Bike Identifier By Serial Number

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Find Your Bike Make Model And Serial Number

Where to Find Your Bike Serial Number

How do you find your bike’s model year? What is a bicycle serial number and how does it even work? Well, in this article, we’ll discuss what a frame number is and how you can find it. We’ll also cover ways in which riders can discover the make, model and serial number of their bike, even if its from the ’60s.

If your new bicycle develops a fault early into its purchase, it’s best to contact the manufacturer for repairs instead of taking it to a local mechanic. Almost all bicycles come with warranty periods, however some manufacturers require that customers provide certain details about their bicycle before delivering on the product’s warranty.

Not having your bicycle’s serial number or model name & year could prevent you from claiming the manufacturer’s warranty. So, how do you get all of this information back after losing it ?

Where To Find Your Bicycles Serial Number

The serial number is a unique identifier of a bicycle and it is critical to use it to your advantage. There are a few different places it would be located depending on the bike model or brand you use.

Below we have listed the most common areas of the bike where the bicycle serial number would be. If you donât see it in any of these areas, you may need to contact your bikeâs brand to find out where it is.

The Importance Of The Serial Number

Bike serial numbers are very important. But most people dont take its role seriously. People think that the serial number gives basic information about your bike. No one expected that the serial number was more important than that.

One of the essential roles of a serial number you wont expect is to help locate your bike. If your bike gets lost or stolen, knowing its serial number gives you a better chance of finding your bike.

For more information about the serial numbers of your bike, lets watch a helpful video on:

There are thousands of identical bicycles out there. Finding your bike would be hard if you provide only a photo of your bike to the police or even post it on social media. Even if you have an expensive navigation device installed on your bike, it could be damaged or removed so the police can not track the thief.

One of the bikes have the bike serial number

With the bike serial number, the police can easily track down your stolen bicycles location thanks to the identification tool. Unfortunately, if your bike gets disassembled as parts for sale, you may still be able to find them again.

Each bike number also contains warranty-related information updated by the manufacturer on their system. If you need a service to repair your bike, you will need a warranty to do so. You can check up your warranty status by looking up the bikes serial number to check out that information.

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Peruse The Bike Register First

The first port of call is national bike registers. For instance, BikeRegister in the UK has a searchable Bike Checkerpage for just this purpose. Other registers may issue lists of stolen-bike serial numbers.

You might be able to identify the bike through photos or by looking at specific features or builds. Many times, people make bikes unique by swapping parts.

Bike Serial Numbers: Faqs

Murray Bicycle Serial Number Chart

Do Police Find Stolen Bikes?

Police recover many thousands of bikes, but only a small minority are returned to owners because most thefts go unreported and the bikes arent registered.

Is It Legal To Track Down Your Bike Yourself?

Its legal to track down the bike and recover it if its in a public place. But you cant legally trespass to retrieve stolen property.

Do E-Bikes Have Bike Serial Numbers?

Because e-bikes are regarded as regular bicycles, they have serial numbers and not VINs. Youll find the serial number in the same locations as standard bikes.

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Where Is Your Bikes Serial Number

Serial numbers are a combination of letters and numbers usually found on the underside of your bikes bottom bracket . It may be engraved, printed, or on a sticker. Serial numbers may be accompanied by a barcode, QR code, or preceded by the abbreviation s/n. To view the serial number you will need to place the bike in a repair stand or flip it upside down.

If you cant locate the serial number on the underside of your bottom bracket, there are a few other possible locations:

The underside of the top tube or down tube – This is common with Specialized and Giant bikes, which have additional serial number stickers applied here.

Rear dropout or head tube – Some vintage and custom-built steel and titanium frames have serial numbers engraved at the rear dropouts or head tube.

Proof of purchase – If you purchased your bike from an authorized dealer, the proof of purchase will often contain the serial number.

If you cant locate your serial number, the best course of action is to contact your bikes manufacturer for help. Some custom and handbuilt bike frames wont have serial numbers because small builders don’t track them.

How Bmx Serials Appeared In The 1980s

During the 1980s, BMX serial numbers were simple to decipher as they were in simple digits denoting the year of manufacture. The model information wasnt captured in the serial number. For instance, if your bikes production date is 1985, it came with the digit 85.

This serializing trend continued until 1987 before adopting a new way of serialization. Therefore, during their time, bikes produced were stamped with simple digits denoting their year of manufacture. The digits 86 and 87 indicate that they were built in 1986 and 1987, respectively. The 1988 models of Hero BMX bikes were stamped with H88.

For instance, if the BMXs production date is August 1988, the serial number appears H8808XXX. In this example, H stands for the HARO model, 88 for the year of production, which is 1988, and 08 for August. The serial number, H89071071, is stamped in a 1990 model produced in July 1989.

