Ecotric 500w Fat Tire E-bike

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Ecotric 500W fat tire e-bike review: $850 and not bad!
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    Let Customers Speak For Us

    Over all I’m satisfied with it’s performance. Put a little over 30 miles on it so far. Only issues I’ve had so far was the tire tubes went flat right away. But not an issue since I had new tubes and tannus armor. I swapped em as they went flat and haven’t had any more problems. I’m a big guy at 6 ft 6 in and 265 so the battery doesn’t last as long I would like and I’ve found a hill it won’t climb so I’ll have to change the chain ring to a lower tooth count for my elk hunts for better hill climbing. All in all it’s a good bike and very well built.

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    Ecotric Fat Tire Beach And Snow 500w Black Rim Electric Bike Features:


    *Ecotric Bicycles Set Speed Limit According To United States Federal Regulations, Maximum Speed In Power Mode Is Programmable And Can Be Adapted To The Local Regulations Of Any Country.

    *All Range Estimates Are Contingent Upon Rider And Towing Weight, Wind Speed And Terrain.


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  • What Age/weight Is It Suitable For

    Ecotric 26"  36V 500W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Mountain Beach e

    Whilst ECOTRIC make no official statement on the recommended age for this folding eBike, the recommended heights are between 51and 59. As such, we believe this electric mountain bike most suitable for adults and teenagers aged 13+, due to the power offered and height requirements. Furthermore, the ECOTRIC 20 also supports weights up to 220 lbs , over 4 times its own weight pretty impressive!

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    V/125ah Removable Lithium Battery

    36V/12.5AH Removable Lithium Battery, so you can bring the battery to your home or office to recharge.Charger is included.Our charger supports 110v-220v voltage, as long as the voltage meets the requirements of the charger, the battery can be charged.Charging time: Appro 6-8 hoursBattery life Up To 400-600 Cycles.Battery lock and power lock function

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    What Is A Comfort Bike

    Above all, a comfort bike must be a pleasure to ride. Theyre friendly to your bodys natural posture and reduce physical strain when riding.

    Comfort bikes are ridden on roads, pavement and paths. They seat the rider in an upright manner, with a low seating position and high handlebars.

    They generally use wide, large-volume tires that run at relatively low pressures. These tires are calibrated for comfort and stability, rather than speed.

    Thick foam or gel saddles are standard. Seats may also use springs or elastomers for extra comfort.

    A large number of comfort bikes are equipped with both a suspension fork and a suspension seatpost. Other models may use one or other of these bump-alleviating technologies.

    Comfort bikes are not intended for performance or speed, so a low weight is not a priority.

    Battery Life & Charging

    Ecotric Fat Tire E Bike Review – Now That I’ve Had It A While

    Moving on to the battery life & charging section of our ECOTRIC 20 review and arguably one of the most important. After all, everyone wants a fast charging, high capacity battery to help deliver long range and a powerful performance. The ECOTRICs fully removable 36V 12ah Lithium-ion battery results in riders able to charge their battery from anywhere easily. Alongside this, the battery also locks into place on the bike, to prevent loss or theft. Unfortunately, this mountain eBike isnt fitted with regenerative braking, although this is understandable when its sold for such a reasonable price.

    Whilst not one of the fastest charging electric bikes the ECOTRIC 20 does deliver a fairly reasonable charge time of 5-8 hours still far faster than many similarly priced competitors that take in excess of 12+ hours to charge. Furthermore, the throttle-only range of up to 23 miles paired with charge time also make the ECOTRIC 20 a viable commuting eBike alongside also suiting off-road and recreational use. Rest assured, the batteries fitted in this electric mountain bike are all high quality Lithium-ion cells likely to last 3+ years. Find out more about the battery specifications of the ECOTRIC 20 below.

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    Safety And Usability On The Road

    Moving on to one of the last sections of our ECOTRIC 20 review, safety and usability on the road. As we all know, everyone values their safety or the safety of their friends with the upmost importance. Nobody wants to risk their life every time they hop on their bike for work, and you dont have to. The ECOTRIC 20 is adapted for both roadside and off-road use, truly one of the more versatile folding electric bikes weve reviewed.

    Alongside this, the remarkably responsive front & rear disc brakes allow for serious stopping power and control during sharp, sudden stops. Furthermore, the ECOTRIC 20 also features a front headlight with rear reflector strips to help you stay seen and safe during darker days. However, we insist that riders always wear adequate safety gear when riding on the road or at night, such as a high visibility jacket and helmet.

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    What We Dont Love

    One problem comes in when you let the battery die. Normally, you can ride even if the battery dies. Nonetheless, your legs will find it heavy, tire easily and this makes the ride slower than normal.

    Another flaw would be its LED controller. It doesnt give riders an opportunity to turn off the throttle or the pedal assist. Once turned on, these two modes become available.

    What Are Its Strengths

    Ecotric Rocket 36V/13Ah 500W Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike

    The Ecotric fat tire bikes biggest strength is that it works just fine. I know that sounds underwhelming, but stick with me here. Theres nothing fancy about the bike, but it works.

    Its not pretty, but its a heck of a lot better looking than some other ultra-budget e-bikes weve tried.

    The fat tires give you plenty of grip and cushion, making up for the lack of suspension. And truth be told, sometimes I prefer a rigid fork over an el-cheapo suspension fork that looks like it will fall apart.

