E Bikes For Heavy Riders

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What Is A Heavy Rider And What Rating Should You Be Looking For

Best Electric Bikes for Heavy Riders | Heavier Riders Demonstrate Ebike Riding

Some companies like Rad Power Bikes give clear, prominent descriptions of the weight limits of all their e-bikes

The average US male weighs around 200lbs / 90kg and the average female around 170lbs / 77kg so you can figure out if you class yourself as a heavy rider based on these benchmarks!

An obvious first step in looking for an e-bike suitable for your weight is to look at the e-bike spec to see what the weight rating is.

Its essential you are clear whether the figure includes the weight of the e-bike or just refers to the rider and any extra cargo or passengers they load onto the e-bike.

So, for example, Riese and Mullers 2022 e-bike catalogue gives Gross Vehicle Weight Capacity in their detailed spec reports. So you would need to subtract the e-bike weight off of this to get the max rating for rider and luggage.

You might also see a total weight limit given by other manufacturers, and often this includes the weight of the bike.

Riese & Muller e-bikes are very well made and the company helpfully specifies gross weight ratings for each model

Yes it can be confusing, but its best not to get too hung up on what an e-bikes stated weight limit is as we say, they are only a guide and manufacturers weight ratings can vary from the overly cautious to the rather optimistic!

The Ripcurrent S By Juiced Bikes

The Juiced RipCurrent S is a brand new model by Juiced Bikes that will be available for shipping in later September 2022. It is currently available for preorder now with $200 off! If youre adventuring with a partner, use the code 2BIKEOFFER for an additional $200 off your order when buying two bikes.

This model offers unparalleled power with its 1000 watt motor and 52V/19.2Ah battery . This gives riders an approximate 70+ miles of range on a full charge. Even with a total payload capacity of 300 lbs, this rig can reach speeds up to 28 MPH.

There are three sizes to choose from depending on your height: medium , large , and x-large . The RipCurrent S is also offered in a step-thru variation. For an even more customizable option, choose from red, gray, or black colors.

Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra Fs Ebike For Heavy Riders

The Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS EBike is perfect for heavy riders who need a durable and reliable bike that can handle their weight. The frame is made of 6061 aluminum with 100mm rear travel, and the fork is an inverted taper with 100mm travel.

The bike also comes with TEKTRO HD-E500 brakes with 180mm rotors, and the brake levers are hydraulic with adjustable reach and motor cutoff. The shifter is an SRAM NX 11 speed, and the rear derailleur is also an SRAM NX 11 speed. The crankset is a 170mm aluminum arm with a 44t steel chainring.

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Are Fat Bikes Good For Heavy Riders

Fat bikes are particularly good for heavy riders because their over-size tyres provide exceptional cushioning and comfort. At low pressure, the fat tyres absorb the shocks on any terrain, with superior grip and traction.

Most fat bikes have a weight limit of around 300 lbs, but some brands, such as Mongoose, offer bikes with weight limits of up to 400 lbs.

With a lot of road drag from the huge tyres, theyre not fast and can be heavy to handle. But if speed isnt an issue, these bikes offer unrivalled comfort and stability.

Riese And Muller Superdelite

The 5 Best Electric Bikes for Heavy Riders in 2020

With a Bosch Performance Line CX motor capable of supporting up to 300 pounds, the Superdelite Ebike from Riese & Müller is the best bike for people weighing 350-pounds.

The Bosch PowerTube batteries allow for an outstanding 130 miles of riding without recharging, making it the best electric bike for a 300 lb man, and woman. It has a comfortable Selle Royal Sport Gel saddle and safe and efficient Magura rear and front ABS disc brakes.

The Riese and Muller Superdelite is better suited for taller riders as its largest model offers support for riders as tall as 69, while its smallest model is limited to riders 55 and above. The bike does come with a hefty price tag which might turn off some people.

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How To Choose Electric Bikes For Heavy People

Just when people had begun losing interest in riding bikes, manufactures came up with a new concept, catering to heavy individuals.

The electric bikes for heavy people offer an exciting way to lose weight and keep fit, all at the same time enjoying the convenience of riding without getting fatigued.

However, not every e-bike is suited for overly heavy individuals.

To choose the right electric bike, you need to consider several factors, including:

We Specialize In Ebikes And Accessories

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Electric Bike Accessories For Heavy Riders

Every Electric Bike rider should wear a helmet, regardless of your weight. The extra speed means crashes will be harder, and stopping distance increases. Check out our fully featured article on the best electric bike helmets to find something that fits you.

Youll ideally want an NTA 8776 helmet that is rated for electric bikes, and if youre going off-road definitely consider a full-face helmet.

