Best Road Bike Shoes For Wide Feet

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Giro Empire Acc Road Cycling Shoes


Almost all cycling enthusiasts will fall in love with this one. Its sleek, classy, and attractive making it the perfect choice for road biking. It features a classic lace closure system with seven adjustments spots for a sustainable fit.

The Giro Empire ACC comes with an Evofiber synthetic upper with holes to enhance its comfort. To complement its comfortability, the manufacturer introduces a supernatural Fit kit with adjustable arch support to reduce pressure on the feet.

The collaboration between Giro and Easton ACC results in a carbon fiber sole to deliver unrivaled performance and comfort when riding. Its greatest advantage is the one-piece seam which reduces its rate of maintenance, making it more durable than other brands on this list.

You may experience a bit of tightness at first but this wasnt a big deal to us. We noticed that youll get a suitable fit over time especially if you ride often in the rain. Also, its equipped with a small lace garage at the tongue to prevent it from dangling into the chain.

Its available in standard EU sizes of 41 to 44. Besides, it comes in different color combinations for you to choose from. The price ranges from $80 to $400 depending on the size you choose. It might be one of the most expensive among our top road cycling shoes, but dont expect anything less from a product with such quality.


  • Takes time to put on

Our Verdict

Best Wide Cycling Shoes In 2022

Whether spinning across a flat road or up steep climbs through local hilly locations, finding the right cycling footwear is key to a comfortable, efficient ride. This is easier said than done for riders with wider feet. Thankfully, cycling shoe manufacturers are paying attention to the need for wide cycling shoes.

Cycling shoes flooding the market today are designed for cyclists with regular-size feet. Most of them are too narrow and too restrictive for athletes with a wide foot issue, causing soreness, hotspots, and other problems while on the road or off the mountain trails.

To make your life a bit easier, were here to help you get the perfect fit. Weve rounded up and reviewed the best wide cycling shoes available out there. After testing each model, we give you our top picks in several categories for your browsing convenience.

Bont Vaypor+ And Vaypor G

Thomas McDaniel / Immediate Media

With a biomechanical background in speed skating, the folks at Bont know a thing or two about proper foot function and performance. And it is the early pioneer of bathtub construction.

Bonts Vaypor+ and Vaypor G models provided for the test are one of the most biomechanically sound shoes available in terms of forefoot area, arch support, and heel hold.

Thomas McDaniel / Immediate Media

The Vaypor+ dont have the softest upper, but if youre a crit racer, field sprinter, track racer or just love a stiff shoe, they provide an unrivalled foot hold. Meanwhile, the Vaypor G is essentially a road shoe with a MTB sole thus an amazing gravel shoe.

When it comes to arch height, Bont takes a more conservative route than Lake. It leaves plenty of room for inserts and its easy to create a perfect fit. The shape is so unique though that you might have to buy a new insert to make sure it fits perfectly, but Id recommend this anyway.

Thomas McDaniel / Immediate Media

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Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet 2022

One of the greatest issues in finding the right cycling shoes is that they tend to be narrower, stiffer and be ill-fitted.

People with wide feet often find themselves short of options, especially when it comes to cycling shoes. Settling for just regular shoes or buying a larger size is not possible because sometimes that extra-wide space available in an EU size might still not work out to be the best you may get sprains, blisters, athletes foot and just annoying niggling pains!

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind including the overall comfort offered, durability, use, pricing, and more when it comes to cycling with wide feet.

Heres where we underline what it takes to find the best cycling shoes with wider feet.

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Giro Mens Treble Ii Bike Shoes

10 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet in 2021 (February update)

If youre interested in a pair of clean, modern, and versatile cycling shoes this pair is for you. It comes with a cleat mount system thats universal, letting you use 2 or 3-bolt cleat patterns.

Its upper part is made of high-quality synthetic fiber with breathable mesh that helps to prevent moisture accumulation on your feet. It has the same strap design with the Giro Techne . The three wide straps offer a precise fit and adjust quickly when putting on.

As with other top cycling shoes, this model is equipped with an anti-microbial Eva footbed that helps enhance your hygiene for better living while reducing pressure on the foot. Besides, it delivers a comfortable feel on both indoor and road rides. However, you may not have many choices by size, since its only available in sizes 41 and 42.

Its only disadvantage is that the green covering on the upper scrapes off with any minor scratch or abrasion. However, this is by no means a deal-breaker since its a matter of handling and care. Its sold around $60 to $100 the same as other mid-range shoes on this list.


  • The green color peels-off when it rubs on the road.

Our Verdict

With every release from Giro, youre certain of getting a good quality product. Although it may not come with the popular BOA dial like other top models weve got, it fits well and looks good on feet. Its comfortability and dependability make it the ideal choice for both new and advanced riders.

