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Cycling From Prospect Park To Coney Island

Hefty fines for e-bike violators at Prospect Park

We’re going to NYC next June for the first time :)! We both like to cycle ). We’ve cycled around London and Toronto and are looking forward to making that part of our NYC experience. We are staying in midtown Manhattan and my thought is that we could jump on the subway and get to Prospect Park and then rent bikes and ride Ocean Parkway down to Coney Island and back .

Any advice from those who have cycled that route? I’ve read conflicting reports on the state of the cycling path. Also read a bit about the difficulty of navigating the traffic circle to get on the bike path at the south end of the park, so would like some input on that from those familiar with the area. And lastly, is my idea of taking the subway to Prospect Park the best way to get to that point?

The bike path is lovely and very easy to navigate. It’s covered much of the way, but there are streets to cross at various intersections along the way, and there are terribly inconsiderate pedestrians who insist on walking or pushing their strollers down the bike lane. Just keep an eye out, and feel free to yell at them as you go past. Make sure you stay on the right hand side of Ocean Parkway as you go down towards Coney Island, the left hand side is the runner/pedestrian path.

Note that there is a Prospect Park Station on the Q and B train, and a 15 St. Prospect Park station on the F. YOU DO NOT WANT THOSE!! As BB said, Fort Hamilton Parkway, the back of the train exit, Greenwood Avenue.

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The Best 10 Bike Rentals Near Prospect Park West Brooklyn Ny 11215

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  • Lakeside At Prospect Park Bike And Boat Rentals Start This Weekend

    | Updated May. 22, 2015 at 11:06 am

    To celebrate this Memorial Day weekend right, youre going to need some transportation! Look no further than the Samuel J. and Ethel LeFrak Center at Lakeside in Prospect Park. This weekend kicks off the season of boat and bike rentals at Lakeside. From pedal boats and kayaks to tandem bikes, bike trailers and surreys , Lakeside has a vehicle for every member of the family. When youre done touring the park by land and by sea, you can hit the roller skating rink, or cool off at the Splash Pad, which opens on Memorial Day.

    This Memorial Day Weekend, Lakeside guests will enjoy special boat and bike rental promotions. Active military and veterans with ID will receive 10% activities and food and beverage.

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    Biking In Prospect Park

    Take a ride through Brooklyns beloved and now CAR-FREE park!

    Prospect Park is a national landmark and an international model for urban parks. Designed by the masterminds behind Central Park, Prospect Park is home to the bulk of Brooklyns remaining indigenous forest, as well as its only lake. But its not just the 585 acres of natural beauty that draw millions of people each year this park is also brimming with attractions, events and activities.

    Renting a bike is the best way to see the park and enjoy all that it has to offer. Check out our tips for bike rental in Prospect Park, along with a ride suggestion and attractions.

    The Lefrak Center At The Lakeside Will Reopen Saturday For Boat And Bike Rentals Its One Of Several Activities Available At The Park

    Bike Rentals, Beach Rentals, Bike Tours in Staten Island, New York ...

    PROSPECT PARK, BROOKLYN To-go play kits, self-guided bird watching tours and other socially distanced activities are ready for New Yorkers at Prospect Park, including the soon-to-be reopened Lakeside.

    The Prospect Park Alliance unveiled its line-up of summer activities in Brooklyn’s backyard this week and announced that the LeFrak Center at Lakeside will reopen in August for boat, bike and kayak rentals or a stop at its Splash Pad and Bluestone Cafe.

    The activities include safety measures to keep up with social distancing guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic, including virtual exercise classes, to-go kits and sanitizing of materials.

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    Bikenyc Offers Free Classes And Children Learn To Ride A Bicycle In 30 Minutes See Here Their Trick Is To Removing The Training Wheels And Pedals And Lower The Seat So That Kids Put Their Feet Flat On The Ground Then The Children Push With Both Feet Simultaneously And And Ride As If It Is A Balance Bike

    1) Rent a bike to ride on Shore Road since 2017

    2) Of course you have seen Citibike all over and knowyou can rent a Citibike in some parts of Brooklyn. but not in Bay Ridge. Pricing Download the Citibike app to your phone.

