Bike Rental South Padre Island

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Bike Trails And Rentals On South Padre Island

South Padre Island Bike Riding

Are there any good bike trails on South Padre Island – possibly trails that take you out of the traffic? Also – any suggestions for good/ reasonable weekly bike rentals – we will be staying at the Hilton Garden – so something closer to there would help

Thanks so much

I am not aware of any trails to ride bikes. I just see people riding in the road. I think there is a place to rent bikes, but don’t know the name of it.

Thank you – would you please ck. the phone # you have posted – I am getting a message, please check the # you have dialed.

Thanks so much

Atascosa Refuge has a nice bike trail along the bay with wildlife and birds which is good to do in the winter, too hot in the summer. We also do the 22 mile ride on Hwy. 100 to the North end of the island which has very little traffic. Bicycling to Isla Blanca Park is very scenic also, we just use the sidewalks to stay out of the traffic.

Essential Snorkeling Tours On South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a premium snorkeling destination. If you are here, you are coming here to snorkel. We have a collection of places to begin your snorkeling search. For snorkeling enthusiasts, we hope youll find a few more jaw-dropping sights to brag about later. The best thing is that La Isla Vacation Rentals are near fantastic views either on the…

Spring Break On South Padre Island Is The Best

With winter ending, you are probably in the mood to get outside and enjoy the sunlight. We are here to tell you that one of the best ways to do that is on South Padre Island during spring break. Many things are happening during spring break in the South Padre area, and the best place to experience what South Padre Island has to offer is with La Isla Vacation Rentals….

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Where To Rent Jet Skis On South Padre Island

Once you arrive on South Padre Island, dont waste any time and hit the water with a jet ski rental on South Padre Island. Its not easy to miss, given that youll be able to see the Gulf spray from almost any direction on the island. If youre eager to get out in the saltwater, one of the best and fastest ways to do this is with a jet ski. …

Know More About This Tour

Bicycle Rentals

Arrive at the South Padre island water bike site 15 minutes before your selected rental time to complete your paperwork. Then head to the private waterfront, where you’ll receive some professional tips for maneuvering your water bike. The pontoon design makes for a stable platform that is easy to balance on and operate. Travel out into the protected canal system, where you might spot seagulls, pelicans, osprey, jumping mullets, and maybe even the unique ink fish. As you approach the hour mark, just pedal bike to the starting point to return your bike, we encourage you to call use as your heading in so we can help you at the boat dock. Due to equipment limitations there is a 275 lb. weight limit.

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Where Can You Rent Bikes On South Padre Island

On your next trip to South Padre Island, Texas, you have plenty of options to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. You can head to the beach and make a world-class sandcastle, walk to the local restaurants and shops to spend your afternoon, or head to a local wildlife preserve to get up close and personal with nature.

But if you want an affordable way to get around and let you enjoy the weather and get some exercise at the same time, consider renting a bike! Then, youll have a reliable mode of transportation to and from our South Padre Island condos. Here are some of the best places to rent bikes on South Padre Island.

Welcome To The Beachfront On South Padre Island

Part of the worlds longest barrier reef island, South Padre Island is located at the southernmost tip of the Texas Gulf Coast. It is separated from the mainland by Laguna Madre and connected by the Queen Isabella Causeway at the south end! It offers visitors a perfect opportunity to indulge in the typical Gulf Coast climate with moderate temperatures, warm waters and fun surf and sand adventures all along the beach. So what are you waiting for, browse and book your South Padres Island beachfront vacation rental today!PI Rentals represents over 190 South Padre Island vacation rentals ranging from condos to beach house rentals in 30 different complexes along the Texas Gulf Coast. We offer families a wide variety of resort condominiums on the beach as well as the bay. Everything from budget-friendly efficiencies to elegant condos and fine beach houses that view miles of the sparkling Gulf Coasts finest beaches. We offer unique resort accommodations aimed at providing guests with a vacation home away from home. Complete with a variety of amenities and features all of our rentals are special in their own way! We welcome you to enjoy the warm water on the Gulf of Mexico at the premiere vacation destination along the Texas Gulf Coast, South Padre Island. Book your rental now! You will also be delighted to know that ALL of our properties are Non-Smoking.

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Book Your 1 Hr Water Bike Rental Now

Save $5 per person when you book your water bike rental online!

Hydro bikes are new to our fleet of rental equipment on South Padre Island, and they are awesome! The hydro bikes are essentially floating bicycles of the water. Easier to balance on the regular two wheeled bicycles, these double pontoon water bicycles are meant for easy cruising on the open waterways of the Laguna Madre Bay. We now have six in stock to equip your whole group of family or friends in getting out for some sun.