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Factor #: Size And Fit

Size and fit of a cycling shoe is probably the most important factor that you should consider. When trying cycling shoes, experts generally recommend taking one size less that your normal shoes. This is because unlike regular shoes, cycling shoes are meant to fit tightly on your feet, so that they stay that way when you are cycling. A tight fit also ensures that your grip on the pedal is firm, and your feet do not slip on the pedals.

But if youre someone with wide feet, do a double check on the width and pick ones that are generally known to be wider Shimano has long been one of the best brands when it comes to wide cycling feet!

Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet

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The recipe for selecting an ideal cycling shoe for your wider set of feet depends a lot on your individual requirements. Your comfort should be the predominant factor when you opt to go for a dependable and enduring pair of cycling shoes for your wider feet.

Similar to any other cycling accessories, itd be advisable to do in-depth research before making a purchase. So to make life easier for you, we have carried out thorough testing and analysis for some of the best performing wide feet compatible cycling shoes out there.

If youre looking for cycling shoes from Shimano Brand, specially designed for wide feet, check out this list.

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Are Cycling Shoes Worth It

It’s time to start buying when you’ve determined the best types of best cycling shoes for wide feet and the characteristics you want. It’s important to remember that you needn’t rush out to a certain store or browse internet discounts just soon. You may quickly discover your pal thanks technological advancements, particularly the proliferation of selling sites.

Try to keep an eye on our site’s regular to guarantee the latest deals best cycling shoes for wide feet passes our standards. As a result, you’ll be able to close the gap with them. Could you kindly provide us with feedback so that we can satisfy you guys, our customers? Wish you a great shopping experience!

How To Choose The Ideal Shoe Fit For Your Feet

The Best Mountain Bike / Road Bike Shoes For WIDE Feet

Choosing the ideal shoe for your feet can be quite difficult if theyre wide feet. Youll encounter problems like redness, blisters, sprains, tightness, and just plain discomfort.

Here are five factors to consider while choosing the best cycling shoes for wide feet:

Shoes Fastening System

Cycling shoes have four different fastening systems: Velcro, laces, ratchets, and dials. Although firm and more on the cheaper side, Velcro can be hard to adjust on the go.

Ratchets are more precise in terms of adjustability and easy to tighten while riding. Dials are a high-end option that is practical all-around.

Types of Soles

Cycling shoes also vary based on the type of soles. However, the main feature to look for in your cycling shoe soles is stiffness. This stiffness is what helps you pedal expertly without putting any pressure on your feet.

Carbon soled cycling shoes stay at the top of the list when it comes to quality and durability.

Custom Insoles and Heat Moulding

Typically, the insoles of cycling shoes are basic and flat. The lack of cushioning can result in discomfort over time while riding. Thats why wed recommend getting custom insoles.

For a better fit, wed also recommend buying shoes with heat molding technology. This feature allows the shoe to fit your foot perfectly for ultimate comfort.

Types of Cleats

Riding off-road calls for two-bolt cleats, while road riding requires three-bolt cleats.

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Giro Cadet Mens Road Cycling Shoes

If you want a shoe that tries to offer you the perfect combination of performance, and comfort, then the Giro Cadet Men cycling shoes might prove to be the perfect cycling shoe.

In order to maximize the riding efficiency, the shoes have a carbon fiber reinforced plate along with a supported footbed that provides you not only with a perfect fit, but comfort as well.

The shoe also has BOA dials that offer you to tweak your shoes fit on a micro-adjustable level with 1mm adjustments supported. The shoe is perfect for any wide feet user who wants their shoes to be long lasting, comfortable, and fits well.

Best Performance Narrow& Regular Road Cycling Shoes

This category contains narrow& regular road cycling shoes above $300. Pros and the most demanding riders often pick these models for their stiffness, lightweight, and comfort.

Sidi Wire 2

  • Weight: 323 g / 0.71 lb
  • Available for men and women
  • Fastening system: Tecno-3 Push and Single Tecno-3 Push dials
  • Adjustable heel retention and instep closure system
  • Replaceable pads
  • Stiff & ventilated soles

Wire 2 are one of Sidis highest-end models available. Yes, they are pricey. But, let me explain what you get for your hard-earned money.

Wire 2 use two Tecno-3 push dials that work on a similar principle as BOA dials. They tighten a steel cord to fasten the shoes. The difference is that Tecno-3 dials allow you to do micro-adjustments, so if you have narrow, regular, or wide feet, you always get a perfect fit.

Speaking of a fit, you can also tighten both sides of the heel retention. It is nice to have a feature that ensures the heel cups will hold your heels securely and wont slip during sprints or ride out of the saddle.

Sidi 2 Wire are durable so that they will last you for years. And if you walk more than usual in your cycling shoes, you can replace the pads that protect the super-stiff carbon sole when they wear out.

