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Our Analysis And Test Results

How to Pump Up a Bike Tire With Presta Valves || REI

The Air Center Plus is one of several models of floor pumps made by Schwinn. As one of the most recognizable names in cycling, offering extremely affordable pumps, it would be easy for them to offer poor quality pumps for consumption by the masses. However, the Air Center Plus performed quite well in most of our tests. It isn’t the best pump we tested by any means and especially struggles with high pressures , but for about the price of two inner tubes, this is a pretty nice device.

What Are The Best Mini Bike Pumps

Buying the best mini pump will depend on what sort of riding you do, indeed you might even find you need a couple of mini bike pumps.

Long barrelled mini pumps will be a heavier option, but best for getting tyres back up to a decent pressure swiftly, ideal for long club runs, to save hanging around too long in cold weather, or on more adventurous bike rides when it’s further than a short slow scoot back to civilisation.

An uber lightweight micro pump lends itself to a ‘just in case’ option the perfect bike pump for summer racing and events. It won’t penalise you weight-wise, or take up vital energy gel space, but will be limited to providing ‘just enough’ pressure to your tyres in order to get you back to the broom wagon or race HQ without incurring damage to a pair of the best road bike wheels.

Screw The Dust Cap To The Presta Valve

Next, you can now proceed to screwing the customized cap onto the exterior part of the Presta valve backwards. It is important that the top hole where you made the cut go onto the valve initially.

In case it does not fit well, and the hole is too thin for the valve, you can widen the hole by using a screwdriver or any instrument with a sharp edge. Make sure the dust cap screws perfectly onto the valve.

If it looks like a Schrader valve, you have successfully screwed the dust cap. Afterwhich, you can get your regular bike pump, and start to pump presta valve.

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What Is Presta Valve

Presta valve is a most famous bicycle inner tube valve which is used on high-pressure road bicycles and some mountain bicycles. It is also known as the Sclaverand valve or French valve. This valve has an inner body, a valve cap, and an outer stem.

This is a thin and small diameter valve. You can inflate the Presta valve only with a specially designed pump. It contains a threaded metal body. A specially designed nut uses on the threaded body to secure the valve on the tire rim.

If you want to inflate the tire tube, first of all, you need to unscrew the valve nut at the top. When opening the nut, dont unscrew the entire core. In such a case, air will suddenly leak from the tire.

When using a Presta portable valve pump, follow the manufacturers instructions for its efficient operation and long service life. If your bicycle tire is unstable and you are using the pump to inflate the tire, there are high chances of damaging the valve.

The cyclist can pump air from the gas station air pump by connecting the Schrader adapter with the Presta valves.

There are many types of Presta valves according to the valve length. Therefore, you must consider the depth of the rim when buying tire tubes with Presta valves. If your bike has a deep rim, you will need a long tube with a Presta valve.

Best Overall Floor Bike Pump

Bicycle Floor Pump with Pressure Gauge for Presta &  Schrader Valves ...

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How To Use A Presta Valve

The Presta valves can be inflated with a regular air pump, such as a pump available at gas stations or a portable air compressor. But you will need an adaptor with regular airpump to inflate it.

Follow the below-given steps to inflate a Presta valve with a standard pump:

  • First of all, eliminate the dust cap, unscrew the valve cap located at the valve top, and save it in a safe place so that it cant be lost.
  • Gently put the adaptor on the valve tip.
  • Turn on the pump and start the air pumping process to inflate the bike tires up to the desired pressure.
  • After completing the inflation process, detach the adapter and tighten the Presta valve. Touch the valve tip to make sure that no air is leaking from the valve.
  • Put the valve cap on the valve top.

Schwinn 3rd Avenue 700c Hybrid

The bike, new, was $199 from an Amazon dealer, and it came with a load of great reviews and very few negative ones. That should be a warning to anyone looking for a new bike the shills are out there. If anyone buys one with the idea of putting it together and going for a ride, they would be disappointed. Walmart bikes are better. Seriously!I knew that it would need some work because you do…

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Schwinn Bike Pumps Best For Value

Key Features

Are you going to purchase your first bike pump? If so, Schwinn 5-in-1 Floor Pump is going to be the best for value for you. It is straightforward, as a new biker youre going to enjoy it most.

This floor pump features a wide plastic base. This base is designed in a way that on the one hand provides stability and on the other sends signal to you. That is done with an indicator-like pump head. When it is yellow, you can start pumping and when it is red, it means the pump is not ready.

The design and the large sized gauge that is installed on the top instead of base also influence us. Placement of the gauge make the reading easier as it is close to you. The sturdier valve head also earned more rating for this pump.

You can switch to a couple of options Presta and Schrader. So, you can serve all bikes in your family. At the beginning, it may get confused to find the valve chunk. That being said, there is more than meets the eye. As you start using, youll discover the brilliance of its genius.

