Bike Hangers For Garage Ceiling

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Other Ways To Hang Your Bikes

Organize Garage – How to Hang Bikes from the Ceiling

If a ceiling mount doesnt quite fit your taste, dont worry, there are other options by which you can store or hang your bike. If you have the room and only look for the means, then you can opt to either get a floor-mounted stand or a wall-mounted rack.

The real difference between those two is actually just the installation process and space-saving requirements.

Q: Why Do You Think I Should Be Getting Myself A Ceiling Bike Rack

Ans: Although ceiling racks are not essential for you to own, even if youre an avid bike enthusiast. But then again a lot can depend on your floor space. However you can also leave them outside of your house. But, that would mean, your bike would be more prone to be looted, if not stored securely. Moreover chances are, the atrocious weather conditions might affect your bikes overall texture.

Therefore we advise if you want to store your bike, with freeing up floor space. Also reducing your chances of tripping of getting hurt by your unsuspecting bike, loitering around in your condo or garage floor. So theres no better solution, other than purchasing a ceiling-mounted rack, that too at a reasonable price.

Safe Secure & Lockable Secure Bike Storage

Bikes fit snugly into Steadyrack bike racks. There is virtually no risk of bikes falling over or falling out of the Steadyrack, making them safer to use and minimizes the risk of damaging adjacent bikes, cars or causing injury to users. The racks fold closed when not in use.

Bikes can also be securely locked to our racks using conventional chain or D type locks, making them extremely secure bike storage solutions.

Bikes will not easily dislodge or swing around and cause injury or damage to people, cars, or adjacent bikes. If someone bumps into a bike in our racks the pivoting arms will move and will absorb the impact. This prevents damage or injury from accidental dislodging or swinging around.

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Q: Is It Possible For Me To Mount A Ceiling

Ans.: Most ceiling bike racks are designed to be installed either in your apartment or garage space. Although you need to make sure that all the necessary nuts and bolts are safely screwed into the joints or the ceiling studs. Thus making sure, the racks are secured properly to the ceiling.

Also you would find that most ceiling racks come along with the necessary hardware required for mounting it. Additionally all necessary instructions would usually be provided for you, within the packaging.

Reasons To Buy A Ceiling Mount Garage Bike Rack

  • Universal bike compatibility. One clear advantage of bicycle hanger is that they are not limited by the size of their holders, meaning that so long as youre hoisting a bike within the weight limit, then youre good to go you wont have to worry about it not being compatible with certain bike wheel types.
  • Unparalleled space-saving. Suspending your bike above, literally clears up floor space, allowing you to better organize your garage or room to be able to fit other important things. It also gives your bike added protection and security from being tampered with or stolen.
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    Let Us Know If You Would Like A Bikehangar Installed On Your Street

    Register your interest in a bikehangar on your street. Bikehangars take up half a car parking space and provide a safe and dry storage space for six bicycles. We use the online requests to prioritise locations for future installations. We will be undertaking a consultation for an additional round of bikehangar installation in late 2021.

    Registering your interest for a Bikehangar on your street does not count as an application for a space in that Bikehangar. The application process will go live to residents once locations are confirmed. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    Requests for Bikehangars installations on Richmond highways only. For installation enquiries on housing estates or residential blocks please contact your landlord.

    What Materials Are These Racks Constructed From

    Ceiling racks do not just vary in shapes and sizes, but also the process and material with which they are manufactured. Moreover racks that have a galvanized frame would provide you good value if compared with other racks. So these are dipped in heated zinc, which gives them a covering, making them sturdy and resistant to corrosion.

    Whereas there are bike racks, which have a layer of powder-coating, this dry powder-coating is usually applied, electrostatically. Thus they are heated to be able to provide a durable and shielding outer layer. Therefore these bike racks are both lustrous, resistant to corrosion, and long-lasting, all at the same time.

    Racks constructed from stainless-steel is without a doubt the most long-lasting, out of all the other categories. Moreover it would give you a definite anti-corrosion property, which racks made from other materials, do not offer. Additionally in most cases, they are covered with either a plastic or thermoplastic material. Finally, but importantly they are very resistant to atrocious weather conditions.

    Therefore we can say bike racks are generally manufactured using three different types of materials, these are:

    • Stainless-steel

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    Would It Be Preferable To Store My Bike Indoors Or Outdoors

    Although storing your bikes outside, may make the inside, less congested, but your bikes may be exposed to unnecessary external conditions. For example, rainwater, dust, dirt, and being susceptible to be stolen by thieves. Then again if you have a ceiling-mounted bike rack and you are okay with your ceiling being occupied by your bikes. Then wed advice, you store your bike indoors. Additionally if you have multiple bikes, with each weighing around 50 lbs, then wed recommend, you go for the Saris CycleGlide bike glider.

    Otherwise if you want to store a single bike, then you can choose between any of the bike racks mentioned below.

