry-able and stow-able ebike on the market. Its the type of design that makes engineers weak in the knees .

Throttle: YesRange: 40 milesApp: YesSecurity Features: Anti-theft security screws, Bespoke Lock-Holster Kit and identify by location if stolen. However the best anti-theft for an ebike is having it with you, which GoGycle makes easier than any other option.

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Best Class 3 Electric Bikes

  • Best Class 3 Electric Bikes
  • Heres our top picks for best Class 3 electric bikes. These top Class 3 ebikes represent the best combination of features and value right now, but you can see all 217 of our detailed Class 3 electric bike reviews listed by date here. Reviewing ebikes is our primary focus. Weve been doing this since 2012, creating the most diverse and objective guides we possibly can, helping millions of people in their search to find the best electric bike for their needs and budget. Lets go!

    Things to Consider:

    Yuba Mundo Cargo Electric Bike

    Giant E Class 3 Commuter Style Ebike *Full Review*

    Strong Third Pick! Excellent for riding kids

    MSRP $4,799Class: Class 1Speed & Battery: 20mph & 504Wh Features: Shimano E8000 and battery pack, Chromoly frame, Chromoly fork, Shimano Deore drivetrain, Magura hydraulic disc brakes

    Yuba Mundo has a name that stands out from the bunch, but its looks follow the same pattern. This bike is built to carry heavy loads, so everything on it is designed to support that idea.

    Yubas essence is a lightweight Chromoly frame coupled with a Chromoly fork. The frame is pretty low, so its easy to get on and off even when the bike is fully loaded.

    Yuba Mundo comes with an integrated rear rack which is impressively long. You can easily fit two kids back there and have some spare room for panniers or kids school bags.

    Yuba Mundo is powered by a 250W Shimano motor and a 504Wh battery, both of which provide enough juice to move heavy loads. In addition to the rider, this bike can haul 300 lbs. of extra weight!

    At the heart of the drivetrain is a Shimano Deore rear derailleur that provides 10 easy gears. This is a decent mid-range groupset.

    Yuba also has differently sized wheels, which makes steering and handling easier. The Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires are 26 x 2.15 perfect to keep the riding comfortable but quick.

    Our Top Choice: Best Folding Fat E-Bike

    MSRP $1,400Speed & Battery: 28 mph & 615Wh Features: 750W motor, 50+ mile range, foldable frame, mechanical disc brakes, 7-speed drivetrain

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    Rad Power Radmission 1 Electric Metro Bike

    Weight: 49.4 LB / Class: 2 / Maximum Torque: 50Nm / Battery Size: 504Wh

    Price: $999 Shop This Model

    The most affordable e-bike in Rad Powers collection right nowand one of the most affordable e-bikes currently on the marketis the RadMission 1, a city bike with commuter potential. For $999 you get a stripped-down single-speed that moves along at 20 mph with a throttle to help you get up to speed or to the top of punchy hills. The 27.5 x 1.95-inch-wide Kenda Kontact tires are slightly narrower than the 2-inch or wider tires we typically see on commuter e-bikes, but they were wide enough to feel speedy and provide comfort on pavement and bumpy bike paths.

    Aside from integrated lights and a bell, the RadMission remains fairly simple, which helps keep the price down and also provides an uncluttered aesthetic. But that doesnt mean you cant make yours more utilitarian: Rad Power sells a slew of accessories, including front and rear racks, fenders, bags, a kickstandand the RadMission has plenty of mounts to attach them all. Adding to the RadMissions visually clean, simplistic approach is a Rad Powerbranded hub motor drive unit that delivers 50Nm of torque, and a 504Wh battery. The battery is removable and backup batteries are available from Rad Power if you want to have a spare at work or at home.

    Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 Eq:

    The Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ is a wonderful choice if youre looking for a commuter bike. Because Cannondale is a huge company, its bikes are supported by a vast network of affiliated merchants and shops. Built-in lights, a rack, and fenders are included in this variant. The Adventure Neo 3 EQ, which is closer to the bottom of the line and will cost £2,800, is the most affordable model.

    The SmartForm C3 Alloy frame and a 63mm SR Suntour Mobie A32 fork are shared by all bikes. The Bosch Powetube battery is located in the down tube and accessed through a top hatch. The bike has internal wiring for the motor, brakes, and integrated lighting, and it looks quite tidy. Because of the battery hatch, you wont be able to place a water bottle on the down tube, but Cannondale has provided two mounting hooks for your water bottle on the head tube if youre going for a long ride.

    Thanks to a Bosch 250-watt mid-drive engine, a lightweight aluminum frame, and a built-in seat suspension, it also features a comfortable ride. In comparison to cruisers, it could be a touch underpowered. Its also surprisingly quiet, and our tester had no trouble driving it up hills or across rough terrain. Flat Foot design is a feature of its bicycles. While stopped, you can comfortably place your feet level on the ground without lowering your seat.

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    One Of The Most Luxe Rides You Can Buy

    Bluejay Bicycles

    Weight: 53 pounds | Range: 75 miles | Motor: 500W Bafang M600 mid-drive torque-sensing motor | Class: Class 3 with throttle | Tires: 28-inch Schwalbe Big Bens | Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

    Bluejay is a small female-owned electric bike brand which made a splash with its first model, the Bluejay Premiere Edition. The new Bluejay Sport is clearly an evolution of that first bike, but the Sport Edition has a more traditional diamond frame with a decidedly beefier, more capable motor, a higher top speed, and is engineered both for city commuting and off-road adventures.

