Best Electric Bike Under $1500

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Schwinn Coston Ce 275 Step

Best Electric Bike Under $1500? VVolt Alpha Electric Bike Review

Power: 250W | Weight: 55.8 lb. or 56.8 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph | Range: Up to 35 miles

Schwinn Colston CE 27.5 Step-Thru
Schwinn Colston CE 27.5 Step-Thru
  • Mechanical disc brakes arent as powerful as hydraulic brakes

It took some time, but one of the most well-known bike brands has embraced the fastest-growing bike category: e-bikes. Judging by Schwinns first offerings, which are appealing, it should have made the move sooner. The Coston is one of several new electric-assist models that offer a lot of attractive features at a low price. This one has a 250W hub-mounted motor and up to a 35-mile range, making it a capable option for commuting, cruising, or exploring. Theres an integrated front light, and one on the battery that makes you more visible when riding at night. Theres also an easy-to-use control unit, 7-speeds, and mechanical disc brakesnice features for the price.

Best Electric Bikes Above $5000

You just couldnt stop, could you? I showed you plenty of awesome e-bikes that didnt cost most of a paycheck. But you just haaaaad to keep going.

Fine, here they are. These are some of the most expensive e-bikes out there that weve tested and that Id actually recommend someone buying, if you can pony up the cash.

Where To Shop For Your Next Ebike

Where you shop for your ebike can have a big impact on how much you pay, and the value you receive. Its important to keep in mind that the value you receive is not just the price of your ebike, but the customer service and support you can expect to receive, especially if there is a warranty issue.The current market for electric bicycles is made up of five broad channels, including:Brick and mortar stores. Traditional bike shops hold inventory and sell bikes exclusively from their physical store or warehouse. These businesses have the overhead costs of rent, insurance and staff, which can impact how much they charge customers.

Pro Tip: These retailers often carry a limited number of ebike models, but they are great for test rides and after-sales service.Pro Tip: If you use their online channel to shop, however, its harder to know what kind of customer service experience you can expect.

Ecommerce sites. Online stores that do not have a physical presence sell via websites and fulfill orders directly from the warehouses of their brand suppliers. These sites do not have to pay rent, but they still have expenses such as maintaining their website and online advertising. The prices advertised on these sites are usually set by the brand, but they are more likely to offer discounts than physical retailers. The level of customer service can vary substantially from one online retailer to the next. Really Good Ebikes , the site you’re on now, is a leader in this category!

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How Durable Are Electric Bikes

The most important thing about an ebike is its durability. The frame should be strong enough to handle all your riding needs. Its not uncommon for some people to ride their bike every day or even multiple times per week. If you want something that won’t break down after just one use then look at the top models from brands like Trek, Giant, Specialized, etc. These companies make great frames that are built to withstand daily abuse.

Can You Convert My Existing Bike Into An Electric Bike

7 Best Electric Bikes Under $1500 (in 2021)

Yes, it’s possible to buy an electric bike conversion kit and have it fitted onto your existing bike, but it may not always be the best option. Some things to consider if you are thinking about converting your bike into an electric bike include:

  • Is your bike suitable for conversion? Your bike should be in good condition with sturdy wheels and good brakes, or it may be unsafe to ride with an electric motor.
  • Will it end up costing you more? While conversion kits are cheaper than buying a new electric bike, your existing bike may require a number of upgrades in order to function safely with a motor. It may be cheaper to simply sell your existing bike and put the money towards a new electric bike.
  • Consider that your bike will be much heavier once the electric motor is fitted and may not be as comfortable to ride as a purpose built electric bike.
  • Converting your existing bike might be a good idea for those with special requirements or if you’ve snagged a really great bargain on a good quality bike that is appropriate for conversion.

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Speedrid 48v 500w Best Commuter Electric Bike

Rating: 4.3/5

Speedrid fat tire electric bike is another impressive option for the daily commute, uphill climbing, beach riding, and challenging roads. This electric bike is powered by a 500W power motor coupled with a 48 V battery. With 500 W output power, the bike can climb steep hills and conquer the most demanding tracks with maximum stability and efficiency. Its powerful entry gives it a mileage of 22 miles per charge.

