Best Electric Mountain Bike 2020

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End Of Our Top 10 Emtbs

2020 Best Value Electric Mountain Bikes | BUYERS GUIDE – EMTB

What do you think of our pick for thetop 10 Electric Mountain bikes for 2020? Did we miss your favourite e-bike off the Top 10 EMTB list? Have you still not tried and e-mtb? Not a fan of E-Bikes?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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Best Overall Electric Bike


The Ride1Up Core-5 impressed our testers and rode away from the competition in this test. The powerful Class 3 model comes equipped with a 750W motor that is quick to accelerate up to 20 mph using the throttle or up to 28 mph with pedal assist. The sleek-looking frame houses the battery within the down tube, with 500Wh of capacity that provides class-leading distance range. This rigid-framed bike rolls smooth and fast on 27.5-inch wheels with girthy tires that provide a nice amount of impact absorption, and it has predictable handling and excellent stability at speed. The controls are straightforward and intuitive, and the display is easy to read. The Core-5 has a relatively relaxed seated position, ample seat height adjustment, and it comes with a comfortable saddle and ergonomic grips. It also comes in XR/step-over and ST/step-through frame styles that provide a wide range of fit for riders between 4’11” and 6’4″, as well as 3 color options to suit your preferences.

The Best Electric Bike For Big And Tall Riders 2022

Few bikes have cult followings like the Himiway crowd. They arent the largest group of riders, but boy are they vocal.

And the reason for that is Himiway delivers in four key areas on nearly all of the bike in their lineup: the bikes are big, fast, provide all day battery life, and they dont break the bank.

Such is the case with the Himiway Cruiser. The pedal assist levels range from fast to faster. The 840Wh battery is uncommonly large for a bike in its price range, and youll be rolling around all day on 4 fat tires that make you feel right at home especially if youre of a larger build..

With a maximum allowed rider weight limit of 350 lbs, it can accommodate larger riders in comfort, and the motor has enough oomph to help allow larger riders to still enjoy good speed.

Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

  • Very powerful e-bike many e-bikes can get you to the same speeds, but this one has a lot of acceleration off the line.
  • The bike feels pretty stable all around.
  • 840Wh battery makes for very long rides, even in higher PAS riding.
  • 350lb rider weigh limit is much higher than we typically see bikes rated for and the motor still seems to work well for larger riders too.
  • While speedy bikes can be fun, we wish we saw a little more dialed back speeds in lower PAS settings.
  • Its not the least responsive cadence sensor weve had, but its not the best either. It may take a couple of cranks on the pedals for PAS to kick in.

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What Makes A Good Emtb And What Should I Look For In An Emtb

Want to avoid unpleasant surprises after buying your bike? Then you should pay close attention now! In our search for the all-rounder with the best overall package of handling, motor performance, battery capacity, weight and trail performance, we have also considered the questions you should ask yourself before buying.

Range, suspension travel or motor power considered in isolation will never tell you whether the bike fits your individual demands and riding style, or whether the overall bike concept works and delivers what it promises. Thats exactly why you need to know not just what you need to pay attention to, but also what is less important.

An eMTB is more than the sum of its parts and the arms race for metrics like battery size, motor power or suspension travel rarely produces better bikes.

In this group test, our aim is not to find the best bike with a certain technical feature or component i.e. the best Bosch bike, the best bike with a 750 Wh battery or the best bike with 150 mm travel and 29 wheels. Were much more interested in what really matters. With this in mind: forget about the numbers!

Price value Dont be blinded by expensive components

An inexpensive bike with cheaper components but a coherent overall concept can perform much better than many expensive bling-bling bikes. It always depends on the overall system.

Whats most important with an eMTB motor?

How much suspension travel does a good eMTB need?

What do I have to consider with a dropper post?

Best Electric Bike For Customization

Best Electric Mountain Bike 2020 Australia

If it can be put on a bicycle, Rad Power Bikes probably offers it. With a slew of accessories, you can outfit one of the company’s nine different electric bike models for cargo, kids or just riding through the mud.

We got our hands on the RadRunner 1 electric bike with a rear bench and foot pegs. This particular configuration is great for a parent wanting to get out and run errands with their little ones on board the electric cargo bike. The 48-volt, 14-amp-hour battery powers a 750-watt motor that can pedal-assist or throttle the RadRunner up to 20 mph. With four levels of assistance, riders can increase or decrease it to help conserve battery, if necessary, or make it up steep hills.

The step-through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount, even with a passenger or packages on the rear of the bike. The RadRunner is rated to support up to 300 pounds. I can assure you it does that, as my passengers and I pushed past the weight limit without any problems.

