Cute Bike Helmets For Ladies

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Best Women’s Road Bike Helmets

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With no distinguishable differences between male and female heads, most helmet manufacturers offer unisex helmet shapes. Where there is a womenâs specific option, such as the Giro Helios above, this is mostly down to colourways to match the brandâs kit/ bikes or just offer alternatives, mostly in the form of more elaborate decals.

This is a limited category, with most brands opting for a unisex fit, but as and when we come across brands and models that we would recommend, we’ll add them to this best road bike helmet buyers guide.

Coming from a women’s specific brand, the Liv Relay MIPS is one of the rear helmets designed specifically for women.

The multiple vented helmet isn’t the lightest lid on the market, but sure is one of the cheapest options with MIPS as standard. The brand has teamed MIPS with its own in house CINCH Pro⢠system which it says is a single handed 6-position height adjustment feature for comfortable pressure distribution.

Liv says that the Relay is a great allrounder, with the multiple vents proving perfect for keeping you cool on the climbs or pushing hard on the flats.

The ponytail and GIANT Alumbra taillight compatible helmet isn’t the lightest, but considering its features and its price tag, it’s a great price.

Full review of the Liv Relay MIPS coming soon.

Is Mips Worth The Extra Money

You may have spotted us touting MIPS as a benefit in this buyer’s guide. If you’re not sure what it is, it’s essentially an extra layer of protection inside a helmet that is designed to combat rotational impact, which has been identified as a key contributor to brain injuries.

If you’re unsure whether or not it’s worth the extra investment, we’ve got a whole guide to help: What are MIPS helmets?

Where To Buy Bike Helmets In The Uk

There are plenty of places online to find good bike helmets, too. As mentioned in the previous segment, Wiggle is a great place to find an adult cycle helmet for you, as well as, of course, , and the obvious big brands for adult bike helmets like Evans Cycles and .

In the following few sections, well look at the best of different types of push bike helmets, which will hopefully help you decide on which adult bicycle helmet would be right for you.

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Best Trail Helmet: Fox Speedframe Mips Pro

The Speedframe Pro is another helmet with a Virginia Tech 5-star rating. Like many trail helmets designed for riders who like to descend more aggressively, hit the little jumps and drops, and generally get more aggressive, this one extends rear coverage much lower on the head than an XC helmet.

It has the expected features like a highly adjustable 360º fit system, MIPS liner, great ventilation, an adjustable visor, and good goggle compatibility. These features come on both the standard model and this Pro version of the Speedfox helmet.

What earns the Fox Speedframe Pro our top pick for trail riding is its dual-density EPS foam for better low-speed impact protection, a magnetic Fidlock SNAP buckle for one-handed release even with gloves, and the straps have a spacer under the ear. This last feature is great if you wear earrings while riding as the straps are far less likely to dig into your ear or slide out of adjustment. You can read our full review of this helmet for more details.

PROS: Great ventilation, goggle compatibility, Fidlock buckle, comfortable straps, wide color selectionCONS: Standard MIPS version has better, brighter color options than the Pro

Size Head Circumference In King

18 Awesome Womens Bicycle Helmets Cute

A bike helmet should fit snuggly on your head so that it stays in place in the event of a crash. To get a snug fit, you need to buy the right size helmet!

There is no universal sizing standard, so helmet sizing will depend on brand. A helmets size is a range of numbers, for example: 54 58 cm. This represents the range of head circumferences the helmet will fit.

There is a range because the helmet can be tightened to accommodate for head circumferences within that range. Helmets labeled as womens bike helmets tend to have smaller sizing ranges. Before you buy any helmet, measure your head circumference!

However, your head shape also plays a huge role in helmet fit. The interior shape of a helmet is usually molded to fit most heads. However, some helmets are a better fit for wide heads or narrow heads. Depending on your head shape, you may not be a good fit for a helmet, even if your head circumference says you should.

For example, one of our lady testers has a head circumference of 59 cm. This falls within the range for both M and L Thousand helmets. But neither size is comfortable for her head shape. If the helmet you love doesnt feel comfortable once you put it on, try another brand. Every brand has its own unique shape molds, so you may need to give a few different brands a try.

In our list above, we have indicated if we found a helmet to be wider or more narrow than average. For example, the Nutcase Street is a particularly narrow helmet.

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Best Overall: Lazer Sphere Mips With Aeroshell

This helmet has a 5-star safety rating from Virginia Tech, has MIPS, and uses Lazers Advanced Rollsys System uses a thumbwheel on the top of the helmet to adjust fit. That, and two other features, set Lazer apart from the rest. First, the retention cradle uses dropped loops on the sides rather than putting a big retention dial in the center back of your head. This creates a huge opening for ponytails and helps the helmet feel more secure without pressure points.

