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The 18 Best Online Bike Stores In The Usa

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Whether you are a committed cyclist, or you just ride for the fun and fitness of it all, we have found that it is always better to know the best places to go when it comes to purchasing your next bike, or just the accessories that go along with it. While online shopping has become extremely popular with a large segment of our community, brick-and-mortar bicycle shops seem to be holding their own against the trend of the online consumer.

We have taken this into account and have compiled a list of the best online bicycle stores in the U.S. today. If you are going to start an online journey for your next two-wheeled investment, then we suggest you take a look at any or all of the following websites. Let your mouse do the work, while you save your legs for the miles of fun ahead on your brand new adventure machine.

A List Of The Best Online Bike Stores

Online bike store lists currently available can be confusing because of shipping fees. Weâve weighed all the factors above to put together a clearer, up-to-date list of the best online bike stores in business right now.

Whether you want to buy a complete bike, a bike frame, specific accessories, or apparel, these stores provide great products and a great customer experience.

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Best Shopping Experience: Rei

Champion outdoor brand REI also sells bikes, and their wide retail footprint can let you match your online shopping with some in-person guidance and experience to help you narrow your selection based on fit and feel. In addition to a robust inventory of bikes across all major genres, the site also supports an extensive library of buying advice and riding tips, making it a go-to resource before you make a purchase. The brand’s inventory is equally rich, but budget shoppers should look at Co-op Cycles, REI’s line of proprietary bikes, which typically offer high-quality rides for lower prices than other major brands.

Filtering and sorting are what you’d expect from a major online retailer, including sub-categories, brands, gender, wheel size, and best use, as well as more informed specs like brake type or gear configuration. Star ratings and user reviews are pretty well represented, and the “compare” feature lets you easily determine a few options to weigh their characteristics. Shipping varies based on bike, but most are available for free in-store pick-up and often come with a maintenance/tune-up package. As a bonus, if you’re a member of their Co-op program, buying a bike will add some revenue to your account, which you can apply to all outdoor gear-related activities.

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Come In And Try It On

Monday-Saturday: 8:00 to 16:00 PSTSunday: CLOSEDCLOSED Friday Sep. 30 for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation1-877-253-7834Text: 1-778-745-0543Tuesday-Friday: 12:00 to 18:00 PSTSaturday: 9:00 to 16:00 PSTSunday and Monday: CLOSEDCLOSED Friday Sep. 30 for National Day for Truth and ReconciliationChoose Same Day Delivery at checkout to get your order sooner than store pick-up.

233 W. Broadway, Vancouver

Our Guests Tell Us What They Think


We appreciate you taking the time to tell us what you think. In today’s busy world we recognize it takes a lot to move someone to write a thank you letter for excellent service. Our team will continue to work hard at living up to your kind words.

Hi Debbe,

Just to let you know, I love your store and website. The website covers everything. Matt is very customer service oriented, knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly and helpful. He repaired the tubes on one bike and I donated the other bike to your African Project.

I will spread the word that this is the “go to” bike shop.Merle

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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Bike Shop

Starting a bike business actually does not require a huge investment. To simplify the costs, you need to think about: tax requirements + inventory + rent + wages + 1-year safety fund. You can learn more about it on To cut costs at the beginning, its a good idea to work in the shop yourself and get help from friends and family, until youre ready to get more full-time employees.

What To Look For In An Online Bike Store

  • Clear and extensive product specifications
  • Quality product photos
  • Fast customer support response times
  • Useful customer comments and reviews, e.g. a community of shopper behind the store
  • Website design and user experience
  • Additional tax and handling costs for stores based in other countries
  • Rewards program

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How To Do Basic Maintenance On A Bike

Before every ride, check for loose components and your bikes ABCsair, brakes, and chains. This means you should inspect its tire pressure, the brake levers, the quick-release and thru-axles, and the drivetrain, including the front chain rings, chain, rear cassette, and rear derailleur. Meanwhile, you can use a simple bike multitool to perform the basic pre-ride inspection adjustments.

Basic maintenance should also include regular cleaning. Take note that you need to remove grime and dirt that got stuck in your drivetrain because it may cause wear and tear and rusting.

To further protect the moving components of your bike, make sure that you apply the right amount of lubrication. Wipe away any excess oil that could attract dirt and other abrasive materials that can damage the moving parts.

You dont need fancy tools to perform basic maintenancejust a simple bike multitool, old toothbrushes, some clean rags, soap , water, chain lubricant, and bike chain degreaser.

If youre looking for chain lubricant and cleaning tools and agents specifically designed for bikes, visit BikeExchange. Think of us as a one-stop-shop for hobbyists and professional/advanced riders who can buy anything they need, e.g., car bike racks, tools, wheels, bike display stands to clothing, helmet, etc.all under one roof.

