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How Is Zion National Park Organized Is It Bicycle

THE NARROWS | Zion National Park on E-Bikes | Tips During Covid-19

Zion National Park is very well organized for cycling, and bicycling is permitted on all park roadways, the Parus Trail, and the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Riders should note that all other park trails, off-trail routes, and the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel are closed to bikes.

The Parus Trail is a multi-use path with both foot and bike traffic, so cyclists must be considerate of pedestrians right of way when riding, and are advised to warn pedestrians before passing, either verbally or with a bell. Riders should also be cautious of wildlife and pets.

Another rule to keep in mind is that cyclists must ride single file on the right side, whether on park roads or trails. Cyclists are also limited to groups of 6 bikes or less, as larger groups may prevent vehicles from passing them safely. Larger groups are required to split into smaller groups but must be separated by a minimum of one-quarter of a mile.

Why Choose Zion Peddler

Were located 0.4 miles from the entrance to Zion National Park making us one of the closest E-bike rentals to the entrance of the park.

Our large parking lot is excellent for learning to get comfortable on the E-bikes

We have a fleet of eye catching, comfortable, and easy to ride E-bikes, and with 12 stunning colors you can the perfect one.

Youll experience top notch customer service thats efficient and friendly. We are happy to share the magic that Zion has to offer.

Weve got a large parking lot so you get the benefit of having a place to park your car while you spend all day enjoying the park.

When To Go E

Temperatures for riding in Zion are pretty wonderful almost year-round its snow on the roads that would limit the e-biking season in the park. Of course, the mid-day temperatures in the summer can be scorching, but even the summer months offer some relief in the early morning and late part of the day.

Snow starts in November and the park gets its heaviest snowfall in December and February. In March, Zion National Park sees really high rates of visitors, which means crowding on the roads from both cars and other bikes. To ensure quiet rides and no snow, we recommend fall as the best time to e-bike in Zion National Park. Peak Zion e-biking season is usually the spring months of April and May and the fall months of September and October.

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Where Can I Eat Or Should I Take My Food With Me

For full-day e-bike adventures, we recommend taking food or snacks with you to keep your energy up. However, there are also several restaurants, cafes, and other food spots within the park to dine at!

If youre looking for quick bites, coffee, and other on-the-go snacks, visit Deep Creek Coffee Co., Café Soleil, Zion Pizza & Noodle Co, Perks! Coffee, Espresso, & Smoothies in Zion, Castle Dome Café, The Park House Café, MeMes Café, and Oscars Café.

Some top-rated restaurant options include Kings Landing Bistro, Spotted Dog Café, Bit & Spur Restaurant & Saloon, Whiptail Grill, Thai Sapa, Zion Canyon Brew Pub, Blondies Diner, Flanigans Inn & Restaurant, Jacks Sport & Grill, Zion Lodge Dining Room, Red Rock Grill, Casa de Amigos, Feellove, Stage Coach Grille Springdale, and Bamboo Chinese Restaurant.

Visiting Zion National Park

Park City, UT Provo River Rafting from $49

We loved our time at Zion and cant wait to go back. Overall, the main part of the park is fairly small and it is possible to see most of the top sites in a day trip. For a unique experience to remember, we cant recommend the e-bike rentals enough. It is such a fun way to experience this beautiful part of the world. We spent two weeks exploring everything that Utah has to offer. Make sure to read our complete guide for the Best Things To Do In Utah.

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Ebike Safety And Info

Our eBikes are an incredible way for riders of many levels to experience the Zion Canyon! Below are a few helpful tips to increase the likelihood of you having a safe and successful ride in Zion.

-eBikes are naturally a bit heavier than ordinary bicycles. The components that give you the e assistance also add weight to your bike. Be sure to start your ride at low speeds and practice braking, turning, and coming to a complete stop before using the bike at higher speeds.

-Group rides can be a blast! At full-speed, eBikes tend to require 2-3 times the amount of stopping distance as traditional bicycles. When riding in groups, be sure to leave plenty of distance between you and other riders.

-Accidents happen! If an accident or bike malfunction is to occur while you are on the scenic drive please follow these steps: 1. Ensure that all riders are ok and if needed, send one rider to the nearest park ranger to request medical attention. 2. If possible move off of the road and find a safe place to make an assessment. 3. If the bike is malfunctioning or in-operable send one rider to the Zion Lodge and call Zion Guru for assistance. 4. If riders are ok and the bike is functioning, find a safe time to re-enter the path of travel and continue your ride through the canyon.

Serial 1 Powered By: Harley Davidson

RIDER SIZING:4â10â- 5â2â 5â3â- 5â8â 5â9â- 6â2â 6â1â- 6â6â NOTABLE FEATURES:

Torque powered mid-drive 90nm motorBelt Drive Dual *Active safety rear lightsThe front is always on safety light.No wiresComfort seat TRP hydraulic brakes with advanced rotors.Flat tire preventive 2.4â wide tiresFull glass rearview mirror Front and rear storage racksDigital LED speed displayHigh Capacity Lithium-ion batteryComfort palm-supported rubber grips.

