Dirt Bike Tracks In California

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Glen Helen Raceway Park

Arnold California Dirt Bike Singletrack White Pines Interface OHV Ride

Located right of off the famous Route 66, the Glen Helen Raceway Park is a great track for riders to put themselves to the test. The entire track is up against hills, creating a lot of elevation for uphills and tabletops as well as nice sandy surfaces.

The park also hosts races weekly, including the Glen Helen National and Grand Prix events.

The Red Sticker Put Out To Pasture

In 2022, there will be no more new red sticker bikes sold in California. Problem solved.

Why are red sticker bikes being maligned today? Red sticker bikes are high-performance machines that are made for competitive trail riding. Green sticker bikes, very much like modern diesel truck engines, are tuned down with numerous exhaust-reducing methods to meet rigorous standards. Of course, this usually leads to sluggish performance and higher fuel consumption, but hey, clean air, right?

So, CARB is over-reacting to machines that are nothing more than a blip on the smog map that is California proper. Everyone with a mind knows precisely where the smog originates, and it certainly isn’t the trail systems in Eastern California. It is a classic case of bureaucracy run amuck, bait-and-switching real problems with perceived ones. But hey, Iâm digressing again.

Seriously though, there will not be any red sticker bikes sold in 2022 and beyond. All new OHMCs will be green sticker-approved bikes. For riders who ride performance dirt bikes, i.e., competition riders, well, good luck.

Under the new CARB laws, riders of new red sticker dirt bikes will have three choices:

  • Ride in another neighboring state with their competition bikes.

  • Ride strictly on private land. The red sticker program is only applicable to public lands, so you can still ride if you buy up a large parcel of land or ride at a private OHV area.

  • Pilot Creek Ohv Trails

    When youre in the peak of summer and Californias desserts are stupidly hot, then its time to get into the shade. Head for Six Rivers National Forest where youll find the Pilot Creek OHV Trails which welcomes dirt bikes. These are very wooded trails which are well marked and there are several campsites worth visiting.

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    Baldy Mesa Ohv Staging Area

    Ever dreamt of riding down Cajon Pass? Make it a reality at Baldy Mesa OHV Staging Area. The two-hour ride is packed with adrenaline, overlooks, and tons of downhill sections. This means you dont have to be a pro to complete this ride. And if you are, you can always climb up the same route for a more challenging journey.

    Start riding down on Oak Hills Road, conveniently located off of the 15 Freeway. Ride through scenic vistas and lush greenery at Oak Hillsan area that’s absolutely flooded with photo ops. Once you pass Oak Hills, youll get on Forest Route 3N21 and onto a fire road. This dirt bike track in California is as good as it gets.

    Best Dirt Bike Riding Trails In California To Explore

    Lower Rock Creek Trail. Bishop, Ca

    California has the highest amount of dirt bike riding tracks in the US, with many being near LA, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.

    Creating a list of all these places was pain-staking work. Much like you, we would rather be out there exploring the tracks ourselves instead of being behind the screen.

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    California Ohv Background: Colored Stickers And Regulations

    The off-highway industry is big business in California: it is hard to track precisely how much revenue is accrued annually, but estimates are around $20 billion directly attributed to it. So by the numbers, it should come as no surprise that California has an enormous off-road industry.

    Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

    • California has nearly 40 million residents, settled on a total of almost 164,000 square miles. This makes California the third largest state in terms of area.

    • The California State Park system comprises around 280 separate parks and about 1.4 million acres of land.

    • California has nine national parks, the most of any state .

    • California is geographically unique in that it is made up of five distinct climate types, all in proximity. These are Desert, Cool Interior, Highland, and Steppe climates, and they border a small region of Mediterranean climate.

    The vast selection of diverse and unique climatological features makes California highly desirable for off-road vehicles, along with the sheer magnitude of available trails. There are very few other places in the world where you can go from true desert to snow-capped mountains to some of the finest oceanfronts all in a day.

    The Best Dirt Bike Tracks In California To Go Off

    California should be called the jam-packed state because its the land of never-ending things to do. Its where the mountains meet the sea, and everywhere in between is a landscape made for outdoor adventures.

    If youre truly adventurous and looking for an extreme sport experience, you should consider checking out the dirt bike tracks in California. Dirt bike beginners, experts, and enthusiasts alike come from all over the world to see and ride these tracks and trails.

    So, get your bike ready and hit these tracks and trails.

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    Do I Need A Driving License To Ride A Dirt Bike In California

    According to the 12500 section of the California Vehicle Code, you must issue a valid driving license to drive your dirt bike in open places. Without an authorized driving license, no person can drive motorized vehicles like dirt bikes on highways, city streets, and neighborhood roads.

    Therefore, you need a valid driving license from your local DMV office to avoid traffic penalties on the streets. It requires practical and written tests to get a motorbike driving license.

    What Is The Legal Age To Ride A Dirt Bike In California

    BMX Trails – California Trails

    The Department of Motor Vehicle encourages guys at least 18 years old to operate all-terrain OHVs in California. And no person should ride dirt bikes under14 years until they meet the following conditions.

