Best Helmet For Bike Commuting

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How To Buy The Right Bike Helmet

Road vs Commuter Helmet: Which Should You Buy? | Cycling Weekly

Choosing the right bike helmet for your intended use is essential. You’ll probably be wearing this on your head for many hours at a time, so you want to make sure it has the features and is comfortable enough to fit your needs. Many different kinds of helmets can be used for multiple types of riding, but having the right helmet for certain activities will probably be more comfortable.

If riding for long distances in hot weather, having the right helmet can help keep your head cool, so you don’t have sweat dripping down your face. In some cases, such as downhill mountain biking, where high-speed crashes are more common, having the right helmet can prevent you from getting a severe head injury. We’ll walk you through all the different types of helmets available to help you decide which features are right for you.

Bontrager Charge Wavecel Commuter Helmet

Best commuter specific helmet


The Charge is Bontragers commuter-specific WaveCel helmet, built especially for its safety features while maintaining supreme comfort and a stylish look.

This helmet standout safety features include the advanced WaveCel technology, increasing head protection from certain impacts, rear mount system for Bontrager light accessories, and easily adjustable BOA® fitting system allowing you to do so with just one hand.

The Charges inside pads are soft, moisture-wicking, and hand washable, making them very comfortable and convenient to use. The strap system features a magnetic buckle, making it easy to fasten the helmet securely.

Finally, an especially helpful built-in visor gives users some protection from the sun or rain, giving this helmet a complete 5/5 rating.

  • 5/5 rating according to Virginia Tech
  • WaveCel Technology
  • Fidlock magnetic buckle for a quick and easy fastening
  • Crash Replacement Guarantee by Bontrager new helmet if involved in an accident within the first year of ownership
  • Built-in visor to cover sun and rain

The cheapest five-star commuter helmet

MSRP: $50

Specialized helmets are consistently stylish, comfortable, and high quality and the Align II delivers all of this and more for a bargain price.

  • 5-star rating at Virginia Tech
  • Patented MIPS technology

What Should I Do If My Helmet Doesnt Fit

Before making a purchase, be sure to ask an expert. Its easy to believe that youll figure out the proper fit yourself, and quickly. But many riders will have to return their helmets, or find a manufacturer that makes helmets with a range of fit options, like Bell, Snell, and Suzy. Before making a purchase, be sure to ask an expert.

Its easy to believe that youll figure out the proper fit yourself, and quickly. But many riders will have to return their helmets, or find a manufacturer that makes helmets with a range of fit options, like Bell, Snell, and Suzy.

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Smith Trace Mips Helmet

The Smith Trace is another premium helmet for serious riders. The Trace is one of the lightest bike helmets youll find. This is mostly due to an 18-vent, polycarbonate construction that keeps weight down without sacrificing comfort. These features plus MIPS technology and advanced airflow make the helmet a no-brainer for road cyclists and an upgraded option for commuters.

Courtesy Backcountry

Smith Trace MIPS Helmet, from $214.99, available at Backcountry

Acts As A Face And Mouth Cover

11 Best Commuter Bike Helmet

With a full face helmet, you are likely to swallow less flies on your commute and it will double up as a face covering, helping to protect you from wind, rain, flying stones and other debris. It will also help to deflect pollution to a certain degree, although this should not be relied upon as the only protection.

Not being a full face rider, I do have to wear protective glasses at all times to protect from stones and other debris from being flung into my eyes. They also stop the wind from making my eye constantly water so are an important accessory. In the winter, when raining, it is a problem to keep them clean and clear and a full face helmet may just do the trick, meaning I could retire the glasses.

I also wear protecting face coverings to keep warm in winter. These are in the form of scarves or balaclavas which would not be needed in some situation should I opt for a full face helmet to keep out the weather. Under garments would probably still be needed in the coldest weather but these may be rare occurrences, depending on the climate your commute takes place in.

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Smith Convoy Mips Bike Helmet

4.5/5 out of 31 reviews at REI


The Convoy MIPS by Smith is a mountain biking helmet that doubles perfectly as a high-performance commuter helmet.

For improved safety, this helmet uses MIPS technology as well as increased head coverage which is standard in MTB helmets. Aside from safety, the Convoy is lightweight and supremely comfortable in the heat.

The helmet has a whopping 20 cooling vents, to make it both aerodynamic and breathable. These vents are optimized to direct the warm air away from your cycling sunglasses to avoid fogging up.

Finally, Smith uses an innovative VaporFit system to make this helmet super easy to adjust. The system can be moved two inches in any direction and has a soft internal lining to make it snug and comfortable for just about any rider.

  • Lightweight in-mold construction

Lazer Urbanize Nta Mips Helmet

Fits perfectly with your electric commuter bike


The Urbanize adult bicycle helmet by Lazer is the premium choice that is packed full of features for high-speed e-bikers and city commuters.

This helmet includes NTA MIPS technology, providing extra protection against rotational impacts injuries, earning it a coveted five stars from Virginia Tech. This helmet also has a panoramic lens that can be secured to the helmet magnetically when not in use. This helps keep debris and bugs out of your eyes on those fast rides through the city.