You’re choosing the best e-bike in ZION! Serial 1 Rush City e-bikes are powered by almost 120 years of two-wheel ingenuity.

The Serial 1 Rush City e-bikes handling is responsively quick and predictable. automatic transmission! Itâs a smart, rider-intuitive e-bike. It comes with our most comfortable seat, or you can choose for free, custom seat upgrades if you prefer. By far itâs the easiest, most fun way to get around Springdale and experience the amazing open-air sights of Zion without even breaking a sweat.

All Day $125

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Where To Go E

Electric bikes are allowed on all paved roads in Zion National Park and they are also allowed on the Paarus Trail. These are the best places to go e-biking in Zion.

**Note: we do not promote electric bikes on mountain bike trails, but we believe they are a great way to get around on paved paths and gravel roads , replacing a vehicle motor and avoiding traffic!**

The Paarus Trail

The Parus Trail is a 3.4 mile out-and-back trail that runs along the Virgin River between the Zion Canyon Visitor Center and the Canyon Junction. It is a paved trail shared with pedestrians and leashed pets. This is one of the most popular biking trails in park.

Zion Scenic Drive

Youll share this roadway with shuttle buses and possibly some cars of people staying at the Zion Lodge, but its a beautiful ride. It also takes you to some of the top hiking areas in the park, including the entrance to the Virgin Narrows for some Zion canyoneering and the trailhead for Angels Landing.

Note: riding a Zion e-bike on this road means you must yield to all of the shuttle buses. That means stopping completely and putting down a foot to let the bus pass.

Zion-Mount Carmel Highway

Start From $119 /person

How To Ride A Bike In Zion National Park
  • Approximately 4 hour guided e-bike ride.
  • Choose your trail depending on your skill level.

Ride through Zion National Park with the guidance of one of our expert tour guides. Well provide you with in-depth knowledge of the surrounding canyons, rivers and wildlife along the tour.

We offer multiple trips with a variety of distances. Interested in hiking as well? Choose one of our trails with an included hike!

  • Duration: 3-4 hours


Ride through Zion Canyon to stop 5 at Zion Lodge. Keep your eyes peeled for mule deer feeding in the Canyon. We will park the bikes at stop 5 and continue on foot hiking to the upper emerald pools. Learn about local animals, plant life, and water facts from your tour guide. After the hike we will stop for a snack in the Zion Lodge lawn. After a short rest we will ride back to our meeting spot in the Park Zion parking lot.

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Other Trails Near Zion National Park You Can Ride With Your Zion Bike Rental

Wire Mesa

Wire mesa is a more technical trail to ride with the most amazing views of Zion National Park. Wire mesa is not a beginner trail due to some technical sections.

The Whole Guacamole

The Whole Guacamole trail has a good mixture of single track and slick rock riding with some technical features.

Gooseberry Mesa

This trail really is a world class trail. Gooseberry Mesa has one of the best technical trails near Zion National Park. The view and vistas are spectacular.

JEM Trail

One of the easier trails close to Zion National Park. Jem is a great trail to go faster with easy riding and great views of Zion.

Experience A Zion Bike Rental And Explore

The best way to experience our surroundings is on an eBike. One of the main benefits is that riders of all fitness levels and experience can ride together! Experience more, grin more ride an eBike From high-end electric mountain bikes to joyful, fat-tired fun rides, we have a Zion Bike rental for everybody. Check out our inventory including cargo bikes that allow you to bring the whole family and the Specialized Levo full suspension electric mountain bike.

Choose your adventure

Blue Raven Bike Rental locations are close to both Zion National Park and Snow Canyon State Park. Blue Raven Bikes is the optimum location to start your ride. Whether youre mountain biking, exploring town, cruising through Zion National Park or Snow Canyon State Park or just want to experience being on an eBike for the first time, you can make a day of it. Leave the car and the crowded shuttles behind enjoy the freedom and ease that our eBikes offer youll come back more energized than when you started!

The Highlight of Your Zion Trip

Many guests tell us that having e-bikes for the duration of their visit was the highlight of their trip. A morning ride for coffee, a quick trip for a snack or hitting the trails being on a bike, out in nature, watching the sunset it just becomes part of your daily adventures no worries about getting the bike returned by closing time when there are still so many things to see.

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Where To Stay During The Trip

There are many places to stay overnight while visiting Zion National Park, whether youre looking for hotels or campsites!

Some top hotel options include Zion National Park Lodge, Zion Mountain Ranch, Flanigans Inn, Best Western Plus Zion Canyon Inn & Suites, Cable Mountain Lodge, Driftwood Lodge, Bumbleberry Inn, and Cliffrose Springdale. Visit Booking.com, Trip Advisor, and Expedia for more recommendations!

If youre interested in camping, Zion National Park has three campgrounds available. Watchman Campground is located in Zion Canyon and is open all year around. South Campground is available for all seasons except during wintertime.

Lastly, The Lava Point Campground, which is a one-hour drive from Zion Canyon, is also available for all seasons except winter. Visitors should be sure to book their camping reservations ahead of time, as spots can fill up quickly. Learn more about the camping experience in Zion National Park here!

