Dirt Bike Trails In Maryland

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Best Dirt Motorcycle Trails In Maryland

Sabotage To Local Trails Has Plymouth Area Dirt Bike Riders On Edge

Get ready to kick up some dirt on these awesome motorcycle trails. Maryland is an excellent place to spend time outdoors and getting on your dirt bike is a great way to do it. Whether you are looking for a professional track to race on or want to go somewhere forested and wild, Maryland has the trails you are looking for. Here are the best in the state.

Free Places To Ride Dirtbikes In Sm

Free Places to Ride Dirtbikes in Southern Maryland

kmhowell100 said:Anyone knows of free trails or man-made trails in Southern Maryland to ride dirtbikes and 4-wheelers. I am trying to avoid too far of a drive to take my son and his friend out in the surrounding areas. I actually live in Ft. Washington, Maryland close to the new National Harbor and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

I used to park my VW by the river and drink beer ….. the entrance was near Kirby Rd …. and my buddy used to bring his Jeepthey are building that hotel about where I used to sit ….We used to ride dirt bikes – 85 RM 250 – there, Oxon Hill Rd where there are now houses – Fill Dirt Dump / backside of Kirby Farm, Clinton where the Walmart is … I’ll check a friend supposedly has a route down in Accokeek …..

bcp said:why do you want free? are you poor? Have you checked with the proper government agencies to see if they have any low income ATV parks in the area? They might in order to keep up with the Ride to Opportunity mandates from the feds.

Hmmm, I own enough property to have my own track if I desire. you and others on the other hand, have decided to take up a sport that you dont have the room for. now whos the idiot. heres the answer, if someone else owns the property and wants to charge 100 bucks an hour to use it, your choice is use it, or go without. see how it works?

Snaggy Mountain Orv Trail Oakland Md

Located in the Garrett State Forest, the Snaggy Mountain ORV Trail is an awesome spot to dirt bike on rugged terrain while racing through the forest. The views are killer when youre not too busy kicking up dirt to look up. The trail is open to dirt bikes after March 15 . The forest is 7,000 acres total so its incredibly private and easy to really unwind here. This is where you go to get away from it all.

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Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail

Opened in 2011, the Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail runs along Fishing Creek in northern Calvert County. It sits on the former home of the Chesapeake Beach Railway, which operated from 1900 to 1935. The 1.4-mile boardwalk trail starts at Chesapeake Beach Water Park and ends at Richfield Station or vice versa.

With two bridges, the trail gives bikers up-close views of native marsh and creek wildlife like red-winged blackbirds, ospreys, great blue herons and river otters. Some bikers have even spotted bald eagles on their journeys. The trail is wheelchair accessible, and parking is available at the water park.

Trail Info

Budds Creek Motocross Park

Budds Creek Motocross

Head out towards Mechanicsville in Maryland and youll come across the Budds Creek Motocross Park. This is an epic natural terrain track which is well maintained. If youre not up for riding here then come along to one of their regular championship races given the complex can hold up to 20,000 people. A really epic area and the track is long flowing.

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Wolf Den Run State Park

Definitnely the best place to go riding on your dirt bike is Wolf Den Run State Park. This is about 3 hours out of town by the West Virginia border near the Savage River State Forest. Is it worth the trip? Absolutely. Bring your camping gear and make an epic weekend out of this journey.

Youll find a motocross track, hill climbs and open areas in which to learn. Hundreds of acres here and you can bring your 4×4 too for some fun thrills and spills. You should get yourself a reservation first to avoid disappointment, especially on weekends when it becomes very busy. This is only open in the warmer months.

Wicomico Motor Sports Park

This spot near Charlotte Hall, Maryland, is near several popular motorsports destinations.

Wicomico Motor Sports Park is just a stones throw from the Maryland International Raceway, and Budds Creek Motocross Park. Theres even a paintball park nearby.

Wicomico has several tracks for motorbikes and ATVs, as well as a five-mile ATV trail throughout the property.

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Best Places To Ride Dirt Bikes Near Baltimore

Coming up with this list wasnt easy. We had to scour the internet for up-to-date information about where you could go riding. Some sites actually forced you to pay for this data which didnt sit right with us.

Frontaer aims to serve riders nationally and its in everyones best interests to provide this information for free. After all, you simply want to get out there and enjoy the day! Weve worked hard to make this great for you.

Here are the best dirt bike trails near Baltimore:

The Torrey C Brown Trail

South Germantown Bike Park MD, Dirt Jumps MTB BMX

Formerly the Northern Central Railroad or Trail

Chris Stelzig, an Annapolis father of three, calls this trail one of the best in the area for younger kids. The flat, 10-feet wide path has a stone dust surface and runs for 20 miles from the Hunt Valley area to the Pennsylvania state line along the Gunpowder River.

The multi-use trail, a former line of the Northern Central Railroad, opened in the mid-1980s. The trail now hosts more than 500,000 visitors a year.

