Echelon Smart Connect Bike Ex3

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Echelon Ex3 Connect Bike

Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Bike w/ 3 Month App Membership on QVC
  • Integrated smart device holder with 180° flip rotation
  • Adjustable pedals with toe cages and SPD clips to accomodate athletic shoes or cycling cleats
  • Competition-style seat and padded ergonomic bullhorn handlebars
  • 32 levels of silent, magnetic resistance
  • frame-mounted water bottles holders
  • Rear dumbbell holders hold up to 2 lb weights
  • Live + on-demand cycling classes and off-equipment workouts
  • Real-time performance data tracking

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Echelon Smart Connect Ex3 Review: Verdict

The Echelon Connect EX3 is a decent exercise bike and it offers a wide variety of on-demand and live spin classes. The magnetic resistance provides a near-silent riding experience and thanks to the customisation options, most people will find a way to sit on the Echelon Connect EX3 the way they prefer.

Unfortunately, the bike doesn’t come with a built-in screen and this takes away from the experience. A class viewed on a smallish, 10″ tablet will not be the same as it is on a 22″ Peloton bike screen.

However, you can use your Echelon Fit on any smart TV and watch Echelon workouts on a big screen. If you want to see your Smart Connect Bike stats on a smart TV, Echelon recommends using an Apple TV, or Screen Mirror for your TV. There are third party apps you can use as well like Mirror for Samsung TV and Video and TV Cast .

Alternatively, the Peloton app is now also available on the Roku platform so if you have a Roku compatible TV, such as the excellent Hisense Roku TV R50B7120UK, you can view classes on a huge screen. I guess you can just watch Peloton classes on the TV and ride your Echelon bike as an alternative combination.

Considering the sturdiness of the Echelon Connect EX3, the available classes and the affordable price point, I would recommend the bike for people who are happy to use their own gadgets to view the Echelon App. As they say, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ and you will be able to save a pretty penny by getting the Echelon Connect EX3 bike.

Should You Buy The Echelon Connect Ex3

The Echelon Connect EX3 is a well-made, durable exercise bike, which offers an authentic spin style experience. There are enough live and on-demand classes to keep you busy on and off the bike and its super easy to set up and use. The Echelon Connect EX3 is a solid and affordable Peloton alternative and a great way for the whole family to invest in their health and fitness at home.

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How Much Is An Echelon Bike

The Echelon Smart Connect EX3 bike costs £949 , which you can pay for upfront or choose a 0% finance option with Klarna or Splitit.

The price of the Echelon membership costs between £19.99 and £24.99 per month, depending on which plan you choose. The membership options are as follows:

  • Monthly Subscription: £29.99/$34.99 per month
  • Annual Subscription: £24.99/$33.33 per month
  • 2 Year Subscription: £19.99/$29.16 per month

For comparison, prices for the standard Peloton Bike start at £1550/ $1495, the Peloton Bike+ starts at £2295/$2495, and the All-Access Membership costs £39/$39 per month.

The more streamlined Echelon Connect Sport bike costs £799 , and the EX-5s costs £1599/$1499.99. Both have the same membership options as the EX-3 model, mentioned above.

  • Echelon Smart Connect EX-3 Max bike, £949/ $799.99 – buy here

Can You Use The Echelon Bike Without The App

Exercise Bike Zone: Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Spin Bike, Review

The bike and app have been designed to work together to provide the best workout experience, and therefore youll get the most benefit from having both.

You certainly use it without the app, but if youre not too bothered about having access to the classes, youre probably better off opting for a regular exercise bike and saving yourself a penny or two.

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Echelon Bike Review: The Verdict

I really enjoyed testing out the Echelon EX-3 and was sad to see it go.

The bike provides everything you need for a decent workout, is super easy to use, and its wonderful to be able to jump it at home without having to brave a trek to the gym.

The majority of problems I discovered when testing the bike were actually with the app, which are likely to get resolved with updates.

And the issue with the lack of a screen is something I could get over – especially as purchasing an Echelon bike and new iPad would still be cheaper than buying a Peloton bike.