What Our Clients Say

Local vs. Online Bike Shops

Sarah Paulson

The whole experience was absolutely amazing. Thank you to the team for the perfect organization of the event. It was a great first bicycle race experience for me and I really look forward to next years competitions.

James J. Patterson

I just want to thank you all for organizing such a spectacular and memorable event. It was the best bicycle competition so far, and I am really looking forward to the series next year. See you!

Alex Blackwood

Thank you for letting me be a part of such a fantastic event! Being a volunteer for this race is much more than just work, its an unforgettable experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Wanda Enderson

I would like to say thank you to the whole team of organizers for the perfect event. It was the best sport competition Ive ever attended and I am really looking forward to the series next year. Good luck!

  • Rated 0 out of 5Sale!
  • Rated 0 out of 5Sale!
  • Rated 0 out of 5Sale!
  • Rated 0 out of 5Sale!

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What Is The Best Place To Buy Bikes

Whether youre buying your first bike or adding another two-wheeler to your growing collection, BikeExchange is the perfect online store thanks to their extensive list of sought-after bikes like Cannondale mountain bikes, Scott bikes, and other models from trusted brands.

At BikeExchange, you can purchase a bike and wait for us to deliver it to your doorstep. Another option is to purchase it online and pick it up in-store. Again, we have an extensive directory of partner stores scattered across the US.

When you visit one of our partner stores to pick up your bike, you may ask them to do the assembly. We understand that some people prefer having a pro do their bike assembly, which is why our business model includes a comprehensive directory of local brick-and-mortar shops to give you an excellent and more personalized buying experience.

What are you waiting for? Visit our online shop and choose from our wide range of quality bikes or search for our local partner stores.

What Cycling Gear To Get Next And Where To Get It

Home » Blog » How to Choose and Save » THE BEST ONLINE BIKE STORE RANKINGS

Summary: Shopping at an online bike store can save you time and money and provide the kind of product selection, delivery speed, and user experience that many local bike shops cant compete with. Of the nearly 100 stores I track, I rank Competitive Cyclist, Tredz, Merlin Cycles, bike24, and Chain Reaction Cycles as the best online bike stores for road cycling enthusiasts based on their prices, selection, customer satisfaction, and support.

I shop for bike gear. A lot. Bikes, wheels, components, bibs and jerseys, helmets, shoes, power meters, and all sorts of tires, cassettes, tools, and food are on my shopping list for new reviews and to keep me and my test bikes dialed in.

Fortunately, most of my shopping is done at one online bike store or another. Otherwise, Id be spending a lot of time driving to bike shops within 50 miles of where I live. I guess I could bike to them, look at all their bike gear, buy a few things, and strap them to my bike for the ride home. I could also just hang out at their coffee bars talking about cycling with the salespeople, mechanics, and other customers. But then Id never have time to write up new reviews.

Wait a minute that actually sounds pretty good!



Bottom line, its hard to know which are the best stores to buy from.

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Do Bike Shops Let You Test Ride

It all depends on the bike shop. Most bike shops will let you test ride a bike to see how it rides and to help you determine which frame size to get. Some bike shops even organize demo events where anyone can test ride brand-new models. Worst case, youll be able to test ride a bike on a trainer inside the shop.

Choose What Is Best For You:

Best Single Speed Bikes (On a Budget)

Hopefully with this article I can steer you towards some really great American online mountain bike shops. In my experience I feel these shops offer the cream of the crop online and can be trusted. If you have any shops that you like to use that I havent mentioned, let us know down in the comments.

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Online Bike Store Rating Categories

Based on all Ive learned from reading your comments and reviewing the results of an opinion poll Ive run on the site about online stores, I developed four basic criteria about what matters to you to rate each online bike store Price, Satisfaction, Selection, and Support. Heres an explanation of each and how I came up with the 0, 1, and 2 scores you see in the ratings above.


We want to buy bike gear at stores that have the lowest net price. The net price includes the base price of the product, additional shipping cost if the online bike shop charges them, and any taxes that are included in the price.

The stores are rated on Net Price as follows:

0 Limited discount. Net prices are normally the same or within 10% of the price recommended by the company that sells the product. This price is often called the MSRP or RRP . In the US, this is often also called the MAP, or minimum advertised price, the price at which stores agree to advertise the product or risk voiding the agreement to sell the companies line of products. MAP is legal in the US but not in Europe and most other countries.

1 Modest discount. Net prices across many current model year products are typically 10% to 20% off the MSRP/RRP

2 Deep discount. Net prices across many current model year products are typically 15% to 40% off the MSRP/RRP

However, importing bike gear can be part of what it costs you to buy from a certain store so its worth digging into it so you know what it might cost you.

The Best Online Bicycle Stores

The bicycle industry experienced a 42 percent decline since 2001, according to the National Bicycle Dealers Association, but brick-and-mortar bicycle shops remain largely insulated from direct-to-your-door bicycle sales because of the commitment between the shops and manufacturers that earn almost half of their revenue from sales of complete bikes to keep their products out of digital shopping carts.

