Cannondale Mountain Bikes For Sale

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Gearing Is Less More More Or Less

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Single Chainring on newer Mountain Bike Triple Chainring on Vintage Mountain Bike

On older mountain bikes, it isnt unusual to commonly see as many as 27 gears on a mountain bike. Usually, bikes had 7 to 9 cogs on the rear cassette and two or three chainrings using the front derailleur.

If there are 9 cogs on the cassette attached to the rear wheels hub and 3 chainrings attached to the crank, then this bike has 27 gears in total. Some of the gear combinations are the same so maybe a position on the biggest chainring with the middle cog, is the same as a position with the middle chainring on a smaller cog. This means that space is being wasted with duplicated gears.

When youre looking at new mountain bikes, youll notice that a lot of them have only one chainring: So it may seem that there are more gears on the older bike with three chainrings, right? Not necessarily. As mentioned previously, gears will be duplicated. Also, if there are only seven cogs on the rear, there may be less range than the single chainring, which always has 10, 11 or 12 cogs in the rear.

This means the triple chainring is unnecessarily complicated and heavy. Newer bikes have more cogs on the rear cassette, giving a wide range of gears. There are less chainrings and no front derailleur on a mountain bike with a single chainring.

Bikes with two chainrings are still common and parts are still widely available.

What this means for you as the buyer of a new mountain bike:

Tire Sizes And Widths

For details on the widths and sizes of tires for all bike types, please refer to our individual guides for hybrid, cruiser, electric, commuter, mountain, gravel and road bikes.

These are the average ranges for desirable tire widths on leisurely comfort bikes, aimed at riding on roads and bike paths.

27.5 Inch / 650b

Between 1.75 and 2.125

Mountain Bikes: A Guide To Bikes That Make Your Ride Better

With the invention of mountain bikes, thrill-seekers looked to conquer trails and other natural terrains. But now, with mountain biking being enjoyed by over 40 million Americans annually, it can be hard to figure out how to get into such a popular sport.

For those looking to get into it, there are several different types of bikes to choose from. With a range of specifications and technical aspects, there’s a lot that you’ll need to keep in mind to get the right bike for you.

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Cannondale Hybrid Bikes On Sale

If you’re looking for a “regular bike,” this is your category. These hybrid, fitness, and commuter bikes are simple, affordable, and get the job done. Whether you want to break a sweat on the weekends, commute to work, or just cruise around, these models are just the ticket. And at these prices, you’ll be getting a new ride at a cost that will make you smile.

Not sure where to start?

How Much Do I Want To Pay For A Mountain Bike

Cannondale Mountain Bikes for sale in UK

If youre approaching your first mountain bike purchase , you probably arent looking to mortgage your house to pay for it. But that doesnt mean you cant afford a decent-quality machine with reliable components.

The amount of money you can or want to pay for a bike may define the kind of riding you can do. The best examples of this are full-suspension mountain bikes.

After you have decided how much you are paying for your bike, you might have more idea of whether you are buying a bike without suspension, or with either front or full suspension.

For general use on a variety of trails, the most appropriate bike is a hardtail with front suspension. For more intense riding conditions and a larger budget, a full-suspension bike may suit. Keep in mind that full-suspension bikes are heavier and more difficult to ride uphills and on level ground.

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Do I Need Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are not essential. However, theyve become standard on new mountain bikes in recent years, due to their increased stopping power and all-weather responsiveness. A lot of new road bikes still use rim-brakes . These bikes use rim-brakes because they conserve weight and are sufficient to stop a lighter bike.

Mountain bikes are much heavier than road bikes, and are likely to be stopping in looser or muddier conditions. Importantly, disc brakes are more consistent throughout wetter weather.

There are two main types of disc brake Mechanical and Hydraulic

Hydraulic Brakes use fluid, while mechanical brakes use cables. Hydraulic brakes are more powerful and require less maintenance, but in event of breakdown are more complicated and difficult to repair.

Mechanical Disc Brakes are still very powerful, but may require more frequent maintenance. However, they are easier to repair without assistance from a professional bike mechanic.

Put simply, disc brakes are recommended. Most new mountain bikes have them as standard. To buy a mountain bike with reliable disc brakes, expect to pay at least $450.

Direct Sales Vs Local Retailer

If you are looking for a new mountain bike, you have probably come across a lot of bikes that are available to you over the internet, posted directly to your door. The benefit here is that you arent paying for the middleman and you get a cheaper bike because of it.

Good online bike retailers will pre-assemble as much as 80% to 95% of your bike before shipping and will provide the tools required for the remaining adjustments.

Your LBS will usually offer you a respectable warranty deal and minor servicing for free within the first few weeks of purchase.

Whatever route you choose, there are benefits and drawbacks.