Second, an optional Aeroshell snaps over and covers the vents to maximize aerodynamics on spirited group rides or add warmth when temperatures dip. It also makes a great rain cover.

PROS: Four sizes, lightweight, easy to adjustCONS: Aeroshell can be hard to remove

  • Weight: 275g , 325g
  • Sizing: S / M / L / XL
  • Additional Safety Features: MIPS

How Do I Know What Size Helmet To Buy

Helmets come in different sizes, usually Small, Medium and Large, and each of these will have a range of measurements associated with them. The best way to get the right fit, especially if you’re not able to try one on first, is to use a dressmaker’s measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head. That means measuring the horizontal line that passes across your forehead, over the top of your ears and around the most prominent part of the back of your head. Once you’ve got this measurement, you can easily find the corresponding size.

Bear in mind that a helmet should have a snug fit, and it should sit about two fingers’ width above your eyebrows. Most bike helmets will come with a rotating dial at the back that, when you tighten it, causes the inner lining of the helmet to contract and sit closer to your head. Aim for a fit that feels comfortable, but doesn’t allow the helmet to slide freely around your head. The best indication of a proper fit is if, when you wiggle the helmet back and forth, your eyebrows move with it.

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Best Women’s Bike Helmets For Road Riding

The Giro Ember MIPS from the brands Women’s Series is inspired by the design of the premium Synthe helmet, offering a classic aesthetic that performs as well as it looks. As a women-specific model, the Ember has a compact shape, while Giros Roc Loc 5 fit system makes it possible to easily adjust the fit tension and vertical position with one hand. Inside youll find Air-FX padding, designed to be comfortable for long days in the saddle, while 26 vents combined with internal channels promote cooling airflow.

The in-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner is reinforced by a thermoformed SL Roll Cage, providing overall strength which, paired with MIPS, offers excellent protection for your noggin. Finally, the rear of the helmet is ponytail-compatible, making it that little bit easier to get up and out on your ride.

Since Liv is the only major bike manufacturer to produce bikes and gear specifically engineered for womens anatomy, its safe to assume that the Liv Rev MIPS road helmet is a solid choice. In fact, it was developed alongside the CCC-Liv race team. Its a stylish lid with pretty good ventilation, alongside MIPS brain protection.

Bern Parker Commuter Helmet

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Bern has developed quite the reputation for constructing super stylish urban cycling helmets and the Parker is no exception.

With a detachable fabric peak, the Parker has been constructed with liquid foam which has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than traditional EPS foam. Available in a variety of colours, the Parker is a well-ventilated choice for your commuting needs.

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Smart Bluetooth Helmets For Cycling

Dont be fooled into thinking helmets protect your head and can do absolutely nothing else. Enter the smart bicycle helmet.

This LIVALL smart helmet boasts two fantastic main functions: firstly, it is a Bluetooth helmet, so music or other audio can be played through the bike helmet as you cycle. That it is a Bluetooth bike helmet also serves one other great purpose it controls the indicator lights on the rear of the model, so it keeps you even safer, too.

This is not just one of the best smart bike helmets available currently with in-built lights, bike-to-bike communication and great comfort offered to you, it may well be the best Bluetooth bicycle helmet, well worth the £149.

Our Favorite Bike Helmets For Women

While there are hundreds of womens bike helmet options, our favorite helmets are aimed at the average woman bike rider. There are many expensive helmets that may technically be better that those we list here, but spending over $100 on a bike helmet isnt necessary for the average woman rider.

Most womens bike helmets are categorized into three general riding styles commuter, road, and mountain. Each category is designed with features for the specific needs of that type of riding. But for casual riders, a helmet from any category will work and usually just comes down to personal style preference.

  • Commuter helmets tend to be more stylish and fashionable. They often have lights on them to increase your visibility when riding in traffic or at night.
  • Road helmets are your traditional bike helmet styling. True road helmets are designed to be aerodynamic for speed.
  • Mountain bike helmets have more coverage along the sides and back, and tend to have longer visors for the unique style of crashes that can happen on mountain trails.

Remember: you dont have to buy a helmet labeled specifically for women! Unisex helmets and mens helmets are the same as womens helmets, they just have larger sizing ranges and different color options. If you are a woman with a larger head, you may not even fit in a womens bike helmet!

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Best Womens Gravel Helmets

When selecting a helmet for your gravel adventures, a road helmet will do just fine. However, there are some additional features to consider. Gravel rides usually have a different vibe. They tend to be slower, thus requiring more ventilation to keep you cool. Also, a removable visor is nice to have for added sun and rain protection.