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Free Electric Bike Trials

£40.69£675.02£40.69£675.02£29.06£482.02£29.06£482.02£18.88£313.14£18.88£313.14£18.88£313.14£18.88£313.14£30.51£506.14£30.51£506.14£30.51£506.14£30.51£506.14£87.22£1,447.02£87.22£1,447.02£66.86£1,109.27£66.86£1,109.27£23.24£385.52£23.24£385.52£29.06£482.02£29.06£482.02£66.86£1,109.27£66.86£1,109.27£18.88£313.14£18.88£313.14£31.97£530.27£31.97£530.27£40.69£675.02£40.69£675.02£55.23£916.27£55.23£916.27£31.97£530.27£31.97£530.27£30.51£506.14£30.51£506.14£65.44£1,085.63£65.44£1,085.63Load 16 more

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, and once you’ve tried one it’s not hard to see why. Electric bikes can be a great option if you have a long way to cycle. With an integrated electric motor to help you out while pedalling, electric bikes can provide a less strenuous alternative to a traditional road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes . That means they’re also handy if you frequently ride with rucksacks, baskets or heavy loads, as the electric bike motor can help to bear the load and do some of the hard work for you. If you’re looking to get fit and are unsure whether a pedal assist bike is right for you, then don’t be put off. Although you’ll be assisted by a battery powered motor, e bikes still require pedal power, so riding can still give you a decent workout.

Covers Ground Effectively Yet Still Blasts Flowing Singletrack

Wheel size: 29in | Frame: Alloy, 130mm travel | Frame sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL | Motor: Shimano STEPS EP8 | Battery: Shimano STEPS 630Wh


  • 29in wheels works well to overcome modest 130mm of travel.
  • Shimano STEPS EP8 motor is a rela highlight at this price point.
  • Looks as killer as all the much more expensive Canyon models!


  • There will always be the gamble of buying an e-bike via direct sales in the eventuality of any issues.
  • Conservative geometry for such an otherwise modern machine.
  • Some overly XC finishing kit and the RockShox Recon forks arent the stiffest.

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How Do I Keep My E

E-bike drivetrains have a hard life, with huge power and torque running through the chain, and shifts being made under the kind of loads unimaginable on a regular bike. Which means its crucial to keep the chain and jockey wheels well lubricated. After washing, make sure the chain is clean and dry. Put a 5mm Allen key into one of the chainring bolts and pedal the crank backwards until it hits the tool. Now you can pedal the chain backwards and run a bead of lube over every chain link. Wed recommend a heavy-duty wet lube. Once every link has been oiled, get a rag and run the chain back through it to remove any excess. Dont forget to take the Allen key out!

Best Electric Bike For 2022

Top 5 Best Electric Mountain Bike 2020 | The best e-MTB of 2020

We’ve got e-bike picks for almost any budget, plus answers to your electric bike questions.

Joseph Kaminski

Senior Associate Technology Editor / Reviews

When not juggling the dual demands of parenthood and playing basketball, Joseph is a life-long Manhattanite who can be found testing the latest tech in the CNET Labs and developing new benchmarks and testing methodologies.

Seeing an electric commuter bike was a rare occurrence even as recently as a few years ago, but today there are plenty of excellent options available if you want to reduce your carbon footprint while zipping around your city or neighborhood. Plus, if you’re in school, an e-bike is perfect for getting around campus without breaking a sweat. But which is the best electric bike option for you?

The market for electric rideables is straight-up booming and, as a result, we’ve had to divide our recommendations into two different categories: the best electric bikes, which you’ll find below, and the best electric scooters and skateboards. Most of the rideables were tested on a commute through sections of midtown Manhattan, bike paths around Central Park or on the West Side Highway bike path. Note, these all fall into the category of “commuter bike,” and we don’t recommend trying to traverse rough terrain on one of these babies.

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Honestly Not Every Good Emtb Will Make You Happy Firstly And Most Importantly It Has To Suit You And Your Needs

Five years ago, we explained that that laboratory range measurements arent representative of the real world and that the bike industry is yet to find a useful and realistic solution to this. Giving the range as an absolute number would inevitably be incorrect and misleading. Remember, there is no simple answer to the question of, How far will I be able to ride on a single charge? We delve deeper into the topic of range and battery capacity in the next chapter.

Our Emtb Best Buy 202: Orbea Rise M

The Orbea Rise M-Team is a master of all disciplines and secures our coveted Best Buy. With its sophisticated modular battery concept with a 360 Wh battery and 252 Wh range extender and throttled, 60 Nm Shimano motor, combined with an individual look, almost perfect spec and outstanding riding performance, the Spanish trail rocket convinces across the board. Whether on flow trails, technical singletrails, in the bike park or on a tour, the Orbea Rise M-Team is a true all-rounder that inspires in every discipline. Thanks to its strong riding performance and intuitive handling, it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced trail acrobats. The lightweight eMTB with 150/140 mm suspension travel and 29 tyres always remains easy to control and elicits fun in every situation. It not only covers a huge range of application but was also the strongest competitor to the test winner, the YETI 160E T1. It didnt quite have what it takes to win the test, but thanks to its great price-performance ratio, the Orbea Rise M-Team deservedly wins the Best Buy!

