Dirt Bike In The Snow

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Maintaining Your Bikes Fluids

Dirt Bike With Paddle Tire Rips in Sand Dunes and Snow!

Here are some quick and easy tips to keeping your bikes fluids in snowy conditions.

  • You must keep your bikes fluids at an optimal level if you intend to ride in the snow or any other kind of winter weather.
  • You should regularly check the antifreeze and oil levels in your bike to ensure to stop any internal damage fro occurring.
  • It is also best to keep your tank at half full so the gas lines dont freeze up.
  • You could also use thinner oil to increase the bikes performance, but look at your bikes manual first to see what the maker recommends.

Invest In A Heated Winter Riding Jacket

Did you know that you can get 12v heated winter jackets? These are one of the best investments money can buy. Adventure riders commonly use these when covering large stretches in colder months and these are certainly helpful to keep you riding for long out there on the trails. The only downside is that theyre heavier and yes, youll need a 12v outlet installed.

Safety Tips For Riding Dirt Bikes In The Snow

Riding in the snow can be more dangerous than riding in the warmer months. Keep some safety tips in mind to prevent potential harm if you fall or get lost in the weather.

Here are some helpful safety tips:

  • Use helmet communication in a group
  • Practice safe driving skills, such as reducing speeds and taking routes you know
  • Modify your bike in the winter
  • Steer clear of overgrown or tree-covered areas
  • Wear enough gear to stay warm, even in a fall

These will keep you safe as you drive.

Anything can happen in the snow. If you prepare yourself and your group for the worst possible outcome, you are more likely to get out harm-free. Have fun, but be cautious simultaneously.

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Buying Motorcycle Modifications/equipment For Easier Riding

You can consider various modifications when planning on taking your motorcycle out for a spin in the snow. The first thing that I will recommend is that you get heated grips.

As I mentioned above, the snow can cause you to lose your agility, especially in your fingers which is why you should install heated grips to make it easier for your hands to operate while under the intense cold.

Gloves can further amplify this effect. While this may not come under the category of equipment but winter-specific coolants should also be used.

You should have a good amount of oil and antifreeze to prevent internal damage and freezing.

Oil thinners can help further improve performance as well. If all else fails, you could use this as an excuse to buy a brand new motorcycle that is better built and equipped for the snow.

Gear For Riding A Dirt Bike In The Snow


There are a few crucial pieces of gear for dirt biking in the snow, both for you and your bike.

For the bike, install a carburetor protector that keeps snow and ice build-up far away from fragile inner workings. The last thing you want is a frozen carburetor. To DIY it, plastic covers attached via zip ties are a favorite of many riders.

Tires are critical to how much you enjoy a snowy ride. Dirt bike snow tires add crucial traction to your bike so you can avoid unwanted slips and slides. They ensure that you can start and stop with minimal spinning, and they keep the snow out of the treads.

Some people choose to DIY studded tires with a few bags of ice screws. Others will warm their tires up on asphalt roads by swaying side to side before a snowy ride. For comforts sake, grip heaters keep your fingers nimble instead of frozen so you can operate the throttle, clutch, and brakes. Handguards can also help by blocking wind from hitting your knuckles. The goal is to promote good grip even when things are chilly.

Cold weather wear, including gloves, a face mask, thermal layers, warm socks, and ventilated goggles, ensure comfort too. Dress in layers so that you can remove and stash the outer gear if you get too warm while riding.

Some dedicated winter riders choose to invest in electrically heated winter jackets. If this is the route you choose, make sure you have a 12-volt outlet to plug into.

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Savage Snowbikes Most Popular Model:

Honda Snow Bike Kit SV2.0

The SV2.0 snow bike conversion for Honda is a direct bolt-on kit designed specifically for your bike, ensuring a fast installation and excellent performance both on and off the track. The lightweight track drive system replaces the rear wheel and is coupled to your bikes original swing arm suspension to deliver the handling and big bump performance your bike delivers in the summer.

Give Lots Of Entertainment

The fun of riding on snow with your dirt bike is feasible with snow tracks. They are a unique and exciting experience perfect for those who are passionate about dirt biking. Dirt bike snow tracks you can run through the snow and experience the adrenaline rush. Additionally, you can take in the scenery and fresh air when youre dirt biking. Dirt bike tracks that snow can be a fantastic option to enjoy yourself and stay fit.

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Maintaining Proper Tires And Tire Pressure

If you feel as if your tires are not up to the task due to excessive wear and tear, it is recommended that you replace them entirely as they will not last long when in the snow.