Its battery is also highly reliable and takes around 5 hours to get completely charged. Additionally, the Speedrid bike can achieve a maximum speed of 22mph, making it ideal for a daily commute and thrilling adventure riding. It has a 7-speed transmission system, giving you quick access to the gear even during the most challenging rides. Its sturdy and durable construction further enhances the bikes power.

The bikes frame and rims are made with lightweight but durable aluminum alloy, and its front and rear shock-absorbing suspension forks use high-strength carbon-steel materials. Plus, its non-slip fat rubber tires provide traction and stability in rainy weather and gives you complete control of the bike on the steep tracks. The bike is equipped with a highly responsive and trustworthy dual disc braking stem.


  • 85% of parts come pre-assembled


  • Limited range only 22 miles/charge

Velotric Discover 1 Affordable Commuter Ebike

This e-bike from Velotric Bikes is a true definition of a premium-yet-affordable electric bike. It comes with all the features you could possibly want in an e-bike, and then some.

The Velotric Discover 1 comes with a 500W motor that can astonishingly peak out to 900W. With such power, you can zip through any terrain with ease. It also has a large battery capacity, allowing you to go up to 60 miles on a single charge.

is that all? Absolutely not. You get to choose between the throttle assist and pedal assist modes. You also get a 7-speed Shimano gear system as standard. And if that wasnt enough, this e-bike also comes with hydraulic disc brakes for the ultimate stopping power.

You can choose from 4 color options. So, if youre looking for a colorful, feature-packed commuter bike under $1,500, then the Discover 1 is definitely a great option to consider.

Notable features of Discover 1

  • Motor power: 500W
  • Max speed: Up to 28 mph
  • Range: Up to 60 mi.
  • Battery: 48v/14.4Ah

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Whats The Best Ebike Under 1500

Im looking for something that has pedals too. I guess thats obvious but I thought Id mention it.

Im looking for something that has pedals

what about handle bars? … you need those as well?

Well.. Some middle-class ebikes’ price is around $1500. You can try Magicyle ebike and talk to their 24/7 customer service. Their livechat is always online btw.

Okay great! Yeah I have not done a lot of looking yet, wasnt even sure of the usual price ranges

“Best” is a subjective word. Apparently what’s “Best” on this reddit is anything that isn’t $1500.00 or less. It would seem people are making a connection between what’s expensive and what’s best. I guess Huck products are a prime example of this “Hype” not being true, from what I have been reading.

Expensive does not equate to “Best”. Nor does it equate to quality. People would like to believe that the more something costs, the better it is made. However, this is so not true. No one can say how long something is going to last. Especially when it comes to electronic stuff. Also, unless you have worked for any of these bike producers, you can’t say that it is a quality ebike. Take it from the Huck guys. They build Veteran owned, “American made”, professionally assembled and quality checked ebikes.

My thoughts are, get what YOU want, take all recommendations with a grain of salt. What might have lasted 10 years for one person, might have lasted maybe 6 months for another person.

Swagtron Eb10 Electric Cruiser Bike

5 Best Electric Bikes Under $1500 2023 | Best E-Bike Under $1500 2023

Rating: 4.2/5

Swagtron EB10 with a 26-inch wheelbase is an excellent electric bike for off-road adventures, rough terrains, and hill-climbing. The bike comes in an aesthetic white and gold color scheme and a beautiful step-through frame for maximum comfort and stability. The bike is powered by a 250-watt motor and a 36 V li-ion removable battery. It supports both paddle-assisted and throttle mode and can reach a maximum speed of 15.6 mph.

Plus, this powerful motor and reliable battery gives you a maximum mileage of 25 miles and lets you conquer the hills up to an inclination of 25 degrees. If you are on a long adventure, you can keep more than one battery and replace the depleted ones with them. Moreover, Swagtron EB10 is made with the riders comfort and safety in mind.

