Bike Covers For Bike Racks

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Pro Bike Tool Bicycle Cover

Electric Bike Transportation Cover ~ Lectric XP Ebike protection on a hitch mounted Bike Rack!

This high-quality bike cover is composed of the toughest materials available. Providing optimum weather protection.

The cover for the Pro Bike is composed of high-quality ‘ripstop’ cloth.

Rip-Stop is constructed from a durable nylon and polyester blend.

While no bike cover material is impervious to damage. This extra-durable cloth is as near to a bike cover as you can get.

If the cover is broken or shredded, its particular design will reduce the damage.

This cover was designed to endure the worst weather conditions.

Its double stitching and sealed seams prevent leaks even in heavy rain.

The Pro Bike cover also has a front lock-hole for enhanced security against thieves.

You may secure your bike while shielding it from the weather by threading a chain or cable through.

Adjustable straps and elastic bands give a tight and secure fit over your bike.

Even in the fiercest gusts, this will help keep your bike protected!

It was intended to accommodate a variety of bicycles, including mountain bikes, BMX bikes, road bikes, and racing bikes.

It is unclear if Pro Bike provides a guarantee on their goods. It would be a disadvantage if they did not.

When not in use, this cover comes with a handy storage bag.

One feature that distinguishes Pro Bike’s cover from the competition is that they recommend utilizing the cover when your bike is on bike racks.

You must secure your bike properly so that the wind doesn’t shred the cover while you’re traveling.



The 5 Best Bike Covers Review With Buying Guide

Protecting your bike from damage during storage is a must-do because the metal frame can become victim to the elements. Any mountain biker worth their salt, or even anyone passionate about mountain biking, knows that buying a bike cover is absolutely essential. Also, these best bike covers are also handy tools to shelter the bike from the nosey eyes of potential thieves, considering your mountain bike can be a very expensive one.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a bike cover, and many potential places to buy from, thanks to the ever-expanding online market of biking accessories. It is vital to consider what protection the bike actually needs. Where is it stored? Indoor bikes require a simple dust cover, whereas outdoor bikes need protection from UV rays, rain, bird droppings, and other natural damages.

Please note that as an Amazon Affiliate we may earn commission from qualified purchases thanks for your support!

Waterproof Bike Covers: 10 To Choose From

  • BikeParka The Stash Bike Cover: £22.95
  • Halfords Waterproof Multi Bike Cover: £20
  • BTwin Protective Bike Cover: £14.99
  • Beeway Multi Bike Cover: £13.99
  • Faireach Waterproof Bike Cover: £20.99
  • Raleigh Heavy Duty Nylon Bike Cover: £15.99
  • Oxford Aquatex Single Bike Cover: £19.99
  • Challenge Heavy Duty Bike Cover: £14.99
  • Topeak Bike Cover: £32.99
  • Sport Direct Waterproof Bike Cover: £18.28

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Zeal Pro Mtb Bike Cover

Bike Rack Covers that Bikers Will Love

Like Zeals road-bike cover, this is meant to provide no-excuses protection for a particular kind of cyclein this case, MTB and fat bikes. With brake-light pockets and a zipper arrangement specifically suited to modern frame designs, this is a great choice for long-distance hitch-rack usage. While this cover is designed to accommodate fat bikes as well, anyone with a particularly large DH rig should make sure they check the fit before planning a trip.

Outside Storage With U-Lock Opening

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I Local Weather Consideration

As stated above, the ideal bike cover will take into consideration the local weather, therefore providing the maximum level of damage protection. Covers with secure fastening and elastic straps are best for gusty coastal areas, whereas waterproof seaming is better for areas with a higher chance of seeing snow. Someone who travels to different places with their bike may want to purchase a cover designed to protect from even the most adverse conditions, just to be safe.

How To Attach A License Plate To A Bike Rack

Compared to buying a different rack or upgrading to a bigger vehicle, getting a supplementary plate for your bike rack is a better alternative. Attaching a license plate to a bike rack is no big deal, and there are two ways to go about it. The first option is to get a license plate relocation kit and then mount the plate bracket on the rack. This will allow you to attach your vehicles number plate to the rack when you have it on. Alternatively, you can use a dual hitch adapter to place the rack on the receiver tube on top, then place the license plate on the receiver tube on the bottom with the relocation bracket. If you use either method to attach the license plate to the bike rack, do not drive at night as the light wont show on the plate.

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Bike Rack Preferences And Recommendations

We do not claim to be bike rack gurus. What we have is a unique position in the New Zealand market because of the sheer number of customers we see, with bike racks, seeking covers. Consequently, we have developed a range of preferred racks catering for motorhomes, camper vans, caravans, and different types of tow bar/hitch systems. Our preferences are biased by the ability to provide practical solutions, value for money and the availability of products. We sell most rack brands some we prefer to stock.

Please read the section on Specialised Bike Rack Services as this complements our recommendations for bike racks and our commitment to making it easy for customers, young and old, to load and carry bikes on their vehicle.

