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Improve Overall Health And Fitness

2022 Best ELECTRIC BIKES for Seniors OVER 60 & 70 | E-Bikes for Seniors

Many electric bikes are designed specifically for senior citizens and those who may not be too fit. They provide a very comfortable riding position so that you can ride it without having to press against the handles or lean forward.

This means that your heart will not have to work as hard because you are not exerting as much effort from your upper body. Electric bikes are also very safe to operate because of their low center of gravity and their relaxed riding position.

Even if you aren’t getting the same amount of energy burned as a traditional bike, it is still good exercise which can help you burn calories and improve your cardio fitness which is good for heart health.

Tandem Bike Bicycle Built For Two

Tandem Bikes for Seniors are a great way for the elderly to stay active. tandem Bikes provide many benefits for seniors, including the ability to stay active, exercise, and socialize. tandem Bikes are also a great way for seniors to stay connected to their community. Tandem Bikes offer a unique way for seniors to interact with their environment while also providing a sense of independence.

Tandem Bikes are an excellent way for seniors to maintain their independence and quality of life. tandem Bikes are easy to use and require no special skills or training. Anyone can ride a tandem Bike, regardless of age or ability. tandem Bikes are a great investment for seniors who want to stay active and engaged in their community.

Low Step Frame And Ergonomic Design

Seniors mostly will find it difficult to climb on an electric bike with a high-step frame. Electric bikes with high-step frames are definitely not for seniors. As said earlier, comfort and convenience are of utmost importance for seniors. An electric bike with a high-step frame causes inconvenience every time they get on or off the bike.

It is always better to opt for electric bikeswith a low step frame and ergonomic design for seniors. A low step frame helps seniors quickly get on and off the electric bike conveniently. The ergonomic frame design will allow riders to ride the bicycle more comfortably by providing a good seating position.

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Swagtron Eb10 Electric Cruiser Bike

Here is another electric bike for seniors with exceptional performance. Swagtron EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike comes with 2.1 high-volume e-cruiser tires for providing a smooth ride to the riders. This electric bike lets you ride at 16 miles per hour for up to 28 miles.

The Swagtron EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike is equipped with a powerful 250W motor to climb steep hills brilliantly. You can easily climb 25-degree hills with throttle power alone of the Swagtron EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike. The low-step through frame design of the EB10 electric bike lets you get on and off and ride the electric bike with utmost comfort.

This electric bike is incorporated with a high-efficiency removable battery. The seven-speed Shimano Index Shifting helps you shift gears super-quickly and comfortably at great ease. The Swagtron EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike, altogether, is a great companion for seniors.


  • Difficult to assemble.

The Good Bike Will Have Internal Gear Hubs Instead Of Derailleurs

The 3 Best Electric Bicycles for Seniors

Every e-bike needs a good range of gears, but most come with derailleurs, which are exposed to weather and damage, which have the chain banging from gear to gear and often popping off . Then there is the feature I love: You can shift gears when stopped. This is so much better in city riding, where I have stopped at a red light and had trouble getting going.

Internal gear hubs are more expensive and slightly less efficient, but that matters less on an e-bike. They also eliminate the possibility of a rear hub drive, which is pretty much standard on less expensive e-bikes.

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What Is The Best Electric Bike For Adults

There are so many different types of electric bikes out there cargo e-bikes, folding e-bikes, commuter e-bikes, city e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, and more that theres no one right answer to this question. What is the best e-bike for you? That depends on what youre going to use your e-bike for, your comfort level with cycling, and your own personal preference.

Some questions youll want to ask yourself as you shop are:

  • What will I want to bring with me when Im biking?
  • Will I want to carry passengers on my bike?
  • Will I need to carry my bike up and down stairs?
  • How many miles will I be travelling on a typical bike trip?
  • Am I counting on my e-bike to take me to work or other essential activities, or is it just for recreation?

If you want to be able to transport groceries, toddlers, or other heavy items, an electric cargo bike might be the best bet for you. However, if youll just have a small tote bag or purse to bring along, a bike basket might be all you need. You can get a cute wicker basket to attach to the front of your bike, a larger box to put on the back if you have a rear bike rack, or saddle bags to hold your gear. Or just strap on a backpack and dont worry about carrying anything on your bike except yourself!

Aventon Aventure: Components And Accessories


Stopping is handled by a set of Bengal Ares 3 hydraulic disc brakes and 180mm rotors front and rear. Bengal is far from a main-stream brand, but it seems to be Aventons hydraulic brake of choice as they were also on found on other Avenon e-bikes we reviewed earlier this year.

Despite theyre relative obscurity, they stop remarkably well.

