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South County Bike Path Update #31

Explore Rhode Island’s Bike Paths

Phase 4B

On Monday, October 16, the Narragansett Town Council will hold a workshop at 7:00 p.m. before its regular meeting to discuss the R.I. Department of Transportations revised budget for completion of the South County Bike Path. As described in our previous update, RIDOT has cut the funding for the bike path from $8.4 million to $3.0 million eliminating the path going through Canonchet Farm. The town has been asked to respond to a new alignment of the path, which will be entirely on town property, both on-street and off-road.

For a description of the proposed alignment follow this link to the agenda for the September 16 meeting and click on the detail for Item 14:

It is important to note that the plan is not final and public input is encouraged.

Phase 4A

Meanwhile, we are encouraged with progress on Phase 4A of the South County Bike Path with installation of a pavement layer and a permanent chain link fence between the path and the schoolyard.

David and Rosemary

Beginning Rider Mature Adult

The entrance into the park near Church Farm School is not marked and the parking lot is not complete. This morning it was overflowing. The trail is suppose to be 12 wide and it is in places but at most crossings it is a maze to get through especially when the traffic is heavy and a wide range of people from novices to experienced road bikers who are impatient with the rest of us. I think between the western park and County line Rd it runs about 12 miles and that is like 100 miles and novice seniors like myself. The trail is very enjoyable. I am looking forward to the completion!

Brisk Fall Ride On The Path

This fall ride shows off the character, color and small town New England charm. It’s around 30 miles round trip and it’s a very interesting ride through some old mill towns of Rhode Island. These mills were built of local stone and all of them have fast moving rivers with man made waterfalls which I suppose were used for power as well as a disposal system for the mill waste. They were owned by men who immigrated from England for the most part which explains their resemblance to Castles of that country. The complete write up with photos can be viewed at my bike blog by copy and pasting this link into your browser.

This is nice ride to do after work. Nice and easy,Can be busy on the weekends like all bike paths. Along some parts the trees and brush need to be cut back. Slight incline from East Ave,south to West Warwick but it can be a nice down hill ride on the way back. There are three ice cream stopsalong the way. One in Coventry and two in Cranston, right next to the path.Nice view along the bridge that goes thru Bradford Soap in West Warwick.Some sand and stone along the Cranston side that was washed out by a recent storm.The posititives out wiegh the little negatives. Enjoy!!

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South County Bike Path Update #28

Phase 4A Started.

The much-awaited construction of Phase 4A of the William C. ONeill South County Bike Path began July 22 when Cardi Corporation set out 20-foot limit stakes that define the work area at the far edge of the Narragansett Elementary School grounds and playing field.

This project, funded by a R.I. Department of Environmental Management grant under the 2016 Green Economy Bond, will be completed by late fall.

Reduction in Phase 4B Funding Proposed.

In January we told you about a proposed amendment to the State Transportation Improvement Program that would have drastically reduced funding and pushed out start dates for many Transportation Alternatives Projects, including Phase 4B of the South County Bike Path. Fortunately, R.I. Department of Transportation withdrew the proposed amendment.

But this month, RIDOT returned with a revised proposal . While not as large a reduction in the Transportation Alternatives Projects, it does reduce funding for completion of the South County Bike Path by $5.43 million to $3.0 million, which forces a realignment of the path. Here is the line item from the proposed amendment:

The Rhode Island Transportation Advisory Committee has responsibility for conducting public hearings on Major Amendment 19 during the public comment period, which ends August 22.

There will be two hearings:

For more information about the South County Bike Path in the proposed amendment, visit:

Thanking you for your support,

David and Rosemary

South County Bike Path Update #21

15 Reasons Why My Heart Will Always Be In Rhode Island

May 25, 2018

After attending the South County Bike Path Update to the Narragansett Town Council given by Town Engineer Jeff Ceasrine on Monday, May 21 and reading an account in the Narragansett Times Town faces hurdles in bike path extension: Report from engineer mentions conflict with National Grid we emailed the following to National Grid.

May 25, 2018

Timothy Rondeau, Communications Manager for National Grid:

Good morning.

The Town of Narraganset, Rhode Island is currently planning to build a section of the William C. ONeill South County Bike Path titled Section 4A, which will move the path forward toward its completion to the Narragansett Town Beach. The plan for the 4A section was chosen to provide a safe alternative to all those who use the path bicyclists, walkers, adults with children in carriages, people with limited ability from the current bike route on Mumford Road. The route of 4A has been approved by the Town of Narragansett including the Narragansett Superintendent of Schools, Police Chief, Town Manager, Town Engineer, Director of Community Development and the Town Council. All agree that Section 4A of the South County Bike Path is a safer route than traveling on the narrow and busy Mumford Road in front of the Narragansett Elementary School.

