Best Road Bikes For Under 500

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What Else You Might Need With A Road Bike

5 Best – Entry Level Road Bikes 2016 (under $500) – Guide and Reviews

Your spending doesnt stop after buying the road bike of your dreams. There are certain things to purchase for safety precautions and servicing the needs of your road bike.

Going on a long ride, wearing your cycling gear, riding your way as you give off athletic vibes, sounds amazing, doesnt it? To bring that picture to life, you need to get:

What Frame Material Do I Need

Carbon fibre reigns supreme at the top end of the performance pyramid, whereas aluminium framesets tend to occupy the lower end. There’s nothing intrinsically worse about aluminium as a material, however, so don’t be put off in this regard – we eve have a guide to the best aluminium road bikes that clearly shows they can mix it with the best.

Aluminium bikes will generally be heavier than carbon, but lighter than steel. For an entry level bike they make perfect sense as they’re less fragile than their carbon siblings, but wont rust like those made of steel, so you can get a decent level of performance whilst still being able to leave it locked up outside if you need to.

We wouldn’t recommend cheap carbon bikes that don’t come from trusted manufacturers good aluminium is better than cheap carbon.

Best Flat Bar Road Bike Under : 6ku Aluminum Fixed Gear Single


  • Aluminum frame makes it lightweight and easy toride
  • Classic urban look that will draw looks aroundtown
  • One gear drivetrain means itâs a street inspiredbikeâ
  • Comes with easy to use repair and maintenancetools
  • Simple and easy to maintain

The 6KU Urban track bike is the best flat bar road bike you can find for less than 500 bucks. The bike is a combination of style and speed that lets you cruise around the pavements with ease. With the comfortable riser handlebars and performance inspired lightweight aluminum frame you can ride around town taking it all in while looking classy and stylish.

It has a flip flop hub so that you can flip between coasting or not coasting. You also get to have total control over your bike and can choose between having your daily commute while coasting, freewheeling or pedaling or if you like you can ride fixed to have even more control. The riser handlebars are also primed to provide the excellent handling of a racing bike while still allowing you to ride casually and in comfort and style.

Lasrly, the bike comes with free assembly tools so that youhave everything ready to go once the package arrives at your doorstep. It isalso one of the easiest bikes to maintain given that it is stripped down tobare essentials.

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Ku Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike

6KU is not one of the most common brands on the market today. However, they try to cater to some of the beginners out there.

Featuring a 6061 aluminum frame, the 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike is actually light. Additionally, it holds up extremely well initiations that force it to take a lot of impacts.

One of the main reasons that we believe beginners will enjoy this bike is the fixed gear design. The design removes a lot of the thinking from the process, which means that you dont need to worry too much either. It might not have the best brakes on the market today, but it can also be removed and replaced with some of your favorites.

For a bike that has been mostly constructed from aluminum, the price is affordable. You also have the option of a variety of different colors that can match your style when riding.

A wide variety of sizes also mean that the bike doesnt limit the larger riders from finding one they needperfect for riders between 55 ft. to 62 ft.

If youre looking for a bike just for commuting purpose with minimal maintenance, then this is the one.

Key features:

Best Road Bikes Under $500 Buyers Guide

Top 10 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

It can get confusing for a buyer when it comes to choosing between the right and the wrong product if they dont search the right way and for the right things. There are thousands of choices out there making road bikes difficult to compare as they seemingly look very similar at first glance.

On the bright side, it can be easier for you when you list down the products based on different requirements such as price, features, pros, and ratings. Every bike comes with different features, pros, and cons so you can select the best one for you based on these many factors.

Even the tiniest of differences can have a big impact on your cycling so once you know what to look for and the components involved it becomes both easier and harder at the same time because there are simply so many amazing options.

We suggest you read the reviews first and foremost and see the products ratings, it will become easy for you to list down the right products by going off of customer feedback which is unbias and honest. Sometimes, reviews can help choose the right product, so go for the right one by making the right comparison. In this way, you will surely get the product of your choice within your budget.

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How To Choose The Perfect Road Bike

The world of biking starts with road bikes, they are the means to enjoyment, exercise, and adventures. Road Bikes allow you to move here and there without any kind of worries, you meet new people along the way and life gets slower than a raging automobile, it is all for the good though!

Now reading that would have you excited, even that much that you would want to go ahead and shop for a road bike but we encourage you to wait and plan out everything ahead. Getting a road bike is easy but getting the best one, especially for you is going to be really tricky.