When riding, remember: This trail is not a loop. If you ride 10 miles from the start, you have to ride 10 miles back.

Parking is available at several sites along the trail, including off Freeland Road at the northern end and Phoenix Road at the southern end. Restrooms are also available along the route.

Trail Info


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Local Rides In Maryland


Come in to the store and learn some of the great places Maryland and the surrounding area has to offer. One of our staff members will be more than happy to give you their suggestions and offer you some resources in our store. To get started check out the listings below. Check back often as we continue to add to the list!

BWI Trail – Dixon Observation Area

Don’t forget to check out our Cue Sheets for local area road rides located on the Home Page Menu.

Trail Hours And Operations

  • Paved trails are open from dawn to dusk for pedestrians and recreational uses, unless lighting is provided and extended hours are posted.
  • For cyclists, who have a headlamp and are just passing through, new rules allow access on all paved trails from 5 am to midnight.
  • Natural surface trails are open from dawn to dusk, unless otherwise posted.
  • The Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail is policed by local police in Hyattsville, Riverdale Park, and College Park.
  • Trails are not plowed or maintained for safe passage under snow and icy conditions.

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Western Savage River State Forest

This state forest near the Pennsylvania border has two designated ORV trails.

Savage River State Forest is located near Grantsville, approximately 40 minutes from the Potomac-Garrett State Forest. Similarly, these trails have restricted usage and are only open to snowmobiles from December 15 through March 15.

  • St. Johns Rock Trail this is the first public area set aside specifically for ORV usage. In addition to several miles of trails, there are technical trail spur loops for ATVs and rock climb areas for 4WD vehicles. Theres also a campground and a childrens area.
  • Meadow Mountain Trail 11 miles of multi-use trails along the crest of Meadow Mountain.

This state park near Oakland has recently opened to Off-Road Vehicles after an extensive land-use study of this former coal-mining area.

Wolf Den Run State Park requires reservations and payment of a day-use fee or an annual passport.

The park has plans to expand OHV trails beyond the 12-mile trail in the Huckleberry Rocks Area with new trails along the Potomac River.

Camping is also part of the future plan for the park. In the meantime, camping is available nearby in the Garrett State Forest and along the Potomac River in West Virginia.

The towns of Oakland and Kitzmiller also have visitor services.

Wallman Road Orv Trail Oakland Md

St. John

Also located in Garrett State Forest, the Wallman Road ORV Trail is known for dirt bikes and motocross so you are likely to find a lot of skilled riders racing along these trails. The trail is near the Potomac River and you will see plenty of wildlife while racing around. Wild turkey, deer, and even bear are near here so keep an eye out as you ride!

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Burkholder Road Orv Trail

Also called the Backbone Mountain Trail, the Burkholder Road ORV Trail is 2.7 miles long and open during the summer and winter.

When its summer, you can use a vehicle with two or four wheels. Meanwhile, during the winter season, snowmobiles are required. However, once the deer firearms season starts, you cant access the trail even with a snowmobile.

Nice Route But Needs Maintenance

Drove over from our home in Bridgeville, DE for a short, scenic ride this morning. The trail going upstream from the Marina is paved. One short section crosses over to the east bank of the creek and returns via the E. Central Ave vehicular bridge. Markings or directional signs for the continuation of the path are lacking, but we figured it out. A short way above the return to the west bank, we encounted a section of flooded path due to the high tide but we continued on to the loop at the northern end of the path. Returning to the marina area, we took the path downstream under the MD 318 bridge. The path here is poorly maintained crushed stone and seriously overgrown. The flooding along this stretch was even worse so we weren’t able to continue on to the very end.Still the path is a nice, short ride that offers peaceful views of the creek. We were even afforded a close encounter with a Great Blue Heron we somehow snuck up on along one of the wooden sections south of Rte 318. Hopefully, the town can find some money to put into maintaining/improving the path in the near future.

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Facility Directory Table List

The Indian Head Rail Trail is Charles Countys most exciting recreational trail. A generous gift through the Department of Interiors Federal Lands to Parks Program, Charles County has completed converting this abandoned railroad corridor into a 13-mile bike trail. Connecting the Town of Indian Head to Route 301 in White Plains, the IHRT traverses approximately halfway across our County.

Without a doubt, the IHRT is a unique opportunity to enjoy some of Southern Marylands most undeveloped natural areas. Originally built in 1918 as a supply route for the Navys Indian Head Powder Factory, this elevated rail bed passes through the Mattawoman Creek stream valley. Cyclists, hikers and nature enthusiasts will experience the surroundings of mature forests, natural wetlands, and occasional farmland. Wildlife abounds! Visiting the IHRT is almost like stepping back in time.

