Dirt Bike Boots For Women

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What To Look For In Motocross Boots

Sidi X-Power & Women’s X-Power Lei Motocross Boots

For most riders, off-road boots can have just as much of an influence on steering as your throttle. In dirt, your center of gravity lies on the balance of your boots and where your weight shifts in conjunction with your momentum. Bad boots can equal a bad ride. So what makes a good boot versus a kick-ass one? Same thing as a rider. Its what youre made of.

The material of armor and longevity of the compound can affect how well youre plated through the ride. More importantly, things like the shin and toe guards. Look for TPU and plated features for better security and armored toe box that still gives you a feel for shifting. Fit and grip are another duo that need to align. How well does the material conform and adjust to the foot, ankle and shin? How well does the sole slip on and the grip latch on to the pegs?

Typically, the lower the quality the stiffer and harder the material is to modify to the rider. Any kind of rubber or sculpturing on the inner panels gives a better grip for better control of the bike. The fewer buckles and the more versatile they are, the more effective they are.

Nevertheless, with that premium you can also expect a better flex in form, which we need to feel more natural on a bike. How ankle biomechanics are set up can drastically change the way you ride. Preferably, we need to mimic the ankle joint as best as possible, while protecting it from hyperextension. Look for hinged ankles or a dual pivot system for more bend and stretch.

Latest Boots Reviews You Could Win Up To $500 For Reviewing Products

  • Great boot

    I bought these for my husband for his birthday. He has been racing for several years and says these are the most comfortable boot he has ever had.

  • Stephen in NY

    Stiff. Hard to break in.

    Very stiff Boot. Hard to break in and get a good feel to the bike. Ended up Giving them to my brother that rides quads.

  • Alex in NV

    My favorite boots

    Love these boots. Broke in after 2 rides and feel solid while standing on the pegs. They are warm here in the Vegas sun, but worth the protection IMO.

Should Motocross Boots Be Tight

Yes! But, it should not be too tight or loose. It must be as tight as possible yet provides you with maximum comfort. Just like any other shoe, wearing a boot thats too tight will make your toes feel uncomfortable. Besides, your feet can swell up quickly. So, its advisable to get the perfect fit or size to ensure you feel pleasant throughout your racing.

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Fly Racing Maverik Boots

The Fly Racing Maverik Boots have had an overhaul since 2019. Fly Racing has taken the best features of the previous Maverik boot and combined them with some new technology and features.

The most noticeable difference is in the sole. It has changed from the stitched-on type to the molded sole, which is a little bit lighter.

Some extra protective panels have been added to the rear of the heel and upper calf, and also to the front of the shin and around the ankle.

The buckle system has gone from 4 buckles to 3, and the buckles have a memory adjustment so that you only have to adjust them to your size once. The buckle is the same as the previous model, as they are easy to use and Fox saw no reason to change what is an already excellent buckle.

With all the additions to the boot, it is now CE-rated level 2. This takes it above other entry-level boots to more of a mid-level boot.

The heat shield has increased in size and is now a more durable rubber to give you that grip and feel against your bike.

Internally the liner has more padding and there is now padding around the upper boot in addition to the ankle area.

A feature rarely found in boots of this price range is the articulated ankle. This allows for an increased range of motion in the ankle which makes gear changes easier because you are not working against the boots rigidity.

This feature achieves flexibility without compromising the structural integrity of the boot.

Best Kids Boots Under $100

would need to try on

We all have times where were sticking to a tighter budget on some things. Thats why Ive included some great youth dirt bike boots that are below $100.

Fly Racing Maverik HI-Viz MX Youth Boot

The Fly Racing Maverik Hi-Viz MX youth boots are a fantastic, high-quality boot for you young dirt bike rider that offers lots of great features for a great price.


These Fly Racing boots are set at a phenomenal price of about $80, which is by far one of the lowest prices Ive seen for youth dirt bike boots.


Id say some kids are a lot more sensitive to comfort than adults are. If the boots arent comfortable, or pitch in weird places, theyre likely to not enjoy wearing them if they wear them at all. Fly Racing seems to understand that.

These boots are made of genuine leather, which is a big aspect for added comfort for these boots. Not only does the leather last longer wear really well as doesnt melt, but the leather also gives these boots good flex to the rider while riding.


Kids can be a little rough on clothes, toys, shoesyou name it. So durability is a pretty important aspect to include in your search for dirt bike boots for your young rider.

The Fly Racing Maverik Hi-Viz MX youth boots sport great durability features that help the boots last longer and wear slower.

One aspect on these boots, in particular, is the 3D molded shift protection. This is a plastic panel around the boot that protects the boot from premature wear.


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Other Features To Look For In Dirt Bike Boots:

  • Plenty of interior padding, especially around the ankle area
  • Quick-release buckles preferably replaceable and are easy to use when caked with mud
  • Durable rubber outer soles for grip on your pegs and ground when off the bike
  • A good gaitor around the top of the boot to keep out dirt and water

For more on choosing the right boots for you: Dirt Bike Boots Buying Guide

Fox Racing Womens Comp Boots

The new Fox Comp boot has been based on the ever-popular and proven Fox Instinct boot.