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Bike Serial Number And Identifying Frame Maker

I have a road bike frame with a serial number of 80 03 51516, does anyone have any idea on how to identify this bike. My guess with the number is the it might be a March of 1980 production. It had a mix of Shimano 600 and Campagnolo Strada and Record mixed up on it. No stickers, no other branding. Would love some help with this!

You’re pretty much out of luck, unless some part of the bike is particularly distinctive. We see this a lot with both generic Bike Boom road frames from the 80s, and BMXs from all times.

If your bike has a distinctive feature, then please edit a clear and well lit photo into your question. Ideally one of the whole bike from the right hand side, and another of the part.

The occasional trend of repainting a bike and removing decals makes it hard to identify – curse the previous owner for that choice! If you know the history of the bike, then ask the previous owner/s if possible.

That your serial number is 4, 5, or 9 digits long suggests that it is a larger manufacturer. Small bespoke shops would not produce 999 frames in a year, so 51516 suggests a volume output.

You can also identify the exact model of the components, and see if they have an overlap in dates, and make a judgement call if they are original or not.

What Does My Bike Serial Number Mean

How to find your bike’s serial number

A bicycle serial number is a unique number allocated to your bike by the manufacturer. It helps the manufacturer and bike shops with inventory, making it easier to match compatible parts to that bike.

Each manufacturer has their own identification system. But the first numbers usually indicate the year, and then month of manufacture. And the remaining numbers indicate the specific ID of that bike.

The best way to read a bicycle serial number is to search the web for bike serial number decoder.

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Identifying Specific Components On The Bike

Like every one of man’s inventions, bicycles have evolved over the years. As newer innovations are introduced, older technologies fade away and eventually die out.

This law also applies to bicycle components. You can use the parts on a bike to determine or predict what year it was made.

For example, if you own a classic-looking bicycle with index shifters, chances are your two-wheeler was made after the era of friction-shifting bicycles . This method might not help you identify the exact model year of your bicycle, but you should start getting a more precise estimate as you date other components on the bike.

How Can I Tell What Model My Bike Is

Determining the model of your bicycle, whether regular or electric, will depend on the amount of information available to you at any given time. The process is easy if you know the manufacturer’s name and the bike’s serial number.

With that info, you can figure out what model your bike is, get extra guidance from a local bike shop, or just reach out to the manufacturer directly. For example, Elliptigo users can easily identify the model of their bicycles by matching certain elements in their serial numbers with predefined model identifiers.

Photo Credited by Elliptigo

So, for instance, if your Elliptigo bike has the numbers 1, 4, and 8, then you probably own an 8C model. Another good example is Trek’s coding system. While Trek frame numbers don’t exactly help riders identify their bike’s model, it does provide a little insight into what day and year the unit was manufactured.

The problem, however, is trying to identify your bike’s model using just its serial number. You see, bicycle serial numbers don’t work like vehicle identification numbers.

The former acts as a way of keeping record of every bicycle designed by a particular manufacturer . They usually don’t have a standard format. In fact, bicycle manufacturers have the liberty to designate whatever digits they feel should be assigned to a particular unit.

Chances are someone who’s familiar with the brand and the model will stumble upon your post and give you detailed information on your bicycle.

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Making Use Of Serial Numbers

After finding the serial number on a bicycle, it is important to keep this in your possession as it is needed to track your frame. Save a copy or two and make sure it is something youll be able to get hold of in case of loss or theft.

You need to register the code to enable authorities to look up bicycle serial number assigned to your bike. Registration can be done with online registries such as BikeIndex or even local authorities.

In case your bike doesnt have a serial number, there are ways to mark it for identification. 529 Garage, formerly Project 529, is a group that provides a means of personalizing bikes for registration using a sticker.

Do Electric Bikes Have Serial Numbers

Protect Your Bike From Thieves: What You Can Do

As with any other type of bike on the marketplace, electric bikes utilise serial numbers.

Serial numbers of electric bikes are found in the same location as other types of bikes. The most common location for an e-bike serial number is the underside of the bottom bracket shell, followed by the headset, top of the crank, and seat stays.

When it comes to an electric bikes serial number, it is essential to note that it shouldnt be confused with a VIN .

VINs, or vehicle identification numbers, are found on cars, mopeds, motorcycles, and other modes of transport.

Generally, an electric bike, however, will only use a frame number.

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Where To Find Your Bikes Serial Number

Bicycle serial number are usually found under the bottom bracket, at the point where the pedals or pedal cranks meet. To find your own, turn yourself upside down and look for it there!

What happens if you didnt find one? Dont worry there could be other places where your serial number can be embedded on. The most common serial number locations are:

  • underside of crank
  • seat tube next to crank
  • Theres no standardization method in identifying bikes by serial numbers. It could sometimes make you wonder if its the serial number youre looking at, or just a random number. The digits may represent the month, year, or model code it may vary depending on the brand and manufacturer.