Therefore, I would recommend the Echelon EX-3 bike to those looking to experience exercise classes from the comfort of their own home and those after a more affordable alternative to the Peloton.

  • Echelon Smart Connect EX-3 Max bike, £949/$799.99 – buy here

What’s The Difference Between The Ex

The Ex-7 is a commercial bike designed to withstand plenty of usage in commercial premises such as gyms and hotels.

The bike has a heavy-duty infrastructure, adjustable features, and rotating 22 HD touchscreen.

Due to this, the Ex-7 is more expensive than the Ex-5 and Ex-3 – the Ex-7 is available to buy from £1,999.

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Ordering And Assembling The Echelon Smart Connect Ex

You can order the EX-3 on the Echelon website, although its not prominently displayed on the home page since its an older model. If you google the model name, youll be able to find the Echelon listing pretty easily. The bike can also be ordered on Amazon, with financing options available through both platforms .

Assembly didnt seem too daunting in the customer reviews for the EX-3, and staff writer Anthony OReilly echoed that sentiment in his review of the similarly constructed Echelon EX-8s bike.

Assembly is a breeze, and shouldnt take any longer than 20 to 30 minutes, OReilly says. The frame comes in one piece, and you screw on all the other parts using an Allen wrench. Theres even a YouTube video you can follow if you need any further explanation.

Echelon Smart Connect Ex3 Review: Ergonomics

Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Bike (honest) REVIEW

There are plenty of options to personalise the Echelon Connect EX3: you can adjust the height of the seatpost, the position and the angle of the saddle, the height of the handlebars and even the angle of the tablet holder.

The ‘competition seat’ is comfortable to sit on although truth to be told, I haven’t tried cycling on it for longer than 30 minutes at a time. However, for that time period, it’s definitely comfy enough. There are also multiple hand positions available on the handlebar so it is possible to get into a more aggressive racing positions or just to sit up and cruise if that’s what you want.

In order to quench that thirst more efficiently, Echelon included not one but two bottle holders, sitting on each side of the front tube for easy access. Behind the saddle, you’ll find a dumbbell holder which is enough to hold smaller weights but definitely not the Bowflex Selecttech 1090i dumbbells. I guess you won’t need those for Echelon classes so that’s not a big loss.

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Heres A Quick Look At The Echelon Connect Ex


Recommended user height

411 to 64

The Connect EX-3 is equipped with dual-sided aluminum pedals, which include SPD clips on one side and adjustable toe cages on the other.

Whats more, with 32 levels of magnetic resistance, the bike makes it easy to vary the intensity of your ride.

To adjust the resistance level, begin pedaling to activate the bikes tension system. Next, slowly turn the adjustment knob clockwise to add resistance.

Other notable features include a 6-inch padded competition seat, a narrow design for a full range of motion, and 4-way adjustable handlebars.

Echelon also offers a larger saddle, which can be purchased separately.

The Echelon EX-3 is easy to assemble and only requires one person, though you may need someone to help you carry the box inside.

One thing to note is that while the EX-3 is said to accommodate users between 411 and 64 tall, Echelon recently reported that the bike can comfortably be used by anyone between 45 and 68 .

Still, to be on the safe side, we recommend trying out the bike in person if your height is outside of the initial range.

What Makes Echelon Different

  • The on-demand classes mean you tap into a class whenever you want. Plus, its not just spinning either. You have access to kickboxing, yoga, stretching, Pilates, HIIT, strength training classes and more and Zumba as well as warm-up and cool-down sessions
  • Scenic rides offer you the chance to explore different terrains from the French countryside to the streets of Singapore.
  • There are 32 levels of resistance, providing a challenging workout for all levels of riders. The bike is also fully integrated, connecting to your smart devices via Bluetooth to monitor your speed, cadence, calories burned, heart rate and more.
  • Its compact: the bike has a footprint of 3ft 4in by 1ft 8in so doesnt take over your home.
  • The app tracks your progress so you can set a goal and also links to your Facebook, Fitbit, and Strava accounts so you compete with friends and family. There’s also a leaderboard to track your performance.