The Comp boot simplifies the features of the Instinct boot and applies them in a more affordable boot, thereby lifting the standard of entry-level motocross boots.

One of the most noticeable features is the completely redesigned inner side rubber guards from the original Comp 5 boot .

The new guards cover a much broader area of the boot giving you better heat protection and improved grip of your dirt bike.

A new internal lace system allows you to tighten and lock around the inside of the boot. This gives you a precise fit around the heel area of the boot.

The new buckle system combines two upper ActiveLock straps with a proven lower Instinct buckle, which gives you one of the most user-friendly closure systems available in a dirt bike boot.

There is a high level of TPU plating on the calf guard, heel cap, and toe box.

The new sleek and user-friendly Comp boot is an excellent choice of boot for women riders.

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Fox Comp Motocross Boots

The Fox Comp MX boot draws inspiration from the premium Instinct dirt bike boot, so the budget equivalent has a lot to offer. This best MX boot offers the highest levels of protection in its class with a chunky TPU shin plate, re-designed inner leg heat panels and full heel and toe casing. The more minute details dont disappoint either, with an internal steel shank and rubber outsole that provides exceptional grip on the footpegs.

The new inner lacing system is a simple and highly effective design that pulls the dirt bike boot snugly around your foot and lower leg. This contoured design offers a great feeling of protection and control, not to mention minimizing foot-lift as a bonus. The two upper Activelock straps and lower level Instinct buckle are adjustable to keep you secure and comfortable.

The Fox Comp boot is one of the most comfortable motocross boots for riders with larger calves, highlighted with a large top that wont compromise comfort and can easily accommodate knee braces if necessary.

One noticeable feature upon testing these budget MX boots is that theres virtually no break-in time required. The Fox Comp dirt bike boot was comfortable when we popped them on and stayed that way for the full course of our rides. To our surprise, the Fox Comp motocross boot held up remarkably well even in wet and muddy conditions on our day out. The low buckle closure took some fiddling with, but the fit was super secure on our feet once it was tightened to our liking.

At Wbw Best Actually Means Something

Gaerne-SG12 dirt bike boots long term review.

Remember when you could open up a review of something, and when the publicationmagazine, car show, whateversaid best they stood behind it? Yea, we remember, and were bringing it back.

Heres how we do things:

  • We disclose our affiliate relationshipsWe make money via advertising and affiliate relationships on our website. Its how we pay our team and invest in things like sending Jim to Italy. And Japan. And France wait why do we always send Jim places?

  • We obsessively hands-on testWe wear and ride with gear before reviewing it, and we update reviews down the line if our opinions change. We look at real-world situations because thats the world we live in.

  • Were objectiveGood gear is good gear, regardless of who made it.

  • Were value-focusedWhy pay $500 if something for $250 is just as good? Our review scores and recommendations reflect best value. Brand only goes so farthe gear has to stand on its own.

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Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs Best Dirt Bike Boots

As a noticeable improvement from the previous model, Sidis Crossfire 3 SRS is a top tier dirt bike boot packed with innovative technology for substantial protection and performance.

Anti-abrasion Cambrelle, Teflon mesh and breathable nylon are combined on the inner shell to give a high level of comfort and protection on these dirt bike boots. Setting the Dual-Flex straps is a breeze with standard strap memory for easy on and off. The CamLock buckles and straps on the Crossfire 3 SRS are the only features carried over from the earlier Crossfire 2 SRS, and its because they were so stable and functional.

We were huge fans of the sole boat that Sidi uses to deeply cradle the heel for enhanced protection, plus the Dual-Flex ankle that keeps your joint locked in and prevents injury-causing motion. The adjustable inner was also useful for larger calves as well as knee braces, and the lack of lining on the dirt bike boots helped keep us cool the whole time. For being so rigid, the Crossfire 3 SRS is super plush and comfy for those of us with previous leg, ankle and feet injuries to protect. The removable arch support is a nice touch to support different foot shapes.

The leg of the dirt bike boot is stitch-free and screw-assembled, making it fully replaceable. In fact, the Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS is lauded as being one of the most serviceable enduro boots on the market since almost every part of its construction is replaceable.

Size Range

Gaerne Gx1 Dirt Bike Boots

Gaerne has made a name for themselves with their high quality moto designs, and the Gaerne GX1 motocross boot is no exception. Made in Italy with only the best craftsmanship, these dirt bike boots will hold up to significant abuse on the track.

The lightweight design of the GX1 makes it a solid MX boot for all-around use, but it doesnt offer quite as much ankle protection as its SG12 big brother. Despite this, features like a stitched on sole, four-strap closure and a sleek new buckle system thoroughly cement it as an intermediate model.

Upon further investigation, our riders found the GX1 to be extremely soft and comfortable. While this is a selling point for the most comfortable MX boots, all that padding plus a lack of tread makes it not as viable of an option for enduro riding. That said, the quick break-in period makes it preferable when you need a pair of new dirt bike boots in a pinch.