It features a step-through frame and swept-back handlebars. This design lets you take rides in a relaxed upright posture. Swagtron EB10 is equipped with Shimano-shift gears and a caliper disc braking system for superior control and stability over challenging terrains. The bike also offers a paddle-only mode for work-out and fitness enthusiasts.


  • It doesnt come pre-assembled

Swagtron EEB10 is a with 25o output power and a 35V battery is a powerful electric outdoor bike. With its powerful motor, seven-speed gears, and reliable braking system, this electric bike lets you explore nature like a pro.

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Intro To Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

*Electric Bike Report aims to help consumers find the right electric bike for their needs. When you buy a product we recommend, we may earn a commission.

When on a budget, it can be tough to find the right balance between an affordable electric bike and a quality electric bike but its not impossible. To help you suss out the affordable gems from the cheap lemons, the Electric Bike Report team has compiled our list of the best electric bikes under $1,000.

With a majority of budget e-bikes being sold online it can be difficult to truly tell if the bike youre looking at is worth your money. Lucky for you, the experts at Electric Bike Report have ridden lots of e-bikes under $1,000 . We know all the bikes on this list extremely well, and were confident theyll serve you well.

R Rattan 750w/500w Mountain Electric Bike

Rating: 3.5/5

R Rattan 750W mountain electric bike is one of the most potent mountain electric bikes capable of tackling challenging tracks and climbing mountains. The bike comes with Shimano quick-shift gear system, enhancing the bikes terrain adaptability and terrain challenging capabilities. The bike is equipped with high-quality non-slip tires and a front suspension fork.

These features keep the bike stable on bumpy and challenging roads and lets you push your limits in all weather conditions. The bike comes with a 750-watt brushless motor and a 13 Ah removable battery. Moreover, the bicycle features a patented Rattan I-PAS technology, that combines its core components for better conversion and smooth play. This technology helps the bike to increase its distance range, battery, and maximum output power.

The bike works great in both paddle-assisted and throttle mode and has a mileage of 50 miles and 80 miles, respectively. In Addition to the long-range, it has 28 mph, making it one of the fastest electric mountain bikes. For greater stability and control, the bike is equipped with 180mm disc brakes. These short-distance brakes make the braking a breeze even in rainy weather.


  • A bit overpriced

R Rattan electric mountain bike allows you to cruise with fantastic speed and power on challenging and uneven roads. Its powerful brushless motor and Shimano quick-shift gear system give it the ability to climb hills and explore the mountains with ease.

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Swagtron Eb10 Electric Cruiser Bike W/ 7spd

SWAGTRON is a tried and trusted brand by many. As the name suggests, SWAGTRON EB-10 is the bike of pure comfort. It comes with cruise control to help you relax while riding long distances.

We guarantee you that you will fall in love with this stylish e-bike after one ride. Its upright design doesnt put any stress on your shoulders, neck, and lower back which makes the ride joyful. It comes with a rear rack to carry heavy items easily. Its unique design doesnt put it in any gender category.

Key Features

  • The seat is not that comfortable, so If you want you can replace it
  • It is a very heavy bike, you need strength to lift it

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under $1000

The 6 Best Electric Bike Under $1500 in 2020

Designed to handle rough, uneven terrain that typical road bikes never could, the best electric mountain bikes have the added advantage of adding motor power and speed into the mix, as well.

So, whenever the terrain becomes too much for you to handle, you can rely on the bikes motor to take over and drive you where you need to be.

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Why We Consider E

Buying an e-bike much cheaper than $1,000 can be likened to gambling. With costs cut so low added to the high likelihood youre ordering a bike that cheap off a website you really dont know what youre going to get.

The truth is, e-bikes are not cheap machines. Quality e-bike motors and batteries are not inexpensive to make, so theyre not typically cheap to buy. There are companies that do a good job building safe and durable inexpensive e-bikes you can find our favorites listed below but some others do little to ensure that the products they sell will work as advertised. Amazon and AliExpress are the Pandoras box of cheap e-bikes, so its wise to steer clear of them.