Skinz Protective Gear Rear Transport Cover

Formosa Dual Bike Cover ~ Review & Install Demo

Skinz Protective Gear is one of the most forward-thinking makers of bicycle covers.

Skinz Protective Gear fitted a light kit to their new rear cargo cover for bicycles to provide comprehensive visibility when the tail lights are covered.

Aside from the newly upgraded materials, this also has cinch straps for further security.

It is one of the best bicycle covers in terms of total product dimensions.

Its extra-large size lets you comfortably cover up to four standard-sized bikes.

It is made of a strong waterproof polyester canvas.

Its materials and seams are properly put together to ensure that it stays weather-resistant and waterproof regardless of how strong the deluge is.

Although polyester canvas deteriorates with time, this rear cargo bicycle cover will serve its goal of protecting your bike from the elements for a longer period.

This bicycle transport cover comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Because of its sheer size, this rear cargo bicycle may also be used for a variety of purposes.

It is designed to accommodate up to four standard-sized bicycles and has a light kit that can be readily linked to trailer lights.

This rear transport bicycle cover has multiple well-placed cinch buckle straps for quickly securing the bicycles to the mounted rack.

Because of its big hole, it is easy to glide through without snagging on any part of the bike.


  • Not as simple to operate as the prior model.

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Why Is A Bike Cover Necessary

As briefly mentioned above, bikes are at risk of damage from outdoor conditions. Rain can cause the bike to rust, whereas UV rays can cause sun fading which ruins the look of the bike, and even corrosive pollution in the atmosphere can damage a bike for good. Indoor bikes are also at risk, with dust proving to be a threat to certain mechanisms in the bike. Furthermore, nobody wants a dirty bike, which can happen to vehicles both indoors and outdoors.

Mountain bikes are expensive, so obviously protecting the bike is vitally important to avoid unnecessary costs for repairs or replacements. Buying a bike cover is a sensible investment that will make the bike last much longer.

Velosock Bike Cover For Car Racks

If you want to transport your bike with style, VELOSOCK probably is the best-looking cover on this list. In addition to protecting your bicycle from dirt and prying eyes, it looks just great.

The VELOSOCK full cover is available in three models suitable for road bikes, MTB bikes, and triathlon bikes. Thanks to the zippered openings on the sides and the bottom, this tight-fit cover can be used with various types of car trunk racks, as well as inside the trunk.

VELOSOCKs high-quality, water-resistant fabric protects the bike from road dust, small stones, direct sunlight, salt, insects and other elements. The elastic cover envelops 100% of your bike so all its moving parts are fully protected. Furthermore, the tight fit of the cover will reduce flapping and drag to the minimum.

Putting on the VELOSOCK cover takes less than 30 seconds thanks to its stretchy fabric and a zipper that runs lengthwise along the top of the bicycle.

An important advantage – it will also work nicely when storing your ride on a rack inside the house, in a garage or bike shed.

Best pro: The best-looking bike cover for car racks – thanks to its innovative design and tight fit.

Biggest con: not suitable for rooftop racks.

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Teamobsidian Waterproof Outdoor Bike Cover

The covers from Team Obsidian, which are available in three sizes in variants for both storage and travel, are distinguished by two unusual features: a heavy amount of reflective silver striping, and a carry handle. This wont be of much use if your daily ride is a Specialized Demo, but smaller and lighter bikes will be easier to carry. In any event, the handle allows easy repositioning on the hitch rack prior to strapping down. All covers are made from waterproof material.

Convenient Outdoor Storage Solution

The last cover in this roundup is for people who commute to school or work via bicycle and would like to protect from corrosion on the ends of said commute. The BikeParka offers similar protection to other stationary covers, but it also folds up into a small Stuff Sac pouch that can be easily carried in your backpack or attached to your bike itself. With elastic fitting, a bike lock grommet, and several color options, the BikeParka is a good way to reduce the impact of the elements on a daily-use cycle.

Challenge Heavy Duty Bike Cover

Skinz Hitch Rack Rear Transport Cover with Light Kit: Fits 2


  • 185cm x 74cm x 98cm

Sometimes, the British weather can demand a heavy-duty bit of kit. This cover from Argos is designed to offer protection from frost in the winter months, as well as rain year-round.

The seams are not elasticated, so it should just hang over the frame of your bike.

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  • 178 x 63cm x 100cm

The Topeak bike cover is available in three sizes, depending on what type of bike you have. It folds away into its own attached zip pack for easy compact storing when not in use.

When unwrapped, the front and back sections are elasticated to hug the wheels.

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+ Bonus Pro Bike Tool Bicycle Cover For Travelling

Bike owners strongly suggest this bike cover. This cover is simple to use and can resist any windy day, thanks to its handles and adjustable buckles.

Its durability is unrivaled, thanks to the use of high-quality oxford cloth, and it will maintain your bike in tip-top form.

For added protection, the Pro Bike Cover incorporates a lock-hole design in the front for chain, cable, or U/D-locks.

It includes an adjustable buckle strap and a toggle elasticated bike wheel that keeps it firmly in place even on windy days.