Riders with larger calves found the GX1 motocross boots easy to put on, and they performed well over knee braces as well. The wide toe box was a little inconvenient at first, but we got used to it over our time in the saddle. Some of our riders found themselves sizing down, while some others found the GX1 boots to be consistent with their normal size. One additional drawback is that the GX1 dirt bike boots are quite squeaky, but that doesnt matter much when youre screaming along.

Size Range

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Best Cheap Dirt Bike Boots That Are Comfortable And Durable

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Finding a good pair of dirt bike boots is crucial for safe, comfortable, and fun trail riding or racing. But, believe me, Ive seen the prices, and they can be pretty high up there for a really good pair. Whether youre a beginner and dont want to spend too much on your first pair of boots, or you just want to find the most economical choice when it comes to dirt bike boots, heres some good news.

  • Fox Racing Comp 5
  • Gaerne GX-1 Boots
  • TCX X-Helium Michelin Boots

The best cheap dirt bike boots for adults and kids are some of the less known about, but still great, boots from the top dirt bike apparel brands such as Fox Racing, Alpinestars, and Gaerne. Adult boot prices range from $200-$300, and youth boots range from $100-$180.

Fox Racing Womens Comp 5 Boots

Sidi Womens X

The Fox Racing Womens Comp 5 boot is specifically designed to suit a female body with a narrower foot, less calf volume, and shorter overall height than the mens Comp 5.

The new-look aluminum Soft-Touch pivot lock buckles have been modified with a decreased size locking pin on the buckles which makes them easier to operate.

The reinforced contoured shin plate has extra TPU protection at the top front of the boot and the medial side.

The toe box and the sole is the bonded design which gives you a more streamlined lower profile look.

They are suitable for Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, and Trail riding. The boots are comfortable right out of the box and need no breaking in period.

The Comp 5 is Foxs entry-level boot in the under $200 price range and is ideal for the new dirt bike rider who is looking for a competitively priced boot that doesnt compromise on safety.

They are available in Black/Pink only.

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Oneal Womens Rider Boots

The ONeal Rider is a quality entry-level boot from a well-known and respected company.

The main construction of the boot is microfiber reinforced with TPU in the hard-wearing areas that take the most impact.

At the top inner side there is a layer of synthetic leather that gives some heat resistance and aids grip on the bike. The inner ankle area cops a lot of punishment from your bikes footpegs and the engine is protected with extra depth TPU, as is the lowest buckle.

3D air mesh interior lining around the ankle adds to the comfort, and there is a cushioned insole. They can feel a little stiff at first and need a bit of wearing-in time.

The stitched-on type sole has a moderate grip tread which helps when walking on slippery trails.

Accordion panels at the front and back of the boot allow the boot to flex and make walking more comfortable.

There is also a youth version: ONeal Rider Youth Boot

Best Womens Dirt Bike Boots 2022

A good set of motorcycle boots are one of the most essential pieces of dirt bike riding gear that should always be included in any riders gear bag. In this post, we look at some of the best womens dirt bike boots available for 2022.

Womens off-road and motocross gear has come a long way over recent years. Many manufacturers offer dedicated womens riding gear and accessories to better suit the physical differences between men and women.

While a lot of the major manufacturers produce womens specific boots, which are usually shaped a little differently to suit womens smaller and narrower feet, many women can find a comfortable fit in mens boots. If you can it widens your choice considerably.

Womens boots are usually a little shorter and sometimes have 3 buckles rather than 4, which isnt a big deal, theyre quicker to get on and off.

As Im a guy and not a girl, Ive had to rely heavily on reviews from women when selecting womens dirt bike boots for this post.

I gained some understanding of how hard it can be for women to find the right gear while researching for an earlier post: Best Womens Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Hopefully, this post will help you in your selection of the right boots for you.

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Fox Racing Womens Comp Motocross Boot

You cant go wrong with the Fox Racing Womens Comp Motocross Bootavailable in black and black and pink

Its not surprising that the Fox Racing Womens Comp Motocross Boot takes second on the list. Thats because Fox Racing is one of the worlds best motocross manufacturers. Its products outstanding safety features made it stand out among all other competitors. Fox Racing Womens Comp Motocross Boot is specifically built to provide you with instant step-in comfort and security.

The first impressive feature that attracts us to this model is the style. It comes with an elegant design which is definitely worth the look. It comes in a blend of two colors, pink and black. Not only is this model cute, but its also durable. Hence, it wont wear or tear anytime soon.

It is made with polyester materials to ensure flexibility. The boots have an internal lace system to ensure it fits perfectly around your ankle. Its shin plate is an additional protective feature. Our favourite feature is the toe cap and calf guard, which also aid safety while riding. So, you can be sure youre safe from any unforeseen injury.

What more? Fox Racing Boots provides a styled lower buckle that guarantees safe fastening. Like the other products, it also has an adjustable closure system. With this, its ideal for all impact areas and variable conditions. The only blemish with it is that you might find it hard to fasten. Aside from this bugbear, it is worth the price.

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