    What Should I Be Looking For When Buying A Bike Storage

    How to Hang Bikes in a Garage | Ask This Old House

    You should note that ceiling-mounted bike racks, do not only vary in shapes and sizes but, also the process through which they are mounted into your ceiling. Moreover ceiling-mounted bike racks can be categorized into, at least 3 different types. These are:

    1) Pulley system

    2) Hook mechanism

    3) Motorized ceiling-mount

    Based on the bike racks design, bike holding capacity, bike holding position, construction, and mounting. The type of bike rack is determined. Therefore to put into a nutshell, you should choose a ceiling bike rack, which would offer you secure storage. Also at the same time give you easy access to your bikes. Last but not least de-clutter your floor space.

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    Best Ceiling Bike Racks For Garage

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    Bicycles are one of the most effective and wholesome ways of commuting. Although parking them can be quite a cumbersome task. So if you hold your bike inside your garage or bike shed, with your bike pedals, frame, and handlebars, obstructing your path, chances are, you may trip over it and hurt yourself. This is when a ceiling bike racks come into play. We are going to help you find the best ceiling bike racks for your garage.

    Deciding where to store your bike is the troublesome part of owning a bike. Particularly if you live in a small condo or have a congested garage. But imagine, storing them, without making any forms of contact with your floor. Thus this would undoubtedly help de-clutter your space.

    Here, youll get to know for sure the ways of storing your bikes within the balcony of your apartment

    Ceiling bike racks would help you save-up an ample amount of space, by storing your bike to the bike carrier attached to the ceiling. Above all you are getting to properly utilize the unused ceiling space. In short this is an economic and effective process of storing your bike, away from everyone elses reach.

    Ceiling mounted bike racks can be categorized into three types, these are listed below. Also for each category, we have chosen a ceiling bike rack for you after having tested them out, firsthand.

    Pulley With Hooks Vs Hooks Only: Which Is Better

    A pulley is a simple machine that makes pulling easier with a properly oriented pulley, one can lift even heavier loads with relative ease on their own.

    To answer this question, it basically boils down to how much effort youre actually willing and able to exert. If you have a higher ceiling, then a pulley is more convenient.

    Its also easier to hoist with the help of a pulley, especially for heavy bikes. Otherwise, a plain hook is enough for the job.

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    How To Install A Bike Rack Hoist On The Ceiling

  • Locate and mark the ceiling purlins or floor joists if there is a second story above you.
  • To center the mounting board, measure the handlebar of your bike to be mounted and divide what you get by 2 then add 2 inches to that measurement.
  • Prep your mounting board for the brackets and drill in the pilot holes for the lag screws.
  • Appropriate the spacing based on your calculations and bike measurements .
  • Install the brackets center them as symmetrically with each other as possible based on where you space them along with the mounting board.
  • Knot the rope at the end bracket. Make sure its nice and tight.
  • Thread the pulley rope along with the brackets, follow the instructions if possible.
  • Attach cord manager/holder to a nearby wall.
  • Test mount your bike, then give it a little hoist to test the stability of the setup.
  • Safety Tips For Hanging Bikes On The Ceiling

    GACEXXCPVK Advanced Claw Ceiling Mounted Bike Rack
    • Always ensure that when hanging bikes in the garage that everything is secured and there are no loose knots and as little-to-no fraying as possible when the bike is fully hoisted. Never ignore any excess rope and always properly manage lines.
    • Do not install unless the mounting board is firmly anchored on joists to avoid damages and accidents.
    • Always have a minimum clearance of about 3-inches when hanging over anything. If possible, do not hang over other valuables or property to avoid unnecessary damage.
    • Avoid using a ceiling-mount if the height of your roof is under 10ft as it can potentially cause you literal headaches.
    • Have your tools ready within a safe reach or wear the handy tools with a leather carpenter tool belt .

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    Think About The Price

    Ceiling racks are surprisingly simple and have little in terms of material cost. As such, even a premium rack should not cost you any more than $50.

    Despite being generally more affordable than other rack types, decide on which to get based on your preference and needs.

    Since theyre more budget-friendly, we suggest investing in a higher-end model.

    Space Saving Folding Bike Storage

    Steadyracks revolutionary bike storage design allows you to store your bike upright and saves more of your valuable floor space. When the bike rack is empty, the arm simply folds away, making them a compact folding bike storage solution.

    Steadyrack bike racks can be mounted vertically to almost any wall and will conveniently swivel up to 160 degrees, from side to side. This allows for much greater flexibility and significant space saving advantages. Unlike static racks, bikes can be overlapped in Steadyracks and stored much closer together without sacrificing ease of loading and unloading or access to individual bikes.

    Steadyracks can be installed as close as 350mm apart and due to the swivel action, can be overlapped. This creates a stackable bike storage solution.

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    Top Makers Of Ceiling

    Some of the top manufacturers of bikes and bike-related equipment are actually rather young companies. RAD Cycle Products is one such example. Incorporating ease of use with ease of installation in their rack resigns.

    RAD has provided many homes with reliable bike storage solutions that dont require you to have a Ph.D. in order to set-it-up. Similar names with the same premise in their product line include Racor and Wallmaster.