You can rely on it to protect your bike since it is made of a robust and incredibly durable RIPSTOP oxford fabric.

The double stitching design guarantees that your bike is completely secure from any kind of harm provided by the sun, wind, or any other external causes.


  • Amazing reflective safety loops that enable you to quickly install and remove the cover.
  • The elasticized border of the cover is intended to offer a secure fit on any bike.


Baleaf Oxford Fabric Waterproof Bicycle Cover

Baleaf has designed this cover from Oxford fabric, which is waterproof, thick, and durable. This fabric not only protects the bike from weather including rain, snow, sun damage, and dust but also prevents the bike from being scratched during storage.

This stylish cover comes in a color combination of black and silver, with the silver material being made from high-tech, heat-reflective, waterproof material. This is the ideal way to protect the bike from UV damage.

The cover will remain safe and secure thanks to a strap and buckle on the bottom, preventing fly-aways on windy days. Of course, preventing the cover from coming off the bike is important in order to both avoid losing the cover and provide the best protection for the bike.

The lock hole design allows the rider to attach the cover to the lock, while eyelets on the front mean that various forms of lock can be used for extra security. This cover is available in the size 84.6 long x 31.5 wide x 452 high, which is perfect for storing two bikes.


  • Lock holes on the front


  • Only for riders with two bikes

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Skinz Protective Gear Rear Transport Bike Cover

The boutique features and tight contours of the Zeal covers wont be found here, but the Skinz is less expensive and can cover up to four bikes in certain conditions. This travel-centric rig is large enough for some e-bikes and DH bikes, but be aware that you are placing what amounts to a parachute behind your car. Some judicious use of bungee cords can significantly reduce the aerodynamic profile of the Skinz, while maintaining the protection.

Best for Casual Use and Keeping Your Car Clean

Zeal Pro Road Tri And Cx Bike Cover For Hitch

Swagman RV Bike Cover || Our New RV Bike Rack Cover || Motorhome Bike Bag
  • Material: Nylon & neoprene
  • Bike capacity: 1

If you have an expensive road-style bike to protect and you regularly travel to races and events, the Zeal Pro Road, Tri, And CX Bike Cover might be for you! This takes second-place on our list for its sheer quality of design and manufacturing.

Theres no doubt this is an expensive cover, so youre not likely to invest in it unless you have a high-end bike to protect. If you do, its justified. The cover has been tested on all sizes of road bikes from 48cm to 63cm.

Constructed from durable neoprene and nylon, the Zeal Pro cover keeps your prize bike protected on a hitch-style rack. The zippers are strong and there are built-in pouches for brake lights to help avoid accidents and stay legal.

This is a cover for a road, gravel, CX or TT bike that offers outstanding durability.

What We Like

  • Durable hard-wearing neoprene and nylon material.
  • Light pockets built-in light pouches for brake lights.
  • Weatherproof keep your bike pristine over long trips.

What We Dont Like

  • Price expensive.
  • Dimensions: 73 long x 30 wide at the top x 50 tall
  • Bike capacity: 1

Youll struggle to find better value for money than the Formosa Covers 1-Bike Cover if youre carrying one bike. The price is right, and it includes the brands see-through side panels to keep your vehicles sidelights and brake lights visible.

What We Like

What We Dont Like

  • Billowing can get damaged at high speeds if you dont thoroughly tie it down.

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Btwin Protective Bike Cover

  • 180cm x 123cm x 123cm

BTwins bike cover comes with a two-year guarantee and is built to be compatible for all bikes it should even fit over baskets, mudguards and pannier racks.

Theres a handy Velcro fastening for securing the cover to the bike and to stop it blowing away in the wind. An elastic section at each end is used to tighten its fit around the bikes wheels.


  • 200cm x 80cm x 100cm

This bike cover should be large enough to accommodate two adult bikes and is claimed to offer protection from heavy rain, snow, dust, scratches and sun.

A buckle in the middle and elasticated hems have been added to help keep it in place during windy conditions, and there are two eyelet holes through the front-wheel section to give you the option of adding extra security.

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Velosock Stretchable Bike Cover For Trunk/hitch Mounted Racks

  • Material: 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex
  • Bike capacity: 1

The flexible material of the Velosock Stretchable Bike Cover enables it to fit over most bikes. You can use it on hitch racks or trunk racks. A zip system in the top-tube region enables the bike to hang on bike-rack arms.

Because of its stretchy fabric, the Velosock doesnt have the same ballooning problems as other covers. Its also surprisingly protective with its water-repellent fabric and mild abrasion resistance.

Different Velosock cover designs are available for different bikes: Ray for road bikes, Shard for MTBs or Endurance for triathlon bikes.

The Velosock is one of the more stylish and colorful bike covers on the market, but its not quite as rugged as some other covers made from high-denier fabrics.

What We Like

  • Versatile compatible with trunk-mounted racks plus hitch racks.

What We Dont Like

  • Durability not as heavy-duty as most transportable bike covers.

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