During our brake test, where we measure a bikes average stopping distance over five runs at 20 mph, the Aventure stopped on average at 11 feet and 1 inch. Thats seriously impressive for a 75lb bike. I partially chalk the result up to the sizable contact patch of the 4-inch Kenda tires, but weve got to give credit where credit is due: The Bengals way outperformed our expectations.


Made of 6061 Aluminum, we reviewed the high-step variation of the Aventure but you can also opt for a low-step version. The high-step comes in small, medium and large frame sizes and the low-step comes in either S/M or M/L.


The Aventure comes with a 80mm Zoom Forgo suspension fork thats pretty comparable to what we see on other fat e-bikes. It does a nice job of taking the edge off bumps roads and even handles dirt road washboard with ease, but more technical and aggressive off-road use will quickly push it to its limits.

People looking for a fork that will smooth out road vibration and keep the bike in control over rough will be pleased with the Zoom. It does its job well.

Drivetrain / Shifting

Aventon Aventure Shimano Acera Drivetrain

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How Can Seniors Operate Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles are generally very simple to operate. Hence, are they primarily recommended for seniors over regular bicycles. Most electric bikes come with three operation modes. These three operational modes let you choose the amount of electric assistance accordingly.

Here are the three operation modes mostly seen in electric bikes:

Ncm Moscow Plus 500w Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Bike for Older Women Over 60 | E-Bikes for Seniors

Are you looking for an electric mountain bike that can take the load off your back and knees? Well, if you are, this is just the right one for you.

This electric bike is one of the few in the market that comes with an option to lockout in times of an uphill climb. The hydraulic brakes that this bike hosts truly set it apart from the rest in the market.

They allow for smooth halts without major jerks or jolts that can prove to be detrimental to the joints.

The range this bike offers is truly amazing and it allows riders to build immense speed without much effort. The positioning and ergonomics of this bike have caused bike lovers across the globe to fall in love with it.

The reason I enjoy riding this electric bike is because of its long-lasting battery and ability to complete about 60 miles within a single charge.

I also love that with this bike, I do not feel the strain and exhaustion of making an upward climb. It is one of the best I have come across in the industry.

NCM Moscow Plus 500W Electric Mountain Bike:

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W Motor & 48v14a Lg Battery

Fast peak torque output and good acceleration performance without frustration even in the climbing. The throttle response quickly, which makes the rider enjoy the speed and freedom better. The new battery module design and BMS keep the battery charging and discharging stable even in extreme environments. It is convenient to bring home or office to recharge with removable feature design.

Need To Keep Track Of Battery Charge

Watch out that you dont run out of battery power while riding your e-bike far from home! Electric bikes can only last for around 22-50 miles on a single charge.

Even if you dont plan on going that far on a single ride, you will find yourself stuck somewhere if you dont remember to charge the battery. You should keep in mind that it takes between 3 to 6 hours to charge the e-bike battery fully.

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Electra Navigator Go 5i

For an e-bike that will take you on all of your adventures, both near and far, the Electra Navigator Go! 5i is the perfect choice. With its sturdy frame, relaxed geometry and powerful Bosch motor, this bike will help you explore new terrain and discover new places. The Electra benefits from an Shimano Nexus 5E internally geared hub, meaning you can change gear whilst stationary. The Electra brand is part of Trek bikes and has a laid-back, retro styling that not only looks great, but is really comfortable to ride.

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp

Best Electric Bike for Seniors in 2021: Top 3 E

Wheel Size:Battery Size:REASONS TO BUY

Specialized found the perfect balance of power vs. natural handling in the Turbo Levo Comp e-mountain bike. Full power e-bikes are heavier no matter what, but the Levo has smooth power delivery , is well balanced, and handles the most like a “regular trail bike” out of any of the models we tested. The latest Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor system is well refined and boasts a whopping 90Nm of torque, more than enough power to propel you up hills that would be unconquerable on a standard bike. Mixed wheel sizes and highly adjustable geometry also make the Levo Comp one of the most customizable options available several minor adjustments make a huge difference and allow you to tailor the bike to different riding styles and terrain quickly and easily. The Levo also ranks near the top of the group for range. We felt confident going on longer rides without running the risk of being stuck miles from the trailhead with a 50lb bike and no power.

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Spending Time On The Aventon Pace

We spent two weeks riding the Pace 500, mainly on city streets around town, on paved bike paths, and gravel rail trails. For a comfort-oriented bike, the Pace 500 has a peppy ride, shedding the notion that foot-forward style cruisers are all chill and no thrill. The 500-watt motor has a noticeable amount of torque and can get up to its 28 mph max assisted speed without issue.

That jumpy torque was perhaps the only downside we found with the Pace 500. The motor assistance comes on strong when starting from a stop or slow-rolling speed. On most other e-bikes the motor engagement is less noticeable, and it has been barely perceptible on some of the mid-motor e-bikes we have tested.

