Co Op Cycles Cty 1.1 Bike

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2021 REI CO-OP CTY 1.1 15 Mile review

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Cycling In Ontario / Le Vlo En Ontario Now Available

Cycling in Ontario / Le vélo en Ontario is an annual guide full of ideas and information to inspire you to explore more of Ontario by bike. Enjoy the 2022 Cycling in Ontario Guide available in both English and French.

What Size Is Right

Commuter bikes come in a range of types that use a wide range of wheel sizes. There is no standard, but some sizes are much more common. Heres the run-down of wheel sizes youll find on commuter bikes:


This is the most common wheel size found on modern commuters. Its the same size as found on modern road bikes. Their large circumference allows them to roll quickly. They are less prone to jounce1 when passing over small cracks, bumps and debris. Because of their size, they are less agile than smaller wheels and may be heavier than them. The weight penalty is balanced out by by the fact that they roll faster than these smaller sizes.

29 Inch

This is the name given to 700c wheels on mountain bikes. They share the same circumference as 700c wheels but usually use wider rims. Its more appropriate to fit wider tires on these wider rims and narrower tires on 700c rims. With fat tires on 29 wheels, they can make some bikes too tall for shorter riders. Keep this in mind when sizing up a new bike.


650b wheels are smaller in circumference than 700c, but larger than older style 26 inch mountain bike wheels. 650b has been popular with touring cyclists and randonneurs2 for many decades, but has recently gained a renewed appreciation and subsequent application to many bike types.

27.5 Inch

Youll usually only confront 27.5 wheels if you choose to adapt a mountain bike to commuter use.

26 Inch

24 Inch

22 Inch

These wheels are sometimes used on folding commuter bikes.

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Saddled Up And Ready To Ride

Choosing a commuter bike shouldnt be a chore. Its a step toward fitness, independence, savings and fun.

Theres a lot of information on commuter bikes and a large range to choose from. But once youve narrowed down your choices by focusing on your needs and priorities, it becomes a lot easier.

A commuter doesnt have to be high-end and it doesnt need to outshine the bikes around it. In fact, its best when it blends into the background, feels comfortable and maintains its resilience. But it can and should also be a quality machine.

A commuter should be tough, efficient and low-maintenance. If its too expensive it may attract thieves. If its too cheap it may cause you trouble, need expensive upgrades and put you off what should be an invigorating commute. Choose wisely and ride on!

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Direct Sales Vs Local Bike Shop

Buying a bike online is a world apart from the experience of choosing a bike from your local bike shop. The benefit of a direct sale from the manufacturer, is that you arent paying for the middleman. If youre buying a bike from an online retailer, they dont have to pay for the rent of premises and they dont need to pay an experienced, professional mechanic to assemble and tune your bike. For these reasons, you pay less.

Direct to your door or face-to-face?

Good online bike retailers will pre-assemble as much as 80% to 95% of your bike before shipping and will provide the tools required for the remaining adjustments.

Your local bike shop will assemble, tune and fit your bike for you before you ride away. They will usually offer you a warranty deal and a minor servicing for free within the first few weeks of purchase.

Whatever route you choose, there are benefits and drawbacks.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Commuter

Commuters come in a range of styles. A common type is evolved from the Hybrid Bike, which is a do-it-all bike with knobbly tires. It shares traits of both road and mountain bikes. The Hybrid is a compromise, intended to cover some urban needs while still being able to handle a weekend trail or gentle dirt track. The commuter is a dedicated urban transport bicycle with slick tires.

Commuters are usually lighter than hybrids, but more rugged than a delicate, traditional road bike. They trade off weight and strength.

Commuters need to be resilient. They are often ridden day-in, day-out, year-round in all weather conditions. They need to able to handle all qualities of roads and the occasional, accidental curb hit. Maintenance should be simple and minimal. Anything too heavy is tiring, while anything too light may be fragile. A good commuter is usually a robust commuter.

Components need to be tough enough for daily use in urban environments. Reliability and strength are priorities.

Its the Camel of the Streets, when you need to carry cargo to and fro. It might be lunch, a uniform, textbooks, art supplies, a yoga mat or nunchakus. But commuting cyclists often need to carry their kit on their bike. This is why most commuters will have mounts for one or more racks. Some even come with one included or as part of the frame.

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How We Measure Bikes

  • Standover Height Standover Height is a measurement from the ground to the top of the top tube, measured at the midpoint of the top tube.
  • Reach Reach is the horizontal distance from the center of the cranks to the center of the head tube, measured at head tube level.
  • Stack Stack is the vertical distance from the center of the cranks to the center of the head tube, measured to the top of the head tube.
  • Effective Top Tube Effective top tube is the distance from the center of the head tube to the center of the seat tube/seat post, measured parallel to the ground.
  • Seat Tube Center to Top Seat Tube length is the measurement of the seat tube, from the center of the cranks to the top of the seat tube.
  • Head Tube Length Head Tube Length is measured from the bottom to the top of the head tube.
  • Head Tube Angle Head Tube Angle is the acute angle between the head tube and the ground
  • Seat Tube Angle Seat Tube Angle is the acute angle between the seat tube and the ground .
  • Bottom Bracket Height Bottom Bracket Height is a measurement taken vertically from the ground up to the center of the cranks.
  • Wheelbase Wheelbase is the measurement from the center of the front axle to the center of the rear axle.
  • Chainstay Length Chainstay Length is the measurement from the center of the cranks to the center of the rear axle.
  • Fork Offset Fork Offset, or rake, is the distance from the front axle to a line drawn parallel to the center of the head tube or steering axis.
  • How Much Should I Spend On Commuter Bike

    REI Co op CTY 1.1

    Buying a bike may really be a daunting task especially if you have different options to consider in terms of accessories, different bikes, finding out which bike brand is best, and the different price ranges.