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Cannondale Electric Bikes On Sale

Whether you ride in the city or on the trails or not much at all, e-bikes can prove to be an incredible addition to your life. With a pedal-assist motor that only engages as you cycle, you generate the power and the motor provides a boost that will help you do more than you ever thought you could. Ride more, ride farther, drive less, and have more fun being active with these great electric bikes from Cannondale.

Cannondale Mountain Bikes Range

Cannondale m500 for sale

Cannondales mountain category includes a range of rugged and capable off-road weapons:

  • Overmountain. High performance enduro bikes, like the Trigger and Jekyll, with advanced suspension setups and lightweight, sturdy frames designed to get you up tough climbs and down challenging descents.

  • Cross Country Race. Full suspension and hardtail bikes built for competitive racing across all types of terrain. XC race bikes from Cannondale include the F-SI and the Scalpel.

  • Fat Bike. Bikes with over-sized wheels and tires to glide over sand, snow and anything else. See Cannondale’s Fat CAAD.

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Which Frame Material Is Best

Aluminum makes for a cheap and light choice, while still having the potential to deliver race-level performance.

It might seem that all the best trail bikes are made of carbon fiber. It is the lightest option available, while also being one of the strongest. However, it is also the most expensive.

Steel may be a sentimental and nostalgic choice, but its also impressively pliant.

Titanium beats out other options for durability.

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Cannondale Bikes For Sale

What began as a small startup in a loft above a pickle factory in the early 1970s has grown to become one of the most widely recognized cycling brands in the world. Over the last four decades, Cannondale has established a solid reputation for bike manufacturing innovation. Cannondale bikes have made their mark in the Tour de France, and the companys mountain bikes blazed the trail in terms of the use of dual suspension systems. At BikeExchange, our mission is to provide the most efficient way to bring buyers and sellers of Cannondale bikes together.

Sizes Are Confusing How Do I Know Which Bike Fits Me

Cannondale Mountain Bikes for sale in UK

Info given by the manufacturer: Most manufacturers will have a range of sizes available for each bike. This is given in inches. If you arent an experienced cyclist, this may hold little meaning for you. Dont fret.

Basic sizes: will be given as: S / M / L / XL or similar. Each of these sizes should have a height range associated with them . These are great as a rough guide, however

Theres no such thing as an Average Medium: Sizing is not the same across all bikes and manufacturers. A Medium on one bike can be the same size as the Large size of another model. In addition, some of us have shorter or longer legs than others, in comparison to our full height. Some of us have shorter or longer arms or torsos. So what to do?

How can I be sure? The best solution to this problem is to visit your local bike shop, where they can offer you a professional sizing and match you to appropriate bikes. You can even test-ride a bike and get a feel for the size and type that suits you. With this in mind

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Cannondales Most Popular Road Bikes:

  • Cannondale SuperSix Evo: Lightweight road bikes for ambitious cyclists.
  • Cannondale Synapse: Comfortable endurance road bikes for training and cycling marathons.
  • Cannondale Slate: Innovative gravel road bikes with a suspension fork.
  • Cannondale SuperX: Strong cyclocrossers for ambitious cross-country fighters.
  • Cannondale Topstone: Independent gravel bikes with high riding comfort.

Tubeless Or Not Tubeless

Anatomy of a tubeless tire: 1. Rim 2. Rim strip and Valve 3. Tire 4. Sealant

As the name suggests, tubeless tires do not use an inner tube. They rely on tight tolerances and air pressure to create an airtight seal. Tubeless tires use a sealant that fills small puncture holes and dries quickly, allowing you to continue riding.

Tubeless tires can be run at lower pressures, allowing them to create a larger contact patch which can deliver greater control. Lower pressure tires act as suspension and have the ability to envelop small objects, delivering a more comfortable ride.

Tubeless tire setups result in less punctures. True believers praise the perceived weight savings, which may be significant. Setting up tubeless tires is more involved and messy than changing a tube, but results in less tire-changes in the long run.

If you are undecided, your best bet is to ensure that your bike is fit with tubeless-ready rims. These will allow you to use either a tube or a tubeless setup. Today, most mountain bikers are tubeless converts.

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Recumbent Bikes And Trikes

Recumbents are ergonomic and comfortable. Two and three-wheel models are available.

A sophisticated, full-suspension 2-wheeler

Theyve been praised by medical professionals, for their various health benefits. The majority of the bodys weight is distributed across the back and buttocks, rather than being focused on the saddle and hands. This seating position avoids potential prostate aggravation, as pressure is not being placed on the perineal area. It has also been purported to improve circulation.

Neck, shoulder and arm pain is significantly reduced, in comparison to the traditional riding posture on a conventional bicycle. The lower back is relaxed, rather than being arched. Riders look straight ahead, without having to crane their neck backward. On most recumbents, steering takes place beneath the seat. Conversely, conventional bicycles require the rider to rest a lot of weight upon their wrists.