However, recent shifts in sales and changing business models may soon change all that. Online bicycle stores are able to offer steep discounts compared to independent retailers and brick-and-mortar bicycle shops. They also provide the consumers the convenience of shopping with just a touch of a button and even with a broader selection of models.

If shopping online for a bike and getting it delivered at your doorstep sounds brilliant to you, you might want to check out the trusted online stores for your new bike.

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Free Shipping Over $50*

Get free shipping, on most items, with your $50 purchase today! Same day shipping on most orders if placed by 3pm PST.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only available to physical shipping addresses in the 48 continental United States , and some exclusions apply.

Oversize Charges Some large and/or heavy items are subject to additional oversize charges that are separate from standard shipping costs.

Bike Build Process All bikes are built, tested, tuned, and ready to ride upon shipment. The bike build process typically takes 2-3 days to complete depending on the bike model and the complexity of the build.

Stock Status Orders for in-stock items placed by 3PM PST usually ship on the same day. Orders that include special-order or backordered items may be subject to shipping delays depending on product availability. Refer to estimated delivery times in cart when selecting shipping options.

Best Online Cycling Shops 2022

TREK RAIL VS YT DECOY EMTB / Ebike Online vs Bike Shop ?

7 April 2022 by Max Langridge

Few simple pleasures offer such exhilarating freedom as a bike ride. Flying down city streets or venturing through the rural wilderness, cutting through the wind as the sun beats down on your face, focusing on nothing but the rhythm of the pedals and the road unfolding ahead. Whether youre in it just for the pleasure or you train for competition events, few can disagree than cycling is one of the best sporting disciplines to allow you to chill out and focus on nothing but yourself.

But any avid cyclist knows that the wrong equipment can quickly put a damper on your relaxing ride, thats why weve scoured the web for the very best cycling shops, offering top quality gear including some of the very coolest cycling brands at prices that will leave your jaw on the floor. Not only do these online bike shops stock some of the best brands around, they also offer impeccable customer service, something which is paramount when it comes to parting with significant amounts of money on a bike and the associated equipment and clothing.

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Best For Road Bikes: Moosejaw

Courtesy of Moosejaw

For those who like to ride long distances, look no further than Moosejaw. The online retailer sells a handful of road bikes capable of traveling comfortably for miles. Each product gives technical details, including information on disc brakes, tire size, shifters, the saddle, and frame material. All bikes ship free with a small oversized package fee under $10. While only a handful of bikes have customer reviews, the retailer does accept returns for unused merchandise within 30 days. Moosejaw also offers tutorials on assembling your bike, and customer service is on hand 24/7 to answer any questions about frame size or included accessories.

Best For Cargo Bikes: My Amsterdam Bike

Courtesy of My Amsterdam Bike

Babboe City

Cargo bikes are a trendy, eco-friendly way for parents to grocery shop or ride around with their kidssomething the biking-obsessed Amsterdam has been doing for decades. The aptly-named My Amsterdam Bike ranks as the largest U.S. online cargo bike store, and the variations of their Babboe model is the world’s best-selling cargo bike: a long bike with a big basket nestled into the frame between the handlebars and the front wheel. They offer this rig in various versions, including an electric model, one built for singletrack, and a host of accessories. However, this may not be the right place if you want something slightly more streamlined.

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Is Owning A Bike Shop Profitable

Owning a bike shop itself isnt necessarily profitable. Managing it the correct way is what makes it profitable. depending on where you live, there might be many bike shops in the area already. If you try to stand out from the bunch and offer better products and better service to customers, you can definitely make your business profitable.

Online Bike Store List: The Best 20+ Online Bicycle Stores


Benefits of Buying a Bike or Related Accessories OnlineChallenges When Shopping for a Bike OnlineWhat to Look for in an Online Bike StoreA List of the Best Online Bike StoresOur Top 20 Online Bike Stores Discover the Best Online Bike Stores NowChain Reaction CyclesBikesdirectBicycle WarehouseUniversal CyclesWheel WorldBike ExchangeExcel SportsNashbarJenson USACompetitive CyclistMerlin CyclesR& A CyclesModern BikeeBay CyclingTrek BikesBike 24Colorado CyclistStarbikeREICitizen BikeSlane CyclesPro Bike KitTree Fort BikesFinal VerdictFAQsRelated contentVideos

Are you a competitive cyclist or do you ride just for fun? Either way, knowing the best bike stores helps you save time.

Going straight to the right store when you need a new bike or replacement parts gives you more options and enables you to make the best possible choice.

You get the best value for your money and avoid the hassle of returns and repeated customer support queries. And, of course, you enjoy your ride more.

Many local bike shops still struggle to stay in business, but the global bicycle market keeps on growing â itâs projected to reach $62 billion by 2024, a $17 billion increase compared to 2016. Part of the reason is that online bike stores are flourishing.

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