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Efficiency Is The Purest Path To Personal Corporate And Global Progress

This USA-Made Electric Bike has Pedals but Looks & Rides like a Motorcycle

We believe in maximizing the efficiency of every mile traveled. We believe a revolutionary mobility transformation is not a matter of IF, but of WHEN. We believe the pursuit of efficiency produces the most impactful innovations. We believe sustainability and global protection efforts must be functional, practical, safe, and always FUN!

Bottom Line: The Best Electric Bikes

They say the best e-bike is the one youre most excited to ride, and we couldnt agree more.

While were sure theres going to be lots of opinions and questions about why this or that bike didnt land on our list, these are the 14 e-bikes were most excited about right now. This is not a comprehensive list, nor were we able to consider each and every e-bike use case, but we do think all the bikes on this list are a good representation of whats out there right now.

Have a bike that you think would be a good contender for our best electric bikes of 2022 page? Let us know in the comment section below. At the very least, we always want to know what our readers are riding.

How Long Do Ebikes Last

around 10 yearsWith proper care and regular maintenance, a good ebike is a friend for many years. On average, ebikes last around 10 years. That number can be higher or lower depending on the type of bike and how you use it. If you are conscientious about caring for your ebike, it can last well over a decade.

Which electric bike is best for mileage?

Best Electric Bike in India Specifications: Power and Performance Overview

25-65 kmph

Are Rad bikes reliable?

The bike has a reliable seven-speed Shimano drivetrain, five levels of pedal-assist and a throttle. This helps riders travel around town at speeds up to 20 mph. The bike pleased many experts. Common complaints include its heavy weight and limited color options.

What are the best cheap electric bikes?

Gocycle G4. Weight: 17.6kg The Gocycle G4 is a perfect e-bike for commuters,and in our opinion its the best e-bike you can buy today.

  • Cowboy 4. Weight: 18.9kg 19.2kg If youre looking for an electric bike for city riding,the Cowboy 4 is impossible to ignore.
  • Ribble Hybrid AL e.
  • Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert.
  • Ribble CGR AL e.
  • How to choose the best electric bike?

    Bike parts are important. E-bikes typically require more maintenance. Buy from a company that makes non-electric bikes. Some states have specific laws and regulations regarding e-bikes. Get comfortable with riding before going electric.

    What makes electric bikes so expensive?

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    Cannondale Quality And Features

    Expect plenty of durability when riding a Cannondale e-bike, enough to let you last through long road biking marathons that stretch for days. All their models have the Neo, which readily calls to mind innovation. And thats practically what the brand brings, and with it, comes ready American excellence that cant be denied.

    Here is the link to visit the Cannondale website.

    The Three Classes Of E

    Greenbike USA GB5 Electric Motor Power Bicycle Lithium Battery Folding ...

    After determining which style of bike is right for you, the next major consideration is which class of e-bike best fits your needs. In the U.S., there are three classes, defined by the type of assist and how fast the motor will propel you. Most electric bikes are defined as class 1 or 3. Class 1 bikes have a motor that assists while youre pedaling, up to 20 mph. Class 3, also known as speed pedelec, can have up to a 750w motor , but can assist you up to 28 mph. Both are allowed in most states and cities without the need for a license.

    Rare just a year ago, Class 2 models are becoming more popular, especially at lower prices. These models have a throttle that can propel a bike up to, and maintain, 20 mph without having to continuously pedal.

    Some bikes blur the lines. Aventons popular Pace 500, for example, is technically a Class 3 e-bike in that it reaches speeds up to 28 mph, but it also has a throttle that tops out at 20 mph .

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    Ebike Classifications And Rules

    Before you buy your electric bike, make sure you can actually use it! Many cities and states have laws regulating when and where you can ride an ebike. Check out our guide on the three classes of ebikes. At least 22 states now use this three-class system, and they may restrict when and where different classes of ebikes are used, depending on whether they have a throttle or can assist above 20 mph. Cities may also have laws about whether mountain ebikes are allowed on single-track trails.

    If your state classifies ebikes under the same laws governing motorcycles and mopeds, you may need a license to ride one. And no matter what, always wear a helmet. You know that.

    At The End Of The Day

    All these companies combined employ thousands of people here in the US. Those people in turn spend their money here and the economy is all the better for it. When you buy an electric bike from them, you are buying American. You are supporting businesses that are the livelihoods of your neighbors.

    There is a lot more that goes into having a company that sells electric bikes in the USA than just where the bikes are made.

    We are blessed with so many different options out there when comes to ebikes. If you find an electric bike that you like, and it fits your needs and budget, then go ahead and buy it. My main purpose of this whole site is to get you to start riding an ebike and using it for daily transportation.

    If youre not sure if youre going to like riding an ebike, then start with one of the more budget options, or just head down to your local bike shop and test ride one for free.

    One more person riding an electric bike is one less car on the road.

    Made in the U.S.A. Its a nice dream, but when it comes to the bicycle industry, it is rarely so.

