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ECHELON EX4S first impressions! Echelon Connect EX-4s COSTCO indoor bike review

$899.99 Regular price $1,499.99, save $600.00

The Echelon EX-4S-10 Connect Bike strikes a unique balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality with its sleek design and small footprint. Featuring a variety of adjustable features, innovative technology, and a durable frame design easily adapt the bike to fit your body with ease and get the most out of every workout.

Top-Rated Features:

  • 10 Class HD Touchscreen Display
  • Screen Flips 180° for Off-Equipment Cross-Training
  • Ergonomic Bullhorn Handlebars
  • Toe Cages Accommodate Standard Athletic Shoes
  • Frame-Mounted Bottle Holders
  • Seat-Mounted 2lb Dumbbell Rack
  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebars: Height and Depth
  • Live + On-Demand Classes Available 24/7
  • Motivating Instructors

Membership sold separately.

Risk-Free Trial:Your Echelon purchase is backed by our 30-DAY RISK-FREE POLICY! If you dont love your Echelon product within that 30-day window, well take it back.

  • “One of the best smart home gym workouts of 2021″CNET May 2021

  • Echelon has cracked the code.

  • The Best Indoor Workout Equipment That Won’t Collect Dust in Your Garage

Costco Echelon Bike Ex

Costco sells the Echelon spin bike for $999.99. Scroll down for photos. This is a much closer competitor to the Peloton as opposed to the Proform Bike I posted a while back. I saw the Echelon workers inside Costco giving demonstrations. It appeared to have all the bells & whistles of the Peloton bike at a fraction of the cost. Full disclosurewe own a Peloton bike & we absolutely love it. The reason we like it so much is because of the community & feature built around it. I really like to nerd out sometimes & I enjoy tracking my progress as well as output, calories, distance, etc. The Peloton has all those features & so does the Echelon. For less than half the price of Peloton you can get similar features. Here is a little bit more about this Costco Echelon Bike .

  • Model: EX-4S Echelon Connected Spin Bike
  • 10.1 HD Touch Screen
  • 1 Year Echelon Fit App Included
  • Aero Style Handlebars

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here.

Echelon Bike at Costco, EX-4S Connected Bike

Price: $999.99, Item Number: 1485850

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Whats It Like To Set Up The Echelon Bike

There are stickers on the bike to indicate where to assemble it.

One immediate pain point of the Echelon Bike was that it does not come with white glove delivery like some of its competitorsi.e., you need to assemble it yourself. Naturally, I enlisted some help from my mother. Once the Echelon was delivered, the two of us lugged the 100-pound box up to my second-floor apartment and were sufficiently winded after.

Moving the bike was more challenging than assembling it, though. Echelon provides all the tools you need to put the bike together and we easily screwed in the seat, handlebar, and pedals. The only part that gave me pause was attaching the screen, which involved unscrewing a panel to attach a cable, then reattaching the panel. However, the pictures shown didnt match up with the written directions, so I messed up this step twice before successfully completing it.

My mom was convinced that the heavy bike would break through the floor of my older apartment building, but it has not yet, so its safe to say my floors are sturdier than we thought.

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How Much Is The Echelon Bike

Unlike the Peloton, Echelon has five bikes to choose from at various prices starting at $1,039.98 and going up to $1,639.98all cheaper than the Pelotons $2,495 and $1,895 bikes .

The five bikes are:

  • Connect EX-1 , which is the most basic, with a comfortable seat, ergonomic handlebars, and a console that holds your own tablet on which to stream the classes.
  • Connect EX-3 , which has a more comfortable competition seat, indexing resistance adjustment that resets to zero after each use, a more powerful motor, and a weight rack on the seat slide, but still no integrated screen.
  • Connect EX-5 , which has an upgraded Aero handlebar system, a built-in 21-inch touchscreen display that flips 180 degrees, two handlebar-mounted bottle holders, and a weight rack behind the seat.
  • Connect EX-5s , is nearly identical to the EX-5, but has a high-definition, 21.5-inch touchscreen display that also flips, kick guards on the frame stabilizer weldments, and power ports at the front and rear for charging your phone while you pedal.
  • Connect EX-7s , which has a rotating, 22-inch HD screen, dual Power ports in front and back, a new gel comfort seat and coated metal water bottle holder, as well as front facing speakers.

Unlike Pelotons one membership option that costs $39 a month, Echelon also offers several membership options at different prices:

There are some accessories you might want like weights , cycle shoes , heart rate monitors , earbuds , and a workout mat .

What Is The Echelon Connect Bike

Echelon EX

The Echelon Connect Bike is small enough to fit in a living room or bedroom.

