Dirt Bike Rack For Truck

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Dirt Bike & Motocross Haulers

MotoProHQ 3 Dirt Bike Truck Rack | Great way to haul 3 bikes!

Preparing for track day just got easier with our selection of hitch-mounted dirt bike carriers! These convenient carriers quickly fit into your vehicle hitch, eliminating the need for a cumbersome trailer. A self-storing loading ramp makes it easy to load and unload. Instead of having to lift your heavy bike, simply wheel it on or off the carrier, saving your strength for the ride ahead.

Dirt Bike Hitch Haulers

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Dirt bike hitch carriers are a great alternative to pickup truck beds or tow-behind trailers for transporting your dirt bike. They’re low enough to the ground to make loading and unloading easy, they’re less expensive than a trailer , and there are no DMV registration fees.

The first step before buying a motorcycle hauler of any kind is to make sure your hitch is rated properly. We won’t go into detail about that in this article but it’s important, especially if you choose the MotoTote or VersaHaul carrier which allows you to tow a trailer behind your dirt bike. Most dirt bike hitch carriers require a Class III hitch or better, and you need to check your vehicle’s tow hitch tongue weight , especially if your vehicle is a car or mini-SUV.

The three ramp-style dirt bike hitch haulers that follow are organized based on list price , but the Internet price is almost always lower.

Styles Of Bike Racks: Roof Racks

As the name blatantly gives away, roof racks are mounted to your vehicles roof, usually via the roof rails, crossbars, or specialized mounting points. They offer decent practicality and versatility, and some models can support more than five bikes, however you might want to check your vehicle roofs payload capacity.

However, roof bike racks require you to climb up to mount and dismount bicycles, although some come with ladders or other assistance devices. They also increase your vehicles total height, meaning that low hanging tree branches, or a low bridge can result in a comedic situation for others, but a rather expensive one for you.

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Are Hitch Carriers Safe

Yes, hitch carriers are safe so long as you stay within the limits of your vehicle, the tongue weight and your bike are suitable for the maximum capacity of the carrier. Always do thorough research on your item, contact suppliers, read reviews and watch videos. When it arrives, fit properly and test thoroughly on trial trips near your home or garage, before taking on any actual trips.

Some Helpful Tips And Advice On Using A Truck Bike Rack

Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Carrier, Sports Bike Rack for Truck Hitch
  • Frame-mount bike racks can support and secure heavier bikes better, however, they are known for damaging the bike frames paint. This can be a problem because the paint protects the bike against rust and erosion.
  • Fork-mounted racks can be tedious as they require you to remove your bikes wheel, and they also usually have lower weight limits compared to other truck bed bike racks.
  • Before driving with your loaded bike racks, always test the security and stability of your bikes and the rack itself.
  • Always make sure that the rubber padding stays static and doesnt shift, as this may cause damage to the paintwork of your truck and the bike.
  • When leaving your bike unattended, lock your bike through its frame, not its wheel.

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Black Widow Hitch Carrier:

The Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier is one of the lightest and cheapest dirt bike hitch haulers you’ll find on the market. The AMC 400 hitch carrier is made of aluminum, can carry up to 400 pounds, needs a Class III or better 2″ receiver, and weighs 36.5 pounds so it’s easy for one person to install into the hitch receiver. The loading ramp can be used on either side of the carrier, and the ramp can be stored on the carrier when not in use. The carrier’s track measures 75″ long with 6.75″ rung spacing, includes a 45.5″ loading ramp, and has a spacer bar adapter for transporting smaller dirt bikes. The distance from the center of the hitch pin to the center of the track is 18 3/8 inches. The hitch hauler is runged which helps with stability, but can make it difficult to get the bike on and off the carrier by yourself, especially if you’re a bit on the short side or your vehicle is on the tall side. The hitch carrier comes with a one year warranty.

The Black Widow is also available as a double hitch carrier that weighs 82 pounds and has a list price of $305. The single hitch carrier is pictured below.

Best Dirt Bike Hitch Carriers To Haul Safely To The Track

Seeking to transport your dirt bike from Point A to Point B without riding? While many people opt to use their tray, trailer or borrow a van, dirt bike hitch carriers are becoming increasingly popular.

Dirt bike hitch carriers provide the best bang-for-buck being small, light and affordable for those on the tightest of budgets. Not only that, but choose the right one and itll serve you for years to come!

Frontaer has done 20 hours of research to help you transport your dirt bike safely and securely. These are the best dirt bike hitch carriers for 2022:

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Do You Have Storage Space

Most bike racks fold up reasonably small. However, if you want to keep it off your SUV, you need space to store it. If you dont, it will be staying on the vehicle, and again, you need to select a rack that will allow you to access the trunk and other parts of your car.

Of course, if the rack stays on your vehicle, you need to choose one that folds when not in use the more aerodynamic it is, the better for your fuel consumption.

