Cell Phone Holders For Bikes

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Best Bike Phone Mounts

Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts

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We live in an age where over 80% of the worlds population owns a smartphone. Having a handy-sized, sophisticated computer allows us to do virtually anything on the move.

On our bikes, smartphones enable us to navigate, check our speed, listen to music, make notes, light the way and so much more. We can even make a call!

There are clear advantages to having your phone at your fingertips while riding. You can, of course, get brilliant cycling computers for all your needs, but a smartphone will do the same job without you having to invest in a separate piece of equipment.

But if you are using a smartphone while cycling, for safety reasons it needs to be accessible. And with this in mind, a good bike phone mount could be your best option.

Its also important to use headphones that enable you to still hear your surroundings while cycling.

Who This Is For

A smartphone bike mount is a worthy investment for bike commuters or recreational riders who want to use their phone for directions, whether on their own bikes or on ride-share bikes. Its also of use to someone who wants to record their rides for fitness purposes but doesnt need the bells and whistles of a dedicated cycling computer.

How We Picked And Tested

We began our research in 2019 by looking at how cycling-enthusiast publications and websites, such as Bicycling, Cycling Weekly, and BikeRadar, reviewed mounts and which models were their favorites. We also searched for best sellers on Amazon, as well as on several cycling-specific online stores, to see what people buy and what the in-the-know retailers choose to sell.

Bicycle smartphone mounts come in a wide range of designs. We looked at three of the most common types of mounts, the first of which consists of two parts: a phone case or a stick-on adapter and a compatible base that attaches to the bike. The second uses silicone bands or plastic brackets to hold up to an extra-large smartphone. The third fully envelops a phoneyou view its screen through a clear plastic cover.

From our initial list of 29 mounts, we nixed several because of iffy reviews or stock issues. We then called in 22 mounts for testing, including both the phone-specific and universal versions of the two-part systems.

We tested with both an iPhone 8 Plusto represent an extra-large model and one for which the mount companies make a specific caseand a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, which served as our more regular-size smartphone and the one on which wed test the adapters. We eliminated a few mounts right off the bat if the phones didnt fit well in the cases or mounts, if they seemed particularly insecure in the mounts, or if some part of the mount impeded the usability of the phone screen or buttons.

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Length And Shape Of Handlebars

“It is important to pick a mount that works not only with your bar size, but also the style of bar,” Johnson says. “Some bars have angled parts instead of round, making mounting an issue. Other bars leave very little open space between other components, meaning you may need a certain type of mount.”

Always measure your handlebar length and width and know how much available space you have for a mount before buying.

Security On Bumpy Terrain

Bike Mobile Phone Bracket Cell Phone Silicone Mount Holder GPS ...

The other metric that people clearly care most about across our research is phone security. A phone is a pricey investment that no one wants to see fly off the mount and become lost, cracked, or broken. We assessed how much the phone moved within the mount and also how much the mount moved on the handlebars.

Semi-permanent mounts and bike bags performed best in this metric. The Rokform Pro topped the pack since it is semi-permanently installed over the bike’s steer tube and is less inclined to vibrate or move at all. This mount is well suited to bumpy gravel rides or singletrack. The Peak Design and Quad Lock also performed well on bumpy terrain when securely installed.

The Wild Man Bag and the RockBros Bag are also secure because your phone won’t fall out of the closed bag. These bags wouldn’t be great for mountain biking, because they tend to wiggle a lot and can get in the way of you standing over your bike. If your primary concern is keeping your phone safe from flying out of the mount and you want extra storage, then these bags are a good pick.

Surprisingly, the Rokform Sport Series performed relatively poorly because the velcro strap could not be tightened enough to stop the mount from shifting on the bike.

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Ease Of Phone Attachment

Depending on the mount you purchase, it can be easy or difficult to attach or detach your phone to or from the mount. Mounts that utilize an adapter system, like the Nite Ize Steelie, offer a super-quick way to pop your phone in and out of your mount if you want to stop and take a quick photo during your ride.

Why You Need A Lamicall Bike Phone Holder

Purchase a high-quality item choosing quality above money is always a wise decision. Become a Lamicall customer to support innovation. Say goodbye to a rickety bike phone stand and be ready to vlog as youve never done before. Bicycles, motorbikes, strollers, shopping carts, electric scooters, indoor treadmills, and spin bikes are compatible with the Lamicall bike phone stand. The Lamicall bike phone mount may be your finest outdoor buddy, with a wide range of device compatibility, shockproof protection, and vertical and horizontal adjustment.

