Carbon Fiber Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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Carbon Full Suspension Mountain Bike That Youll Love

IMust Carbon Fiber P9 Full Suspension Mountain Bike Overview

If you like to explore mountain bike techniques such as cornering, jumping, climbing, or descending, you need a decent bike to do this. Having bikes with full suspension is going to help you so much. Better if its carbon to add the light feel when riding. Thats why lets talk about carbon full suspension mountain bike that might be good for you.

Mid Travel: Best Carbon Mountain Bikes Under $4000

Big wheels, big speed, big fun, big value.

The Trek Fuel EX 9.7 29 came as a big surprise for usboth in how well it was equipped but also how low the price was for what you got. Normally, when you think of in-demand brands, like Trek, higher prices usually accompany the drool-worthy bikes, especially on the higher-end builds around carbon frames. However, thats not always the case, with the Fuel EX 9.7 29 being an excellent example.

Find out more about the Fuel EX 9.7 29 from your local dealer, or head to their website here.

Rip up, down and everything in between.

A carbon bike for how much? And I can buy it at a bike shop?

We were a bit surprised when we stumbled upon the GT Sensor Carbon Elite in our searchesits a carbon bike with all the current standards and a lot of very solid parts specs for only a touch over $3,000. So whats the catch? For one, only the front triangle is carbonthe rear is still aluminum to keep cost down. The other hang-up is the forka Rock Shox Sektor RL. Despite being updated with the new DebonAir damper, the Sektor isnt the stiffest fork out there, and it doesnt have the more refined dampers that are found on higher-end forks. However, you still get a solid frame from a reliable brand , an NX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, X-Fusion dropper post, tubeless wheels and SRAM Level TL brakes. And for $3,150 you still have plenty of cash if you want to upgrade the fork later.

Get everything you need in one purc.wait, wasnt this in here already?

Mountain Bikes Under $3500 Tested And Reviewed

Thirty-five hundred dollars is a lot of money to spend on a bicycle. Its also about the average price for a full-suspension, carbon mountain bike with entry-level components in 2020, though some riders happily pay more than that for a new bike.

We did our best to test a variety of mountain, gravel, and fat bike builds this year, including several more affordable options. For those with an entry-level budget and expert-level ambition, here are seven bikes to consider, ordered from least to most expensive.

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What Are The Best Mountain Bike Components

Most bikes run Fox or RockShox suspension with Shimano or SRAM stop and go equipment and you can’t go far wrong with either. SRAM AXS is our favourite top end spec though, while Shimano Deore and SLX are awesome at the affordable end. Other brands like Cane Creek, Ohlins and Hope get a look in occasionally too and that’s generally fine by us.

Wheels vary from brand name to own brand and while few are obviously rubbish, the best thing is that most bikes come with decent tires. A lot of them are set up tubeless from the shop too which is a definite win. Bars, stems and dropper posts are generally the right shape/length and reliable too, which is a big change from 5-10 years ago.

In short, it’s pretty hard to go really wrong with most bikes now, although the price of entry to decent full-suspension is more like £1500 than £1000 like it was a few years back.

Finding Your Carbon Fiber Frame Mountain Bike On Ebay

High Quality 27.5 Inch Carbon Fiber Mid Full Suspension Mountain Bike ...

Whether you’re a competitive mountain biker or a recreational rider who wants a higher-performance bike, a carbon fiber bicycle is sure to improve your ride. eBay offers a wide range of carbon fiber bike frames for mountain biking. Here’s how to find the right one for you at a price you can afford.

Manufacturers of carbon fiber mountain bikes

Carbon mountain bike frame durability is unparalleled, and since carbon isn’t necessarily a cheap material, most available frames offer good value. Many different manufacturers offer carbon fiber bikes. Here are some of the manufacturers you’re likely to see on eBay:

Do these bikes have different kinds of suspensions?

