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Erik’s Bike Shop Salary Faqs

SWAT Team Responds To Bike Shop In Skokie After Break In

The average Erik’s Bike Shop salary ranges from approximately $49,751 per year for a Sales Associate to $72,673 per year for a Service Manager. The average Erik’s Bike Shop hourly pay ranges from approximately $24 per hour for a Sales Associate to $35 per hour for a Service Manager. Erik’s Bike Shop employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.2/5 stars.

The highest-paying job at Erik’s Bike Shop is a Service Manager with a salary of $72,673 per year.

The lowest-paying job at Erik’s Bike Shop is a Sales Associate with a salary of $49,751 per year.

Erik’s Bike Shop employees attributed a compensation and benefits rating of 2.2/5 stars to their company. Read what they think about their salaries on our Compensation FAQ page for .

No One Is In Custody And Police Have Yet To Determine What If Anything Was Stolen

SKOKIE, IL A burglary at an Oakton Street business triggered a heavy police presence for several hours Tuesday morning.

Shortly before 4 a.m., officers were dispatched to the Erik’s Bike Shop location at 3801 Oakton St. for a report of a burglar alarm, according to Skokie police.

Police found that someone had broken into the business but left before their arrival.

Police Investigate After Burglary At Skokie Bike Shop

SKOKIE, Ill. Police are investigating after an outdoor sporting goods store was burglarized in Skokie.

The incident happened just before 4 a.m. Tuesday at ERIKs Bike Board Ski shop, located at 3801 Oakton Street. Police responded to the shop on report of a burglar alarm and upon arrival discovered the front glass door was broken.

No one is in custody.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with additional information is urged to contact the Skokie Police Department at 847-982-5900.

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Bmc Twostroke Al Three Hardtail

Looking for something that looks amazingly clean, simply built, has amazing components, and will absolutely fly on the trail? The BMC Twostroke mountain bike is here for you. If you take one look at it, its hard to move past, and nor should you. We know anyone who gets on this bike wont be disappointed.

Featured: BMC 2022 Twostroke AL Three Hardtail Mountain Bike

Erik’s Chicago Bike Repair Shops


Each ERIKS local Chicago Bike Repair Shop has a professional service department with highly trained and certified bike mechanics that can handle all of your bicycle repair and service needs. Whether you need a small adjustment or a complete overhaul, bought your bike from us or not, or ride a bike brand that we dont carry our expert technicians are ready to assist you. We can service all bikes kids bikes, casual riding bikes, high-end carbon racing bikes, electronic shifting or whatever.

Grab your bike from your garage, dust it off, and bring it into your local ERIK’S Chicago Bike Repair Shop for a repair estimate today. Well get you out riding again in no time. And your bike will thank you for it!

Stop in to one of our ERIKS Bike Repair Shops in Chicago today:

Expert Service Technicians You Can Trust

All of ERIKS bicycle mechanics are trained and certified in the latest bike technology and are naturals when it comes to bike repairs theyve been doing it since taking off their own training wheels! Our pro service technicians can quickly assess whats going on with your bike and recommend the perfect repair, adjustment, or new part to effectively resolve any issues youre having with your bike. Your bike is in good hands with our expert mechanics!

Our Repair Process

Best Time to Have Your Bike Serviced

ERIKS Same Day Bike Repair

We Look Forward to Servicing Your Bike

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Commuting By Ebike = A Great Workout

Ken lives 18 miles from work. He discovered that the level of workout he got while commuting on an eBike was very similar to when he rode his acoustic bike. This was good news! He was still getting a great workout in on his eBike. Not only that, he shaved 20-30 minutes per day off his commute time when riding his electric bike! This meant more time with his family and doing other things he loves.

Ken used his Garmin Fenix 3 cycling computer, the Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor Strap, and Garmin vector pedals to compare commuting 18 miles on his electric bike to his acoustic bike.

Cycling Apparel Helps With Sun Protection Too

When you are out on a bike, you are exposed to all of the elements. One of those elements, the one that can be the most dangerous to everyone, is the sun. You may think that because your skin is covered that the sun is being blocked. This is NOT the case! Activewear is designed to be lightweight and breathable. To do this, tiny holes and gaps exist in the material. UV rays can travel through these holes. In the worst cases, you can actually get a sunburn THROUGH your clothing!

But, never fear! Many cycling companies are now designing cycling clothes to block those UV rays. Specialized has made a big investment and dedication towards UV blocking clothing. All of their shorts and jerseys have Rating of at least 30, even higher for some products.

Many people think that long-sleeves are just for riding in cooler temperatures, but that isnt necessarily a hard and fast rule. You will also see clothing designed specifically to block the sun like lightweight long-sleeve shirts and jerseys specifically designed for the summertime and even sun-sleeves that can be added to short-sleeve jerseys. These long-sleeve garments are designed to be lightweight, moisture-transferring, and comfortable to wear, even in the higher temps that are experienced in the warmer months while providing you the safety of sun protection.