Do You Still Get Exercise Using An E

Electric Bikes for Heavy Riders

Yes, you absolutely do! In fact, we would go so far as to say that having an electric bike will encourage you to go out and ride more often than if it was just a normal bike. Not only that but most people who consider themselves to be overweight or unfit to ride will find that e-bikes are an ideal solution.

You will have the best of both worlds normal riding by pedalling and cruising once you need a break from the effort. Heavier riders can also rest assured that most of these bikes can handle higher weight capacities.

They are perfect for weight-loss and cardio workouts, and not to mention fun. Riders from all age groups and with different levels of fitness and capabilities can now ride together. Youll have the option of controlling the amount of assistance the eBike can give you so that you can adjust to others who are riding with you. Basically, with an electric bike, you are in control.

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Electric Bike Jargon Buster

Assist level

How much additional assistance your motor gives you as you ride. Most ebikes will have multiple levels to switch between as you ride, depending on the terrain . Some will be able to automatically switch support level up and down, depending on where youre riding or to conserve your battery levels. More power means less range.


Short for Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle, this is the official legal term often used by the UK government to describe ebikes.


Output for an ebike motor is typically measured in watts. Thats a measure of the maximum power it can produce.

Watt hours

Ebike battery capacity is measured in watt hours or, in other words, how many watts a battery can put out and for how long. So if a 250-watt motor was fed by a 250Wh battery and run at full power, the battery would drain in an hour. In practice, your motor doesnt run at full power much of the time, so your battery will last longer than this.


For eMTBs, in particular, torque is also an important figure. It measures how much turning force a motor will put in, something that helps add to your own effort especially when climbing hills.


Do Electric Bikes Charge As You Ride

The short answer is: yes, it is possible. Not all e-bikes have this feature, but if you do happen to own one, you will put in A LOT of effort to make this happen. If you are scientifically-minded, the principle is simple, and it is called KERS that basically converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

You personally will convert mechanical energy , into electrical energy . This is an interesting concept, but not very efficient. For example, if you were to pedal for 10km, you would basically recharge your battery for the equivalent of 1kms worth of charge. Thats a lot of effort for very little return.

There is also another option of charging-as-you-ride: regenerative brakes. These are also known as regen brakes for short, and they are even less efficient than the KERS models. Regen brakes will give you only 5% efficiency and not only that, but they require a different type of motor called a Direct Drive Motor, which tends to be heavier than your standard e-bike motors.

Needless to say, these 2 options seem nice in theory, but they arent particularly efficient. You would be better off paying more for higher-end e-bicycles with larger capacity batteries, higher weight capacity, etc.

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Types Of Electric Bike Saddle: Choose The Best One For You

Its also a good idea to know about and try out different saddle designs so that you know what works for you and what doesnt. Here are different electric bike saddle types:

Performance Saddles

In order to create maximum power transfer and minimal chafe while pedaling, performance saddles are typically narrow, long, and have minimal padding. Performance saddles are most commonly found on road bikes, mountain bikes, and touring bikes.

Cushioning Saddles

The padding on cushioned saddles is typically thick and plush with springs to absorb road shocks. A short nose is typically found on these saddles. The majority of bikes designed for cruising and recreational cycling typically have these saddles.

Ergon – SM E Mountain Sport Bicycle Saddle | for E-Mountain Bikes | Mens | Medium/Large | Stealth Black $83.85

Rad Power Bikes Radrover 6 Plus

Electric Scooter for tall and heavy riders : ElectricScooters
Rad Power Bikes Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus Electric Fat Tire Bike
Rad Power Bikes Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus Electric Fat Tire Bike
Estimated Range Up to 45 miles

The RadRover has been the most popular fat-tire electric bike in the U.S., according to import records from China that show Rad imports surpassing other competitors by a significant margin. So think of the RadRover as the Ford Model T of fat-tire e-bikes: cheap, reliable, and for everyone. Theres ample power from a 750-watt geared hub motor to help you get the 72-pound bike up to speed, and hydraulic disc brakes to stop it. Puncture-resistant, four-inch-wide tires reliably help you get where youre going. A comfort saddle, fenders, and integrated lights round out this well-equipped adventure machine.

28 mph
Estimated Range Up to 45 miles

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Can Overweight People Ride Ebikes

Overweight people typically weigh between 200 and 300 lbs . This weight range falls well under the payload limits of most electric bikes.

So, yes, overweight people can ride electric bikes. However, not all electric bikes rated for heavy payloads can operate at optimal performance when pushed to their limits. This is why you have to consider factors like power output, shock absorption, etc before purchasing electric bikes designed for heavy riders.

Buying Guides Of Folding E Bike For Heavy Riders

Heavy riders need an electric bike that can tolerate their weight on it. The first thing to buying the electric bike is its weight load capacity, and after that, you can see more functions that we have discussed below.

Battery and Range

You must go for your requirements for the battery and range. If you wish to cover long distances, you must go for a more powerful electric bike battery. You can select the lithium-ion battery that is removable to be easy to charge.