Research is going to be a game-changer here, you need to know what makes or breaks a bike, and in order to get a really good road bike, what things are there that you need to focus on. So let us get started!

How Many Gears Do I Need On My Bike

This will be a function of the groupset that comes with the bike you buy . Budget road bikes will almost invariably come with Shimano components, which is no bad thing.

More expensive offerings may reach to 11speed, while more wallet friendly models may only have 9speed. More isn’t necessarily better though, provided it has ample range for the terrain you’re riding on – the more gears you have the finer the tolerances for smooth shifting. In short, fewer gears will be more forgiving if you’re not the sort of person who takes the utmost care of their bike, and they’re a little easier to learn basic bike maintenance on too.

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Best Road Bikes Under 500 Dollar Beginner To Advance Level

Ive always tried to save money wherever I could. If I can find something cheaper without sacrificing quality, I will buy it. We gather the depth information on the Best Road Bikes Under 500 dollars to easily buy near the marketplace. This philosophy is fundamental to me when it comes to bikes.These are our top five picks for the best beginner road bike under $500

My parents were not wealthy, and many of the bikes they bought me as a child were either second-hand or on sale. They made sure each bike was sturdy and reliable.

As I grew up and began to earn my own money, I used the same rules as they did when I bought bicycles: find less expensive, durable, and wont need repairs over its life.

What Are The Best Road Bikes

Road bikes under £500: a complete buyers guide | Cycling Weekly

Whenever we ask about the best road bikes, we need to consider some vital influencers. A road bike needs to have endurance, stability, control, and easiness at rides. Also, the price range for road bikes varies greatly. We have considered all these factors and thus piled up this best road bikes under 500 reviews. However, the selection will vary from person to person and according to the price range. When you can spend above 1000$ or more for the road bikes, the whole scenario changes, and you will find some beast road bikes.

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What Is The Best Road Bike For The Money

The best road riding bike for money is a popular terminology we the road bikers used to identify the affordable yet uncompromisingly best bikes for road. In this category, 6kU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Track Bike fits inappropriately. The bike has fixed gear and made seamlessly with a sturdy frame to house the heaviest person. So, it will captivate everyone. Another best road bike for money is Schwinn Volare 1300, which is lightweight and easy assembly. The control is also top-notch. So, you can go for both.

Drivetrain And Brake Components

When considering bikes at this price point, expect to find components and brakes that are at the very low end of entry-level.

Shimanos lowest-end groupset is Claris. And while Claris components may not offer the gear range, weight savings, and smooth performance of Shimanos higher-end groupsets, it will provide you with durable and reliable shifting and brakes.

Also, expect to find lower-level components on bikes under $500 including Shimano Tourney and other off-market brands.

Entry-level drivetrains are more basic and are set up to accommodate beginner riders. Gear configurations vary at this range with 7 or 8 gears in the rear cassette. This compares to higher-end cassettes that feature 10, 11 and even 12 gears.

Some bike manufacturers will seek to overcome the limitations of a small rear cog set by using a triple ring crankset, such as in the Vilano R2. Triple ring cranksets include a third smaller ring, sometimes referred to as the granny gear, which ranges between 24 and 32 teeth.

For beginners riding in very hilly terrain, the granny gear can be very useful. Triple ring cranksets offer a broader range of gear configurations, especially low gears. Whereas a double chainring might give you 14 or 16 gears , a triple crankset will offer 21 to 24 gears .

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Looking For The Best Cycling Water Bottles Instead

Weve put an in-depth guide together for that.

We have looked over 24 water bottles to make sure youre getting the best for your money. We looked at capacity, insulation, material, and ease of cleaning to make sure weve found the greatest products available to buy you can see the full guide here which will be more relevant than the one youre reading now.

Road Bike Buyers Guide

Best Road Bikes under $500 â My Daily Dose

When figuring out what bike is best for you, there are certain questions to ask yourself before buying a bike:

What is your budget?

Bikes come in a wide range of prices, from as little as a few hundred dollars, to $10,000 or more. Figure out what your budget is to help zero in on the best bike for you. This guide will give you some excellent options for road bikes under $500.

Where are you going to be using the bike?

This will play a part in determining what kind of bike is best for you. If you will be primarily riding on asphalt, sidewalks, roads, or other flat surfaces, a road bike, hybrid bike, urban bike, or cruiser bike will probably be best. If you are planning to ride on rocky paths and terrain, a hybrid or mountain bike will be the best choice. If you are planning on taking casual weekend or vacation bike rides, a cruiser bike is a great choice.