The Urbanize is extremely easy to fit, it uses an ATS system that provides progressive adjustments, eliminating pressure points when tightening. Once on, you can secure it quickly with a magnetic strap buckle.

Lazer also includes a USB-rechargeable taillight that provides visibility while riding on the road, further boosting its safety profile. When youve arrived at your destination, take off your light and use the light mount hole to lock your helmet conveniently alongside your bike.

  • MIPS technology

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What To Look Forward To

Giro now offers five more helmets that use the Spherical technology, from the same company that created MIPS, that was first seen in Giros $300 Aether Spherical helmet, introduced in 2018. The technology depends on two helmet-shaped pieces that nest together and can slide against each other for the purpose of reducing rotational forces. The lineup includes two high-end road helmets and three mountain-bike helmets . Well continue to watch for the tech to filter down to commuter-level helmets. Wed also like to try more options from Kali Protectives, but the pandemic-related bike boom has depleted much of the companys inventorywere hoping that Kali will be able to restock soon, as it has the best crash-replacement policy weve seen so far.

How Long Will My Helmet Last

The Best All Around Biking Helmet – Kali Central and Lazer Cameleon Helmet Reviews

Keep track of your helmets age. Over time, exposure to environmental factors like sunlight or extreme cold, moisture, and sweat will diminish the life of the helmet. So will repeated small impacts, such as dropping the helmet at the trailhead or tumbling around the back of the rig on the commute home.

The CPSC recommends replacing your helmet every 5 to 10 years, depending on the frequency of use, storage conditions, and overall care. But each manufacturers guideline is different.

For example, Sweet Protection recommends replacing your helmet every 3 years. Check with your helmets brand and mark your calendar.

If you need to retire a helmet, its one gear item you shouldnt donate at the local thrift shop. You can check with the manufacturer to see if they will properly dispose of it for you.

Some brands, like POC, have a crash replacement policy. The is one such example. Youll need to register your helmet, and they may want to see the damage. If they approve your claim, theyll often award a discount toward your next helmet purchase.

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Best Budget Bike Helmet Of 2022

Are you looking to find the best bike helmet? After digging into the best wallet-friendly helmets available today, we purchased and tested the nine most compelling models to test side by side. Our test selection included a wide range of designs and styles, including helmets targeted at mountain biking, road cycling, commuting, and multi-discipline use to ensure that you find the right helmet for your needs. We put each model through the wringer over the course of an intensive, multi-week field test that included hours of riding and countless back-to-back comparisons. When the dust settled, we rated each helmet across six key metrics to help you cut through the marketing and find what actually works best.

If biking is your jam or you hope to take up the hobby, we’ve tested all varieties of biking gear from Mountain Bike Helmets to budget mountain bikes and more. Whether you need a gravel bikeor a tailgate pad we’ve probably purchased and tested it.

Editor’s Note: This budget bike helmet review received an update on July 5, 2022, to confirm product availability and provide related links. Rotational Impact Protection System:Weight:REASONS TO BUYRotational Impact Protection System:Weight:REASONS TO BUY

Mountain And Road Bike Helmets

Best Universal Fit and Ventilation

STANDOUT FEATURES: Great ventilation, fixed side straps dont require adjusting, dial-adjust fit system

MSRP: $70SIZE: Fixture Unisex , Verce Womens FIT: Fixture is slightly wide, Verce is more narrow/averageBUCKLE: Standard

The Giro Fixture and Giro Verce are Giros entry-level price point MTB helmets. The two models are identical, except that the Fixture is unisex and the Verce is a womens bike helmet. So what does this mean? The Fixtures sizing range is made for larger heads, and is offered in less feminine colors.

Because the Fixture has a larger head circumference range , it is also wider on the sides than the Verce . So if you have a head circumference thats in their overlapping range , which should you choose? If your head is narrow, the Verce may be a better fit. If you have an average to wide head, the Fixture is likely to be more comfortable.

The Fixture and Verce also stand out from the pack for having outstanding ventilation. In addition to having 18 large vents, the vents are connected via recessed channels in the helmets foam core. These channels allow air to easily flow from the front of the helmet towards the back as you ride.

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Helmet Care And Regular Replacement

Never store a helmet where heat tends to accumulate, such as in the attic, garden shed, car boot and other such places. Excessive heat causes structural damage to its in mold construction by creating bubbles in its plastic polycarbonate exterior, rendering the helmet potentially dangerous to use.

Also, avoid using chemical solvents to clean its exterior. A soft sponge and mild detergent are enough on the outer surface. The inner removable pads and parts will do with just gentle soap and water.

One final tip: dont forget to replace your commuter helmet from time to time. How do you know its time? Bike helmets are a single-impact item, so always assume that a helmet involved in a crash isnt suitable to be worn anymore.

Even if it looks OK, its recommended to replace your bike helmet every five years as sweat, pollution and UV light may damage the eps foam and weaken its components over time. Most helmet manufacturers offer a crash replacement policy. Take advantage of it next time youre involved in an impact to save some money.