Bike Racks And More From 4 Wheel Parts

Install: MotoProHQ ‘NiceRack’ Dirt Bike Rack for RAM 1500 2021

If youre looking for a one-stop shop where thousands of SKUs from hundreds of quality manufacturers come together, its hard to knock 4 Wheel Parts. Weve worked hard on being at the top of our game, and that has meant nearly 100 physical stores strategically located across the nation, as well as a dedicated website with the full e-commerce experience, backed by six distribution centers for seamless logistics and delivery.

To ensure that youre paying a competitive price, we offer a price matching policy, and comprehensive warranties where applicable so that if anything goes wrong, we can do our best to correct it. Our friendly staff are actually quite knowledgeable about everything we sell, and offer their expert advice if you need it. Thats why we are a firm favorite among novice, intermediate and professional off-roaders, most of whom have been with us for years. Once youre a customer of 4 Wheel Parts, youre a part of the family.

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Spare Tire Mounted Bike Rack

The spare tire mounted bike rack is arguably the easiest one to attach to your vehicle if it has a rear-mounted spare tire. Sadly, this doesnt apply to trucks unless youve retro-fitted a spare tire to the tailgate. With a spare tire mounted bike rack, the spare tire is the primary mounting point. Some models grip to the tire itself, while others may attach to the rim. Since weight capacity is limited, you wont find many models that can handle more than two or three bikes. The same width considerations as with trunk mounted and hitch mounted bike racks apply here as well. The ease of mounting and dismounting is present too, and you can find models with locks if theft is your concern.

Is It Legal To Use A Hitch Carrier In All States

Through our research, we have found motorcycle hitch carriers to be legal in all states and territories in the United States and Australia. However, generally speaking, you are restricted by the rating of the hitch AND the width of your vehicle.

You may also need to purchase up to 3 additional items. These include:

  • Clip-on mirrors if your existing mirrors are obscured by the width of your vehicle.
  • A duplicated and portable licence plate. Many states also require a rear licence or registration plate to be clearly seen at all times. This is best achieved by mounting an additional licence plate on the side of your dirt bike while its being hauled, or mounted to the lowest side of the rack. You can often purchase these through the department of motor transport in your local area.
  • Portable indicators. Most states require no visual obstruction to your turn signals and may need to purchase clip-on indicators which simply plug into your trailer connector plug.
  • You can expect the cost of all 3 combined to be less than $200, and should last for many years.

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    Why Choose A Hitch Carrier Over A Trailer

    Choosing a hitch carrier over a trailer has many advantages. Firstly it allows your vehicle to be more maneuverable, as there is no cumbersome trailer towing behind. Hitch carriers mean a considerable reduction in your vehicle footprint

    There are other problems associated with trailers they can be less stable and get blown sideways in strong wind or other extreme weather conditions. Trailers can be precarious when traveling and lead to more accidents. These risks reduce when using a hitch carrier. Put the necessary checks in place to ensure your vehicle is suitable and choose one that is right for your car and bike.

    Other benefits of a hitch carrier include removing the need to mess around with straps, simply rolling your bike on to a hitch carrier is quicker than fiddling with trailer straps. Features like added wheel chocks and wing nuts can hold the bike firmly in place on a hitch carrier.

    Hitch carriers are more cost-effective with less initial outlay and depreciation than a trailer. They take up less space in your garage and can be easier to store. Trailers require tire replacements. It is therefore easy to see why a hitch carrier could offer a better option for you, over a trailer.

    What Type Of Bike Mount Do Do You Want

    79"  600lb Motorcycle Carrier Dirt Bike Black Heavy Duty Steel Rack 2 ...

    There are four different types of truck bed bike racks mentioned previously.

    • Wheel-mounted bike rack
    • Side clamp bike rack

    When purchasing a bike rack for your truck, it is important to consider what type of mount you want and what would fit your truck bed best. Each bike rack has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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    Most Affordable Dirt Bike Hauler Hitch Rack

    This is one of the most affordable powder-coated steel motorcycle carriers on the market.

    • 500 lb load capacity
    • Comes with a loading ramp
    • Anti-tilt lock device to help with wobbling
    • Made to fit in 2 receiver hitch
    • Can be loaded from either side
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Hard to eliminate motorcycle wobble
    • Zero adjustment

    Fix It On The Vehicle

    Most modern dirt bike hitch carriers have an anti-tilt tool to keep the dirt bike from tilting as it raises the risk of falling. Definitely get one if they dont come with your carrier.

    Slide the device through the hitch carrier, and tighten the bolts in place so that its stuck there for good. Use a 17mm socket to ensure they have a firm grip.

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    Roof Bike Racks For Suvs

    Roof racks are very versatile, and with the right accessories, a roof rack not only carries bikes but also just about any other thing you can think of from kayaks to cargo boxes. But a big downside is that SUVs are typically already high-roofed vehicles and require you to lift the bikes over your head, which is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

    If your vehicle is already equipped with a roof rack or crossbars, simply getting an adapter for bikes may be a cost-effective solution. You get different types of mounts some will clamp onto the bikes front wheel while others hold the bikes upright by their frames.