    How Much Weight A Ceiling Bike Rack Should Hold

    Installing Bike Hangers Video

    Designed mainly for single bikes, the average weight that a ceiling bike rack for garages can handle is at least 50lbs.

    This is not to say that you should not use it to hold lighter bikes, but rather that the minimum capacity should be around that range so as not to cause damage or make your bike a hanging accident thats just waiting to happen.

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    Best Value Ceiling Bike Rack

    The rack with the best value goes to the Racor PBH-1R for its clever blend of flexibility and affordability.

    With a rigid steel build, topped off with a nice layer of epoxy finish for longevity, this rack easily holds up to 50lbs.

    The locking mechanism keeps everything secured until release, while the design of the pulleys reduces weight by as much as 8 times.

    A plus it comes with cord storage for a complete, neat finish.

    Is It Okay If I Put Nails On My Ceiling

    If you own the apartment/condo or the garage space, then drilling nails wont be an issue. Otherwise if you rent the place, then your landlord needs to be very understanding and considerate. Also when it comes down to simple ceiling storage of your bike, you have a handful of options to choose from. You can either use hooks, to securely hold your bike in place, from the ceiling. For example one option can be, Tekton 7644 bike hooks.

    Moreover if you prefer something like a bike hanger, designed like a claw, which would be hanging your bike vertically, from the ceiling. Then you may go for the Gladiator GarageWorks claw.

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    Q: Which Height Of The Ceiling Would Be Suitable When Choosing To Mount The Rack

    Ans: The whole point of installing a ceiling mount is how your ceiling has been designed. For instance ceiling-mounted racks can be mounted on your ceiling, with your ceiling having a height between 8 feet to 22 feet. Provided that you have sufficient space underneath lower ceilings. Whereas for higher ceilings with 12 feet and above, mounting the rack, on the ceiling, and storing and accessing your bike would require you to use a step-ladder, even if youre taller.

    Besides storing bikes on higher ceilings can be quite dangerous for you, without someones aid.

    Features To Consider With Ceiling Bike Racks

    Bike Bicycle Lift Ceiling Mounted Hoist Storage Hanger Pulley Rack ...
    • Capacity. Most ceiling mount racks are able to handle heavy loads that are between 50 100lbs.
    • Material. Tell-tale signs of a durable rack are components made of steel and heavy-duty nylon.
    • Stability. The racks covered in this list are mostly bicycle hoist types. Stability is important for your bikes protection and safety.
    • Ease of use. Youd want a rack thats simple and easy to set-up and use. Getting and storing your bike should be made easy, not the opposite.

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    Q: Can I Install The Ceiling

    Ans.: It is advised that you seek some experts help, for mounting the rack. Since it requires you to go through several steps, such as setting up the ladder, to make sure, it is placed in the right height, close to your ceiling. However if you want to set it up by yourself, we commend, you have someone beside you, who has moderate experience of setting up a bicycle rack or is familiar with bicycle accessories.

    Therefore you can follow either of the aforementioned steps to install the bike rack, to your ceiling. Additionally we would advise you to be very vigilant at all times if you plan on installing the rack by yourself, to ensure, you do not end up injuring yourself, in any way.

    The Best Overall Garage Bike Rack Is The Bikehand Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

    No lifting, no pulleys, no hanging, no balancing act. Simply roll your bike into its place. This design is preferred by bike owners who cant drill into walls or ceilings. The independent stands allow this rack to be moved and repositioned as required. Floor stands are without a doubt the easiest garage bike rack to use and the most accessible of all bike storage stand systems. Along with the quality, build, and functionality the BIKEHAND storage rack offers, this is without a doubt my favorite pick.

    The BIKEHAND bicycle rack stand is a single-bike storage rack, that can accommodate a wide range of tire sizes.

    The rack comes fully assembled and weighs just under 6-pounds. For discreet storage, by pulling a single knob, it can be folded flat for easy storage making it a great rack for traveling with your bikes. From a durability perspective, this garage bike rack is made from heat-treated steel, delivering a strong and robust product.

    The bike sits more deeply into the stand than many other racks, providing greater stability. You could say that its stability is due to the point hold system which secures the front or back wheels. It has a fully powder-coated finish, so it is safe from corrosion, should it be stored in an area that might receive some exposure to moisture or environmental elements.

    Feeling worried about possible damage to the bike when its loaded onto the stand, its a relief to see that the only contact is to the bikes tires.

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    Freestanding Or Floor Garage Bike Rack

    These are the most low-maintenance storage options to consider. They are placed on the floor surface, are mobile and can therefore be easily moved from one place to another, and do not require drilling of any sort.

    Loading and unloading bikes from these storage racks are as easy as rolling the front wheel in and out of the stand and require no lifting. However, the biggest drawback of these garage bike racks is that they take up a fair amount of floor space, as the bike is stored horizontally. Therefore they will not be a good consideration for those with small garages or apartments.

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