Now that you know all the basics, lets look at some handy and stylish examples with impressive features that you can compare against your needs and budget.

Standard Vs Mips Helmets

Full protection with big visor urban city casual bike helmet for cities ...

The last important thing to look for is whether the helmet offers MIPS or not. MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Let me explain.

MIPS is a system that was developed and researched for more than 20 years. Helmets with MIPS reduce the forces that arise during an impact and are then transmitted to the brain.

Reducing the rotational forces means the risk of brain injuries is minimized.

How does MIPS work?MIPS allows the head to move 10-15 mm inside the helmet. This reduces harmful rotational motion that would otherwise be transferred to your brain and cause injuries.

The movement is possible thanks to the inside construction. If you want to know more details, I recommend watching the following video.

What is the difference between standard and MIPS helmets?The main difference is that the standard helmets without the MIPS do not have the inside cage that can move during an impact. This means you may experience a higher strain level in your brain compared to the MIPS helmet. And, as we said before, higher strain levels may lead to brain injury.

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Best Bike Helmet For Commuting Of 202: Guidances Suggestions And Faqs

John FeinsteinImage credit:

Our specialists conducted a Best bike helmet for commuting in 2022 test. This test aims to collect data on 62,457 evaluations from consumers who are interested in and can invest in the items. Read on to learn about the best 10 models from well-known suppliers like Bern, Nutcase, Victgoal, Poc, Smart4u, Renols, Base camp, Phz..

Mokfire Adult Bike Helmet

This is our top choice for a commuter bike helmet, and for good reason. This sleek, stylish helmet has everything your average commuter needs. This rounded design comes with perfectly spaced air vents to help keep your head cooler as your commute, and the interior padding is washable, allowing you to avoid grunge build up after a long bike ride. The solid exterior helps prevent any unwanted bumps in the case of a crash, and the front visor helps keep the sun out of your eyes while still allowing a full field of view. This helmet meets the CPSC and CE safety standard and comes with a USB rechargeable light for added visibility, which comes with three flash settings to help you customize your visibility for different situations.

The straps are made from a comfortable, stretchable fabric that allows your skin to breathe while youre biking, helping you avoid unwanted chin rashes from prolonged commutes, and the 360 adjustable back piece helps you ensure that your helmet fits at its absolute best every time you wear it. If youre looking for a commuter helmet that will keep you safe, cool, and look fantastic every time you wear it, the MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet is by far the best choice on the market for you.

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Is Ventilation Enough For Your Trip

Besides bringing you safety, being comfortable is never less essential.

The ventilation basically is designed through the air holes in the front, top, or rear of the shell.

These are some purposes that you might consider before deciding on which kind of ventilation is enough for you.

First of all: What route you mainly ride your bike? Should it be an urban or city helmet?

If the answer is urban, then you just need to choose the one with fewer vents, because the air in the urban is comfortable itself. If it is the city, you may consider buying a city helmet with more vents to get ready for long hour stuck road and high temperature from traffic vehicles.

Second: What weather do you usually use the commute helmet? Is this winter, summer, or year-round?

If you want to be a bike commuter in summer only, you may prefer a casual helmet that is lightweight, excellent ventilation, and has washable soft pads. The ventilation will indeed keep you from the heat and sweaty rides.

If you love to enjoy the cold weather, then the perfect helmet for you must have less air-hole. It helps to avoid air-flow and keep you from cold or flu. You should also consider the commuter helmet with ears cover and visor if riding under low-temperature conditions. GIRO Timberwolf Helmet is an ideal product for this.

How Much Should I Spend On A Bike Helmet

Best Commuter Helmet?? – Thousand Chapter Helmet Review

The helmets in our guide range from $65 to $300. Recreational bike helmets with basic impact protection are adequate for casual, mellow rides and will sit on the lower end of the price scale.

Expect to pay more for helmets that provide above-and-beyond accessories like chin guards, proprietary clips, and rotational motion impact reduction. For 65 bucks, you cant go wrong with the Chiru MIPS helmet, but keep in mind that at that price point, you are skipping out on some extra safety features like MIPS.

The farther out you ride, the more you might want to consider extra protective features. A helmet is like buying an insurance plan. Yes, they are expensive, but we can guarantee its cheaper than a hospital bill.

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Giro Cormick Mips Bike Helmet

Main Features

  • Matte Grey
  • Matte Yellow/Fluo

The Giro Cormick helmet is the only stylish helmet in this selection that has the MIPS feature. This means this is one of the safest chic helmets in this selection.

This helmet is perfect for summer when its hot, thanks to 18 air vents that allow enough airflow that will ventilate your head.

Compared to the previous helmet, it does not have a taillight. But you can buy it in the Yellow/Fluo color visible even if it is darker outside.

Cormick is available in 2 sizes Adult and XL , so it will fit most of the adult population.

Its inner padding and design will provide you with enough comfort. You will forget that you have a helmet on your head. The only downside is its weight of 0.77 lb .

TIP: Improve your safety even more. Get one of the Best Bike Bells.

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