It is also recommended that you invest in tire screws for added stability and safety.

If you feel your tires are in tip-top condition, then make sure that you check their tire pressure as the cold will affect the pressure, so you have to make sure that everything is stable and in an optimal condition.

Can Dirt Bikes Ride In The Snow How To Make It Work


Dirt bikes are incredible machines. They can take on tons of materials and conditions, from piles of dirt to muddy hills in the pouring rain. In some states, it snows in the colder months. As the owner of a dirt bike, you might wonder can you ride dirt bikes in the snow? Is that possible to accomplish?

Its possible to ride your dirt bike in the snow if you make the proper modifications. Dirt bikes can ride in the snow if the engine has been winterized properly. Other modifications such as spiked tires can also help a dirt bike ride in the snow and ice.

If youre interested in learning more about riding dirt bikes in the snow, youve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about hitting the snow on a dirt bike, tips for riding in the snow, and how you can winterize your machine. The more you know, the better. Theres a lot to cover, so lets get started.

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Get Prepared For Winter Dirt Bike Riding

The rain, cold and snow is no reason to stop riding your dirt bike – though if you do no one’s going to blame you.

Winter riding, at least in those places that have true winters, offers a whole new experience that some riders embrace and others prefer to call it a season. Dirt bike riding in the winter months requires a bit more preparation and some different equipment.

First off, the good news, Motocross events tend to head in doors. Your local MX track is unlikely to stay open in wet weather, and if snow is more the norm in your area, they probably just close for the season. If racing is what you miss, look out for local and regional Arenacross events. Since it’s all in doors there’s nothing special you need to wear or do to your bike.

Now, if you’re off-roading, trail riding or you just need to get out of the house and ride somewhere, anywhere, then a bit of prep work is involved both in what you wear and to your dirt bike. Let’s first tackle what’s needed to get your dirt bike prepped for winter riding.

All Photos: VurbMoto

Winter Dirt Bike Riding Tips

The challenges are certainly worth the risks. Youll find the trails and tracks to be much quieter and youll be building up skills when its otherwise the off-season for other riders.

You really have no excuse with our tips to help you get through the colder months with your dirt bike.

Heres what we can share:

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Riding A Motorcycle In The Snow: Safety Tips Advice And More

Just because the weathers cold and snowy outside, it doesnt mean you cant get the most use out of your bike. If you want to start riding motorcycle in the snow, its crucial to be equipped with the right clothes and bike to stay safe on roads that could be icy and slick.

Before you pull out your snow clothes and hit the road, heres what you need to know to stay safe and warm when youre riding motorcycle in snow.

General Tips For Riding A Motorcycle In The Snow

Kawasaki KX450F Snow Bike
  • Cover the motorcycle You must not leave your motorcycle outside in the snow. It can simply damage it. It will destroy all the electrical components, including the engine. But if you already decide to leave your motorcycle outside, at least make sure it is covered, and the best thing to do is to put it in the basement or your home, in a warm place.
  • Do not drive if the temperature is below 32 degrees Celsius If the outside temperature is very low, that is, below 32 degrees, it means you should not even bother to leave home because it is very dangerous and there is a very high chance of experiencing frostbite and even hypothermia and ice will even be on most surfaces and roads. So, it is better to give up if the temperature is very low, especially when it does have ice because motorcycles can handle snow but notice.
  • Try to drive as slow as possible in the snow If you are on a highway and there are both dry sides and sides covered with snow, it is important that you choose the side that has no snow to make yourself safer.
  • Plan for more time when riding in the snow When riding in winter, there are more traffic jams and delays that can happen because of many reasons, such as a tree collapsing or snow blocking the road, so every time you plan on driving where there is snow, consider adding another 15 to 30 minutes to your usual time. For example, if you have to get to work early, then leave your home half an hour lesser than the usual time you leave.

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Is It Dangerous To Ride A Motorcycle In The Snow

You have to understand that there is always a risk involvedwhen you are riding a motorcycle, whether you are riding in snow or not. So,yes, riding a motorcycle in the snow would be more dangerous than riding in thesun and dry surface but that does not mean you really have to give up on ridingin the snow because it has more risk involved. Also, if you will keep with allthe safety rules that I will tell you later in this post, trust me, you will besafe.