At first glance, the Echelon bike appears nearly identical to the Peloton, but with less clout . Its a stationary bike with a screen that allows you to take live and on-demand virtual spin classes with Echelon instructors from their studios in Chattanooga and Miami. Echelon offers additional workout classes such as barre, pilates, Zumba, and HIIT that are available through its FitPass membership.

Echelon also sells several other connected workout machines, including a smart mirror and rower, if you prefer those types of workouts.

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Open Box Box Is Damaged Product Is In New Condition

Echelon EX-4S Connected Bike

The Echelon EX-4S Connected Bike boasts all your cycling must-haves with a touch of polish. This connected bike strikes a unique balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality with its sleek design and small footprint. It also comes with a variety of adjustable features so you can adapt this bike to fit your body with ease and get the most out of your rides. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and a durable frame, you can rely on the EX-4S for the long haul.


  • 10.1 Integrated HD touch screen that flips 180 degrees
  • 32 silent magnetic resistance levels
  • Indexing resistance knob
  • Seat-mounted dumbbell rack
  • Powder-coated, scratch-resistant frame 2 water bottle holders
  • Built-in front wheels

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Is The Echelon Bike As Good As Peloton

The Peloton and the Echelon bikes side-by-side.

While I havent used a Peloton bike myself, I have seen the one Samantha Matt, Revieweds director of commerce content, has in action. The builds are very similar, but I will say the display and video editing of the Peloton classes seem to be higher quality and higher-definition. The Peloton screen will give you suggested ranges for cadence and resistance, which is one qualm I initially had about the Echelon classes. The Pelotons water bottle holder is also on the side of the bike, so you dont have to deal with the annoying screen-hitting that I dealt with. Plus, Peloton offers free assembly, which might be worth at least some of the price increase to some.

We already know the Peloton is more expensive than the Echelon, but youre also paying for a massive community. With approximately 1.4 million users, there are hundreds of people taking live classes on Peloton and 14 live classes to take each day . There are also 25 instructors listed on the Peloton site compared to the 20 on Echelons, offering a slightly wider variety.

When it comes to warranty, Echelon offers a two-year warranty, which covers most of its longest financing period , but you can also purchase an extended one-year warranty for $79.99, or for three more years for an extra $199.

Personally, I think the Peloton is of higher caliber, but if you want a cheaper bike with a similar experience and growing community, the Echelon is a great choice as well.

New Updated Echelon Ex4s+ Exercise Bike $999

7 things I HATE about the Echelon EX4s COSTCO bike

“Unlike previous model which was EX3 with 10 inch screen”Don’t you mean the EX5? The EX3 doesn’t have a screen


item name

“Unlike previous model which was EX3 with 10 inch screen”Don’t you mean the EX5? The EX3 doesn’t have a screen


krispy4 wrote: âWalmart was selling an EX-15 version that comes with a 10-inch screen, I believe that’s what OP was referring to

“Unlike previous model which was EX3 with 10 inch screen”Don’t you mean the EX5? The EX3 doesn’t have a screen

krispy4 wrote: âWalmart was selling an EX-15 version that comes with a 10-inch screen, I believe that’s what OP was referring to


Esg876 wrote: âAre there any good options in the 500 range?


gena_mak wrote: âThe real benefit of the Echelon bike is not the screen. However, when I had mine I unlocked it and used it for YouTube videos. But, the real benefit is automatic resistance with apps like Zwift, peloton, RGT etc. Once you try you will never go back to manually spinning your resistance knob. Especially during high intensity workouts or races. This feature alone moves echelon bikes into smart bike category that like wahoo, stages with very high $$$.


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Whats It Like To Work Out With The Echelon Bike

Echelon classes show the cadence, resistance, and output on the screen.

It was easy to get into the swing of making the Echelon a part of my daily workout routine. Each day I would hop on the bike at 7 a.m., and with no commute to a fitness studio, I was able to get some extra sleep. Akin to booking fitness classes, I could set reminders on the Echelon app for specific live classes as well. Also, having a huge bike in your bedroom is a great motivator to actually use it.

The classes are fun and engaging, and I felt the time flying by. I already have my favorite classes and favorite instructors after using it for a month.

What I like most about the Echelon is all the data you received. On the screen, it shows your cadence , resistance , and output . Throughout classes, instructors suggest the cadence and resistance you should aim for, but more often than not, they say to be at a moderate, challenging, hard, or all-out level. Initially, it bothered me that they didnt say explicitly what number level you should be hitting, but over time I learned to like it as it allowed all skill levels to compete without feeling judged.

You can also look back on your data, which is very motivating to try to challenge yourself to improve with each ride. I can be quite competitive with myself and Ive already seen a major improvement in my total output after just a few short weeks.

How Does Echelons Fitpass Work

The bike screen flips 180 degrees, allowing a screen to take FitPass classes.