Our general rule of thumb is that $1,000 is your best starting point. Thats enough money to get you quality components and trustworthy manufacturing. Its also the most common lowest price we see from reputable e-bike manufacturers.

If your personal entry-level budget is more than $1,000, you can always head to our best overall electric bikes page. You can zero in on the finding the e-bike style your looking for there.

Buying Guidelines For The Best Electric Bikes Under $1500

Climate change is creating a buzz at not just the national level but the international level too. All the countries are taking some major steps to deal with the current and future situations.

Now we all know one of the main causes of global warming and pollution is the increase of carbon emission. We all use transports that run on fuel and gas they produce a hefty amount of carbon and other harmful gases.

To reduce the amount of carbon emission, the concept of electric transport has been introduced. Electric bikes are the first step among many others. They are cost-effective, faster, comfortable, innovative, reliable, and eco-friendly.

However, we would advise you before purchasing your very own best electric bike on a budget of $1500, you should know which bike is the perfect one for you.

Below we are listing out a few facts to consider before selecting the best electric bike under 1500 dollars.

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Dont Overpay For A Great E

Can you actually get a great electric bike for $1500? In our experience of testing the best electric bikes under $1500, thats a resounding Yes! In fact, there are several companies that are dedicated to making high-quality bikes that are marketed specifically to the mid-range e-bike consumer.

Rad Power Bikes and Blix Bikes are just two examples of great companies churning out the best electric bikes that dont cost as much as a car. As mentioned above, these bikes contain high-quality name brand components, solid suspension, and a frame that is built to take on whatever you throw their way. Though they may not have all of the electronics that a $2000+ bike would bear, most consumers dont require those bells and whistles.

Engwe Engine Pro 750w $148999

Best Electric Bike Under $1500 In 2022 | Top 7 E-Bikes To Buy Right Now

Starting off with an upgraded model of the ENGWE 750W, this fat-tire folding eBike offers both on and off-road functionality coupled with the same sizable motor. This is powered by a removable 48V/12.5Ah lithium-ion battery, operating for ~40-50 miles per charge surprisingly for such a compact design.

Described as an electric mountain bike, this model features an 8-speed transmission system and a top speed of 22 mp/h.

Via China Coupon.

  • Fat tires/off-road functionality
  • Removable 48V/12.5Ah li-ion battery

Despite its small aluminium frame, this model is quite heavy at 37.8 kgabout the same as a full-frame eBike. However, this also means its strong, withstanding weights of up to 150 kg .

The rear cargo fender is a useful addition, especially for commuters. ENGWE further added regenerative braking to this model, which generates battery power from kinetic energy. Watch this in-depth YouTube review for more information on this eBike.

Although on the upper end of our budget, we were very impressed with both the features and performance packed into this little monster.

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Velowave Electric Mountain Bike

Velowave Electric Mountain Bike is an all-in-one, fully equipped bike that you can buy for just $1400. The mountain bike has 27 inches fat tires that can easily travel on any terrain, whether an in-city quick errand or a long mountain ride for an adventurous day.

The bike is equipped with a brushless motor of 500W high speed, which enables it to move freely in any place you desire. The motor also helps in terrains where climbing is required, with a speed of 25 miles per hour.

The LG 48V large battery of 15AH electric bike has a riding range of more than 40 miles on a single full charge. The best point about the electric bike is that its battery is secured in a hidden frame that is double locked to protect it from theft or to fall out during a rigorous riding session.

Also, the battery is removable, so if it is entirely burned out, you dont need to replace the bike. only change the battery cell, or you can charge the battery separately, too.

There are three modes of the electric bike: an electric mode, the typical pedal-assist mode, and the simple bike mode. So, whichever method you prefer for the day is available on your bike.

The VELOWAVE Electric Mountain bike also has a multifunctional LCD that shows the speed data so that you can control the bikes speed and always stay within the limit. Plus, it also shows the battery status, which is important because you need to know exactly when to charge the bike and where to charge it.

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