That immediate and sometimes jarring application of power is related to pedaling cadence. Aventons motor gives you more boost when you pedal faster. So the feeling was more pronounced when any of our half-dozen test riders started in a low gear. Once we adjusted to it it felt more manageable. But for riders new to e-bikes, or not expecting the power curve of this motor, it can be surprising and even jarring.In every other way, the Pace 500 proved to be a problem-free and easy bike with which to live and ride. It has a comfortable, upright position that gives you a clear view of the road or path ahead without any neck strain. And its wide, well-cushioned Selle Royal saddle adds a plush, relaxed feeling.

Aventon Pace 500 Vs 3: Key Differences

Since the Pace 500 and 350 use the same frame and fork, the models have an almost identical profile. Theyre priced similarly too. The $1,700 Pace 500 is just $300 more than the 350. Its not until you look up close at the details that the differences become more apparent. For that extra $300 on the Pace 500, you get a more powerful motor, 28 mph top speed, hydraulic disc brakes , an 8-speed drivetrain, and an adjustable stem on the Pace 500. Thats a lot of extra value for a relatively small jump in priceand that makes the 500 a better proposition for most rides.

The Pace 500s more powerful rear motor and extra top speed help when riding along with vehicles or other e-bike traffic on the road. It also helps if you ride in a hilly area or are a heavier rider. While testing other models weve found that some lower-wattage rear hub motors can bog down a bit, especially when ridden up steeper hills or by heavier riders. Our 200-pound test rider did not have that issue with the 500-watt motor on this model.

The Pace 500s 8-speed cassette has a wider gear range than the 7-speed one found on the Pace 350. It has both a lower low gear and a higher high gear. This extra range allows you to pedal up longer hills while also enabling you to carry speed beyond the 28 mph assist limit . The added range of the 8-speed cassette isnt a deal-breaker on an e-bike in this category and price, but its nice to have.

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Specializeds Womens Turbo Vado 30

At the higher end cost-wise, Specializeds Womens Turbo Vado 3.0 also features a step-through frame, convenient for anyone who doesnt want to swing a leg over the back of a saddle.

Atester quoted by said the Vado is the bike that made merealize that e-bikes just take all the good parts of riding and subtract allthe crappy parts.

External Gearing Using Derailleurs

Best Electric Bikes For Seniors – The Bikes You Need To Learn About
This external 1×13 drivetrain offers a wide gear range

Many affordable bikes use external gearing. External gearing is exposed to rain and dirt, both of which rapidly deteriorate components. If you want to ride your new bike in the city in all seasons, an internally-geared option resists the elements and requires less maintenance.


  • This is the most affordable standard.
  • External gearing can be adjusted by home mechanics.


  • External gearing is exposed to the elements.
  • More tuning and repair is needed than on an internally geared drivetrain.

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How We Picked The Best E

There are undoubtedly many seniors who read the above list and scoff because the bikes we chose are too laid back or arent fast enough.

Thats fine, weve got recommendations for other e-bikes that might suit your tastes better. But while what makes someone a senior is nothing more than their age, there are certain considerations that often come up when we get asked for our opinion on the best e-bikes for older riders. Those considerations often involve mobility constraints, concerns over balance and flexibility and whether a bikes riding position is too aggressive. Oftentimes, on top of any one of those considerations, this is that persons first time back on a bicycle in a long, long time.

This list was made with those seniors in mind.

We used a few key criteria to compile this list, mainly:

This list does not cover every single bike on the market today that would be a good option for seniors and older riders. In fact, I think most of the EBR staff would argue that almost any e-bike would be a good option for seniors. But, based on a plethora of reader questions , we compiled this list of our recommendations that we feel are suited best for the fast-growing demographic of older e-bike enthusiasts.

How To Choose Electric Bikes For Seniors

Image Credits: Electric Bike Blog

When buying an electric bike for a senior citizen one needs to be careful and cannot neglect any of the criteria as it might cause serious repercussions. Below mentioned are the basic criteria while buying the safest electric unicycle for senior citizens:

Stability and comfort These are the main and basic criteria one should look for. Starting from the tires, the tires of the electric bike should be working in all terrains in short they should not be slippery.

Further, for comfort, the upright position of the e-bike seems perfect for elderly people with the ability to have adjustable seats.

Quality Quality is the major one here the e-bike should be of premium quality and one should always prefer buying welded e-bikes as it has the capacity to bear more weight compared to the e-bikes with nuts and bolts.

Money Money should be considered at the last but also one should consider it as third as you should always the pay money where it is worth. That depends on the brand, quality, and features of the e-bike you are spending money on.

Range and battery life Range and battery life should be also considered if the battery takes hours to charge but gives very little range then you must avoid buying such e-bikes as it may increase your other expenses.

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