    The Sport is a joy to ride . The ride is smooth and quiet, and the bike itself has a fun, vintage look about it. Its a Class 3 bike with a top speed of 28 mph thanks to a beefy 500 watt Bafang electric motor. It delivers a full five levels of pedal assist, though it has no throttle for pedal-free propulsion. Youll get a very respectable 75-mile maximum range on a single charge under ideal conditions, and you can carry the battery into your home to charge it up or just plug in inside the garage or wherever you leave the bike.

    The Sport is smartly designedit looks like Bluejay made an effort to come up with a design approach that will save you on maintenance costs, and includes extras that you often have to pay extra for on other ebikes. The nearly $4,000 price tag may rightly give you pause, but by almost every measure, its money well spent.

    The Best Throttle Ebike: Vintage Electric Roadster

    Aventon Announces New Step

    Vintage Electrics Roadster is so next-level in materials, power, build and mass, its almost unfair to label it an ebike. It borders on an electric motorcycle. However, the San Francisco manufacturer was smart enough to bolt on some pedals so, presto: ebike. The first thing youll notice about the Roadster is its frame. The overall design is inspired by fin de siècle motorcyclesthink early manufacturers like Harley-Davidson, Laurin & Klement and perhaps most fittingly, Curtiss. Sitting in the center of the frame is by far the most powerful battery in the market, coursing with 72 volts and 1,200 watt-hours. Thats double the voltage and quintuple the watt-hours of many capable ebikes. The Roadster recharges quicker than any ebike in the market, loading fully in three hours and automatically shutting off when full to save both your wallet and battery life. To hold such a substantial battery requires an expertly welded steel frame, laced out with beautiful leather saddle and wrapped grips, chrome handlebars, forged aluminum bits and a vintage-style round motorcycle headlamp. Expensive gold Ohlin front forks add world-class suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes offer the only built-in regenerative braking weve yet seen. Unsurprisingly all this tank-like construction adds up to the tune of 86 pounds, making the Roadster easily the heaviest ebike on this list.

    Throttle: YesRange: 30-75 miles per chargeApp: No

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    Gazelle Ultimate C380 Hmb:

    The Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB is a versatile and enjoyable package that combines a speedy urban bike and a luxurious touring bikes stunning step-through e-bike with a belt-drive, mid-drive motor, and variable gearing. Thanks to its dynamic contemporary design and component integration, the Ultimate has a stunning yet attractive presence.

    The motor and battery are incorporated so well into the head tube that you forget about riding an e-bike. A Speed Pedaled version of this rapid e-bike is also available. It comes complete with built-in lighting and an excellent cargo rack. Full mudguards, a metal belt guard kickstand, front and rear lights, a rear rack with a built-in stretch bracket, and even an Axa Defender lock that immobilizes the rear wheel when you snap it shut and remove it it it its key are all standard features on the Gazelle. However, it will come at a price:

    The Gazelle Ultimate will set you back $4,800. A few of the softest electric bikes weve tried is the Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB. Thanks to a Gates belt drive and a seamless Enviolo shifter that lets you change gears while riding up a hill, this bike is smooth. The Selle Loire Gel seat has an inbuilt compression post to lighten the ride. The aluminum frame has an integrated front fork suspension system and a replaceable battery to keep the overall design as slim as feasible.

    Specialized Turbo Creo Sl Comp Carbon

    • Watt hours: 320 plus optional 160
    • Weight: 26.8 miles
    • Range: 60 miles

    Greg LeMond, Americas only Tour de France winner , gave us one of the aptest descriptions of the difficulty of cycling, saying, It doesnt get easier, you just get faster. Well, on the Specialized Turbo Creo, it is easier and you do indeed go faster. Purists may give you a rude side eye as you whizz by them, but you wont care, youll be too busy grinning your face off.

    If e-bikes are the smart bikes of the cycling world, the Turbo Creo is a Rhodes Scholar. When you first get the bike set up you get three perfectly-tuned power modes: Eco, Sport and Turbo. After riding all kinds of road bikes over the years and considering myself a fairly strong rider, I was curious to see how the pedal assist would affect the ride on more commuter-style e-bikes, the power boost you get makes it feel like youre barely riding a bicycle anymore, but on the Creo, its just more of a helping hand you barely notice the Specialized Turbo motor helping you out.

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    Quality That Exceeds Its Price

    The $3,299 Priority Current is a great e-bike that performs like and resembles a normal bike. It can be used with its 500-watt mid-drive torque-sensing motor on or completely turned off. There are a lot of e-bikes out there that are pretty much useless or unbearable to ride if not providing some level of assistance. That is not the case with the Current: You don’t experience dead weight or motor resistance — a common issue with a lot of other hub-motor e-bikes.

    The Current uses a proprietary mid-drive motor that allows riders to take full advantage of the Envolio NuVinci gearing system and the Gates Carbon Drive CDX to make for a smooth ride, and requires minimum upkeep. With a mid-drive motor and rear gearing, both the rider and the bike’s motor need to do less work when shifting, and changing gears even on an incline is effortless and silent. If you’ve never tried an Envolio system I strongly recommend hitting up a local bike shop and seeing if it has any Envolio-equpped bikes for a test ride.

    When it comes time to stop, the Current has Tektro dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes. The cables are run internally through the frame for a clean look and where the cables exit the frame there’s a protective wrap around them to prevent any damage to the housing.

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