    3) Verrazano Bicycle Shop 308 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209 680-6521 rents bikes in Bay Ridge for $35 a day $300 deposit which is refunded to you when you return the bike.

    I bet you didnt know that you can rent some awesome specialty bikes in Prospect Park! Kids love trying different styles of bikes!

    Specialty Bikes

    Single Surrey : $25 for 1 hour

    Double Surrey : $30 for 1 hour

    Deuce Coupe : $25 for 1 hour

    Chopper : $12 for 1 hour

    Quad Sport : $12 for 1 hour

    Tandem : $15 for 1 hour $30 half-day $45 full-day

    City/Hybrid: $14 for 1 hour $30 half-day $45 full-day

    Cruiser: $12 for 1 hour $25 half-day $32 full-day

    5) Brooklyn Bridge Bike Rental Ride over the Brooklyn Bridge and experience the view! hour rental $7 or 2 hours for $12 you have to book online 9AM to 9 PM rental includes helmet, lock and basket. Also tandem bike rentals for $30 an hour or $40 for two hours.

    6) Biking in Central Park they have regular bikes and tandem bikes like Prospect Park

    and Ebay both sell tandem bikes for under $300 with free shipping in case you love riding a tandem bike and want to ride it in Bay Ridge all the time!

    Lefrak Center At Lakeside

    Lakeside is the largest and most ambitious project in Prospect Park since its creation over 150 years ago. Spanning 26 acres, this $74 million restoration by the Prospect Park Alliance transforms the southeast corner of Prospect Park into a popular scenic and recreational destination. The Samuel J. and Ethel LeFrak Center at Lakeside offers ice skating, figure skating, curling, and hockey in the winter, and roller skating, biking, boating and water play in the warmer months. The Bluestone Cafe at the Chase Pavilion provides light fare and beverages year round.

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    The Audubon Center At The Boathouse

    The Prospect Park Audubon Center is located in the picturesque early-20th-century Boathouse. It is The first urban Audubon center in the country, devoted to wildlife preservation and education. Recently, it has sponsored a Pop-Up Audubon program, which engages children and adults alike in nature programs throughout different locations in the park.

    Prospect Park Loop: Rules Runners And Rental Bikes In Brooklyn

    Bicycle Ride Prospect Park

    Its simple math, really. Brooklyn is home to some 2.6 million New Yorkers, a sizable number of whom rely on Prospect Parks 526 acres for their outdoor recreation. If youre guessing that this means things can get a little congested from time to time, youre guessing right.

    Still, the occasional crowd of stroller-pushing parents or wayward pedestrians notwithstanding, the Prospect Park loop is near-mandatory cycling for anyone visiting the borough, whether youre out for a joy ride or training for an upcoming triathlon. At 3.4 miles, its about half the size of its Central Park counterpart, but follows many of the same rules and regulations.

    And yes, that means the same level of traffic enforcement as well.

    To get you prepped for this relatively straightforward ride, weve put together a list of need to knows that will better inform your expectations and, if were doing our jobs right, increase your enjoyment along the way. Take a quick look, grab your rental bike, then hit up the beautiful, if mildly contentious, green lung of Brooklyn.

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    See It All With Citi Bike

    Citi Bike is a great and affordable way to see Prospect Park. A Day Pass costs only $12, and a 3-Day Pass is $24 which is like getting your third day free! You can take as many rides as you want while your pass is active, and the first 30 minutes of each ride is included in the pass price.*

    Grab a bike from one of the five stations surrounding the park when you’re ready to start rolling. Dock your bike at any other station when you want to explore on foot, and pick up another bike when youre ready to ride again.