    The location of your bikes serial number would also depend on its age. For newer bikes, its located on the underside of the bottom bracket shell. But bikes built before the mid-1999 will have the serial number stamped on the drive-side dropout. You may need to remove the wheel to see it.

    Remember that most bikes come with a serial number, but not all of them. This is the case for hand-made, vintage bicycles- they dont have serial numbers at all! Or it could be that the bike is worn, and the number is no longer readable. In this case, your best option is to register your bicycle in a bike organization, and we will talk about them later.

    Heres an example of what a serial number under the bottom bracket looks like:

    What If Your Bike Doesnt Have A Serial Number

    Serial numbers are partly for use by manufacturers and vendors, but not all bikes have them. Some old or handmade bikes may be missing a number.

    What happens if there is nothing on your bike that uniquely identifies it?

    An archaic way to ID a bike is to stuff a name and address in the handlebar. That can work, but you need something harder to dispose of than hidden pieces of paper.

    Today, there are ways to identify a bike that are hard to counteract, including GPS trackers + alarms, stealth UV etching products, QR codes, and microdots.

    Microdots are minute dots that are barely visible to the naked eye and only viewable at 60x magnification under UV light. The dots are applied in large numbers and contain a unique number that identifies the bike or other asset.

    Some of these measures are used in conjunction with warning stickers, obviously with the aim of deterring thieves in the first place. Even if you have a serial number, they strengthen bike identification.

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    Specialized Bike Serial Number Lookup

    For Specialized bikes, the place where serial numbers are often attached is the frame under the saddle of the bicycle. We can engrave it on the frame directly below the saddle, technically called the seat tube. Since it is difficult for dirt to adhere to the position of the bicycle, it gives the impression that the body number is relatively clean.

    It is often easy to find the serial number just by crouching in front of the saddle. In most cases, we can engrave the number on the front side of the bicycle seat tube. It is easier to find in less time than anywhere else on the bike.

    You can find your bike information via serial number via this link.

    Why You Should Register Your Bicycle

    What Year is an Ebike and Where are the Serial Numbers

    It’s a good idea to register your bicycle to make it easier for you to find it if it is stolen. You can also use the information on your registration form as a means of identifying yourself in case of an accident.

    Registering your bicycle is an easy way for you to make sure that if someone steals it, they won’t be able to sell it or use it. If you’re in an accident, this information will help identify you and notify your family members or emergency services.

    It’s also helpful because then if the bike is ever found by police, they’ll know who the owner is and where they live. You never know when it might be stolen or damaged and then you will need to get a replacement.

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    Are All Frame Numbers Recorded In A Central Database

    No and there are many independent bike registration databases around the world. Its not mandatory to register a bike , so the uptake is low compared to the number of bikes in circulation. And whilst not to muddy the water, there have been rare cases where bike frame numbers have been found to not be unique. But as this is extremely rare, its fair to call frame/serial numbers unique.

    Search For Bicycle Body Number When Stolen

    It is easy to have a tragedy that someone stole your bicycle even though you had properly registered for crime prevention. 300,000 bicycle theft cases occur annually in Japan. It would be a shock if my bicycle went somewhere. But there is still the possibility that we can find it by searching for the bike body or the number of the crime prevention registration.

    To detect the whereabouts of your bike, it is also a good idea to register on the CSI Bicycle Special Investigation 24/7. It is a site specializing in theft. You can also search for stolen bicycles on this site. Entering the security registration, several digits of the body number, the location of the theft, and the characteristics of the bicycle will make it easier to search and increase the possibility of actually finding it.

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    Stolen Bike Check Serial Number

    When you get a new bicycle, it requires you to register at the shop for crime prevention registration. Did you know that this is a system based on a national law that is useful for bicycle theft prevention and bicycle parking? By combining the crime prevention registration and the serial number, the safety of the bicycle is improved.

    The serial number engraved on the frame from the beginning comes at the list price of the bicycle. The crime prevention registration is to pay a fee to register. The registration fee for each bike varies nationwide. The expiration date is often between 5 to 10 years, depending on the municipality, and may be unlimited.

    The number of digits of the crime prevention registration you see depends on the municipality. It is a mechanism attaching a metal plate or sticker to the bicycle frame that is a feature that sets it apart from the car body number being engraved.

    With stickers, there are examples of deterioration. It occurs when the letters disappear or come off due to rain or dirt. It also requires replacement. Even if it is a rule managed by the local police, registration is easy without going to a separate window. It is because we can do crime prevention registration anywhere, such as at a shop where you buy a new bicycle or at a home improvement store.

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