Resources To Help Plan Your Trip

Utah &  Colorado National Parks 5

For more trip and planning information about Zion National Park, visit the National Park Service webpage for the park here.

To learn more about the available bike routes and rules within the park, visit the NPS Bicycling Zion page here! If you are looking to rent your e-bike while in Zion National Park, here are some options!

First is Zion Guru, which offers rentals in half-day and full-day intervals. Zion Guru also offers various Hike & E-Bike tours! Next is Zion Peddler, which provides rentals for the full day.

Third, Zion Outfitter also offers a full-day Pedal Assist E-bike rental option. Zion Adventures is another company that offers half and full-day rental options, as well as guided tours to see Zion Canyon. Zion E-bike Rentals provides various e-bike options to choose from, and also offers a self-guided tour option. Lastly, Zion Cycles offers half-day and full-day rental options, as well as guided options for both road and mountain cycling!

Be sure to check out Trip Advisor for more restaurant and dining recommendations! And lastly, for more information on things to do while in Zion National Park, view Google Travels list of top sights here!

Take a 10 Things to know video trip to Zion with this short video:

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What To Do In Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the U.S. and for good reason! The landscape is incredibly diverse with jagged mountains, a beautiful turquoise river, bright vegetation and trees, and more!

Having visited many national parks in the United States, we found Zion to be one of the most difficult to prepare for as there are many things you should know in advance of your trip. We recommend visiting in the spring or fall to avoid the summer heat! Read below to learn about our guide to Zion and top recommendations of what to do in the park.

Planning a road trip through Utah? Read our complete guide for the Best Things to do in Utah!

Getting To Zion National Park

Zion National Park is in a wild, fairly remote part of southern Utah, so the nearest airport is the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, which is about a 2.5 hour drive from the park. Some people also arrive via Salt Lake City, about a 4.5 hour drive away. There is a lot to see in and around Zion, so many people will come in from these airports and rent a car so they can make the most of their vacation in the region. Other popular recreation spots near Zion include Bryce Canyon National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Capitol Reef National Park.

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What Else Can I Do While On An E

Zion National Park is full of incredible natural sights, and is particularly known for its canyons and other rock formations! While on your trip, be sure not to miss The Narrows, Angels Landing, Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, Kolob Canyons, Kolob Terrace Road, Canyon Overlook Trail, Observation Point, Kolob Reservoir, Emerald Pools, Riverside Walk, Watchman Trail, Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel, the Zion Human History Museum, Archaeology Trail Hub, and Temple of Sinawava.

In areas where biking isnt allowed, visitors can go on hiking adventures, as well as take part in other activities like canyoning, climbing, base jumping, fishing, and camping!

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Rent Electric Bikes And Bike The Zion Scenic Drive

E-Bike is the best possible way to experience Zion’s Scenic Canyon.

This activity came highly recommended from a friend and we are so glad we took her advice. It was also an awesome way to avoid the crowds on a super busy weekend in Zion. Because the Zion Scenic Drive is not accessible to private vehicles, and we didnt feel comfortable taking a shuttle bus during a pandemic, we rented e-bikes to explore this scenic area! We highly recommend renting in advance through Zion Cycles as we had a great experience working with them. Make sure to ask for an optional lock in order to lock your bikes in Zion to go on hikes.

Tip to remember: due to safety concerns cyclists are required to pull over and stop when approached from behind by a shuttle bus. Cyclists are required to come to a full stop off of the road, and put a foot down in the gravel. Do not pass a moving shuttle bus!

Overall, this bike ride is not difficult, especially on an e-bike! Park your car at Zion Cycles and ride from their shop in Springdale, through the pedestrian entrance to Zion — dont forget your park pass if you have one! Then, take the Parus Trail towards the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. The Parus trail is shared by walkers, cyclists and hikers, so watch out for others around blind curves! The views from the bridges are amazing – we took so many beautiful photos from this part of the trail.

We each brought a backpack on our bike ride to have for hikes, snacks, and water along the way!

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Things You Should Know About Zion :

  • Zion Canyon Scenic Drive Tickets: The most popular area of Zion is only accessible by a shuttle bus from March through November – private vehicles are prohibited. Although the tickets are only $1, they must be purchased in advance via the Recreation.gov website for a specific date. We suggest avoiding the shuttle and renting e-bikes to explore Zion National Park! The e-bikes require a 1-2 week advance booking so plan accordingly. See below for details.

  • Toxic Cyanobacteria Bloom in the Virgin River: Probably not the words you want to hear when, the popular Narrows Hike, involves wading up to your waist in the Virgin River. This toxic bloom most recently happened in the summer of 2020 and has killed several dogs that drank from the river. Make sure to check the Zion National Park website for the most up-to-date information.

  • The Narrows Hike Gear Rental: If youre brave enough to risk the toxic cyanobacteria of the Virgin River, its highly recommended to rent gear for the Narrows. There are several outfitters in Springdale which rent equipment for this hike: canyoneering boots, neoprene socks, dry pants , and a hiking stick

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