However, you may have a complaint against the hose it offers. The 28-inch-long hose sometime can be good enough, but not for every time.

What We Liked

  • Designed with durable base that enables it for digesting heavy pressure
  • Designed with an indicator-style pump head for easy functioning.
  • Accompanied by the sturdier valve that can serve long time.

What Could be Better

  • The length of hose might be quite shorter

How To Use Presta Valve Without An Adapter

How To Pump A Presta Valve

Pumping may take a while when one is not using an adapter and if the tires and rims are narrow. However, it can be the only solution if one cannot access an adapter or cannot locate alternative equipment to carry out the job. The following are the steps to follow when using a regular bike pump on the Presta valve:

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Complete The Inflation Process

Make sure that the Presta valve has enough air in it, and to prevent the tire from being damaged, slowly pump the valve. Unscrew your personalized dust cap to complete the operation after the correct air pressure is attained. If your bike pump is a frame-mounted mechanical version, pump with one hand while holding the end of the pump linked to the valve with the other.

To ensure that the pressure from the pumping action presses against your hand and not the valve itself, curl a thumb around the tire on the hand clutching the pump end. This technique helps to protect the valve from potential harm. Additionally, it also ensures that the Presta valve is secured using the nut to prevent any air leakage.

Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump Presta Valve Bike Pump

It comes with a large-sized pressure gauge to help you easily get an accurate reading. Also, this Presta valve pump is available in a Rapid T-Valve shape to allow you to control it with just a single flick. The manufacturers use high-quality steel to make both the barrel and the handlebar sturdy to make it a perfect road pump. Moreover, it comes with an inflatable device compatible valve and ball inflation needle to help you in an emergency.

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Hand And Foot Activated Bike Mini Pump

Hand and foot-activated bicycle pumps can be used for your mountain bike, road bike, ordinary bicycle, etc… This upgraded solution makes it portable to carry the mini pump via a silicon phone bracket. Comparing to normal frame-mounted pumps operated by hands, this hand and foot-activated design makes pumping much easier and faster.

Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump Best Overall Bike Pump

Bike Pump 160PSI MTB Road Bike Floor Pump Inflating Presta Schrader ...

Key Features

  • Weighs only 2.75 enabling you carry anywhere.
  • 2 feet height making it travel-friendly
  • Accurate gauge with large screen to monitor

If you like to purchase the best pump for road and shrill gravel tires, Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump is just what you deserve.

Our first choice of the best presta valve pump comes from the renowned brand Vibrelli. First of all, it leaves a good option for as convenient travel companion as it 2 feet height only. This size can be a drawback too.

As it weighs only 2.75 pound, this unit is a perfect to store and carry anywhere. So, youll face no obstacles to board on air as the airlines baggage limit completely complies with it. We found the promised gauge perfectly working. In addition, the big gauge is effortless and can be read.

The enticing feature is that the presta valve can switch to Schrader smartly. It is mastered with a simple flick of a switch.

It comes with an emergency glueless puncture kit. Youll realize the value when get caught with a flat. An extra needle and valve are offered with this unit that allows you to use this for other enterprises like sport ball and pool toys.

What We Liked

  • Compact design that makes it perfect to carry
  • Accurate gauge to inflate your bike
  • Lightweight that makes it handy to pump

What Could be Better

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What Features Should You Look For In A Bike Pump

Depending on how you’ll use the pump, there are a few features to keep an eye out for. Unless you’re a total bike nerd , the terms Schrader and Presta won’t mean much to you, but they should: they’re the two types of valves you’ll find on tires, and knowing which you roll with will determine which pump you choose. Presta valves are found most often on performance mountain bikes and road bikes, while Schraders are more commonly seen on hybrid models and kids’ bikes. A Schrader valve is the same circumference from top to bottom and has a center pin that can be pushed in to add or release air. A Presta, by contrast, is a long and thin valve with a tapered head, made entirely of metal. The tip must be unscrewed to add or release air. The Presta is found most commonly on performance-oriented bikes because of its smaller diameter: the reduced size of the opening is able to handle more pressure, making for a stronger wheel.

It should be noted that there’s a selection of pumps that have both Schrader and Presta valves, so you won’t have to choose.

Different Types Of Bicycle Pumps

Bicycle pumps come in various types and sizes. You have different mini pumps and there are also various types of foot and hand pumps.

1. Mini Pumps

Earlier we talked about the so-called mini-pumps. These are small hand pumps that you can take with you during your ride.

If you have a flat tire on the road, you can inflate your tire after changing your inner tube.

There are two types of mini pumps: hand pumps and CO2 pumps. Neither is ideal for daily use.

2. Foot pumps

Foot pumps arent just bicycle pumps. Normal bicycle pumps are so-called hand pumps or floor pumps.

These are operated by hand while the foot pump, as the name suggests, is operated by foot.