When purchasing a new or used mountain bike, you’ll see listings for two kinds of suspension: hardtail and full suspension. A hardtail bike has a suspension at the fork, but none at the back. A full suspension has both. While which one you buy usually comes down to personal preference, each has its advantages. A full suspension offers a more cushioned ride, while a hardtail bike is usually lighter in weight. However, hardtail bikes also tend to be a little less expensive. If you’re a recreational rider who doesn’t ride on excessively bumpy surfaces, a hardtail may be a better choice. If comfort is the ultimate goal, a full suspension is likely your answer.

Buying new versus buying used

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Specialized Turbo Levo Expert Carbon

In 2021, Specialized released a carbon full suspension mountain bike that is going to give you the great sensation while biking, its Turbo Levo Expert Carbon. Well, some might be more familiar with the alloy material from this bike. But, Specialized chose to release the carbon version of this series. It brings more options for bikers who want to buy this bike series.

Specialized stated that Turbo Levo Expert Carbon offers serious weight with its advanced carbon front triangle. It also has a high level of technical capability with a FOX 36 fork and DPS shock. The full-suspension feature maximizes this bike as a fully-fledged progressive trail bike.

Dont forget the fact that this mountain bike is an electric bike. It has Levos Specialized 2.1 motor that will amplify your pedaling input by a mind blowing 410%. The M2 batteries also provided plenty of range of energy so it wont stop when youre riding it for a long time.

It looks perfect, right? eBike with full-suspension and carbon material. Some reviews also said the suspension proved to be adapted well with all types of bumps. The thing is, with this kind of feature you need to pay more to get it. This bike costs about $8,750. Quite expensive. Also the full power Levo does not suit their auxiliary battery like the SL-series bikes are. It has a different plug and a different frequency, so you might be in danger if you try to put them together.

How Much Should The Best Full

The lightest full suspension race bikes still sneak in under 10kg and premium downcountry bikes are in the 11 to 12.5kg bracket. Cheaper XC and DC bikes are in the 13 to 14kg range, but by that point they’re really short travel trail bikes. Most trail bikes are now in the 14 to 15kg range with some big hit or low price options sneaking significantly over that.

The good news is that while most bikes have got heavier, they mostly pedal better which offsets the weight on climbs or when accelerating out of corners. More control and confidence mean you can carry more speed through turns and technical sections as well, so there’s less accelerating to do afterwards.

That won’t help you lift your bike over a gate or into a car though and when it comes to long, not technical climbs, less weight is always an advantage.

The top racers in the world used to all ride hardtails for minimum weight but tougher courses mean the fastest riders all use the best full-suspension XC bikes.

The great news is that its creating some really versatile high-velocity, short-travel machines that are as happy raving on your favorite singletrack as they are ripping up the race track. But which are the winning machines and what do you need to know to work out which is the best bike for you?

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Why You Should Buy Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Once you choose the full suspension mountain bike, you will enjoy many benefits. You will get a perfect riding experience.

As we all know,mountain biking is a great sport and it provides several health and wellness benefits for the cycling enthusiast.

Perhaps you have heard the term full suspension mtb being used, but what does it mean? A full suspension mountain bike has shock absorbers on the front and back and provided several performance benefits that Im going to explain to you.

Beiou Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Hardtail Beiou Bikes

Low cost carbon fiber Chinese MTB frame | Trifox full suspension mountain bike frame

This is another brilliant piece of item from BEIOU bikes. This bike has some really cool material that could be let you have it without any doubt. This hardtail BEIOU carbon fiber mountain bike can blow anyone looks by its exclusive design and features. This bike is specially designed for mountain riders who want to explore the mountain in a new way. This bike has enough capability and durability to do that. This is for the best

This bike main design materials are carbon fiber with the Shimano SHIMANO M610 DEORE mechanism. This carbon fiber mountain bike is light and sturdy. With very high quality carbon fiber this bike frame designed with a suspension fork. This hardtail mountain bike with 30 speeds and with hidden disc brakes is specially designed for the high-cost performance and Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Athletes.