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What Other Electric Mountain Bike Should You Consider

We feel that the Turbo Levo is one of the best electric mountain bikes you can buy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great options. For a few hundred dollars less, the Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8 comes with a carbon frame, a slightly nicer build, and a massive 900Wh battery. It lacks the adjustable geometry of the Levo, but found it to be an excellent trail riding e-MTB with an even more impressive range, and we feel it is an incredible value. Not looking to spend that much? The Commencal Meta Power TR Ride costs significantly less, and while it doesn’t have quite as nice of a build, we found it to perform surprisingly well in our tests and feel it is a great option that would be worthy of upgrading over time.

Is An Electric Mountain Bike Worth It

Best Electric Mountain Bike 2020 Canada

These days, electric mountain bikes are gaining mainstream appeal, making them more affordable and more widely accepted. In particular, older riders or cyclists with injuries can enjoy cycling again with electric bikes. Furthermore, they can save a lot of time and energy going up a mountain. If you wish to dedicate more time to enjoy the fast-paced, downhill sections of a mountain youll find an e-MTB to be an invaluable resource.

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How We Picked The Best Electric Bikes

In a fast-growing sea of products, how did we make our picks for the best e-bikes? The answer to this question varies depending on the bike and category. But in every case, these e-bikes were picked through consensus among our team of expert e-bike testers.

Some bikes, such as the Aventon Aventure electric fat bike, leapt out as obvious frontrunners during testing. While others, like the Blix Aveny Skyline and Ride1UP 700 Series, were sleeper contenders chosen for very specific reasons. But in all cases, we evaluated the bikes based on a few key criteria, mainly:

Should I Run Flat Pedals Or Clip

While flats let you dab a foot if the bike starts to slide, and often help you feel more confident and loose on the bike, theres a school of thought that recommends riding clipped-in on an e-bike. This is for two reasons. Firstly, now that you are attempting more technical climbs, clip-in pedals let you drive the bike forward on the upstroke as well as the downstroke useful if you have to power up a stepped climb. It also allows you to pick up the back of the bike to get it over an obstacle on the climb a rock or root, for example. Secondly it makes it easier to bunny hop obstacles on the trail, especially if they are big or you are going fast.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Electric Mountain Bikes

Personally, I think riding the trails on an electric mountain bike is significantly more pleasurable than going sans power. Pedal assist practically eliminates the uphill struggle, allowing you to focus all of your energy and enjoyment on negotiating technical features and taking in the natural beauty of the trail. So whether youre looking for a serious bike for extreme trail riding, or simply want to flow over easy paths of gravel or dirt, powering up with one of the best electric mountain bikes is worth your consideration.

Best Travel Folding Electric Bikes Of 2022

TOP 8 – Electric Mountain Bikes for 2020 – Buyers Guide DREAM BIKE CHECK

Explore all of the compact travel-sized folding electric bikes Ive reviewed on the category page here.

One of the most compact folding electric bikes around, only weighs ~40 lbs, uses smaller 16-inch tires and shorter 140 mm crank arms, long seat post and telescoping stem conform to a wide range of riders. Efficient 250 watt planetary geared hub motor gets a mechanical advantage from the smaller wheel

A futuristic, small, compact, and lightweight folding ebike with rear suspension, fenders, cast rims, and is said to be approved by the FAA to travel by plane. A lot of comfort and features like comfort gel saddle, rear suspension, ergonomic grips, electric

An affordable and lightweight bike that hides its electric system in the frame and seat post, MXUS hub-drive, 36v 7ah battery, and mechanical brakes with motor inhibitors. The bike folds well, you can walk it when folded or even slide the seat

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Should You Buy The Turbo Levo Comp

It’s certainly not cheap, but if you can afford it, we feel the Turbo Levo Comp is among the best electric mountain bikes on the market today. With their years of experience, Specialized has really got the design and details very well sorted with excellent system integration, a powerful motor, the Mission Control app, and a dialed trail and all-mountain bike. Building off the success of the previous versions, the latest Turbo Levo and its mixed wheels and highly adjustable geometry make it even better and far more versatile than its predecessor without straying too far from its trail riding roots. If you’re looking for a full-power e-MTB with a great range that can span multiple riding styles and disciplines, the Turbo Levo Comp should be on your shortlist.

Why Are The Ebikes From This Group Test So Expensive

At the start of the new season, we test the highlight bikes of the new season to find the best eMTB of the year. Price plays a subordinate role because, understandably, manufacturers debut the most exciting technologies and concepts in their flagship models. But that doesnt mean that all bikes have to be expensive.

At the beginning of the new season we test the flagship bikes of the year and price plays a subordinate role. In issue #029 of our digital magazine you will find a group test of more affordable models.

The price range in the test field is wide but this doesnt mean that the differences in performance are just as great. The cheapest bike in the test field, the SCOTT Ransom eRIDE 910, costs 7,199 and enters the race as the reigning Best Buy from last year. The two most expensive bikes in the test field, the Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo and Specialized S-Works Turbo Kenevo SL, cost 15,000 each. The good news for all price-conscious buyers: in our next issue, we will have a group test of cheaper models.

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