    Ballards Dirt Bike Rack Carrier

    Rack ‘n’ Roll Dirt Bike Carrier

    You may not have seen Ballards products on the shelves, but in Australia, theyre famous for their innovation. Created by Geoff Ballard almost 40 years ago, his innovation continues today with his MX Store association.

    His innovative dirt bike rack is designed for Australian vehicles and is reasonably priced. It has a steady support bar as a back-up and uses twist locks as opposed to any straps, eliminating the anxiety of your rachet straps ever letting go!

    Unfortunately, these are hard to find in the United States. It doesnt come with a ramp but does come with a ramp bracket where you can attach a 2×4 or equilavent, or purchase their own ramp.

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    Rack N Ride Mx Carrier


    Made from Australian Bluescope Steel, NOT a Chinese product.

    5 Year Structural Warranty and Designed for serious off road use.

    Our MX Carrier is specifically designed for MX and Enduro bikes with a 21 front .

    There is no better way to transport your bike.

    Once you pull a bike down 1.5 to 2 by the pegs / frame youll never use tie downs again.

    Bike is super secure and it doesnt compress your forks, will not even hold a fork saver in place.

    Dropping your front wheel in a hole and yanking your bike down with tie downs is cave man stuff.

    Carrier is supplied with everything needed to use it:

    Snap Hooks, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Loading Ramp, Anti Tilt Bracket, Shim Plates, Strap to stop Turnbuckles vibrating loose.

    Price includes LED light kit with licence plate light, you need to supply your own connector as we cannot source from Australia.

    Rated for MX / Enduro / Dual Sport bikes up to 395lbs.

    Weighs 70lbs incl Loading Ramp, Loading Ramp weighs 11lbs so if you remove that to install on vehicle brings carrier down to 59lbs.

    Go to the INSTRUCTIONS page for videos of loading, unloading, securing bike as well as detailed assembly.


    If you run a tape out 50, 60, 70 from the top of your hitch to the ground youll see the loading angle.

    50 Ramp On a standard height 4WD your bike is easy to load.

    60 Ramp If you have a lift kit or your hitch is 22 + off the ground this will make it easier to load .


    Are Dirt Bike Hitch Carriers Safe To Use

    Yes. Many owners have safely used dirt bike hitch carriers without a problem. Now, provided you stay within the safe limits of your vehicle, its relative tongue weight and the capacity of the hitch carrier, youll have years of worry-free haulin.

    For those a little nervous, I do recommend doing shorter trips and trial runs on residential streets to become confident with your new hitch carrier before you head out on the highway. You should also practice reversing and braking to see how your host vehicle reacts differently.

    Its important to know that your dirt bike WILL have some slight bounce when you encounter bumpy ground or winding roads. Assuming youve strapped your dirt bike down properly, you shouldnt be too concerned with mild movements in your rear vision mirror.

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    Key Features To Look For In A Truck Bed Bike Rack

    Irrespective of the type of bike rack you want, there are some important features to identify before making a final decision. Any quality truck bike rack should share the majority of the below features:

    • Make sure it fits your trucks bed.
    • Consider how many bikes you would like to transport.
    • It should have some sort of locking mechanism for security purposes.
    • Make sure it is made from high-quality and durable material.
    • Look for something that has a quick-release option to easily load and unload your bike.

    Why You Need A Bike Rack

    Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Carrier, Sports Bike Rack for Truck Hitch

    Truck bike racks are arguably the best way to take your bike, or bikes to your preferred trail. Sure, you could just toss them in the bed, but they will most likely suffer some damage, as well as impart some on your bed liner and sides. Leaving your bikes on their side unsecured in the bed means that they will move around as you accelerate, brake, and corner, and trying to keep them upright on the stand will see them fall down as soon as your truck starts to move.

    If youve got an SUV, youre thinking you can just toss them in the trunk. Well, yes you could, ostensibly, but some SUV trunks may not be large enough, or you may need to remove a front wheel. Thats quite a hassle when youve reached the trail and are hurriedly re-attaching the wheel. In your excitement, you might under-tighten a nut, or forget something critical like adjusting the brakes.

    Thats why the bike rack is the best way to transport a bike whether youve got a truck, SUV, or regular car. Let us show you how to choose a bike rack from the various types available. You can also browse our entire range of bike racks right here.

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    What Is A Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier

    A dirt bike hitch carrier is a platform or mechanism that uses your vehicles towing gear and hitch receiver to mount these dirt bike carriers into the receiver hitch. This allows you to haul your dirt bike around with any vehicle that has a hitch receiver.

    Typically a dirt bike weighs around 200-300 lbs not including the actual dirt bike carrier system. Keep this in mind when making the decision if your vehicle will be able to hand that kind of weight directly on the hitch receiver.

    Which dirt bike hitch carrier is right for you?

    You want to make sure you invest in the right dirt bike hitch carrier that will keep your dirt bike safe while heading down the road. Add bumpy offroad dirt roads it also means your dirt bike hitch carrier needs to keep your dirt bike in place with minimal wobbling.

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