    • He/she must pass a safety training course with an all-terrain vehicle safety certificate.
    • Kids must be under close supervision of their parents with proper safety tools.
    • No violation of sections 38501, 38503, and 38504 of the California Vehicle Code

    So, no person under 18 should all-terrain off-highway vehicles like dirt bikes in the open fields and public streets. However, the guys under 14 can legally ride dirt bikes on private or personal property.

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    Frank Raines Ohv Park

    Frank Raines is epic and is open to all OHV vehicles including those from out of state. This spot regularly closes though due to fire ban and high temperatures, but when its openthen its the spot to be. Indeed, this is lucky #7 on this list and we think thats quite appropriate for what youll have to explore here. Hard-packed terrain thats relatively easy to get through, paired with campgrounds which have shower facilities. What more could you ask for?

    Lake Elsinore Mx Park

    Lake Elsinore MX Park is located in Lake Elsinore near the 15 freeway. This park has 6 tracks to choose from and offering well planned out tracks for all levels of riders. There is a Pee-Wee Track, 2 Vet Tracks, a Mini Bike Track, Supercross Track, and the Main Largest Track. The MX Park is open Thursday-Monday from 8am-2pm and 8am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Supercross Tracks are additionally open on Wednesday and Thursdays. Each practice fee is different depending on the track youâd like to enter. Lake Elsinore MX Park is one of the biggest and famously known parks that sees over 10,000 riders a month from all over the country.Tracks: 6Hours: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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    What Does This Mean For Two

    Image by Love Art. Live Art. from Pixabay

    To put it bluntly, it looks pretty bleak for the two-stroke market in California. Actually, no, it doesn’t just look bleak it is bleak. California is actively going to ban two-stroke dirt bikes unless they are labeled for competition use only.

    So, the question is this: will removing two-stroke bikes lead to cleaner air in California? And by this question, I, of course, mean in any way that matters.

    Let’s conduct an over-simplified thought experiment. According to Statista, roughly 14.9 million automobiles are registered in California, almost double the following state . The average driver in the U.S. puts approximately 13,500 miles on their car annually. Now, I know that two-strokes are considerably dirtier than a 4-stroke car, but you can bet your rear that there are nowhere near 14.9 million two-stroke bikes in California, and they certainly are not driving 13,500 miles per year on them. Or even on the entire lifetime of the bike. This is an absolute fraud.

    I am not advocating further restrictions on cars that end up making them far less efficient, but let’s get real, California: two-stroke dirt bikes are not even a contributing factor to your smog problem.

    Quite frankly, this appears to be another incentive for freedom lovers to move out of the Golden State.

    Corral Canyon Ohv Area

    OCIR or Orange County International Raceway was located off the 5 ...

    Corrall Canyon has more than 50+ miles of dirt bike trails to explore on 2-wheels. The area is particularly shaded and partially open country with great views of Lake Morena. If youre camping overnight here then aim for Bobcat Meadows or Corral Canyon where youll find basic sites and fires are permitted.

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    Best Dirt Bike Riding Trails California

    This guide came about as we scratched our heads looking for new places to ride. We didnt want MX tracks or clubs and simply wanted to ride anywhere legally provided we had our California OHV Permit. These days, the State also allows non-residents to purchase these online too.

    For the ADV and dual-sport crowd, this guide is equally applicable to you. We love adventure riding as much as enduro and weekend exploring.

    Before you head out, just remember that these areas can close at any time due to fire dangers and flooding. Always check with the local rangers before you haul.

    These are Californias most popular dirt bike trails:

    Amazing Dirt Motorcycle Trails In California

    The expansive state of California has tons of terrain, trails, and areas for dirt biking. California offers both public and private motorcycle trails for dirt biking, making it one of the most popular places in the world for the sport. Make sure you have all the necessary permits and requirements for any dirt biking you do in government managed areas. Here are five awesome spots.

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    Best Motocross Tracks In Southern California

    Berts Mega Mall | Powersports Hub

    For the most part, California’s great weather allows you to ride at the motocross track any time of the year. Not only is the weather great for riding but thankfully there are a good amount of MX tracks around to do so! Now with many different options, it might be difficult choosing which track youâd like to practice at, so thatâs why we are here! Weâll narrow down which track you might be best for you.

    Th Annual Score Baja 1000

    Wildomar, CA dirt bike trails

    55th Annual SCORE Baja 1000 Final Round of the 2022 SCORE International Offroad Racing Series! Don’t miss the granddaddy of all desert offroad races, the notorious Baja 1000 is scheduled for November 15-20. This is a point-to-point race that is about 1,100 miles long. For registration and race details visit www.score-international.com

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    Is It Legal To Operate Dirt Bikes In The Neighborhood Streets Of California

    The California Department of Motor Vehicles discourages driving dirt bikes on the neighborhood streets. And it is a punishable violation of the California Vehicle Code unless the dirt bikes are street-legal.