How fast do you want to ride the bike?

Road bikes and e-bikes are the fastest bikes, hybrids are generally a little slower, and cruiser bikes and mountain bikes tend to be the slowest. Determining how fast you want to ride the bike will help you decide what bike is best for you.

What features do you want for your bike?

Ask yourself if you want extra accessories like a basket or rack for carrying items, a water bottle holder, or a kickstand. These can be a matter of personal preference and can help determine what will be the best bike choice for you.

Buying a Road Bike Online

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Best Unisex: Schwinn Gtx Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

  • Height range is limited

  • Not great for advanced riders

We chose Schwinns GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike as our top pick because it’s a budget-friendly option that can take you anywhere. The hybrid offers the speed of a road bike, the capability of a mountain bike, and the comfort of a cruisergiving you the versatility you need to explore different styles of riding and types of terrain.

The bikes aluminum frame should feel durable, but lightweight. Plus, it comes equipped with a suspension fork that promises to keep your rides smooth and comfortable. The bikes 21-speed drivetrain will help you nimbly navigate different trails and paths while its grippy tires promise plenty of traction both on and off the road.

Style: Hybrid | Height Capacity: 5 feet, 4 inches to 6 feet, 2 inches | Weight: 33 pounds

Best Cheap Road Bikes 2022

What to look out for when buying a cheap road bike

The good news is that whilst some of the best road bikes can cost thousands, the best cheap road bikes can offer you miles of smiles without costing the earth. If you’re starting out on your cycling journey, or looking for the best commuter bike to get you through the winter, then you probably don’t want to spend a fortune.

If there’s one thing the bike trade loves, it’s a bit of ‘trickle down technology’. This simply means that features found on top end bikes will be available on mid-range models the next year, and eventually on cheap bikes.

Cycling Weekly’s test team has had the opportunity to put hundreds of bikes through their paces – with price tags from £250 right up to £10,000+ – so we know a good, inexpensive bike when we ride one.

We’ve rounded up our favourite best cheap road bikes – but read further on the page for an explanation of what to expect at each price point from £500 up to £1499.

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What To Expect From A Cheap Road Bike For Less Than 500

While £500 might seem a lot of money for a road bike to non-cyclists, to more â ahem ââfussyâ and experienced riders it also seems far too little to buy anything with potential. Both trains of thought are utterly wrong â for less than £500 you can buy some fully-fledged drop-bar bicycles that are perfectly able to cope with everything from winter training, to commuting, to even sportive riding.

Some bikes in this bracket have flat bars, putting them in the hybrid bike category. However, if you’re looking for a speedy commuter or a bike that will be fast on the road whilst still handling some rougher surfaces and which gives you a more upright ride position, a hybrid bike might be right up your street.

How To Choose A Saddle

Best Road Bike Under $500? (Carbon vs Aluminium)

Getting the wrong bike saddle can be a huge pain, both literally and metaphorically. You might sit on your saddle and instantly think it is wrong for you, but thats not always the case. Most saddles will take around 200 miles to break in. You might have an uncomfortable first few miles but it will get progressively less painful.

That is why you should never get a saddle right before you plan on doing some long rides. Youll want to break a saddle in by going for a few small rides first. That will avoid any bruising to your sit bones.

You also dont want a saddle that looks like a chair or a gel-padded saddle. The huge saddles wont allow you to get a good position on the bike and will inevitably cause more discomfort. A gel saddle has a gel fluid inside it. The problem is the gel can move and settle in the wrong place. Both of these can hinder days with a lot of mileage.

Consider your cycling. If youre reading this, youre probably thinking about road biking. It then makes sense to buy a road bike saddle. Dont buy a mountain bike or hybrid saddle because they look more comfortable. They are designed for you to have a more upright riding position.

A road saddle allows your body to sit in the correct place on your bike. Due to this position, your saddle needs less padding than on a hybrid saddle. On a hybrid saddle youll have more of your weight on your sit bones.

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What To Expect In A Beginner Road Bike

While many cyclists may turn their noses up at bikes that fall into this price range, there is actually a surprising amount of value to be found in bikes at this low price point.

Advancements in bike technology have made older technologies like aluminum frames and cable disc brakes considerably more affordable.

And while these technologies may not cut it for experienced cyclists, they offer plenty of value for the novice looking to get on a road bike while on a very tight budget.

Lets take a look at what you can expect from a road bike below $500.

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