Motor and Speed

The XXL electric bike motor is responsible for covering with the maximum speed. If you want to cruise or ride in the mountains, you must go for a maximum power motor. Heavy riders must go for powerful motors that can be useful because they can take heavy riders to the maximum speed.

Electric Bike Frame

The best folding ebike for heavy riders frame must be made with sturdy material that can bear good weight capacity. You can select an aluminum alloy frame. Steal, or titanium are also available in the market.

The aluminum alloy frames are the most common and durable. The electric bikes for big guys are lightweight and keep good capacity for the riders.

Safety Features of Electric Bike

The safety features of e bikes for heavy riders are included fat tires, a hydraulic disc brake system, and stopping power, working modes and suspension forks. You must go for the best safety features according to your need.

Electric Bike Saddle

Pricing & Affordability

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Velowave Electric Mountain Bike Adults 500w 275 Ebike 25mph E Bike 48v 15ah

Check Latest Price

Lowest Price

Product Details

Brand: VELOWAVE Color: 48V 13Ah Dark Green Features: Equipped with 500W high speed brushless motor, provides electric bicycle strong power and climbing capabilities, assists the speed up to 25 mph.

Applicable to all terrains, whether for city road or mountains. It takes you freely to anywhere you desire. Large capacity 48V 13Ah battery, offers ebike long riding range, assists travel of up to 35+ miles per full charge.

The battery is hidden in the frame, with double lock mechanism secured for anti-theft and avoids drop-out during furious riding. Removable for charging. Pure electric mode, pedal-assist mode, classic bike mode.

Whether its shortening your commute to work on weekdays, or exploring new trails outdoors on weekends while exercising and relaxing, this electric bicycle is a great choice. Multifunctions LCD display support you control riding easily.

You can adjust the assist level from 0 to 5 to lower or increase the speed assistance easily. Its easy to get the information of the speed, the battery output voltage and capacity status, the accumulated mileage at a glance of the display.

Lowest Price

Product Details

Removable battery, convenient to bring home or office to recharge. Speed and Range Max Speed: 28+MPH by pedal 20 MPH by throttle Range: 25 to 40+ Mile by Pedal 35+ Mile by Throttle (Calculation based on riders weight of 75kg.

94.8009 oz

Gunai 1000w Ebike For Heavy Riders

How to choose an electric bike for HEAVY riders

Were sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock


WHY WE LIKE IT: Value-friendly bike with an array of high-end features, including an ultra-durable 6061 aluminum frame and 26 fat tires that excel across a wide variety of terrain types.

Read Full Review:

  • 35-degree climbing capacity
  • Battery takes 7 hours to charge

This Gunai electric bike comes in at a value-conscious price point while offering features in line with higher-priced competitors, such as a truly durable 6061 aluminum frame that can take a licking and 26-inch fat tires that help absorb the shock from traveling over rough terrain. We loved the luminous LED headlight and the backlit display, both of which came in handy during night rides.

Though the removable battery can get you over 30 miles of riding before needing a charge, the included charger does take six or seven hours to complete said charge. Also, the motor is great at acceleration and can handle a heavy load, but only has the capacity to climb at a maximum of 35-degree inclines. For those seeking a taste of adventure, read about the best electric mountain bike.

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What Should I Look For When Buying An Electric Bike

Electric bikes come in many sizes, shapes and functions. Some e-bikes are very basic, some are more geared toward performance and others such electric mountain bikes are designed for serious hobbyists.

So, the first order of the day is to decide your specific needs and do some basic research online. Read customer reviews and educate yourself before taking that leap of making a purchase.

Having determined your needs and done your research, you can start shopping based on the specifications that fulfil your criteria . Also, factors such as comfort, battery life , the type of motor these should all be considered upfront.

Be a picky shopper. Consider that electric bikes come in many brands, models and makes, so build quality is something you need to look at with a critical eye. Ask about the warranty from the outset. Usually, good quality brands will come with better warranty coverage than lesser e-bikes .

When all is said and done, you should ideally test drive some e-bikes. The specifications might look good on paper, but at the end of the day if the bike doesnt fit you and feel comfortable, then you will not be happy riding it.

A Few Words In Conclusion

Ultimately, if youre a person who weighs around the benchmark of 300 lbs / 150 kg, rest assured that there are lots of e-Bike options out there for you. Remember that you should be choosing an e-Bike that aligns with the type of riding youre planning on doing, the terrain of which you will be primarily riding, the support your e-Bike gives you for both your body and your safety, and the comfort level of which youre at when it comes to cycling.

Once you navigate through these details, you can easily find an e-bike option that offers you optimal safety and stability!

Here is a quick video that shows that extra weight should be no limitation for a cyclist. One thing to worry about is to select your proper e-bike:

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