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What About Electric Bikes

While electric bikes are becoming lighter, most still weigh upwards of 60 pounds. This can pose a problem when you are shopping for a car rack. Many racks are simply not designed to handle that much weight.

Trunk racks, for instance, typically have a 35-pound per bike weight limit and mast-style hitch racks have around a 40-pound per bike weight limit. Many tray-style hitch racks, however, feature a high load capacity which means they are designed to carry heavier bikes, like an eBike.

But even with a high load capacity rack, its a good idea to still check the per bike capacity and the total capacity to ensure the rack can carry the bikes you intend to transport with it.

Weight limits aside, we recommend this style also because you dont have to lift your eBike high up off the ground and maneuver it onto a hanging style rack.

for the car racks that we carry that could work for electric bikes. Again, it is very important to verify the rack is rated for the weight of your eBike. If you have any questions, contact us or swing by a store.

Each rack style has its advantages and disadvantages, but it doesnt need to be a hard decision. When youre shopping, keep in mind how many bikes and the styles youll be carrying, and how you want to carry them. For more information on how to choose a car rack, roll into any ERIKS location or shop our racks online.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Alloy 10

If youre looking for one bike that does it all, look no further than the 2022 Rocky Mountain Instinct Full Suspension Mountain Bike. Its a bike thats capable of tackling technical trail riding but still allows you to push the pedals hard on the climbs.

Featured:Rocky Mountain 2022 Instinct Alloy 10 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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How Many Bikes Are You Looking To Carry

There are racks that can hold anywhere from 1 to 5 bikes. The number of bikes you are looking to carry will play a part in which type of rack you need. If you need to carry 3 or fewer bikes, most styles of racks will have options for you. If you are looking to carry 4 or more bikes, then a hitch rack or roof rack will be your best option.

How Will You Carry The Bikes Hitch Trunk Or Roof

Racks come in three basic styles: trunk racks, hitch racks, and roof racks. At ERIKS we carry Thule and Saris racks. These brands have handy fitting guides on their websites to help you determine which racks will work with your car and needs: Thule Fit Guide and Saris Fit Guide.

Now that you know which kind of rack will work with your vehicle and how many bikes you need to carry, lets take a deeper look at the different styles of racks.

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Skokie Police Respond To Burglary At Erik’s Bike Board Ski

Skokie police surrounded Erik’s Bike Board Ski on Oakton Street Tuesday morning after a burglary at the store.

SKOKIE, Ill. — Skokie police responded to a burglary at a business Tuesday morning.

Skokie police responded to Erik’s Bike Board Ski in the 3800-block of Oakton Street at about 3:55 a.m. and discovered that someone had entered the store. Chopper 7HD flew above the scene as officers created a perimeter around the store.

Officers then searched the store, but no suspects were located.

Chicago police said a canine unit assisted Skokie police.

Streets in the area have were closed to traffic. CTA 97 Skokie buses were temporarily rerouted via Oakton, McCormick, Howard and Crawford due to a closure near Oakton and East Prairie.

Shortly before 9:30 a.m., Skokie police said the roads in the area were back open.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Skokie police at 847-982-5900.

Now Time To Get Geared Up

Bike Shop  Chicago

There you have it. The right cycling clothes will help you be more comfortable and more efficient, regardless of the type of rider that you are, ultimately making cycling more fun! And the more fun you have the more youll ride. For a wide selection of the best cycling clothes, check out your local ERIKS shop or online at

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Rocky Mountain Growler 40 Hardtail

Another hardtail, but this time with some beefy 29 wheels. This classic and stylish mountain bike has quality to the max and with a price like that, it is hard to beat that value. Get out and rip the trails with the Rocky Mountain Growler. You wont be disappointed!

Featured: Rocky Mountain 2022 Growler 40 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Know Basic Bike Repair And Maintenance

Chances are youll experience a few bumps in the road while commuting by bike. You might get a flat tire, or your chain could fall off when you roll over that pothole. In these instances, its good to be prepared by knowing how to do some simple bike repairs.

Additionally, if you commute frequently, youll want to get in the habit of doing basic bike maintenance to keep your bike riding smoothly. Things like lubing your chain and inflating your tires will be key.

Check out all of our ERIKS Quick Tips videos to learn the basics with us!

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Eriks Headquarters Relocates To Minneapolis Mn

ERIKS is excited to announce our headquarters is relocating to the University neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN in November 2020! Currently in Bloomington, MN, our headquarters houses our Corporate Offices, Warehouse and Distribution Center, and Bike Assembly Department. We will be moving to 550 Kasota Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN.

ERIKS is excited to announce our Whitefish Bay shop will relocate to the Bayshore Town Center in Glendale, Wisconsin, on October 17th, 2020.

ERIKS is excited to announce our Bloomington shop is moving back to Richfield, Minnesota, on August 12, 2020!