Recumbents maintain a low profile, literally

Some enthusiasts claim that recumbents are the safer option, in the instance of a crash. Being closer to the ground, there is the possibility that the risk of injury is reduced during a fall. They are less likely to flip over, should you be the unfortunate recipient of a vehicle impact or equipment failure.

Electric models are available

Bosses Eyelets And Mounts

$80 Vintage Cannondale Bike! | Quick Sell |
This frame is kit with ample bosses,eyelets and mount-points

Eyelets are threaded fittings that allow you to attach accessories to your bikes frame. Mount-points are important if you head out on long rides or bikepacking trips. In these situations, youll be seeking multiple bottle cages and cargo-housing solutions.

Many mount points are versatile and can be used to attach bottle cages, frame-bags or cargo. Other eyelets serve as mount-points for fenders.

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Saddles Does Plush Mean Comfortable

Many riders assume that a bigger, softer saddle will be more comfortable. If you were to sit down on a stationary bike, or to ride a short distance on a wide, plush saddle, it may feel very accommodating. But on longer rides these saddles often create soreness in hips and legs due to excessive movement.

The most important thing to consider is the shape of the saddle and its ability to absorb vibration.Bigger does not mean better.

Where Will I Ride My Bike

This is an important question to ask yourself. Are you riding close to home and if so, what is the terrain like in your local area? If youll be restricted to a flatter area, you may be satisfied with less suspension and a narrower range of gears. If your hometown is mountainous, a rugged bike may be a necessity.

If youre getting into more specialized styles of riding or heading to mountain bike parks, you may want to look at a particular type of mountain bike. You might need to consider full suspension.

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Why Are There Different Wheel Sizes And Which Is For Me

29 Inches: This is one of two new standard sizes. They are more efficient and can roll over bigger bumps. The larger size offers more contact with the ground and increased stability. In cross-country, where speed is king, 29 rules the roost. Some possible drawbacks include increased stopping distances and weight . For some smaller riders, 29 wheels may make a bike too large and unwieldy, hence

27.5 Inches: This size was revived from an older and less common size you may still see referred to as 650b. It sits between 26 and 29 and offers a more engaged ride with the possibility of increased agility. It also allows for a lower standover height for shorter riders. On some bikes, 27.5 wheels are used with plus-size tires. These are fatter tires with less air in them. This can act as a form of suspension on rigid bikes.

Some bikes are designed for both 27.5 and 29 wheels. This allows owners to choose or switch between either of these sizes. Usually, the 27.5 option is run with fatter tires, while on 29 wheels, tires will be narrower.

Cannondale Mountain Bikes On Sale

Cannondale Mountain Bike for sale in UK

Cannondale has been making some of the best mountain bikes in the industry for decades. With bikes in every style and category, there’s sure to be a model that’s right for the way you like to ride. Plus, taking advantage of these awesome savings will only make hitting the trails that much sweeter.

Not sure where to start?

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The Top Models Of Cannondale Bikes In The Shop

On longer tours, the Cannondale Habit copes best. This Cannondale Full Suspension Bike, which is a true all-rounder bike, is suitable for cross-country, marathon, and enduro routes.

The new models of the 2019 season can be found on our Cannondale Bikes 2019.

  • Cannondale CAAD12: Revolutionary design creates a road bike with a frame weight of lesser than 1,100 grams.
  • Cannondale Habit: The all-rounder Full Suspension Bikes from Cannondale.
  • Cannondale Quick: With this bike, you are just as well served in everyday urban life as on extended sports bike tours on weekends.

Shop Bikes Parts & Accessories Online

At Bike Depot, we aim to be the one stop shop for cyclists of all levels of experience and interests. Whether you’re a new cyclist looking for advice and assistance, or a veteran cyclist looking for the best bicycle products online, we want to help you. Shop our catalog of bikes, parts and accessories from top brands like Specialized, Cannonade, Giant, Santa Cruz and more. We look forward to seeing you in one of our stores!

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Is There One Bike For All Seniors

When we talk about a seniors bike, were talking about any bike that you choose to ride in your later years.

Are you just getting back on to a bike after years out of the saddle? Perhaps youve never been a rider and youre entering the cycling world for the first time. Or maybe youve been riding for decades. Given the wide range of experience, there is no one perfect bike for a senior rider. But some of the best bikes for seniors are designed with the comfort of older riders in mind.

Cycling provides ongoing physical, mental and social health benefits

Extensive medical research has proven that regular cycling contributes to a healthy lifestyle and a longer life. Being a low-impact sport, cycling places minimal stress on joints and limbs, in comparison to activities such as jogging and parkour.

Well help you out with the technical stuff, but a large part of your decision should be based on your personal needs and preferences. Are you looking for a more traditional bike that employs relaxed geometry? Or is an e-bike more your speed? Perhaps a three-wheeler, with some room to haul cargo and shopping. Or maybe you prefer the ergonomic allure of the recumbent?

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