Best Electric Bikes Under 500

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Windgoo B3 Electric Bike

5 Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 2022 | Best E-Bike Under $1000

Although the Windgoo B3 is called an electric bike, in reality its more of an electric sit on scooter. Unfortunately it doesnt have any pedals, making it illegal for use on UK roads, where only pedal assist e-bikes can be used. Plus the fact it comes with a 350w motor rather than the UK legal 250w and you can see why this cant be used on UK roads. Its a great shame as this little gem packs a lot of features for the money, but can only be recommended if you plan to use it on private land and not on UK roads.

Amazefan Dyu Folding Electric Bike

Motor: 240watts

The AmazeFan DYU Folding Electric Bike has an innovative design that features a 240w motor, a 60km maximum range, suspension for comfort, disc brakes and integrated lights. As with many electric bikes on Amazon its worth checking their legalities such as whether the motor is limited to 15.5mph and no more than 250watts and in this case at the bottom of the page youll notice the sellers declaration that DYU ebikes are legal for riding on the road of most countries in the world including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam etc with proper motor power and speed.

Best Electric Bikes Under 500

If You are a beginner or looking for a low-budget Electric Bike then this article is for you. BEST ELECTRIC bikes under 500

Will Electric Bikes Replace Cars?

I dare say yes. With each passing moment, people are getting tired of their conventional bikes. Why? Just because they contribute to pollution.

Many of us are excited about the nearing summer because it brings warmer temperatures and more chances to spend time in the great outdoors. While biking is a wonderful way to stay cool while still getting some exercise, it isnt always the most practical mode of transportation when its hot outside. Especially when you want to rush to the restaurant and its scorching outside, you will burn out if you use a conventional bike.

Consider purchasing an electric bike if youre interested in commuting in style or just trying something new. Electric Bikes are a Good Investment. But what? Electric bikes are really expensive. Do you want to break banks to buy one?

Obviously no!

There is no such thing as a typical pricing range when it comes to eclectic bikes. The price of an electric bike may range anywhere from $500 to $5000, with many models selling for around $500.

The cost of an electric bike is determined by the features and functionalities you want it to have. Specifications like battery life and range are included in this category.


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Why Choose An Electric Bike Over A Regular Bike

An electric bike is more or less like a regular bike, only with added features and improved convenience. Here are a few top reasons why we think you should choose an e-bike over a regular bike.

  • With an electric bike, you will get where you would like to reach quickly and easily. Most electric bikes have an average speed of 18mph and you can ride with this speed without putting in too much effort.
  • You will not sweat while riding an electric bike. This way, you will not be obliged to immediately shower after reaching your destination.
  • Electric bikes are much safer than regular bikes because of their high speeds which give you an even playing field with motor vehicles. Also, most e-bikes are designed in such a way that you can quickly stop even while riding at extremely high speeds.

Best Electric Bike Under $500 In 2022

Best Electric Bike Under $500 in 2020

Do you know an electric bike is a great way to get around? It is fast, exciting to ride, and you can take it on public transport too. As compared to driving a car, an electric bike is much less expensive to commute and run your errands.

Electricity powers electric bikes. They offer you effortless rides and extensive range. You will find their ride convenient. Electric bikes can be expensive depending on their features and specifications. However, there are many e-bikes that you can buy at a reasonable price.

I have put together this article about the best electric bike under $500 for you. It will provide you with in-depth reviews and help you understand what features to look out for when you purchase an e-bike for yourself or your family members.

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Class 2 Throttle Activated

These bikes are able to be activated by a throttle, without any pedal assistance.

Many of these bikes also have a pedal-assist function.

Like class one bikes, they are limited to a top speed of 20mph and are permitted to be ridden in the same areas as regular push-bikes.

Class 2 bikes are less common outside of the U.S. and China, where they are more highly regulated.

Range And Battery Life

If you want to rely solely on the bikes electric motor, then you need choose one that comes with bigger batteries.

For a low cost e-bike, we dont expect the batteries to last all day. But, we do expect it to at least give you a range between 15 and 30 miles. That should be enough for an hour-long journey.

Also, you should look into how fast or slow the battery charges, and whether or not its removable.

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Ancheer 500w/250w Electric Bike

Top Pick
  • Durable and Strong The fork is made of carbon steel and the handlebar is made from aluminum alloy. This makes the bike lightweight yet very sturdy.
  • Brake & Gear Shift System With front and rear disc brakes and 21-speed transmission system, you can choose any speed according to your needs.
  • Removable Battery & Mileage With Easy Charge Port System, the electric bike can be charged on or off the frame easily. The mileage range of this bike is in between 25 to 50 km.
  • 3 Working Model E-bike, Assisted bicycle, and normal bicycle, you can choose e-bike for travel or pedal for exercise


The ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike is a good low cost city or dirt road bike ebike. It has 3 power modes. Pedal assist, motor only and pedal only. It is available with either a 250 watt or a 500 watt motor for higher cost.