May 25, 2019

Liberty, MO, May 28, 2019 ERIKS is excited to announce the opening of their new Liberty, Missouri, store on Saturday, May 25, 2019 the first in Missouri and third in the Kansas City metro area.

Spandex Not Your Thing Try Baggy Cycling Shorts

Not all bike shorts are a tight spandex affair! There are cycling-specific baggy shorts designed for riding bikes. But what about jogging or basketball shorts? Many people do use regular active shorts for riding but there is a much more functional and comfortable option! Cycling-specific baggies have subtle changes from general shorts.

For one, they are designed so that they dont catch on your seat as you get on and off of a bike. This is a seldom considered but very important feature! You throw your leg over the saddle as you get on and off of a bike. If there is an excess of material in the crotch, you are likely to catch the shorts on the saddle, leading to you tipping over! This is both dangerous to your body and your ego!

Cycling-specific baggies are also designed to have pockets placed in strategic locations. When you sit on a bike and pedal, your legs go up and down. If items are positioned in your pockets in the wrong place they can cause discomfort or even fall out while your ride! Cycling baggies are designed so that your stuff sits nicely in your pockets and some pockets even feature zippers to keep a little change in your pocket !

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Increase The Fun Factor

Lastly, consider what could make your commute more fun?

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Create a bike commuting group at work to ride with or invite your friends and family to bike with you more. When you are scheduled to commute with others, youll have accountability, safety in numbers , and folks to chat with, enjoy the scenery with, and cultivate lasting friendship with.
  • Turn up the tunes! If music is your thing, pull up your favorite playlist and get riding!
  • Take the long way home! If you dont have any time constraints, take the scenic way home. Over time, youll begin to collect your favorite routes that you can enjoy when the mood strikes you.
  • Buy a new bike or piece of gear that will make your ride even better! Maybe youre ready for a bike upgrade, need a new helmet, or have been dying for that new pair of shades. Splurge if youre able and make your commute even better.

Ready to get commuting? Swing by your local shop to stock up on the gear you need or to have your bike tuned up for smooth riding. You can also buy your gear online with us at

Skokie Police Investigate Smash

Skokie police investigate smash and grab at bike shop

Just before four 4 a.m., police said they responded to Erick’s Bike Shop in the 3800 block of Oakton Street for a report of a burglar alarm.

SKOKIE, Ill. – Police shut down Oakton Street in Skokie Tuesday morning because of a reported smash-and-grab burglary.

Just before four 4 a.m., police said they responded to Erick’s Bike Shop in the 3800 block of Oakton Street for a report of a burglar alarm.

When police arrived, they discovered someone had broken into the business. They searched the building and did not find anyone.

The incident remains under investigation.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call Skokie police at 982-5900.

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Specialized Levo Comp Alloy Electric

Take it one step further with the Specialized Levo Electric Mountain Bike. This bike can be used for everything. You can commute around with ease on any terrain or shred the single tracks when you want to. Electric bikes are the future! Save your gas money and get out and demolish your ride with this epic bike!

Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Alloy

Motorcycle Accessories Stores In Chicago

Here we have one of the most iconic mountain bikes out there today. The Specialized Stumpjumper has been ripping the trails for years and the technology that goes into it continues to get better and better every year. This is a great all-around mountain bike that gives you the comfort and confidence of full suspension and 29 wheels. You will be able to crush through trails with ease. The comp alloy frame is one of the most advanced alloy frames ever developed and while it may not be as light as some composite frames, it is strong and still lighter than most metal frames on the market today.

Featured: Specialized 2022 Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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Just Say No To Cotton

First, lets get this out of the way Cotton is a terrible material for active wear. When you are active, you sweat. When you sweat, your clothing gets wet. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet. In addition, cotton takes a long time to dry out and does a poor job of actually cooling you as that water evaporates.

Next time youre out on a trail, take a look at the people exercising. You will be able to spot the cotton by the dark sweat marks! Performance materials like Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, Merino Wool, and Polyester pull that moisture off of your skin, transferring it to the outer layers of the material, and helping it to evaporate into the air. This transfer-evaporation process also helps to cool you, just how sweat is designed to work! This is something that cotton is horrible at!

Cycling Shorts To The Rescue

Take bike shorts for example. What makes them different than other active shorts is the padding or chamois. The chamois is a pad of some sort placed between the rider and the bike seat, or saddle. This provides cushion and support without adding too much bulk. On the other hand, a big, cushy saddle can actually create more pressure because of all of that material and bulk from the saddle. This can lead to discomfort in very sensitive areas.

By using a supportive chamois you get the cushion and support that you need without all of that bulk. Also, when you are wearing regular shorts or pants and a big, cushy seat, the friction point is between your body and the seat. When you add padding to your body and use a less bulky seat, you move that friction point to the shorts and the seat leading to less discomfort to your sensitive areas. A larger, bulky saddle can also impact the alignment of your pedal stroke and potentially add stress and discomfort to your hips, knees, ankles, and feet. All great reasons to wear cycling-specific shorts or tights!

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