    You can also use Citi Bike to explore other parts of Brooklyn including the Brooklyn Childrens Museum, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Or you can ride it over one of the three bridges that lead you into Manhattan to continue your adventure. With 600 stations across NYC, Citi Bike is the best way to get around, while sightseeing along the way!

    *If you want to keep a bike out for longer than 30 minutes at a time, it’s only an additional $4 per 15 minutes. See our Pricing page for more details.

    Private Events & Group Activities

    Host your next field trip, summer camp outing, or club gathering with Wheel Fun Rentals! We offer a variety of activities that are not only fun, but also engaging. Our group activities are the perfect opportunity for kids to learn important skills like teamwork, cooperation, relationship building, problem solving, and communication. Give us a call today to make your reservation.

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    Prospect Parks Top Attractions

    We’ve pulled together some of the most popular things to see and do in the park. If you’re using Citi Bike, you can dock your bike whenever you want to explore on foot and pick up a new bike when you’re ready to continue your ride.

    The Long Meadow

    Considered the longest stretch of unbroken meadow in any U.S. park, the Long Meadow is nearly one mile of open green space and runs along the entire west side of the park.


    During the summer months, this Carousel featuring 53 magnificent hand-carved wooden horses, plus a lion, giraffe, deer and two dragon-pulled chariots is one of the most visited attractions in the park.

    LeFrak Center at Lakeside

    Spanning 26 acres, this 2013 park restoration is one of the most popular destinations in the park. In winter, it offers two state-of-the-art ice skating rinks in summer, it offers roller skating, boating and the Splash Pad for childrens water play.

    Bluestone Cafe

    Featuring indoor and outdoor dining, light fare and hearty dishes, Brooklyn Brewery beer and specialty wines, this year-round Lakeside restaurant offers something for everyone.

    Litchfield Villa

    Architecture buffs will delight in the 19th-century Italian facade, featuring ornate towers and cupolas, of this elegantly designed mansion. Once a private residence, it was condemned to make way for Prospect Park. Today it houses administrative offices for the Prospect Park Alliance.

    Prospect Park Zoo
    Lefferts Historic House
    The Audubon Center at the Boathouse
    Parade Ground

    Pedal Installment And Adjustments


    For your convenience, we also offer free pedal installment if you would like your own installed, and adjustments on all of our rentals when you pick-up your bike from our knowledgeable team. Pick-up at Prospect Park also allows riders ample space to test out the bikes and have adjustments made for the best fit possible.

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    Find Out What’s Happening In Park Slopewith Free Real

    Saturday, August 1Open DailyBeginning on August 1, the LeFrak Center at Lakeside is open daily! Rent boats, kayaks and specialty bicycles for some summertime fun exploring the park. Cool off at the beloved Splash Pad, and stop by Bluestone Cafe for food and drink available for takeaway,

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    What are the best inexpensive bike rentals?

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    “We had a pleasant bike rental experience here on a Sunday afternoon. We didn’t make any prior reservations, but you can online. We didn’t have any trouble for the 4 of us when we came around noon.The bike shop has plenty of bikes, gear, and what looks like a service station in the back if you’re having problems. It’s $7 per hour, or $35 for the whole day. You can pay before or after, if you don’t know how many hours you’ll be using the bikes. After signing a waiver, they helped fit us onto the bikes by adjusting height and such.They also gave us a bike trail map in case we needed it. 2 hours was perfect for us to bike to Prospect Park, hang out at Smorgasburg, and bike back. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a quick rental!”

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    What To Expect

    Okay, so while the letter of the law might make pedaling the Prospect Park loop sound like a fairly restrictive activity, the key takeaway is that as long as youre being attentive, your ride should go off without a hitch. No bell? Youll be fine. Blow through a crosswalk or a red light? You risk getting ticketed.

    Due to the parks popularity, you probably wont find much solitude outside of the early morning or late evening hours, but dont let that deter you. With a pristinely paved trail and cycling etiquette thats generally well adhered to, youd be surprised how seamless the the ride can be even on a busy day.

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