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Best Bike Phone Mount Of 2022

In our 6-year quest for the best bike phone mount, we’ve tested almost 30 models and bought 10 of this year’s top options for our latest round of side-by-side testing. We rode with these mounts for hundreds of miles on our daily commutes, across smoothly paved surfaces, and over rough off-road terrain. We checked out how they could handle water and dust, then mounted them on mountain bikes for strenuous tests of vibration and durability. To our surprise, and your good fortune, some of the best performers in many situations turned out to be among the least expensive models.

Between bikes and bike accessories, we’ve tested hundreds of products. If you’re seeking a specific type of bike or component, chances are, we have opinions and those opinions are based on thousands of hours of riding and real-world usage. From the best bike computers to top bike helmets and even great electric bikes, our reviews can help you uncover the best product for your needs.

Editor’s Note: This review was updated on September 29, 2022, with additional products from Peak Design which both won Editor’s Choice Awards.

Our Pick: Quad Lock Bike Mounts

Tested brutally! Bicycle smartphone handlebar mounts

A Quad Lock case or Universal Adaptor used with the companys Out Front Mount held our test phones supremely stable over all sorts of road surfaces. We recommend this combo above other mounts if youre a regular rider who intends for a smartphone to be your frequent copilot when you tool around town.

The sockets for both the phone case and universal adapter twist and lock firmly onto the bikes mount bracket and wont let go without your releasing the safety lever, which you can do with one hand.

We found it easy to put the iPhone 8 Plus case on our test phone. It fit well, didnt interfere with the side buttons or wireless charging , and had a lip that was high enough to protect the phone if it were to fall facedown on a flat surface. The socket on the back, while noticeable, was one of the least bothersome of any case we tested.

Quad Lock makes cases for most iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Pixel models people who own other phones can use the Universal Adaptor, which sticks firmly to a phone or case with a high-bond adhesive. The company suggests affixing the adapter directly to either your phone, if the phone is made of suitable material , or to a case made of a material on the approved list. Amy didnt see the list before we purchased the test cases for her Samsung Galaxy S8 Activeand there are limited case options available for that phone anywaybut still, even on her unapproved TPU case, the adapter remained sturdily attached.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Though the Quad Lock cases mount socket isnt as obtrusive as those of similar products, it still creates a bumpy dent on the back of the phone that may bother some people. The Universal Adaptor adds enough bulk that we wouldnt want it there all the time you might consider buying an approved case specifically for use with the mount.

Amy found it tricky to align the socket with the mount, often fumbling with it and peeking under the phone to see why things werent matching up she did discover that depressing the release lever can help get it to go on with less futzing.

You cant change the phone from portrait to landscape mode without releasing the lock on the base. Amy didnt find herself needing to do so very often, as portrait is generally the orientation that works best with apps. Still, other mounts, including our budget pick, do this more readily.

How To Find The Right Bike Mount Fit Expert Caitlin Giddings Gets The Answers From Bicycling’s Deputy Editor Tara Seplavy

BI: Are there any advantages to using a bike phone mount versus a handlebar-mounted bike computer?

C.G.: Seplavy says she prefers the latter but understands why the combination of a phone and a good case might be preferable for many. Some riders might not want to spend the extra money on a bike computer, might prefer the functionality of their favorite mapping apps, or just like being able to access their phone quickly, she says. Working in bike shops, I saw lots of commuters and delivery riders who preferred to use their cell phone, or weekend riders who didnt want the hassle of another device. If you ride an e-bike that has an app to check your battery or control your motor while on the go, a cell phone can also be useful. For these riders, it can work out great!

BI: What are the most important things to look for in a phone mount?

C.G.: I recommend ones that have durable construction, arent a hassle to remove and install your phone, can survive some bumping around without your phone flying off, and dont get in the way of other accessories you use like lights, bells, and bags, she says.

BI: Are there any concerns about fit or compatibility that people should note before getting a phone bike mount for their bike?

BI: Do you use one or have you used one?

C.G.: Ive tried the Fidlock, which is good, but a little pricey. I have also sold lots of the Nite Ize Wraptors and Handlebands. Those ones arent super secure, but they are cheap!

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How We Chose Our Selection Of Bike Phone Mount

Compiling this list was no easy feat, be rest assured that there were a number of factors that had to be taken into consideration in order to pick our selection of bike phone mount, here are the key factors:

Brand – Brands go a long way in shaping the way we think about or completely perceive a product as a whole, this is probably because different brands set standards to which their products typically adhere to. As such, when picking the best bike phone mount, we had to consider brands that are well-known for producing sturdy and long-lasting bike phone mounts as a whole. Just to mention a few Gearlock, Wallfire, Stoon, and TaoTronics are all big names when it comes to this particular bike accessory and you best believe that they live up to their names.