As you know its a carbon fiber mountain bike. So obviously you can guess which materials are used to make the frame. Yes, this bike frame is one of the high quality and powerful carbon fiber. Its Ultralight and durable and it has a lot of shock absorption power. So for a speedy movement and to participate in different racing competitions this bike will fit perfectly. Any kind of mountainous terrain you will be able to go through with confidence and control.

Suspension Fork:

Speed and Shifter:

Braking System:

Wheels and Rims:


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Shop Carbon: Full Suspension Frames

  • DCB F150 Trek Slash Style Carbon Full Suspension Frame 29er or 27.5+
    Regular price
  • DCB F130 Trek Fuel Style Carbon Full Suspension Frame 29er or 27.5+
    Regular price
  • DCB F100 XC/Trail Full Carbon Full Suspension Frame 29er or 27.5+ 100mm 120mm
    Regular price
  • DCB F110 Santa Cruz Tallboy Style Carbon Full Suspension Frame 29er or 27.5+
    Regular price
  • DCB F157 Pivot Mach Style Carbon Full Suspension Frame 27.5
    Regular price
  • DCB F150-E Trek Rail Style Carbon Full Suspension E Bike Frameset 29er or 27.5+
    Regular price
  • DCB F120 Specialized Camber Style Carbon Full Suspension Frame 29er or 27.5+
    Regular price

How Much Mountain Bike Suspension Travel Is Best

150mm is the average real-wheel movement for most trail bikes. Its enough to make a big difference in control off drops and through rock gardens but not so much that it disturbs pedalling or geometry even at full travel. Most shock and suspension set ups are sorted enough that theres no saggy middle stroke section or lost power either.

There are some trail bikes with 125-130mm travel feel for a tauter, tighter feel and some of them exploit that with a lighter weight overall build too. Meanwhile 120mm ‘downcountry’ bikes pack a surprising amount of control into a significantly lighter package while pure XC bikes run 100mm of travel to achieve sub 10kg weights.

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Marin Rift Zone Series

Best entry-level full suspension mountain bike

  • MSRP: $1,899 $4,859
  • Frame: Aluminum or Carbon/Aluminum mix
  • Travel: 130mm 125mm
  • Tire Size: 27.5 x 2.35 or 29 x 2.5
  • Efficient bike for long rides
  • Off-brand crankset
  • Minimal frame protection

The is the brands flagship full-suspension mountain bike. It falls neatly into the low-travel trail category, optimized for speed on climbs and flowy downhills. This series includes the best full suspension mountain bike under $2000.

The low rear travel means the Rift Zone is efficient going uphill, at the loss of a bit of traction when tackling rough climbs. The slightly less forgiving suspension encourages fast, standing efforts up steep sections to stay as stable as possible.

While descending, the Rift Zone is perfectly comfortable on light to moderate trails. As a trail and cross-country mix, this bike will be twitchy and lose traction on heavy, chunky downhill sections. However, it holds speed excellently on XC trails.

If youre a rider who loves flowy trail days with plenty of ups and downs, this efficient XC pedaler will is a solid choice. In addition, the range of affordable builds means you can choose the Rift Zone as your first full-suspension mountain bike.

Buying A Mountain Bike Online

29"  Full Suspension Carbon MTB Frame Bike Mountain Bicycle Parts Carbon ...

Theres a good chance that you do a lot of your shopping online, so why not do the same when youre ready to pull the trigger on a new bike? With more and more companies offering online checkout options, and the emergence of consumer-direct brands like YT and Canyon , theres never been a better time. But before you skip the in-store experience, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Are you comfortable with minor bicycle assembly and adjustments? Do you know which size you need or geometry that feels most comfortable? Will someone be home to receive the delivery of your expensive new ride?