This bike looks like a mountain bike but is really intended for city riding up to dirt roads or very mild trails. It does not have the power or components for true trail riding. For city riding and road riding, it does great. The front shock is soft with no damping. It does a good job of absorbing potholes and cracks in the pavement or some of the roughness of gravel roads. If you try to ride this bike on a trail with many roots and rocks you will find the front suspension is constantly bottoming out.

The seat is on the narrow side. For those who want a more comfort oriented bike seat, you may want to replace it with something else.


The Best Budget Electric Bikes Under 500

Swagtron Eb-5 Best folding e-bike for under $500

Not so long ago the thought of getting an e-bike for less than £500 would have seemed an impossible deal, but advances in battery technology and motor production now make the £500 e-bike a viable proposition for people looking to start cycling on an e-bike in the UK.

Weve carried out comprehensive research and testing and uncovered quite a few electric bikes available at this price point, but its worth being clear about the type of e-bikes that are allowed to be ridden on the road in the UK so that you dont get caught out by buying using an e-bike on UK roads that isnt legal.

While e-bikes are a relatively new invention, there are certain laws that govern their usage on UK streets:

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How Long Does An E Bike Last

An e-bike can last as long as a conventional bike. The battery will lose capacity and wear out from charging and discharging. The average e-bike battery lasts between 10,000 and 30,000 miles. Depending on how much you ride that could be a long time. If you keep the bike indoors and out of the weather it will last much longer.

What Are The Different Types Of Electric Bikes Available

Hybrid e-bikes: Love taking the bike out at weekend? A hybrid e-bike will allow you to ride around the city, local park or to the shops at your own leisure. Designed to support on steep hills or longer journeys, the boost from an electric bike will give you the assistance you need to complete your ride with ease.

Mountain e-bikes: Any off-road biking fans need to get ahead of the game with a mountain e-bike. The electric motor takes the bikes performance up a gear and will allow experienced riders to complete a harder trail without getting worn out.

Folding e-bikes: Commuters will be thankful that they invested in an e-bike before heading back to the city. Instead of spending time jampacked into a bus, tube or tram, you can get to your destination faster than ever before.

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections read why you should trust us

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Class : Pedal Assist/pedelec

Class 1 e-bikes have a motor of about 750w, which can assist you while you are pedaling for up to 20 mph. The rider pedals like you would normally do so on a regular bike, only that there is a motor that provides assistance to the pedaling hence increasing the power which is transmitted to the rear wheel.

Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle

Best Electric Bike Under $500 in 2020

This folding electric bicycle from Shaofu tops our list due to the many features that are too good to be true for a bike of that price range. Weighing a mere 26.5 lbs. this is probably one of the lightest e-bikes on our list.

Furthermore, the innovative design features a double layer of aluminum alloy wheel and an aluminum alloy frame. The folding electric bicycle can be stored in a standard car trunk and is very convenient when storing.


  • Collapsible frame made from a lightweight aluminum alloy comes in handy during transportation and storage.
  • With a removable 36V 8AH lithium battery can make your ride between 25 km to 50 km depending on the level of assistance you set. The easy charge port system makes it easy to charge the battery on or off the frame.
  • Made from premium quality materials, the e-bike is bound to offer maximum safety to you. The premium comfort shock absorbers also ensure your ride is a very comfortable one regardless of the terrain you pass.

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Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

The sub-$1,000 electric bike category is critical for a few reasons.

First, its pretty hard to produce a quality e-bike and sell it for under $1k. Most of the options in this price category make too many sacrifices in quality or longevity to earn a spot on this list as one of the best.

Second, many newcomers to the e-bike industry just arent prepared to drop several thousand dollars on a brand new concept, making this price range critical for many first time e-bike shoppers.

Fortunately, weve found some excellent options for cheap electric bikes that can still save you some serious dough.

What Is The Best Cheap Electric Bike

As you can see, there is a good choice of electric bikes under $500. What is the best e-bike? That’s up to you! Consider the type of adventure or ride you want to go on, what are the purposes of you wanting a bike?

Fancy one that can cover a good distance of say 30-mile range? Then I shall point you in the direction of the Macwheel Electric Bike.