This makes foot pumps easy to use and very effective. There are also differences between foot pumps.

The biggest difference is whether the pump is equipped with a pressure gauge. This allows you to check the pressure within your tire and keep precisely keep track of how much you still need to pump.

3. Floor pumps

Floor pumps are the most common bicycle pumps. You most likely have one of these in your shelter. This pump is operated by hand.

With your legs, you can stand on the support feet so that the pump doesnt get out of balance. Make sure you buy a pump with a pressure gauge, a higher maximum with a maximum pressure of 10+ bar.

4. Electric bicycle pumps

You can of course use an electric bike pump on any type of bike and not only on E-bikes.

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Best Mtb / Gravel / Cyclocross Pump: Sks Twenty

It looks simple -and utterly nineties- but the SKS TwentyNiner pump is actually one of the best pumps for filling big tires quickly and to a very specific PSI. The larger barrel blasts more air into your tubes and tires with each pump.

Because its designed primarily for mountain bike tires that will run lower tire pressures, the gauge only goes up to 73 PSI . That makes it easier to see exactly what pressure youre at, and the narrow range makes it more accurate.

The PSI readings below 30 are some of the most accurate weve seen on a regular pump, which is why the SKS TwentyNiner pump is also our pick for gravel bikes and cyclocross, where many riders are running 22-37 PSI. At those ranges, even 0.5 PSI can make a big difference, so having a pump that works well in that range is key.

PROS: Fast fill up on tires, easy to adjust to specific lower pressuresCONS: Floor-level gauge makes it harder to read, wont work for road bikesMSRP: $50

What Is The Best Mini Bike Pump

How to Use a Presta Valve to Fill Your BicycleTires

Factors such as the type of bike and terrain you ride, how much room you have to store a pump, and your budget can help you figure out the best mini bike pump for your needs.

Mini bike pumps are generally small enough to fit into a bike jersey or saddlebag. Some even come with a mounting bracket that attaches to your bike frame.

If you’re on a tight budget, we suggest the BV Mini Bike Pump. This popular pump is easy to transport and works with Presta and Schrader valves, so you can perform quick road and trailside repairs.

We also like the PRO BIKE TOOL Mini Bike Pump Classic Edition, which also works with both types of valves. This pump is suitable for road and mountain bikes and is built to last thanks to its durable CNC machined aluminum alloy construction.

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Lezyne Steel Floor Drive

Best Presta Valve Pump

The Lezyne Steel Floor Pump is the ultimate pump for families who regularly use Presta valves on their mountain or road bikes. With a screw-on head to protect Presta valve cores, a built-in Presta core remover , as well as a pressure release button in the head to fine-tune psi, the Lezyne is impressive.

Like any screw-on pump head, the Lezyne does take much longer to attach to the valves, but its extra-long 4-foot tube and super sturdy 3-footed base make it pretty dang easy to use otherwise.

Switching from Schrader to Presta requires unscrewing and flipping the red barrel at the end of the head. The longer barrel did prevent the head from being able to attach to the valve on our 12 pedal bike, but was barely able to fit on our 12 balance bike.

The air pressure gauge on the Lezyne was actually the largest of the lot and is very easy to read.

Although not shown in the stock image above, the Lezyne comes with ball and bladder needles. They are stored on a simple clip on the hose that only loosely holds the needles in place.

MSRP: $75

Fits 12 Bikes: Fit on balance bike, but not on 12 pedal bike with larger coaster brake hub

Pressure Rating: 220 psi / 15bar

Warranty/Replaceable Parts: 2 year / replacement head available

Ball/Bladder Needles: Included w/ onboard storage on the tube

Crankbrothers Gem Bike Pump

Great pump, but not durable

We originally loved the Gem, but sadly cant recommend it as it stopped working after less than a year of sporadic use. Based on reviews on REI and Amazon, our issue does not appear to be isolated.

OUR REVIEW BEFORE THE PUMP BROKE: The crankbrothers Gems unique footswitch allows the pump to switch between high volume and high-pressure airflow.

The high volume setting quickly fills up high volume tires, such as plus size tires on mountain bikes. For your average tires, the high volume setting also works wonders as it quickly fills up standard tires in no time.

High pressure air flow allows you to quickly fill up tires that run at high pressure but have a lower maximum volume, such as road tires.

In addition to offering the two modes, the crankbrothers Gem was also a standout because it was the easiest and smoothest pump to operate. This was in part due to its wider diameter plunger .

Every other pump we tested had a plunger about 1/2 in diameter, while the crankbrothers was twice as wide at just over 1. The wider diameter plunger paired with its weighted 3-foot base allows the Gem to pump smoothly with minimal wobbles.

Another standout feature of the Gem is its hidden ball and bladder needle storage. The needles are securely and discreetly stored in the handle of the pump. To access the needles you simply pop the cap off the end of the handle.

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