Air Padre is the only place on South Padre Island where you can rent these state-of-the-art hydro bicycles. We have direct water access located directly behind our water sports shop. The hydro bikes are only steps away from the water’s edge. Stop by our shop any day of the week to take on this awesome water adventure.

Where To Rent Bikes On South Padre Island

Bike Cam: Isla Blanca Park, South Padre Island, Texas

Bike riding is one of the best, most enjoyable exercises there is. You can get a great workout and see the scenery simultaneously. South Padre Island is a great place to rent and ride bikes.

South Padre Island is only five miles long and about ½ mile wide, so any bike trip will be short and easy on the legs. There are no mountainous trails on the island, just simple cruises down the paved boulevards, enjoying the sunshine. As such, any South Padre Island bike rentals are perfectly tailored to the rides youll take on the island. Bikes can be rented by the hour, day, or week, and because the island is so tiny, a bike is the ideal method of transportation. Of course, you can rent Jeeps and Slingshots, but a bike will be better exercise and more fun. There are also plenty of South Padre Island vacation homes available for you to rent where you can easily store your bike.

What better way to enjoy a vacation than waking up in an island home and biking to the beach? Of course, you can also rent golf carts and scooters to get around if biking isnt your thing. Theres something for everyone!

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Spi To Prohibit Rental Use Of Motor

On Wednesday, South Padre Island City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance prohibiting the rental of motor-assisted scooters and electric bicycles, as well as the operation of them in public property, streets, highways, right-of-ways and sidewalks.

The decision was approved by a four to one vote. SPI Mayor Patrick McNulty chose to abstain from voting.

According to a draft of the ordinance, restricting the wide scale placement and use of motor assisted scooters and electric bicycles within public areas of the city and on city owned property is necessary in the interest of public safety and is established to enhance public safety.

The draft ordinance also states that it does not apply to mopeds, motorcycles or motorized mobility devices designed for transportation of persons with physical disabilities.

According to SPI Police Chief Claudine O’Carroll, from March 1 to April 6, there were 23 documented e-scooter incidents.

O’Carroll listed several no helmet violations, abandoned scooters and scooterists getting in the way of passing vehicles.

Additionally, she said a group of five scooterists rode on a sidewalk and ran a pedestrian off of it resulting in the pedestrian twisting their ankle.

Injuries of the scooterists themselves were also mentioned. Some scooterists lost control of their scooter and had injuries, such as a possible broken arm, possible broken wrist, laceration to the back of the head and scrape to the knee.

Where To Find A Boat Rental On South Padre Island

If you havent noticed, theres a lot of water surrounding South Padre Island. We recommend that you take advantage of that and find a boat rental on South Padre Island. There are many places on the island where you can get your hands on a boat or jet ski. After booking a room with us at La Isla Vacation Rentals, you should get out on the open water as soon…

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Air Padre Watersports Rental Shop

Air Padre watersports rentals shop is located at 5709A Padre Blvd. Situated on the main Padre Blvd. 3.1 miles north of the bridge, 1/2 block north of Morningside light – on the west side of the street. We are open for business from 9am – 5pm, 7 days/ week. Call us at 956-299-9463 if you have any questions regarding rental equipment, or to inquire about our various watersports lessons!

South Padre Island Bars Guide

7 Day Bicycle Rental

The South Padre Island bars are like no other. They are exciting, dynamic, and you are bound to make a memory or two out on the town. You will undoubtedly find a bar that fits your liking near a La Isla Vacation Rentals property too. 5 Essential South Padre Island Bars You wont have a problem finding the right rental property near a fantastic bar, but we have some suggestions…

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Water Bike Rentals From Air Padre

If youre staying in our South Padre Island bayside rentals, you might never want to leave the water. With the convenient water bike rentals from Air Padre, you dont have to! These awesome water bikes let you experience the sun and surf in a whole new way. They essentially float on the waters surface and are actually easier to balance on than your traditional land bicycle. Rentals for water bikes begin at $30 for one hour.

Our 5 Favorite Restaurants On South Padre Island

South Padre Island is not without its excellent restaurants. It may be hard for you to figure out which restaurant to visit when you start planning your South Padre Island vacation. La Isla Vacation Rentals is the place to stay if you are looking for the best and most accommodating rental properties in the South Padre Island region. Furthermore, these are our favorite restaurants to try when you visit South…

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