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Workout Experience On The Echelon Ex

Though we havent been able to get our hands on the Echelon Smart Connect EX-3, staff writer Caroline Lubinsky did spend a lot of time using a product from the same line, the Echelon EX-8s. The two Echelon bikes are similar from a functionality standpoint, featuring the same number of resistance levels, the same seat, similarly sized frames, and access to the same interactive workout programming.

Caroline noted that the frame of the EX-8s felt sturdy during use and that the seat was not particularly comfy but not terrible. Her experiences seem to align with everything I encountered while researching customer reviews.

Echelon Vs Peloton: The Differences

Echelon EX3 Smart Connect Bike, Red

There are currently two different Echelon bikes and two different Peloton bikes, so to make things simpler weve compared the two closest in price – the Echelon EX-3 and the Peloton bike .


  • Echelon EX-3: £949/$799 plus a monthly subscription of between £19.99/$29.16 and £29.99/$34.99
  • Peloton Bike: £1750/$1495 plus a monthly subscription of £39/$39


  • Both Echelon and Peloton have a 30-day return policy , and offer a one-year limited parts and labour warranty.

Dimensions :

  • Echelon EX-3: 138cm x 140cm x 51cm
  • Peloton Bike: 149cm x 135cm x 58cm


  • Echelon EX-3: 96cm x 51.5cm
  • Peloton Bike: 120cm x 60cm


  • Echelon EX-3: 136 kg / 300 lbs
  • Peloton Bike: 135 kg / 297 lbs

Sound and Display

  • Echelon EX-3: None
  • Peloton Bike: 22 HD touchscreen display, with a 2×10 watt sound system, built-in microphone and front-facing camera


  • Echelon EX-3: Silent magnetic flywheel with 32-levels of resistance, adjusted via a resistance knob
  • Peloton Bike: Magnetic with mechanical adjustment. 100 levels of resistance adjusted via a resistance knob


  • Echelon EX-3: SPD compatible with adjustable toe cages
  • Peloton Bike: LOOK delta pedals

Both offer access to live and on-demand classes, and both allow you to create individual profiles for family members or friends.

  • Echelon EX-3: Echelon Fit
  • Peloton Bike: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


  • See all Echelon EX-3s specs here
  • See all Peloton bikes specs here

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Essential Design Customizable Ride

  • Dual-Sided Pedals: Pedals feature SPD compatible clips and adjustable toe cages to accomodate cycling cleats or standard athletic shoes
  • Quick-Flip Device Holder: Built in device holder flips 180 so you can enjoy the Echelon United Membership on or off the EX-3
  • From beginner to advanced, anyone can find a workout.

Echelon Ex3 Smart Connect Bike Trainer

The EX-3 boasts every cycling must-have, along with a few finishing touches for added polish. It strikes a unique balance between aesthetic appeal and space efficiency with its sleek, modern design and small footprintâall without comprising its structural integrity. Adjustable features let you adapt the EX-3 to your body while technology and its strong frame offer the workouts and durability necessary to pedal hard toward your goals.

32 levels of silent magnetic resistance lets you vary your workout intensity â Handlebar mounted 180 degree rotating console letâs you incorporate off bike exercises â 6â lever makes it easy to adjust the seat position fit any body – Fully adjustable toe cages on the pedals for a secure fit – Extra-large cushioned seat offers comfortable riding – Powder-coat frame for resistance to scratches – Padded handlebars are slip-resistant.

With a membership you get live and on-demand classes for beginning to advanced riders ranging from 5-45 minutes long. Choose from endurance, climbing, HIIT, scenic rides and many others from our world class instructors. One membership works for all machines, including our bikes, rowers, treadmills and Reflect fitness mirrors. You also get access to our Fitpass programs which include yoga, strength, pilates, boxing and much more!