Yes, these shoes are stiff to maximize the power transfer you put into every pedal stroke. So if you like to compete and hunt KOMs, you know what to do.

  • Replaceable heel pads
  • Stiff & ventilated soles

Also available at,

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Best For Endurance Riding: Giro Empire Slx

If you love an old-school look with ultra-modern design and components, youll love the Giro Empire SLX. Bikerumor editors love these shoes for long rides and, honestly, they were pretty close to being our top pick overall, too.

The lace-up Giro Empire SLX looks classy but doesnt sacrifice weight or efficiency to do so, thanks to a carbon sole and minimal upper. In fact, theyre the lightest shoes on the list at 186 grams, as well as the most breathableperfect for long, hot days!

The adjustable SuperNatural Fit footbed system provides customizable arch support, while the laces allow you to really dial in your fit. Theyre a bit more work to adjust perfectly, but its worth it for the utter lack of pressure points or hot spots. And theres a small elastic loop to trap the laces so they dont flutter into your chainring. Several of us have put in many, many 6, 7, and 8-hour days in these shoes with zero complaints.

  • Closure system: Laces

PROS: Great for endurance rides, tons of air flow, all day comfort, ultra-lightCONS: Laces might be annoying to some

Fizik R4 Uomo Boa Road Cycling Shoes

9 Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Looking for the perfect blend of comfort, lightweight, ergonomics, and superb power transfer, the Fizik R4 is here for you. This model boasts of a unique volume control technology which is the reason for its name the fire of competition. The controls pull the upper across the foot instead of the sides. Besides, you can change the shape of your boots to suit your foot by adjusting the BOA control.

Added to the BOA system, are two adjustable micro-straps to ensure that it sits snugly and securely to the feet. The straps are spaced to boost its grip at the top of the foot, providing better comfort and confidence.

The heel is given a cuplike shape to relieve pressure while enhancing fitness and security. Also, its equipped with a carbon fiber outsole which is stiff enough for optimum performance. The cuts on the sole create better aerodynamics for an easy ride. Its meant for use with road cleats/pedals. So, it may not work with most SPD pedals.

The upper is made from microfiber which is light and flexible enough for the perfect racing experience. Still, the diamond-shaped perforations help to stabilize the inner temperature. Its also available in sizes ranging from 44 to 48.

It also costs around $100 to $240 relatively more expensive than our top pick.


  • Unsuitable with SPD pedals

Our Verdict

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Use The Sizing Charts As A Guide But Don’t Put Too Much Faith In Them

  • Manufacturer size charts should often be used as a fast reference to determine whether or not a certain size would roughly fit your foot. I’m done now.

  • They don’t promise that the shoe will be comfy when worn in real life. Nothing and I mean nothing, will increase your trust in fit like trying the shoes on while riding a bike.

  • This might include accepting the reality that it will take some time to test out several brands’ shoes before you locate the “holy grail” of bike shoe fit.

  • And certainly, doing that might result in financial loss. Think of it as a financial investment in your feet’s pleasure and continued riding comfort.

Best Womens Cycling Shoes You Can Buy Today

The Scott Road Comp Boa Lady Shoe may be a bit of a mouthful but it’s a great option for any woman who’s just getting into road cycling and wants to explore the advantages of clipping in with stiff soles and efficient power transfer.

They make great summer shoes, thanks to the myriad of ventilation points, leaving your feet feeling airy and cool on descents. Their breathability and heat-shedding also makes them a great option for the turbo trainer in winter.

We found these shoes to be super versatile, comfortable, effective and user-friendly, plus they’re excellent value for money.

Read more about why we rated the Scott Road Comp Boa Lady Shoe 4.5 stars.

Bont is undoubtedly the shoe of choice for wide-footed riders in the pro ranks. The shoe has an unyielding sole, arguably the stiffest on the market, and it extends in length to form part of the heel cup, creating a mono piece that holds its shape.

The shoe comes in five width options including wide and double-wide. At first the upper might feel cumbersome, but its designed to be heat-moulded around your foot so you have all the benefits of the stiff upper without any of the painful complications that come with it.

All Bont shoes are handmade, as a bit of a warning, meaning there can be small size discrepancies and setting up cleats from one pair to another can take some extra time.

One of our male reviewers tested the Bont Vaypor S and came away thoroughly impressed by what it offers as a complete shoe.

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How Do Triathlon Cycling Shoes Differ From Road Cycling Shoes

Triathlon shoes are different from road shoes. If you fancy the idea of doing some triathlons, it might be worth getting a triathlon-specific pair.

Tri shoes are designed to be put on and off quickly while cycling and consequently use an easy to open retention system. They often feature a loop on the heel that you can grab for easier access. However, if you ride in cold weather, be aware that tri-shoes often also feature drainage holes for wet feet. If you definitely want road shoes and not triathlon shoes, be sure to check with the retailer that you’re getting what you want.

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