    However, you can ride your street-legal off-highway recreational dirt bike on the neighborhood streets under selective conditions. You must upgrade the exhaust system that emits sound up to 80dbA in the residential areas.

    Dirt bike riders must take permission from their neighbors to avoid unwanted acquisitions. And you cannot create any hazardous environment with harsh horns and cacophonous noise. Donât disturb pets and kids during their sleeping hours. And drive at decent speed near schools, hospitals, parks, and prayer houses. You must care about all required safety measures to hit the neighborhood streets.

    Mammoth Lakes And Mammoth Bar Bar Ohv

    Mammoty has riding trails and MX tracks galore. With more than 30 miles of trails to explore, youre going to need a few hours to get through everything. Youll need to be more experienced to ride here given how steep some of the sections are. More than 1,000 acres here and you can camp overnight too. Note: Some spots in Mammoth are closed on Saturdays.

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    Bee Canyon Truck Trail

    Bee Canyon Truck Trail is a popular spot yet doesnt really offer that much space. Youll find some single track and forest service roads running about 20 miles, so this makes this area good for a day-trip. If you want to experience snow in California on your dirt bike, then this is one of those rare places in which to do it. Yes, this spot is open-year round.

    Dirt Bike Laws In California 202: Dos And Donts

    143 best Indian Dunes Motocross Park So. California images on Pinterest ...

    James Albert is a dirt biker for about 6 years with a passion for helping others get into the sport without knowing anything. He shares…Read more

    Riding dirt bikes is great for amazing adventures. Unluckily, the California Air Resources Board has defined dirt bikes as off-highway vehicles. And, you cannot legally ride it on public streets. So, would you miss riding your dirt bikes in neighborhoods and metropolitan areas? No, the new dirt bike laws 2022 allow street-legal OHVs on city streets and public roads. However, it goes through a process.

    And my personal experience says that getting dirt bike street legal in California isnât an easy job. It requires sophisticated legal processes to prove the public safety standards to get the confirmation.

    Today, I am here to unveil all about the dirt bike laws in California. So, stay with me to learn your countyâs legal processes for dirt bike legality. Please read on!


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    Stonyford Recreation Area At Mendocino National Forest

    Stonyford has tons of trails to explore and be sure not to veer off the path or youll face serious fines. There are watering holes, steep trails, and plenty of beautiful sites to discover. Trails are marked and rated and even experienced riders will enjoy the challenge of some of the steeper and higher trails.

    California Vehicle Code For Dirt Bike Riding

    Section 38006 of the California Vehicle Code defines dirt bikes two wheelers OHVs. And the off-highway vehicles arenât accessible on the public routes. It includes highways, city streets, and public parks. Moreover, you cannot ride your dirt bike on government-acquired lands, lawns, and restricted areas except on private properties. The privately owned parks and lands are free from the section.

    According to section 38600 of the California Code, a person must be of 16 years minimum to ride a recreational dirt bike. And the riders below 16 should be under close supervision of parents or guardians.

    You cannot ride your dirt bike with a passenger on highways. Section 38604 discourages riding recreational off-highway vehicles with friends or family members. But it relaxes the section for the street-authorized OHVs designed for passengers.

    The California Vehicle Code strictly prohibits the reckless riding of dirt bikes. It is unlawful to threaten humans and wildlife. The violation of section 38316 is a punishable offense that may impose a fine, imprisonment, or both. You might pay $50 to $500 or confinement for 5 to 90 days.

    You must drive your dirt bike at a reasonable speed that poses no safety threats to civilians, animals, and properties. According to section 38310, the maximum riding speed is 15 miles within 50 feet of the campsite and the concentration of people.

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    What Are The Legal Dirt Bike Trails In California

    California is an appealing destination to dirt bike riders. All the beautiful natural landscapes of the state attract riders to have a joyful recreational moment. Letâs explore the legal dirt bike trails in California.

    S. L
    unnamed road, Doyle, CA 96109, United States

    Though these OHV riding trails are open for all legal dirt bike riders, you must follow the California Air Resources Board wildlife guidelines. You must register with the trail authorities before getting entrance.

    The Department of Motor Vehicle in California regulates public safety issues in recreational areas. And you are solely liable for the property and human losses due to accidents and injuries.

    So, be careful with your life, property, natural beauty, and wildlife while operating dirt bikes in these legally reserved forests or recreational areas.

    Ballinger Canyon Ohv Day Use Riding Area

    Deer Creek Singletrack Dirt Biking Twain Harte Nor Cal

    The Ballinger Canyon OHV Day Use Riding Area has been popular among dirt-bikers for a while, and we totally see why. Spanning 68 miles of marked and rated ATV trails, the terrain has something for everyonehard-packed off-roads, twisty sand washes, rugged and steep diamond hill climbs, you name it. If you manage to leave the valley floor and make it to the top of the hills, dont forget to snap a few pics the views are truly breathtaking.

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