Best Electric Mountain Bike Under $5000

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Best Electric Mountain Bikes Of 2022

2019’s Top 5 Electric Mountain Bikes Under 5k, Best Budget eMTBs


The Aventon Aventure electric bike is a hardtail fat-tire mountain bike designed to be equally capable on the mountain as it is in urban environments.

At 73lbs, this is a hefty piece of equipment. However, it has a powerful 750W motor and 720Wh battery that can dish out max speeds of 28mph and an average range of 45 miles per charge.

Aventon chose a simple 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain and 180mm-rotor Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to ensure you have reliable shifting performance and plenty of stopping power in varied conditions.

The Aventure has 4 fat tires on agile 26 wheels to provide comfort and traction no matter what terrain you encounter, including snow, sand, and mud. In addition, this bike comes with a kickstand, fenders, and integrated lights for urban riding.

Dont miss out on the Aventon Aventure electric bike if youre in the market for an affordable and versatile electric mountain bike.

Max weight capacity: 400lb

Best electric mountain bike under $3,000 for lighter trails and gravel roads

Aluminum/ 27.5×2.0/ 48 lbs / 9-speed /Class 3 eBike/ 90Nm


We have chosen this Ride1UP bike as it features quite a good set-up for its price range compared to most other bikes that cost nearly twice as much!

At just under 50lbs, the bike has a pedal-assisted max speed of 28mp/h and a throttle-powered speed of 20mp/h. The Prodigy XC runs on a 500W motor and that boosts up to 90 Nm of torque! Thats quite a lot from a mid-drive motor.

Yuba Spicy Curry City

We recommend the Spicy Curry if you are looking for a well-designed cargo e-bike on which you can carry heavy things and go where you want fast.

The photo above shows that the Spicy Curry has a long and solid rear luggage rack on which you can transport a wide range of items.

Yuba has also equipped this e-bike with a Bosch Cargo Line Motor that works in synergy with a PowerPack 500 battery for long distances rides.

It also features many other components such as a 10-speed Shimano derailleur, four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, LED lights, fenders and wheel skirts, etc.

Whether you want to carry items for your small business, bring your children to school or on vacation, go shopping, etc., this cargo e-bike has everything you need.

It costs $4,900.00, and the seller will back your purchase with a two-year limited warranty.

Santa Cruz Bullit Cc X01 Rsv

Ian Linton / Immediate Media

  • £10,499 / 11,699 / $11,499 as tested
  • Exceptionally fast and capable bike
  • Possible to overwhelm the forks and brakes on steeper trails

The Santa Cruz Bullit is a name that goes back to 1998, but the reimagined bike is a far cry from the original the Bullit is now a 170mm-travel e-MTB with a carbon frame and mixed wheel sizes.

The bikes climbing ability impressed most during testing it feels unstoppable going uphill, thanks in part to the Shimano EP8 motor.

The Bullit is also extremely capable downhill, particularly on faster and rougher trails, but slower, tighter and steeper sections need a bit more care.

There are four models in the range, with prices starting at £6,899 / $7,499 / 7,699 for the Bullit CC R, which uses Shimanos Steps E7000 motor, and rising to £10,499 / $11,499 / 11,699 for the top-of-the-range Bullit CC X01 RSV featured here.

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Check Out Our List Of Electric Mountain Bike Under $5000 Favorites Below

  • STRONG POWER: 500W Powerful e bikes for adults electric with built-in 48V 10Ah rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery,…
  • INGENIOUS DESIGN: Larger 27.5″ tires for riding with less effort lockable aluminum suspension fork for less bumpy on rough roads Front and…
  • SHIMANO 21-SPEED GEARS: Front Derailleur Shimano Tourney 3-Speed + Rear Derailleur Shimano Tourney 7-Speed With the right gear, you can…
  • INTUITIVE LCD DISPLAY: This ABS LCD display shows battery, 3 assist levels, mileage, voltage, speed, and using time, allowing you to read…
  • POWERFUL ELECTRIC SYSTEM–With removable 374.4Wh battery, you can pedal assist to 40 miles per charge using the low pedal assist level. 350w…
  • TURN THROTTLE OR PEDAL ASSIST–We provide four levels for power assistance. You can choose to turn the thumb throttle or step on the pedal…
  • MOUNTAIN BIKE CONFIGURATION–The fork is made of high strength carbon steel and the frame is made from aluminum alloy. This makes the bike…
  • CONVENIENT PARTS REPLACEMENT DESIGN–We have designed replacement connectors for all electrical accessories. If you need to replace the…