I supplemented all the cardio from the cycling classes with other classes using Echelons FitPass. There arent as many on-demand or live classes featured compared to the hundreds of bike classes available, but there are still dozens of FitPass classes to choose from.

It was nice to pop into a 30-minute HIIT class or a 20-minute yoga class in the morning, and I found that the classes were challenging, restorative, or just good cross-training to add to the mix. My only qualm: When selecting a class, you dont know what to expect. The descriptions are vague, sometimes only listing the music thats played. In one case, I hopped into a pilates class expecting some core work, only to have it focused on spinal strength. So it can be a bummer to waste time and leave a class when its not what you wanted.

While I prefer the cycling classes, I still think FitPass is worth it for the added cost of just $5 a month.

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Which Echelon Bike Should You Get

I tested the Echelon EX-5 model, which costs $1,239.98, plus the class subscription, plus $199.99 for shipping, unless its included in the bike-plus-class package that you select. Its the companys best-seller, with a 21-inch touchscreen .

All of the bike models work more or less the same, but the EX-1 and EX-3 dont have included displays, so youll need to buy a tablet and install the Echelon app, then connect the bike to your tablet using Bluetooth so your stats are displayed. The actual exercise experience doesn’t differ much between the models, so unless you want the bells and whistles of a bigger screen and other upgrades, you can let your budget be your guide.

How Do Echelon Classes Compare To In

Events Viewbid

I found Echelon classes to be harder and higher quality than most studio cycling classes Ive taken in the past at SoulCycle and Turnstyle. I feel like a lot of in-person classes focus on pedaling to the beat of the music and bobbing around with push-ups and crunches, which look cool but arent necessarily the best workout. Plus, those classes are always so hot, which has me wondering if Im sweating because of the workout or because there are so many bodies around me.

And thanks to all the data provided by the Echelon screen , I can see just how hard Im working and decide if I can push myself a little bit further to pass one more person on the leaderboard before the end of class. I typically take 45-minute classes, which are on par with the length on an in-studio class, but Ive found the 20- and 30-minute classes to be equally challenging and push you harder as you have less time to get your sweat on.

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Sweat Toward Your Goals With A Global Community

Join an exclusive network of fitness instructors and Echelon members who all share a common goal to live a healthy life. Explore thousands of on-demand fitness classes or join daily live workouts broadcast to your connected equipment. Track your progress, workout with friends or family, and push toward your goals together.

  • 23M+ Song and Artist Options
  • 23M+ Song and Artist Options

Echelon Smart Connect Bike Ex

Monthly Class Membership Cost: 1-Year Included, then $39.99 Monthly or $33.33/Month Annual Price

Monthly Class Membership Features:

  • Access to live classes and more on demand through United membership

  • Classes included meditation, yoga, boxing, strength training, core etc

  • Compete with friends and family that also have a membership

  • Up to 5 family and household members on one account

Delivery and Assembly: $199

Screen: Bring your own tablet situation here

Sound: None because youre bringing your own screen, therefore sound too.

Pedals: Unclear, but SPD Compatible Pedals with Toe Cages can be purchased separately for $60. Im assuming it comes with at least one feature, and likely SPD due to all other Echelon Bikes listing SPD.

Heart Rate Monitor: Doesnt state

Weight: 104lbs

Footprint: 48 x 20 x 44

User Requirements: 300lbs

Colors: Black on Black, Red on Black, and White

Warranty: 30 day risk free home trial plus 12-month limited warranty and 5 years on the bike frame

Thoughts on the Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX-3:

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Home Gym Upgrades: Costcos Exclusive Echelon Connect Ex

Its the battle of the bikes! Peloton or Echelon? If youre in the market for an at home spin bike, I present you with the Echelon Connect EX-4S, exclusive to Costco.

Ive never been a gym rat, but I do try and keep active. Back in the day, I was a three-season athlete and even then I did a lot of at-home workouts. My health habits into adulthood have been no different, especially with the growing demands of balancing home life, motherhood, two businesses, and, in recent years, a global pandemic.

As a health and fitness coach, I had a pretty decent home gym already. Still, I was looking to upgrade. I had been eyeing up a Peloton bike for a few years now and just never bit the bullet. Being home more and more and being out walking less and less changed my mind. I wasnt happy about that price tag, though. $2500+ just didnt seem worth it to me. I searched high and low for an alternative. Im happy to say I found one at a fraction of the cost and am just as in love with it so, one week later, no FOMO here.

Costco had a great deal on both the Echelon EX-4S and Echelon EX-5S models. I went with the Echelon Connect EX-4S, a Costco exclusive. A cross between the EX-3 and EX-5S, this indoor bike does come with a 10.1 inch HD screen on a hinge to allow in front of the bike floor exercises. Its worth noting the flywheel on both Echelon models is in the back versus the front like Pelotons. My bike also included a full year subscription to Echelons online FitApp membership.

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