In general, here are all the differentreasons why snow riding can be a little more dangerous, and again, they shouldntstop you:

  • Hypothermia Hypothermia happens not only to motorcyclists but in general to anyone who stays in the cold for a while. Hypothermia happens as a result of staying in very cold weather and the skin being exposed to the cold, which affects all parts of the body and can even lead to death. But it rarely happens and not very common, and by wearing clothes that are warm enough and suitable for winter riding, there is no danger of hypothermia.
  • Chance of Slippage In my opinion, the biggest danger of snow riding is the chance that you can slip when riding. You need to understand that snow riding requires a lot more stability and more effort and is more difficult, so try to ride first in tracks where there is no snow or even ice. It is also important for you to note that the max of snow depth you can ride is up to 8-10 inches, anything more than that is difficult and dangerous for you.

Mototraxs Most Popular Model:

2020 MotoTrax Enduro.120

The Enduro.120 is designed to go everywhere. Tailored for performance and agility, the Enduro.120 is made for all types of riding styles and conditions, making it perfect for first time snow bikers and low-altitude riding. The Enduro.120 also features the only rising rate suspension on the market with lateral articulation.

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Maintaining Your Power System And The Lights

The power system is the heart and soul of the motorcycle, and you have to make sure that it is functioning properly.

This means that you should look for exposed cables and make sure everything is in order. If you think that the power system is faulty, take it to a mechanic immediately and get it fixed.

You should make sure that the headlights are working if you decide to go out at night, they have to be in proper working condition as the snow can easily limit your visibility, and any more limitations can seriously spell disaster.

The lights should have a good intensity to them. The tail lights should also be in proper working order so that other people can see you in front of them.

Finally, the battery and its terminals also need to be checked and perhaps replaced if it is causing problems. A simple voltage check should help figure out what needs to be done.

Buy Some Dirt Bike Winter Tyres

Electric Dirt Bike Full Send In The Snow!

Not all dirt bike tyres are created the same, with some offering more channel and grip for winter riding though these same tyres will wear out faster in the warmer months. Consider having 2 sets of tyres one for winter and one for summer. For snow riding, we can recommend studded tyres which are easily sourced online for most dirt bike makes and models.

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How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Snow Riding

Before you go out to ride in the snow, there are somethings you will need to change in your motorcycle so that your motorcycle cancope better with the wintry weather conditions. Not doing these things canresult in your motorcycle getting damaged, so it is important to read all ofthe following things carefully and do them.

  • Replace your tires This is not mandatory, but if you feel your tires are worn and old, I strongly recommend you replace them because worn tires will not survive in the snow. I will even recommend that you install tire screws, which will significantly improve your stability when riding in the snow and even your safety.
  • Check your tire pressure It is also very important to check your tire pressure and make sure it is normal because cold temperatures can greatly affect tire pressure, so check to make sure everything is stable.
  • Use coolant This is super important. Use coolant to fill the radiator because the coolant will help you prevent freezing.
  • Check the battery and terminals Its very important to make sure your battery is good. If your battery is fair or old, I recommend you replace it because the cold weather can kill it. You must also check the voltage of the battery which should be around 12 volts and the terminals should also look clean and proper.

Snow Convertible Or Not

Weve mentioned converting dirt bikes into snow bikes a couple of times and this is a significant factor to keep in mind. Traditional dirt bikes can handle a lot of different types of terrain, but snow is a tricky problem to overcome.

Sometimes its best to change the design to fit the terrain. There are now lots of snow bike conversion kits on the market. These usually replace the front tire with a front ski and the rear tire with a treaded track system. Luckily these conversion kits are largely universal and can fit with most major bike brands.

The important thing to know is whether or not your chosen conversion kit has a bike-specific install kit that can fit your particular dirt bike. While the equipment is usually universal, some of the connecting pieces will be specific.

Its best to confirm the availability of a snow bike conversion kit for the bike youre considering before making a buying decision on a specific bike. Older bikes might not be able to work with new conversion technology, so keep that in mind when youre searching for a kit.

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How To Ride A Dirt Bike In The Snow 2022

As Winter is Coming! is a famous expression, dirt bicycle riders have one primary worry.

Ditching their preferred motorcycle for a few months. Or how will it feel to ride a motorcycle in the snow?

When there is ice anywhere as much as your knees, you likely will find a secure spot in your garage to kickstand your dirt bike believing that is what everybody else does.

Well, you are wrong! Some individuals have a lot of fun riding their motorcycles right in the snow. If you have never ever had the chance, you are losing out a good deal.

How to ride a dirt bike in the snow? Lets take a look.

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