A properly fitting bike is imperative for two-wheel enjoyment, and the thought of buying a rig without being able to throw a leg over it first may seem daunting for some. Luckily, almost all brands and online retailers provide an easy-to-follow size guide for their bikes. Simply locate your height on the chart and see which size it corresponds to. If youd like to take it one step further, dive into the geometry chart, which shows frame dimensions for each size and can help you fine-tune your search. And if that isnt enough for you, Competitive Cyclist has a comprehensive fit calculator which should more than satisfy the most discerning riders. While nothing beats seeing a bike in person, there are many sizing tools available online to meet most riders needs.

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Is Carbon Worth The Upgrade

There are many options for upgrades, from less costly upgrades like a new handlebar or seat to more expensive upgrades such as replacing your wheels or switching your drivetrain from 2×10 to 1×11. Most upgrades are born from the idea that less weight is better, and we tend to agree as long as it doesn’t come at the cost of performance. There are some major bike components that you can replace to lighten your rig, but what about the frame? We feel that most bike owners out there will do a full upgrade in the form of a completely new bike, but there are riders out there that will replace just a frame. This article will speak to both groups of riders about whether upgrading to a carbon frame or upgrading from an aluminum bike to a new carbon bike is worth the cost.

Juliana Wilder C R Tr

Best womens XC bike with trail capability

  • Travel: 120mm 115mm
  • Tire Size: 29 x 2.4
  • Lightweight and stiff build
  • Rekon tires dont offer enough grip

The Juliana Wilder C R TR is the more capable big sister to the regular model, featuring extra travel and a more robust build. Its our pick for the best full-suspension mountain bike for the money.

designed the Wilder to be a featherweight ripper, balancing the capability for fast cross-country riding and mixed trail riding. The frame is Santa Cruzs Carbon C with excellent stiffness-to-weight characteristics, complementing this bikes character. In addition, it has slack and long geometry for an XC bike, improving stability and handling on rougher trails.

The Wilder C R TR build suspension components include a RockShox SID RL 120mm fork and a 115mm Float Performance DPS shock. These join by a single pivot Superlight platform that enhances rear-wheel traction and sensitivity on climbs and descents while improving overall pedaling efficiency.

Other notable features include the proportional chainstay geometry for consistent qualities across disciplines, Maxxis Rekon 2.4 tires, and an SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain with an 11-50t cassette.

Consider Julianas Wilder if youre a woman who loves fast XC riding and tackling flowy trail days with plenty of climbing.

Best full suspension electric mountain bike

  • Tire Size: 29 x 2.5 + 27.5 x 2.4
  • Battery level reads in 20% blocks

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Best Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes

If youre in the market for a new mountain bike, you may be wondering if you should buy one made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber mountain bikes have many benefits over traditional mountain bikes, but they also come with a higher price tag. Carbon fiber is a lightweight and durable material that is often used in manufacturing bicycles. Check our expert reviews here.

The Best Xc Full Suspension Mountain Bike

FOREST Carbon fibre full suspension mountain bike
  • XC Full Suspension MTB Bike S3 under 4000$

The full suspension moutain bike we are looking at is the Cross Country or XC bike which typically has 100 mm of rear travel.It is designed for those who enjoy a mix of uphill and downhill with a stronger focus on being very efficient when pedalling uphill.

One must look for a light-weight full suspension mountain bike that is very capable to take you on those long bike rides.

A perfectly balanced bike, one that can handle both uphill and downhill rides would be the ICAN S3.

The XC full suspension mountain bike is available in four sizes: S, M, XL, and L, basically suitable for riders of all heights.

In addition,the 100mm travel bike features electronic shifting courtesy of SRAM’s GX eagle Trigger Lunar, which is a great spec considering the price. To slow down, S3 has specced the Spark with SRAM LEVEL brakes, and the fork are from RockShox, respectively.

Summary features

  • Groupset: SRAM GX eagle Trigger Lunar
  • Wheel size: 29er suspension MTB
  • Carbon 29ER 15*110 RockShox FORK
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