    The pedal-assist is cadence-based and so it has that telltale delay for the first revolution or so before it kicks in, but once it does it feels plenty strong.

    I did some climbing on dirt fire roads and found that between me and the pedal-assist, there was no hill I couldnt climb. However, the same hills were much tougher on throttle alone. The Ecotric could do it, but boy did I slow down. Thats typical for a 500W system with a 36V battery they simply have a much more powerful feel on flat ground than when climbing big hills.

    The bike also feels surprisingly well designed. And sure, that may be due to the frame being ripped off of some other bike, but at least they ripped it off well. That means the geometry actually feels comfortable and not sketchy like some budget e-bikes.

    The bike components arent amazing. Were talking the lowest of the Shimano drivetrain parts and Tektro brakes. But at least it has brand name parts, right?!

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    • Refunds will be applied to the same payment method used when original purchase was made.

    Recumbent Bikes And Trikes

    Recumbents are ergonomic and comfortable. Two and three-wheel models are available.

    A sophisticated, full-suspension 2-wheeler

    Theyve been praised by medical professionals, for their various health benefits. The majority of the bodys weight is distributed across the back and buttocks, rather than being focused on the saddle and hands. This seating position avoids potential prostate aggravation, as pressure is not being placed on the perineal area. It has also been purported to improve circulation.

    Neck, shoulder and arm pain is significantly reduced, in comparison to the traditional riding posture on a conventional bicycle. The lower back is relaxed, rather than being arched. Riders look straight ahead, without having to crane their neck backward. On most recumbents, steering takes place beneath the seat. Conversely, conventional bicycles require the rider to rest a lot of weight upon their wrists.

    Recumbents maintain a low profile, literally

    Some enthusiasts claim that recumbents are the safer option, in the instance of a crash. Being closer to the ground, there is the possibility that the risk of injury is reduced during a fall. They are less likely to flip over, should you be the unfortunate recipient of a vehicle impact or equipment failure.

    Electric models are available

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    How Long Will The Battery Last For

    For perspective, an average Lithium-ion battery has an approx. life of 500-1000+ charge cycles. As a high quality Lithium-ion battery, riders should expect the latter of 1000+ charge cycles before any faults arise. Even if you were to charge and ride daily, you would still struggle to reach this point in under 3+ years.

    Speed Power & Distance

    Ecotric 36V12Ah 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike FAT26S900USB Review by Electric Bike Paradise

    Moving on to the speed, power & distance section of our ECOTRIC 20 electric mountain bike review. Powered by a fairly humble 500 W motor, this mountain eBike offers a top speed of up to 20 mp/h, with an average range of approx. 18-23 miles .

    Riders can take it even further in pedal assist, squeezing out a few extra miles and getting some exercise. Furthermore, riders have a variety of modes to choose from, including pedal-only, pedalled assist and throttle only mode. Alongside this, the 7-speed transmission system means riders will always have the perfect gear for their situation.

    Although there is no confirmed statement on the climbing grade of the ECOTRIC, we were able to find reviews claiming a grade of up to 35 degrees! If this is true, tackling tricky terrain and huge hills pose no threat to this excellent electric mountain bike putting it firmly as one of our best electric bikes for hills.

    All of this potent power and performance, whilst still supporting a max. weight of up to 220 lbs ! Please note, variables such as rider weight, terrain, weather, incline, etc. will have an impact on overall performance.

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    Omafiets / Opafiets / Dutch Bikes

    Omafiets and opafiets are a traditional style of simple, upright, urban bike.

    Theyve enjoyed over a century of use and popularity in countries such as Holland and Denmark. Outside of Europe, they are known as Dutch bikes.

    They mostly use a 700c x 38B tire size and are incredibly resilient. They are built of heavy steel, use drum brakes and are often fit with hefty racks. New models are available.

    Battery Protection & Safety

    Unspecified Whilst no official statement was made on battery protection, its safe to assume there is a smart battery management system in place. These battery management systems protect the battery against overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent, etc. Alongside this, manufacturers must adhere to strict standards and quality control, meeting a number of fire and electrical safety specifications.

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    How And Where Are Comfort Bikes Ridden

    Comfort bikes are designed to be ridden for pleasure, on relaxed and recreational outings. Theyre intended for short distance rides on undemanding terrain.

    Generally, theyre aimed at bike paths, pavement and asphalt. With some knobbly tires they can be ridden on flat dirt paths, but theyre far more at home in urban surrounds.

    Comfort bikes are ideal for family rides, grocery runs and ambling around town. Theyre the number one bike for tootles.

    Comfort bikes suit riders who are less experienced or who, for whatever reason, possess a reduced level of flexibility. They offer a riding position that has the potential to reduce the lower back and neck pain experienced by some riders of road and mountain bikes. Some say it is more natural than a hunched and racy or stretched-out riding position.

    Ecotric Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Review

    ECOTRIC Electric Fat Tire Bicycle 20"  X 4"  Folding Bike 500W 36V 12Ah ...

    Looking for a great electric bike with fat tires? The Ecotric fat tire folding electric bike may just be it.

    The Ecotric commuting bike has a decent range, speed, and a powerful motor that you can rely on. The bike is also foldable making it convenient for storage or on public transit rides.

    Read on to find out everything about the Ecotric fat tire e-bike!

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  • Ecotric Folding Electric Bike Review Conclusions
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