Budds Creek Motocross Park Mechanicsville Md

FredCo Flow – Rivers Edge Mountain Bike Trails – Brunswick, Maryland MTB

Budds Creek is a popular motocross spot for those who like to watch the sport and those who want some incredible track to ride. They have even hosted international events where motocross stars from across the world have come to compete. This is where its at in Maryland for serious riders. If you want to check it out, come and watch an event before deciding to ride yourself. This family business started in 1979 and has grown to national and international recognition as a go-to spot for motocross enthusiasts.

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Laurel Run Road Orv Trail

Like the previous location, the Laurel Run Road ORV Trail allows motorcycles, mountain bikes, four-wheeled vehicles, and snowmobiles. It also prohibits snowmobiles when its time for deer firearms.

This trail promises picturesque views. It covers a section of Rileys Spring Branchs forest and the Potomac River.

Tips For Bicycling With Your Family

Many paths in Maryland are multi-use, meaning cyclists, pedestrians and even equestrians sometimes share the space. Some paths also cross public streets. When biking, remember the following tips:

  • Obey traffic rules and signs. Bikes are vehicles. You and your child are both expected to obey the same traffic laws, signs and signals that apply to cars and drivers.
  • Always use bike lanes whenever they are available. Remember, on sidewalks, pedestrians always have the right-of-way. Ride cautiously and respectfully. Warn pedestrians at least two to three seconds before passing them. Bicycle bells are great for this, or if you do not have a bell, do so verbally and politely.
  • Slow down and give pedestrians at least an arms length of clear space when passing. This will help avoid collisions and near misses.
  • When a bicycle path crosses a street or turns, always look both ways. Make eye contact with drivers to make sure they have seen you. Watch out for doors opening from parked cars.
  • Everyone adults and kids should wear a bike helmet. The helmet should fit snug enough so when your child yawns, the helmet is pulled down tighter on his or her head. It should not be able to rock from side to side.
  • Dont forget the bug spray and sunscreen.
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged in case of emergency.

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Great Trail For Scenic Views And Mental Health

I walked this trail 10/7/2022, and it was amazing! I went as soon as I got off work to clear my head and I couldnt have asked for a better experience. There are very scenic views of Lake Bernard Frank as well as wildlife and foliage. Trail is well maintained. There were courteous cyclists who warned they were near, as well as kids stopping by the lake to enjoy a packed lunch. I suggest walking this trail to clear your head and get some steps in!

Maryland Bike Trails Fit For The Family

Smokey Mountain 500

Getting out on two wheels is one of the most favorite activities for families. Its a fun way to explore the beauty of nature or discover new places. Although Maryland has a wonderful amount of bike trails, it can be hard to know what will work well for your family.

We have rounded up 7 trails where your family can have a great time riding their bikes. Weve rated them on difficulty so you can choose a path that will work for your crews ability level. So, grab that stylish safety gear and head off to one of these awesome bike trails.

If your family is looking for a ride with some cool destinations along the way, check out our list of 5 bike trails that lead someplace fun. These trails will have you exploring scenic towns and historic locations around the DMV.

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The Landing Motocross Park Easton Md

Visit their website to see a video of people riding at full speed on their fast-paced track. Come here to kick up some dirt with your friends, race, or spend the weekend outdoors. This is a popular destination on the Eastern Shore and you can view track conditions daily by checking out their Facebook page. With so many pictures, you can see the height possibilities from the jumps you can take. Theyll make you want to get out there and get out there fast!

Piney Mountain Orv Trail

If youre into winter activities, heres another location where you can go snowmobiling all you want as long as youre following the rules. Specifically, on the west side of the Piney Mountain ORV Trail, only snowmobiles are allowed.

On the other hand, if you just want to go off-roading, stay away from the western part. As a plus, you can use a motorized vehicle even when its deer firearms season.

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Best Maryland Off Road Trails

Disclosure: We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Head to Potomac-Garrett, Green Ridge, or Savage River State Forest, and take on one of their several diverse trails. Expect both smooth and challenging routes with muddy and rocky terrain. If you like the beach, try Assateague Island for some over-sand vehicle riding.

Here are our 10 best Maryland off road trails:

  • Assateague Island Beach
  • Laurel Run Road ORV Trail
  • St. Johns Rock Trail
  • Tuscarora Trail
  • Lets go through the best and worst aspects of each trail on the list so youll know exactly where to go first and what to avoid:

    Lovin The Met Branch Trail So Far

    Freetown Fall River State Forest Dirt Bike / ORV Trails

    Love the artwork and the close proximity to many rest stops and places to eat & drink. I live in Alexandria, VA so I started on the Mount Vernon Trail, came into the city over the 14th Street bridge. Connected to the 15th Street cycle track to Pennsylvania Ave cycle track toward Union Station. Entered the MBT from Union Station. Looking forward to the continued work past Fort Totten. Felt so good to have all of this dedicated bike infrastructure. And it’s only going to get better – so I’m saving that 5th star for the future 🙂

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