Who Tested The Bikes Where Were They Tested


Modern eMTBs are better and more versatile than ever and the best models are just as much fun on the trail as they are on long tours and on your everyday commute. In order to cover all possible scenarios during this test, our experienced team of eight riders tested the bikes on the challenging trails around Massa Vecchia in Italy, on their everyday commute in Germany and during fast-paced weekend blasts on the trails around our HQ in Stuttgart.

Lefti , Mountain bike guide and wheelie-kingSusanne , eMTB novice and connoisseurJonas Editor, searching for the perfect ride-life-balanceValentin, 23, Editor and enthusiastic commuterRobin Schmitt, 29, E-MOUNTAINBIKE Editor-in-chief, eMTBer from the early daysChristoph Bayer, 31, ENDURO Editor-in-chiefFinlay Anderson, 19, Editor and high-flyer both at work and on the bikeManne Schmitt, 61, Editor and former government official, doesnt want to retire!Felix Stix, 28, Chief of our testing department and perfectionist suspension specialist

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Pinnacle Of Lightweight Emtbs

Frame: Carbon, 150mm travel | Motor: Specialized SL 1.1, 35Nm | Battery: Specialized SL 320Wh, 48V | Rating: 9/10

Pros: Superb suspension and impressive range. Fantastic choice for lighter/smaller riders. Cons: All sizes could be longer.

The lightweight Turbo Levo SL joins a tight collection of e-bikes that offer the benefits of motor assistance with the purity and agile handling of an analogue bike. Its more than a gateway drug though it lets you tackle big loops with less fear of running out of battery, the speed restrictor is no longer a limiting factor on pedally singletrack, and the reduced weight means you need less muscle to get it turning and jumping perfect for smaller and/or lighter riders then. In 12 short months the price and weight of the Levo SL have crept up. But having ridden both model year bikes, the handling and overall ride quality have also been improved, so the Levo SL is now more capable than before. Upgrades like the Fox 36 Performance Elite fork and DPX2 shock take the suspension performance to the next level and make the price hike a little easier to swallow. Factor in Specializeds seamless e-bike integration and impressive range from the 320Wh battery and you have a relatively light trail bike that will let you ride further, faster and harder than ever before.

Frame: Carbon, 150mm travel | Motor: Shimano EP8, 85Nm | Battery: Shimano E8036 630Wh | Rating: 9/10

Pros: Lightweight, sleek and super fun to ride. Cons: One-piece bar/stem has to go.

Best Affordable Electric Bikes Of 2022

Budget conscious? Here are my top picks for best affordable electric bikes of 2022. You can have confidence in the capabilities of these ebikes. Youll notice that I dont go too cheap with these winners, because Ive found that the very cheapest products do not use reliable or replaceable parts, and they usually lack warranty and customer support. My chosen ebikes have more dependable motors, batteries, and drivetrains. When comparing affordable ebikes, its wise to rely on common sense you get what you pay for and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. These top three picks are summarized below. For more details, including why I chose each model, check out my full list of the best affordable electric bikes.

A feature-complete, approachable step-thru, comfort oriented, hybrid electric bicycle with regenerative braking. It has a built-in USB charging port below the display, features a modular battery pack that works with all other Rad models of this generation, and comes with integrated lights! The headlight offers a bright 80 lumen center beam and a unique LED circle to keep you seen, while the rear light offers solid, flashing, and bright mode when the brakes are activated. Sturdy adjustable angle stem and long 350mm seat post improves fit for a wide range…

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Hardtail Or Full Suspension

It’s easy to assume that people will ride the best emtb under 5000 with full suspension instead of a stiff bike if there’s no difference in price. This is not really true. Hardtails have a number of advantages over full suspension bikes, regardless of price.