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    The Best Lightweight Electric Folding Bike 2022

    Its obvious the GoCycle G4 is the brainchild of a former supercar designer.

    Nearly all of the bike is made of carbon fiber, including the super sexy one-piece spoked carbon wheels and the entirety of the sleek-looking folding frame. The bike almost has a minimalist design with smooth curves and few obvious frills, but beneath that carbon facade is one of the most feature-rich and smartly-integrated e-bikes weve ever tested.

    The G4 family of GoCycles is the fourth iteration of the British fast folder. Not only does this bike have more carbon and a more integrated cockpit than its predecessor, GoCycle managed to double the torque produced by the front hub motor. Dont let this bikes small stature fool you its remarkably quick and climbs hills with the best of them. The new G4i+ also has predictive electric shifting and a set of very nice hydraulic disk brakes that are unbranded but bear a striking resemblance to a high-end Magura design.

    All in, the GoCycle G4 weighs in the ballpark of 36 lbs, making this one of the most lightweight folding e-bikes on the market today. Add in its quirky cool looks, beautiful folding mechanism and feature-rich build, and its undeniably one of the best lightweight folding e-bikes of 2022.

    Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

    • The predictive shifting is a nice touch, but it may take a little getting used to for experienced riders.

    Specialized Quality And Features

    Electric bikes: The ultimate buying guide 2022

    If you are an e-bike rider who will love to have all the latest technologies in mountain e-bikes, then Specialized is your brand. Indeed, Specialized is the type of brand where you will find no shortage of advanced, techy features in their e-bikes. Its models remain consistent top placers in any list of the top e-bikes at present because they simply deliver what superior e-bike riding is all about.

    At any rate, their quality is directly proportional to their often lofty price tags but you most certainly get what you pay for considering their outstanding designs. Their models may not be 100% made in the USA, but they truly deserve to be labeled as an elite American e-bike brand.

    Here is the link to visit the Specialized website.

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    Electric Bike Technologies Quality And Features

    Whats great about EBT is that it makes it a point to provide great value for money in its models. You often get more than what you pay for with their feature-packed e-trikes, fat cargo, and recumbent models. These categories are where the brand undoubtedly shines a lot because they take the time to design highly adaptable models that virtually have everything you need to get a satisfactory ride every time.

    Here is the link to visit the Electric Bike Technologies website.

    The Best Electric Bike For Big And Tall Riders 2022

    Most e-bike companies produce a wide array of models. They may have a cruiser, a commuter, an all-terrain model and may even have a cargo e-bike. Himiway has gone a little different direction. Every one of their e-bikes sports fat tires at least 4 in. wide, making the cushy ride of a fat bike a signature part of their appeal.

    Himiway delivers in four key areas on nearly all of the bike in their lineup: the bikes are big, fast, provide all-day battery life, and they dont break the bank. So what makes them so good for big and tall riders? Well, the heavier a bikes payload the more power is required to move the rider. Having an exceptionally sizable battery offers a rider some reassurance that they can do a full commute and not worry about running out of battery. And an 840Wh battery is uncommon on bikes going for less than $2000.

    The hallmark of a Himiway bike is the motor hits the pavement fast and hard. The larger batteries enable the programming to hold little back as there is plenty of battery to draw from, so when the bike promises class three speeds it will get there regardless of how heavy a rider or payload on the bike is. Its quicker than most on hills too.

    With wider tires you find more stability and comfort, and the 26 X 4.0 tires are plenty wide.. As Griffin the 6 1, 230 lbs. rider from our team puts it, Im a bigger dude and theres just something I like about what a bigger tire does for me.

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    So What Is An Electric Hunting Bike

    Contrary to popular belief it’s not just a standard ebike with a camo paint job, There’s a lot more to it than that. The excellent electric hunting bikes that well look at later in the write-up start with the motor, a motor that is powerful enough to carry a 300lb rider and still tow a trailer with lots of gear.

    The bike is then designed and built around that motor. The bike frame needs to be built to withstand the rough terrain but light enough to lift out of your truck or trailer.

    Front suspension is an essential aspect of a smooth ride. Nobody wants to clamp their finely tuned bow to their handlebars only to ride 10 miles rocking and vibrating all the way in. Ebikes built for hunting also have fat tires ranging between 4 and 4.8 so they get a lot of traction on soft and loose terrain.

    One on the list actually has a walk-assist mode too. Imagine you are pulling a load on the bike trailer and you come to terrain or hill that youre not confident navigating on the saddle. You can walk beside the bike with the walk-assist engaged at 3 mph and the ebike motor does the heavy lifting.

    As I explain which 11 ebikes make the list and why, take note of the different types of motors. The motor is the most important aspect of the hunting ebike and depending on what you use it for and where you plan to use it, should be the biggest factor when choosing your next electric hunting bike.