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Our Analysis And Test Results

The Echelon EX-3 is a top-quality spin bike for the home that costs significantly less than the more well-known competition. This bike was designed for serious cyclists with connectivity via Bluetooth and excellent functionality when used with the EchelonFit app. It is well made and sturdy, with an exercise quality reminiscent of a commercial spin bike you might find at a gym or spin studio. While we loved the EX-3, it lost a little ground to the competition for its lack of a display and its limited functionality when used without the EchelonFit app.

Echelon Smart Connect Ex

Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Max Bike Review

Echelon bikes are often referred to as the cheaper alternative to Peloton. This is probably because the bikes and business models are very similar – but Echelon has tried to keep the costs down for spin-lovers by tweaking a few things.

As a big fan of spin classes, I was pretty excited to test out the Echelon Smart Connect EX-3 Max Bike, especially since the lockdown had made my usual gym classes unavailable.

Heres my experience of the Echelon EX-3 after one month of testing.

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Echelon Smart Connect Ex3 Max Indoor Cycling Cycle Cardio Exercise Bike White

The EX3 Max now comes with triangular tubing, a new competition seat, and .6-inch seat & console lever-style adjustment for a smoother & more comfortable ride. The new motor offers more precise

1This price estimate is only an estimate, and is subject to applicable sales tax, approval & qualification. Same day pickup only valid for specific items at participating locations. Actual terms and total cost will be in your lease agreement or financing agreement.Multiple financing offers may be available at checkout. Applications for financing are subject to eligibility, credit approval, state residency restrictions, and other qualifications. As low as prices do not reflect those financing offers.No Credit Needed: Progressive Leasing obtains information from credit bureaus. Not all applicants are approved.

Echelon Smart Connect Ex3 Review: Also Consider

If you’re loaded, you might as well get the Peloton Bike+ instead of the Echelon EX3. Peloton has a cult following and its bike range hasn’t fallen from grace either so if you can justify the steep price of the bike and the subscription, I’m sure you’ll love the Peloton Bike+

There is also the Apex Bike, UKs answer to Peloton. With a stylish design and good, solid construction, the Apex Bike is a brilliant bit of kit for the price, complemented by some excellent virtual classes and top notch instructors.

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Echelon Connect Ex: Set Up And Usability

The Echelon Connect EX3 is super easy to set up on your own . It comes 4-way adjustable handlebars and a comfy 6 padded competition seat.

Its a slimline and compact design and doesn’t take up much space but at 105 lbs its quite heavy so make sure you position it where you plan to keep it and also near a power point.

The Echelon Connect EX3 has a height recommendation of 4.5 to 6.8, so if you are outside that bracket then try testing the bike out in person before you buy.

The EX3 is fully integrated and connects via Bluetooth to your smart device, meaning you can track your progress in real-time. You can also connect the bike to Facebook to share your workout with friends, or compete with each other.

Once youve plugged the bike in, look at the Echelon logo button it will flash as it tries to connect and then go to a blue glow once its set up. Personally, we found the connectivity on the Echelon Connect EX3 really good. There were only a few times that it disconnected, but we think that might have been due to our poor WiFi connection. Bear in mind that if that happens, youll lose the data from your workout and will have to restart the class from the beginning.

The resistance dial itself can be a little under-sensitive, so you might need to turn it a few more times to get your desired level.

Echelon Smart Connect Ex3 Review: Middle Console

Echelon EX3 Smart Connect Fitness Bike (Black) (EX3 BLACK)

You might wonder: if the Echelon Connect EX3 is sturdy, comfortable and capable, why is it £800 cheaper than the Peloton bike? You’ll find the answer right in front of your face, on the middle console. While the Peloton bike comes with an immersive 22″ HD touchscreen, the Echelon Connect EX-3 only offers a plastic tablet holder to use your own tablet.

Now, I understand that not including the huge a** touchscreen tablet will help keep the cost down but admittedly, watching a class on a 10″ iPad will not be the same as watching it on a big monitor. Sure, you can just get a 12.9″ iPad Pro, but guess what? That costs a £1,000 and with that, your Echelon setup would be more expensive than the Peloton bike, not to mention you’d still have a smaller screen.

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