Reviews – Customer reviews have become the one true way to find out whether the product truly does live up to its expectations. Of course, companies will have totally good things to say about their products, at the end of the day they need to make a certain number of sales to keep their businesses afloat as well as turn a profit, as such one must look to the testimonies of every user to find out the truth. No product is completely perfect, but all the ones that made it to this compilation definitely have the pros outweighing the cons and as such, you can rest assured that you are getting a stellar product.

Fidlock Vacuum Case Phone Mount

WixGear Universal Magnetic Bicycle &  Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Holder ...
Fidlock Vacuum Case Phone Mount
Fidlock Vacuum Case Phone Mount
Stability ranking Fairly stable

Style: Magnetic connection between case and mount | Works with: Most phones most handlebars | Stability ranking: Fairly stable

The Fidlock works much like the Quadlock in that it features a stem or handlebar mount that hooks onto a phone casethis time through a twist-lock magnetic system that connects to a vacuum suction mount. The case comes in an array of sizes to fit iPhones and Samsung phones, while the base connects to your handlebar or stem cap and allows you to rotate the phone 360 degrees. We found it to be a fairly secure systemthe magnet feels strong enough to maintain a confident enough grip on your phone for road rides, though we were hesitant to trust the system on technical terrain.

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The Best Bike Phone Mounts Of 2022

May 16, 2022 | By Austin Beck-Doss

Whether youre out for a quick romp on the singletrack or youre in the midst of an all-day road ride, weve found the best bike phone mount for your next two-wheeled adventure.

These days, between navigation apps, music streaming services, and social workout platforms like Zwift and Strava, many cyclists rely on access to their phones while seated in the saddle. For these riders, the smartphone functions like the dashboard display of a car information, connectivity, and controls that all exist in a single convenient location.

However, contemporary smartphones arent cheap. If you are going to choose to keep your phone attached to your bike while you ride at high speeds and through rough terrain, youll want to know that it will stay firmly attached.

Thats where bike phone mounts come in handy. These devices are designed to keep your smartphone securely attached to your handlebars while you ride with your display plainly visible.

Different mounts are designed for different kinds of riding. While shopping for the best mount for you, consider your specific needs. Be sure to select a mount that will hold up to the elements it will be exposed to. While some bike phone mounts are great for holding steady during prolonged vibration, others may provide better visibility or water resistance.

Best Overall: Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount


Runner-Up: Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount


What Is A Good Bike Phone Mount For Mountain Biking

For mountain biking, youre going to want a strong, secure, and durable mount that keeps your phone safe and steady in the midst of rough and rocky single-track riding.

We recommend the Peak Design Out Front Bike Phone Mount due to its strong and redundant attachment system. For best results while mountain biking, pair your mount with a reliable phone case.

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Types Of Bike Phone Mounts

If you have decided to look into buying a bike phone mount, you should know that there are three primary types of bike phone mounts: Case mounts, universal bracket mounts and frame bags.

Each type has its own special features and designs that are useful in different situations. Figuring out which type is best for you can be tricky but here are a few things you should know about each type of bike phone mount.

Best For Iphones: Otterbox Ram Mounts Tough Claw Module

DIY Phone Holder For Bike (How To)

Why We Love It: Compatible with the brand’s award-winning iPhone cases, it provides nearly limitless configuration options thanks to a ball-and-socket arm.

What to Consider: It is pricey and only works with the Universe iPhone cases from Otterbox.

If you already have one of Otterbox’s iPhone Universe phone cases, it only makes sense to go with their RAM Mounts Tough Claw Module, which uses a mount compatible with bars that range from 0.625- to 1.5-inch diameters, and flat surfaces up to 1.15 inches, tightening down with an easy-to-use thumb screw. The mounting system for the phone itself sits on a knob-tightened ball-and-socket system, which helps cut vibrations and allows for an infinite number of mounting configurations, including portrait and landscape displays as well as front-pointing options to film your ride POV-style.

Weight: 12.5 ounces | Rotation Ability: Yes

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Best Inexpensive Rotating Mount: Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount

Also available at REI

Why We Love It: Fully rotating models that provide quick release of your device tend to be a bit costly, but this one provides all the key features you need without requiring a hefty investment.

What to Consider: The stretchy straps that attach to the bike secure easily, but they may not handle really bumpy terrain compared to options that clamp down on the bike frame.

A mount that provides 360-degree rotation lets you position the phone in either landscape or portrait display and gives you the ability to swap configurations easily. The Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount delivers both well. Built to work with both standard and plus-sized devices , the tool-free mounting strap system works on both handlebars and stems of various dimensions and can be used on other things like a stroller or shopping cart. The stretchy webbing secures your phone at its corners without obstructing the screen, and removing or attaching your device is simple. It’s also easy to remove the mount itself via the stretchy strap, rather than fussing with a twist knob.

Weight: 1.8 ounces | Rotation Ability: Yes

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