Your granting the easement on Riverside Drive in a timely fashion will prove your commitment: We dont just work in your communities, we are part of the them.

Thank you.

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Great Flat Path For A Floridian In Pa

I just moved up to PA from FL a few months ago and while I’ve been an avid runner for some time, frankly the Florida topography, at least on the East coast, doesn’t do much by way of hill conditioning. I’ve definitely struggled a bit with the acclimation to some of the ‘hillier’ trails in PA/DA. So the Chester Valley Trail was a site for sore eyes! A great 14 mile trail that you can make longer or shorter to suit your needs. It’s a pretty run, homes to look at, woods, hills… parts are shaded, parts are not. As a woman who typically runs alone, it’s worth noting that I felt quite safe here . Would recommend to families, runners, walkers alike!

East Bay Bike Path In The Autumn

capejohn is a Rails to Trails supporter and a regular reviewer of rails to trails routes and the Sojourn tours. Riding in New England is always a visual treat. Riding New England in the Autumn offers spectacular scenery. Bursts of color that are so bright and diverse that many travel from near and far to witness natures change of season. On a quiet still day, those of us on bikes or walking can also be part of the sounds of New England in the fall. Click the link below for the full story.

My husband and I went on this trail. There are a lot of stop signs but it’s still a lovely place to ride.

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Why Bike With Us

In the years between the first Bike to the Beach and when Bike to the Beach became a 5013 non-profit organization, the founding members joined the millions of Americans who are on the spectrum and their support networks. Each were inspired to make a difference for the AUTISM & disABILITY Community.

Bike to the Beach is not just the host of charity bike events, but a community made up of individuals, cyclists, local organizations, advocates, philanthropists, corporate companies and national partners. It is our goal to support individuals and families with autism and disabilities in the best way that we can. As a result, we focus on supporting Local Support Services, Research, Advocacy, and Awareness. We accomplish this through our balance of partnerships at the local and national level.

/9/07 Beautiful Day Great Trail

East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island

“This is a wonderful trail. One thing to note is on the north end of the trail you cannot park by exit 3,Gano st., and cross the bridge. The bridge is under construction and the pedestrian bridge is closed. You have to go to the next exit on rt.195, exit 4, and start the trail there. I highly recommend this trail though. It’s beautiful and very easy riding. Almost as nice as the ones on the Cape.”

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South County Bike Path Update #43

Town Receives Planning Award for Bike Path Segment

The American Planning Association RI Chapter recognized the Town of Narragansetts design and construction of Phase 4A of the South County Bike Path for Excellence in Transportation Project Implementation during the groups Annual Awards Ceremony on January 14, 2021. Director of Community Development Mike DeLuca accepted the award during a Zoom presentation.

According to the association, What makes this small segment of the bike path so significant is the combination of grass roots support, town initiative and the provision of a temporary terminus point at the towns Community Center. Additionally, the design of the only road-crossing at Mumford Road incorporates technology not previously used in Rhode Island to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Speaking of 4A

A few things remain to be done on the new quarter-mile segment from Mumford Road to Narragansett Community Center, including installation of accessories such as a kiosk and bike racks, and replacement of plantings under warranty. The work is expected to be completed in the spring, with an official opening to follow in late spring or early summer . The bike path is in full use by cyclists and walkers.

Questions about Finishing the Path

Is there still $3 million for completion of the South County Bike Path to Narragansett Beach in the Rhode Island Transportation Improvement Program ?

2021 RI Bond Initiatives

Access for All

Be well.

A Good Trail Definitely Worth Riding

The rail trail starts at the back end of a Security Company parking lot, goes behind the back of Lowes in Cranston RI and continues down the side of the Kmart towards Coventry, RI. It is uphill heading west, and the first few miles are rather industrial. As previous write ups indicate the east end of the trail has a few root bumps, but is certainly no worse than the average road in New England and is certainly better than most of the roads in the greater Boston metro area and can be ridden with a road bike. It passes the impressive factory at RiverPoint with some nice views near Arctic Village and onwards as you head into Coventry. At the far end there is a rather remote general store, but that’s about it. If you want to stop off, it’s probably best done in Coventry exit at route 117 it’s just over 4 minutes ride along 117 to Main Street shops and bars.

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William C Oneill Bike Path

Kingston, Peace Dale, Wakefield, and Narragansett

Ready to hit the beach? If youre in southern Rhode Island, its your lucky day! The beaches of Narragansett are fabulous and varied, and getting there can be a breeze if you take the William C. ONeill Bike Path, alternatively known as the South County Bike Path. Starting in historic Kingston Station, the rail trail is seven miles long and follows the path of the former Narragansett Pier Railroad. It has some ups and downs along the way, but the path is paved so its enjoyable for riders who want to get some mileage in.