What about an electric mountain bike? You’ll want to check out GoPlus Folding Bike

My point is, it comes down to what features you want from e-bikes.

Brushless motor, lithium batteries, cruise control, weight, gears, designs, and gear system – the list genuinely goes on!

Fortunately for you, I’ve looked at the best electric bikes under $500 so you don’t have to! You have a nice pre-made shortlist ready to hand.

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Power Rating Of The Motor

Although almost all the models of electric bikes under 500 bucks offer electric motors that usually have 250 to 350 watts of power, the best strategy is to look for a particular model that can offer a motor above 350 watts.

However, even if you can get an electric bike model that offers exactly 350 watts of power in its motor, we think its perfectly fine to purchase it. Why? Its because a 350-watt motor is optimally strong to provide steady performance in day-to-day usage.

Ancheer Folding 350w Scooter Electric Bike

Top 5 Best Electric Bikes in 2020 – Electric Bikes Under $500
Best Value
  • 15 MPH & 15MILE RANGE This electric bike with 350-watt high speed motor can achieve top speed of 20-25km/h with a range of 20km means your e-bike commute just got easier.
  • DUAL DISC BRAKE SYSTEM Equipped with front and rear disc brake, have powerful, progressive braking in any conditions.
  • CRUISE CONTROL Twist the throttle and hold to activate cruise control
  • FASHIONABLE DESIGN & GOOD QUALITY This ebike inspired by the shape of dolphins, has a super cute and smart design. It has an innovative aluminum alloy frame and double layer aluminum alloy wheel.


The ANCHEER Folding 350W Scooter Electric Bike is a great fun little ride. It has 350 watts combined with a lightweight, compact design.

This bike has no pedal driveline. It only functions as an electric motor powered bike. They have done good job with putting in a better motor and brakes with the money that could have gone towards a pedal driveline.

It has a 350 watt rear hub motor which gives it plenty of go power. It has good acceleration and speed on flat smooth surfaces. It slows down a lot on hills, especially with heavier riders. The ride is good with pneumatic tires. The wheels are small so it is not as smooth as a bike with 26 to 29 inch wheels.

There are front and rear disc brakes for great stopping power. The motor also acts as a regenerative brake. This helps you charge the battery a little bit every time you stop.


What we didnt like

  • No pedal driveline

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Best Folding: Jetson Bolt Up Adult Electric Ride On


Why It Made The Cut: The Jetson is a slick looking e-bike that manages to stay lightweight and portable despite housing a large 350-watt motor.


Doesn’t fold to as compact a size as some e-bikes Shorter range than other e-bikes at this price range

Jetson sets their Bolt Up Electric Ride On apart from the competition with an attractive design, powerful motor, and surprisingly light weight overall. The Jetson manages to remain light thanks to an aluminum alloy frame and smaller 14-inch wheels, and still sports an energetic 350-watt motor. With its all-black finish and curved frame, the Jetson is one of the sleeker e-bikes you can buy for under $500.

The bike weighs just over 40 pounds, has a set of handlebars that fold down, and includes a convenient built-in carrying handle, making it one of the more portable e-bikes on the market. However, it is important to note that only the handlebars will fold down, which makes it less compact than e-bikes that fold at the top bar.

The Jetson can reach a max speed of 15.5 miles per hour and offers multiple speed options, which are easy to control via a twist throttle on the handlebars. Its powered by a 6 Ah battery that gives it a maximum range of 13 miles, which is a bit on the low end for bikes at this price point. Other notable features include large disk brakes on both wheels for plenty of stopping power, a large bike seat, and a bell for alerting pedestrians.

What Can You Expect From An Electric Bike Under 500

In case you have made up your mind that you were going to buy a cheap electric bike under 500 bucks, you are likely to get all the essential features such as motor-powered driving, long-term battery, efficient braking system, strong metal body, comfortable seating arrangement, etc.

To be more specific, the motor that you will get in a cheap electric bike under 500 bucks will likely be above 250 watts in power. As a result, you will have no problem reaching speeds above 15 mph. Also, the battery pack you will likely get will be a 36-volt lithium-ion battery pack. Now, depending on the physical size of the battery pack, some electric bikes under 500 bucks can easily provide 3 to 4 hours of non-stop performance.

On the other hand, some batteries can go even further and provide up to 5 hours of continuous performance. However, the actual duration of how long a battery can provide constant performance entirely depends on the Wh rating of the battery. For example, on average, you would get a 10Wh removable battery on a cheap electric bike under 500 bucks. And, as a result of that, it might be able to provide a non-stop performance to cover up to 40 miles.

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51.1 x 11 x 41.3-inch 15.5 mph

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