Best Women’s Bike Helmets For Commuters

Best Selling Helmet

Giros Vasona helmet is sleek and smart. Its compact shape, with cooling air vents and a lightweight construction, make it a good option for any cycle commuter or urban rider. To keep things super simple , the Vasona comes in a single universal fit, employing the brands Roc Loc Sport system to help you secure it firmly in place. 12 air vents help to keep your head cool when temperatures rise, while quick-dry padding helps to remove the sweat.

With its removable visor and array of colour options, the Vasona can be a versatile and stylish addition to your commuter wardrobe.

Another contender from Giros Womens Series, the Trella MIPS helmet provides a comfortable fit, while its 18 air vents offer decent ventilation and cooling. Built with the brands In-Mold construction for a lighter overall weight without sacrificing durability, its a great option for everyday use.

It employs Giros Roc Loc Sport MIPS fit system, making adjustment for a precise fit easy to achieve while on the move, and the added layer of rotational impact protection is a bonus for any commuter. The reflective details on the outer shell are also very useful to help you be seen in traffic when the days get shorter and commuter hours are darker.

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Best Tech: Giro Helios Spherical

Yep, another Giro helmet. The difference here is the use of a dual-shell design called Spherical MIPS. Its basically one layer of helmet that can slide and rotate around another, allowing more give upon impact. See our FAQ section at bottom for more about how MIPS and other designs work. The reason this one makes the list is that extra level of protectionbecause mixed surfaces that can get loose, and there are more things to catch your head on if you go down.

One of the bonuses with Giro is that theyll often have cycling shoes, gloves, and other kit that matches their helmets color schemes. And we all know were faster when our kit matches!

PROS: Advanced non-linear impact protection, sleek matching looksCONS: Expensive, mostly black colorways

Cool Bike Helmets For Women

Luckily for us, there are some gorgeous bike helmets available from a number of different manufacturers. Companies whove got a tight grip on bike safety and practical features whilst giving a firm nod to style and head shake to hideous headwear. Read on and well see what the best and cutest ones are.

The Heritage range of helmets from Thousand are all absolutely gorgeous, arent they? My personal favorite color is this Coastal Blue one, but its hard to choose from the spectrum of colors that they have available.

The styling of these helmets is fantastic. Inspired by the fashions of the 50s and 60s these are totally different from the standard helmets you see perched on the heads of cyclists these days. Minimalist and retro-chic, these are perfect for the urban bike commuter, or for a leisurely pedal down to the beach, or the store, or Frankly, theyre perfect for whatever kind of cycle trip youre planning.

Its also worth taking a closer look at some of the very thoughtful features on the Heritage helmets as it gives an insight into the kind of attention to detail that the design team at Thousand have put into these. Theres the secret PopLock for threading your bike lock through to secure your helmet. There are also the vegan leather straps, rather than the more usual woven plastic. And theres the one-handed magnetic fastening, which I really like.

Totally stylish. Totally practical. Why wait?

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What Is The Safest Road Bike Helmet

The primary function of a cycling helmet is to protect your head – and all helmets will meet the minimum standards set out by the safety authority in the country of sale.

If you choose to spend more, the helmet won’t necessarily be safer but instead may be lighter, and more breathable. The retention system often becomes more comfortable and adjustable on a more expensive helmet.

A safety system called MIPS, Multi-directional Impact Protection System, will often be referred to when discussing the level of protection. It’s considered the industry gold standard of helmet protection and you can read all about it below.

If you’re looking specifically to save some money then you might want to check out our guide on the Best cheap and budget friendly bike helmets to get the best without breaking the bank.

If you have a budding bike rider in your life then our guide to the Best kids’ bike helmets will give you all the important information for how to help you keep their heads safe when riding.

How Should A Road Bike Helmet Fit

Biker girl dancing

How to measure for a helmet and make sure it fits your head.

If a helmet doesn’t fit properly then it will not do the job it is designed for. Helmets are often available in different sizes relating to the circumference of your head.

All helmet manufacturers will have a size guide on their websites, and we highly recommend following each brand’s recommendations of how to measure for its own helmets before investing in a purchase.

If you are measuring at home, place the tape measure about 25mm above your eyebrows, and as you wrap it round your head, ensure that it’s about 15mm above the top of your ear ensuring that you measure around the widest part of your head at the back – think cap not bonnet.

If you aren’t confident in doing this, then pop into your local bike shop to get them to help you do this. This also gives you the chance to try before you buy to check for comfort.

You are going to be wearing the helmet a lot, potentially for over five hours at a time, so it’s imperative that the fit suits your head, no matter what a review says. It is also advisable to try on a variety of makes and models to see which is most comfortable and the best road bike helmet for you, as they are often different shapes internally. You may find pressure points on a helmet even if it’s technically the right size for you.

The best road bike helmets come with practical design features such as a ponytail port

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