As a general rule, best sport bikes under 5k tend to be the most affordable due to their simplicity, and bikes with purely suspension are the most expensive since they are more complicated to build, with split frames. out the difference between. That said, it’s not always that simple, as you can buy incredibly expensive bike 5k and affordable full suspension machines. As a rule, hard tails also tend to pedal more efficiently, although they are not sure on really rough terrain.

The ends are lighter. Hardtails are less problematic or require maintenance. Hard nails are easier to clean. Hardtails can be faster and more enjoyable on smoother roads. Add to this the fact that hard fins are cheaper than their purely similar best mountain bikes under $5000, meaning that hard fins won’t go extinct anytime soon.

What are the limitations of complete suspension? They are heavier than the hard tail. They are less speculative . They have worn out bearings and spindles and cost money. They can be mud traps. They can be difficult to clean properly. And if you don’t understand the basics of how to set up a suspension then a completely noisy person can drive really badly, inefficient, and sketchy.

Best Electric Road Bikes Of 2022

Five Budget Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes Under $5k

Electric road bikes are the sports cars of ebikes. Different than most electric bikes, the motor is used to enhance the riding experience vs. giving you a ride. They amplify your pedaling efforts, taking you faster and farther. Historically, viewed as cheating, assisted pedaling on road bikes is now embraced. Beyond going farther and faster, electric road bikes can help riders transition back after illness or injury and compensate for limitations allowing continued participation in group rides without fear of hills, headwinds, or falling behind. Stealthy electric road bikes are the sexiest with batteries integrated into frames and sleek motors that are barely noticeable. We call these ebikes stealth because they fly under the radar, so to speak ) Road bikes, recognized for their dropped handlebars, are transformed into electric gravel or adventure bikes on wider tire and handlebar versions. This is a pretty awesome category! For more details, including why we chose each model, check out our full list of best electric road bikes.

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Vanmoof S3 Electric Commuter Bike

VanMoof is known for making elegant and techie e-bikes that are designed for commuters and urban navigators. You wont find giant tires or suspension or huge motors. What you will find is modest power combined with urban-centric features.

The S3 will get you up to 20 mph in the US and comes with a high torque motor paired with an automatic electronic shifter.

Theres also a nicely enclosed chain, which is a very nicer feature for urban riders that dont want to deal with chain lube on their pants or ankles.

The dot matrix display is considered odd by some, by others prize its minimalism.

Lastly, VanMoof employs some awesome anti-theft features, such as a built-in kick lock and find my iPhone integration from Apple to help locate the e-bike if it goes missing.

Check out our review of the VanMoof S3 here.

  • Motor: 350W peak-rated front hub motor
  • Top speed: 20 mph in the US
  • Range: 60-150 km in Eco mode
  • Battery capacity: 504Wh LG cells, non-user removable.

Giant Stance E+ 2from $3999

Steep climbs, technical descents, longer days on the trail. With a powerful SyncDrive Sport motor, this full-suspension E-bike gives you the power and technology to ride the trails you dream about. Designed with trail-friendly geometry, Stance E+ helps beginner or intermediate trail riders experience off-road E-bike riding at its best.

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Electric Mountain Bike Types

Mathieu Echeverri / Lapierre

Whereas first-generation e-MTBs tended to be trail-oriented with around 150mm of travel, theres now an increasing range of mountain bike disciplines covered.

That includes overbuilt models designed for downhill use at one end of the spectrum, including the Specialized Turbo Kenevo and the Cannondale Moterra Neo.

At the other end, there are lighter machines such as the Specialized Turbo Levo SL and the Lapierre eZesty that use lighter, less powerful motors and smaller batteries similar to electric road bikes. That drops the bikes weight and ups agility over more heavily built machines.