    Rad Power Quality And Features

    Electric Bike. Optibike. Made in usa â Electric Bikes For Adults

    True to its name, the brand does not pull back when delivering power. Their models rarely integrate motors that fall below 750W. You cant find much fault in the Plus and Step-Thru upgrades as well because these only serve to complete what is already exceptional. Ultimately, they shine the most in providing comfortable and powerful models at very cheap prices by e-bike standards.

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    Juiced Quality And Features

    More than one Juiced Bikes model has been dubbed as a bike/motor hybrid. Since what practically catapulted it to success is essentially a moped, you cant really blame reviewers for comparing some of its models to motorcycles.

    This route they take serves to make them unique, as they can satisfy the average e-bike riders demand for more power and range while not hurting their wallets.

    Many owners love Juiced Bikes for its affordable models that deliver great value for money. Any speed-freak out there who wants to experience what its like for e-bikes to ride as fast as an e-moto or standard motorcycle, would undoubtedly prefer Juiced Bikes models over other conventional e-bike brands.

    The Best Class 3 Electric Commuter Bike 2022

    So Class 2 speeds arent your thing? Well, say hello to a top-notch Class 3 commuter that will keep pace with traffic without breaking the bank.

    Ride1UPs 700 series found its way to our best electric bikes list because were still scratching our heads how they packed this much value into an electric commuter bike.

    Notice some of the names and numbers that jumped off the spec sheet to us: a 720Wh Samsung battery, 750W motor with 60 nm of torque, Tektro dual-piston hydraulic brakes, 100mm travel suspension fork, Schwalbe SUPER MOTO X 27.5×2.4 tires, and an 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain.

    Not to mention they toss in all the typical trappings one hopes to find on a commuter with integrated lights, fenders, and a sturdy rear rack for your panniers.

    The real kicker though? It feels like a bit of a steal considering that most affordable full-package commuters cost $200-300 more. The value here is off the charts as is the fun factor.

    Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

    • It may not look like a commuter, but with its parts package, it offers all the features of a proper commuter at a great price
    • This is a pretty speedy e-bike but never feels overly powerful
    • The balloon tires have a great feel and roll easily
    • The 720Wh battery offers enough range for multiple days of commuting without a rush to charge
    • The 100mm suspension fork is more than many commuters offer making it a chushier ride

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    A Few Words In Conclusion

    This list proves that the US is not lacking in terms of excellent e-bike brands to choose from. A lot of the brands are noticeably based in California, where there is a deep-rooted love for biking in general. However, many Americans will probably be quick to protest at this specificity.

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    There are certainly other popular and fast-growing e-bike brands in the USA. For example, Aventon Bikes. For a complete review of Aventon brand and e-bike model lines take a look at Aventon brand review.

    Best American Made Electric Bikes

    NEW SUR-RON Storm Bee | Electric Dirt Bike Test

    Editor’s 1st Choice

    • Riders Weight Limit | 275 lbs
    • Motor | 350W Geared Hub Motor
    • Range | Up to 20-30 Miles per Charge
    • Battery | 36V, 7.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery
    • Riders Weight Limit | 275 lbs
    • Motor | 750W Brushless Hub Motor
    • Range | Up to 25~45 Miles per Charge
    • Battery | 48V, 14Ah Lithium-ion Battery
    • Riders Weight Limit | 300 lbs
    • Motor | 500W Brushless Geared Rear Hub Motor
    • Range | Up to 45+ Miles per Charge
    • Battery | 48V, 9.6Ah Lithium-ion Battery

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    Trek Quality And Features

    Besides providing highly adaptable e-bikes, Trek also goes the limit in making their e-bikes attain outstanding weight distribution. Its also not a cheapskate when adding accessories and vastly superior components . In short, you often get high-quality e-bikes at bargain prices, which is why its the crowd favorite that it is today.

    Here is the link to visit the Trek website.

    The Best Performance Electric Cargo Bike 2022

    The Cero One is a mid-drive cargo bike that echoes those used in Europe by everyone from parents to postal carriers. The 250W mid-drive motor may seem small on paper, but mid-drive motors dont need to be nearly as powerful as hub drive motors. Its a well-balanced e-bike that has the ability to carry loads both front and rear. This has all the power necessary to climb hills, even when loaded. Lets dig into why this is our favorite performance cargo electric bike.

    So why does it have two different size wheels? The 26-in. rear wheel adds stability in the handling and makes it easier to get up to speed and stay at speed. The 20-in. front wheel allows for a front load to be carried low, which also helps the e-bikes handling. Most cargo e-bikes arent this nimble once loaded.

    A cargo e-bike is really only as useful as its accessories allow it to do all the things we might do by car. The Cero One comes equipped with lights, fenders andmost importanta rear rack and a front platform. From there, riders can upgrade to baskets large and small, and then add child seats, panniers, locks and more.

    To make the Cero One as simple and reliable as possible, it was equipped with a 5-speed, internally geared hub from Shimano and rather than a chain, it uses a Gates belt drive to eliminate black marks on pants, children and all the rest. No more worry about lubing the chain after being caught in the rain.

    Check Best Price | Full Review Coming Soon

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