Town and village centers, galleries, the South County Museum, wildlife sightings, and the Great Swamp, are among the other attributes that make the William C. ONeill Bike Path special. But what makes it really great? The real treat is at the eastern end the path currently ends in downtown Narragansett, but the beach is just a mile away. Be sure to bring some beach gear along, because youll want to jump in the ocean after a ride here on a hot summer day!

South County Bike Path Update #16

South County Bike Path

The Rhode Island Department of Administration is developing a state-wide Bike Mobility Plan, which is part of a long-range transportation plan for the state. The web site for this project is:

As part of the planning effort, the planners are seeking public input regarding the bike facilities throughout the state. Here is a link to an online survey prepared by the Department of Administration:

Please take a few minutes to fill in this important survey. Public input on this survey closes November 30, 2017.

The Rhode Island Moving Forward Planning Group held a workshop in Narragansett on September 25, 2017 at the Narragansett Town Hall. The second workshop will be held at the Neighborhood Guild in Peace Dale on January 23, 2018 from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. We will send out another reminder.

Happy Thanksgiving to All,

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Estimated Completion November 2013

This trail is such a tease, because once it is fully finished it will be a great ride. I rode the King of Prussia portion yesterday and I can’t wait for it to be completed. Heads up tho! If you are travelling a bit to get here and ride this trail you may want to hold off until it’s finished because the KOP section is only a little over a mile.Can’t rate this trail until its finished but have high hopes for it.

South County Bike Path Update #23

We are forwarding the following message from the R.I. Department of Environmental Management concerning outdoor recreation to include bike paths and bikeways. There are roundtable discussions at various venues in the next four weeks, and a link to a survey which includes questions about biking in R.I. which DEM will use to help prioritize funding for future outdoor recreation projects.

We plan to attend the Tuesday, October 30 meeting in Charlestown.

We encourage you to take the survey at this link:

Thank you for your support,

David and Rosemary Smith

Friends of the South County Bike Path24 Castle Road, Narragansett, RI 02882401 783-5344

Subject: Tell us your thoughts about outdoor recreation in RI!

DEM Division of Planning & Development is seeking public input on outdoor recreation across our state to help to inform the Rhode Island Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan . Feedback will help us create better outdoor opportunities for all Rhode Islanders and visitors, and will be used to help prioritize funding for future outdoor recreation projects.

If you wouldnt mind taking a few moments to use our new interactive survey map, it would be very helpful! You can put a pin on the map to tell us about a recreational resource that is working well, something that needs improvement, or something that is missing .

Go to your participation will help grow Rhode Islands outdoor recreational network.

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Narragansett Town Council Support For Bicycle Mobility Plan

Last night the Narragansett Town Council approved by a 4-1 vote a resolution supporting House Bill H8112, to place a $25 million bond referendum on the November ballot to fund implementation of the Rhode Island Bicycle Mobility Plan. The lone dissenter and members of the public who spoke in opposition to the resolution focused on debt burden and untapped COVID relief funds.

Here is the agenda item description from last nights meeting along with the Whereases:

TOWN OF NARRAGANSETT CC: 17COUNCIL COMMUNICATION Amend No.Date Prepared: May 25, 2022Council Meeting Date: June 6, 2022


FROM: Susan Cicilline Buonanno, President Pro Tem

SUBJECT: Bike Mobility

That the Town Council adopt a Resolution to support the Bike Mobility Plan.


The Rhode Island Bicycle Mobility Plan is the first statewide initiative to expand the bicycle network strategically. The plan also seeks to safely and efficiently connect people and places so that riding a bicycle in Rhode Island is safe and fun for all ages. In order to achieve the expanded network, this plan identifies candidate corridors and the supporting policies and programs to make this initiative a reality.

The vision for the BMP underpins this desire to create a connected bicycle network.


2. Bike Bill 2022 H 8112

3. Bike Mobility Plan


South County Bike Path Update #26

East Bay Bike Path, Rhode Island

May 10, 2019

The completion of the William C. ONeill / South County Bike Path reached an important milestone today as the Town of Narragansett published in the Narragansett Times an Invitation to Bid on construction of Phase 4A. This segment will start at the terminus of the current bike path on Mumford Road and extend the path behind the Narragansett Elementary School and to the Narragansett Community Center. This project is being funded by a R.I. Department of Environmental Management grant under the 2016 Green Economy Bond.

The Town of Narragansett Bid Process will close on Tuesday, June 4 at 11:00 a.m. This will allow construction of Phase 4A Bike Path during the summer school vacation period.

We extend our thanks to the Narragansett Town and School Department staffs, and to Jim Manni, Jeff Ceasrine and Susan Cicilline-Buonanno for their support and persistence in reaching this milestone.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the path. We thank you for your support.

David and Rosemary Smith

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