Youll find e-MTBs with either 29in or 27.5in wheels, but mullet builds with a 29in wheel up front and a 27.5in rear are becoming increasingly common. This setup gives good stability at the front and better agility from the smaller rear wheel. Examples include the Canyon Spectral:ON and the Vitus E-Escarpe.

Most e-MTBs are full-suspension bikes, but you can also find trail-oriented electric hardtails, such as the Canyon Grand Canyon:ON and Kinesis Rise.

How Do We Determine The Price

Ecotric Leopard Electric Mountain Bike

Lets be clear. With an average price of 5,224 the bikes in this test arent exactly a bargain. On the other hand, all prices are within your budget. According to our survey, youre planning to spend an average of 5,055 on your next eMTB. However, theres a difference in price of 500 between the most expensive and cheapest bike in test. While in context, this might not sound like a lot of money, it could easily be a deal breaker for some of you especially considering some of you are still going to need some spare change to sort out your riding gear. So, it goes without saying that the price-performance ratio of a bike plays a crucial role in this test. Here at E-MOUNTAINBIKE we focus explicitly on trail performance and not on the bling factor of single components. A good price-performance ratio is generally achieved with a thoughtful balance of the performance of the overall package, the trail- and tour-suitability of the bike as well as the suitability of the spec for the intended use and purpose of the eMTB. Whats the point in having the best motor or the most expensive wheelset if the geometry or suspension are no good?

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Carbon Fiber Road Bikes Are Responsive

The amazing thing about carbon fiber is that it is actually more responsive than a traditional metal frame. Because of this, carbon fiber is an ideal material for training bikes as they are easy to pedal, handle, and really stress one’s quads. This also makes them ideal for long distance rides. According to Shimano, carbon fiber bikes have better braking performance than alloy bikes. Not only do they have stronger, better brakes, but they are also easier to spot on the road because they often appear in vivid colours. Although carbon fiber bikes don’t have a monopoly on colourful frames.

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Carb 70

Carbon / 12-speed / 29 x 2.5+2.4/ 108Nm / Range N/A / 20mp/hMSRP:$9,059Jenson USA

Built to take on all mountainous terrain, this Rocky Mountain electric mountain bike is a trail-blazing beast ready for adventure.

Considering the wealth of high-quality components on the Altitude Powerplay Carb 70, it clearly belongs on the top shelf of eBikes. A durable aluminum alloy frame with a 170mm fork and 160mm rear shock and a quality Shimano XT groupset makes this an excellent MTB in its own right. Add a powerful motor and long-range battery pack, and you have a killer electric MTB that can easily compete with the best.

The head tube angle on this hardtail is quite slack, which gives you better stability going downhill. Fast-rolling 29 wheels help you cover ground quickly, while premium Maxxis Assegai 2.5 and Minion DHR II 2.4 tires provide traction in all trail conditions.

The Rocky Mountain Altitude is the perfect electric mountain bike for enduro-style terrain. Add it to your shortlist if youve got a big budget and want incredible performance.

  • Frame SMOOTHWALL Carbon

Electric mountain bike for hunting

Hunting eBike

MSRP: from $7,099QuietKat

QuietKat partnered with Jeep to develop one of the most advanced electric off-road bicycles available, designed with the full suspension to keep you stable on tough ground.

For hunters and anglers, QuietKat offers add-ons like racks and bags to help carry gear out into the backcountry.

  • 10 levels of pedal-assistance

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$1000 Vs $2000 Vs $3000 Ebike

At $1,000 or less, youre getting the type of bike that is only used on the occasional weekend for short, fun rides. It could be a bit unsafe and probably wont have much power or gearing options.

For a decent yet affordable electric bike, you should look between $1,500 and $2,500. Bikes in this price range will have better parts and feel more solid and safe. Currently, the best electric bike under 2000 is probably the Ride1UP Ltd.

Above $3,000, you can get some good quality mountain bikes, gravel bikes and carbon road bikes.

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