    While buying you may think the expensive bike may work better than the normal bike and the more you spend you’ll get better quality, however it’s just a misconception.

    But in reality, a normal bike works as good as the expensive bike and choosing the right normal bike will give you similar performance.

    If you consider buying a bike of fewer than 500 dollars, then it will not be durable enough.

    If you prefer buying a bike over 1500 dollars then it wont give you extra benefits apart from the quality components , little less weight of the bike and with less maintenance of the bike.

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    Outroad Urban City Commuter Bicycle

    Outroad Urban City Commuter Bicycle


    • Track Bike with, 30mm Deep V Double-Walled Alloy Wheels, more safe and fastness.
    • The 700C wheels offer the high-speed experience of a road bike.
    • Frames are crafted from lightweight 6061 aluminum with smooth to the touch welds.

    The Outroad Outdoor Camping Garden store is best in manufacturing off-road mountainous bikes for ride lovers. The bike comes with advanced technical features that make it a great choice in the commuter bike category.

    It is well-designed with free pedals and comfy seats for your adventurous ride. It is perfect for a rider height of between 5.4′ to 6.2′ with a weight handling capacity maximum of 260 lbs.

    You can run the bike at a single speed using Deep V Double-walled alloy wheels that assure safety and speed. It is well-structured using aluminum, which is lightweight and even to touch the welds.

    The company promises to provide high-quality commuter bikes that are user-friendly. The bike comes partially packed, and with an easy DIY installation of the headset, Stem etc so you can install the other tools perfectly. For any further assistance, you can call the company.

    Outroad Urban can be the bike with plenty of areas to customize like pedals, chains, etc to upgrade and to get a comfortable and easier ride. With these aspects of flexibility, you can rely on this bike for daily commuting.

    What Is A Commuter Bike

    The name probably gives it away its a practical bicycle that you use to travel to and from your place of work, school, college, university, yoga session, ninja class or secret tryst. Its a to-and-from bike that gets you where you need to go with a minimum of fuss. It needs to be simple to use, practical and functional all year round.

    Most commuter bikes suit riders with all levels of cycling experience, including recreational and beginner cyclists. They are also more than adequate for weekend leisure rides.

    The benefits of commuting by bike are multiple. When you ride to work or school, you dont contribute to carbon emissions and youre avoiding a majority of traffic congestion. Youre saving money that would have been spent on fuel or public transport, all while crafting a rad set of quads. Commuting is a source of fitness, fresh air and fun. You dont get any of that sitting alone in a car in gridlock, for two hours on a Monday morning.

    Cyclists live in towns and cities with every kind of terrain imaginable. San Francisco shares its elevation profile with a roller-coaster, while Miamis flatter than a platter.

    Some urban areas have immaculately kept road surfaces. In others the streets are showered with broken glass, riven with cracks and teeming with potholes.

    Because urban centers vary so much, so does the ideal commuter bike. But there a number of characteristics that they all share in common.

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    Drt Mountain Bikes By Co

    In our opinion, the Co-op Cycles Mountain Bikes section is the best because it offers a variety of bikes. You can choose either hardtail or full-suspension, and the prices differ significantly. There are bikes for both beginners and more experienced riders, so lets take a look.

    There is a mens and a womens specific model of the DRT 1.1, which are perfect entry-level hardtail mountain bikes for riders just starting mountain biking.

    Both have 27.5 wheels, Shimano Altus/Acara components with 24 gears, and hydraulic disc brakes.

    These bikes are ideal for beginner off-road riders and leisure off-road riders alike. This entry-level, womens version of the DRT 1.2 features 27.5/29 inch wheels, Shimano Altus/Deere components, and Tetra hydraulic disc brakes.

    Moreover, its SR Sun tour fork offers 120mm of smooth suspension.

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    Types Of Commuter Bike

    When choosing the best commuter bike for your needs, here are some basic criteria to consider:


    will narrow down your best options. How far are you commuting? See the Geometry section for a detailed discussion of how your bike type is best suited to the distance of your commute.

    Gearing is also directly related to the distance of your commute. If you live in a hilly area youll need a wider range of gears to ease your climbs. You might roll down hills or really push it on the flats. These days, a single chainring can cover the needs of most commutes and reduces your maintenance needs. If you live in a flatter area or are very fit , you may want to stick with a single-speed or fixed gear.

    Comfort is always important. But if you stick to short rides and cruising, a town bike or cruiser will be ample. Theyre heavier and less efficient, but so laid back. You can make comfort a priority.

    Terrain is a consideration. Most commuters are restricted to asphalt-clad urban environments. If you regularly take a dirt-road route, a hardier bike might be up your alley.

    Is cargo a concern? Keep in mind that some pure road bikes dont have mounts for racks. The same will go for most track bikes, some single-speeds and a proportion of folding bikes.

    Now, we can move on to the many faces of the commuter bike

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    What We Like

    What sets this bike different from other bikes apart in our guide is its Shimano Nexus sealed hub, which allows easy twist shifting and a low maintenance system making the ride more enjoyable and comfortable.

    The Huffy’s Perfect Fit frame lets you sit upright giving more comfort and a relaxed position. The Perfect Fit Frame puts the bike seat a little back with a lower center of gravity, resulting in a more upright riding position with full leg extension.

    Other notable features include raised handlebars that can eliminate all the body pain from wrists, arms, neck etc.

    This bike is equipped with an aluminum frame backed up by a 10-year frame warranty. Larger wheels are used to make pedaling easier to provide more acceleration.

    The linear-pull brakes along with alloy wheel rims ensure good stopping power. The springs and the dense padding in the bike ensure a more comfortable saddle.

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