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Evoc Pro Bike Travel Bag

EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro Review: Dont pull your bike apart

This is the ideal bag to protect your bike when on the go. Featuring a roomy 310-litre capacity, lightweight construction and clip-on wheels to make transporting it easy, whilst ensuring your bike is safe and secure. This bag is easy to carry, reinforced for your protection and includes an internal cushion pad to protect your bike from any knocks along the way.

Evoc Bike Travel Bag Review: Overall

This EVOC Bike Travel Bag Review has shown us that this a great bike bag.

It is good value for money, is reasonably light, has great protection for the bike and bag itself , great agility, a useful number of handles and packs down pretty well.

It’s obvious the designers have really considered user utility as well as longevity of the bag.

It has lots of internal storage, and with the new bike stand, packing the bag is much easier.

About the only problem I had was with packing the bag tips over and is a bit unwieldy. However, the new bike stand should help in that regard.

The other issue is weight and agility. This is a big bag and you can fit a lot into it, so that makes it heavy , plus it’s a bit hard to get around .

However, the bag has some stiff competition from the BikND Helium and the Scicon Aero Comfort 2.0 TSA review which are about the same price but are better in some regards.

If you are in the market for a bike bag, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Postscript. I have had a few people ask if you can fit your TT bike in. Answer is, it depends on size. Reader Chr3zzl3 sent in the below image .

I’ve also had a few people ask about whether an integrated seat post bike fits. Again, it depends on your frame size. I’d be very cautious in that regard. Anything bigger than a size M might be a tight fit. And that to me sounds like a fair enough reason to get a new bike, just for travel!

Argon TT in the EVOC

Traveling With The Bike Travel Bag Pro

Weighing in at 24lbs, this bag is heavy. I think it will be a challenge for most folks traveling with mountain bikes in this bag to stay under the 50lb limit of most major airlines. I tried to work around this and book a recent flight through Alaska Airlines, which has a reasonable $30 fee for sports equipment. Unfortunately, that flight happened to be operated by American Airlines, whose staff looked bewildered when presented with my bike bag and did not hesitate to slap the $100 fee on it.

In retrospect, I could have packed the wheels and gear in a separate bag to reduce weight and likely avoid the $100 surcharge, but would have then been dinged the standard $30 or $40 per bag. In the end, its largely a wash between shipping, renting, and checking when figuring in the upcharge, but the convenience of flying with your bike often outweighs alternatives.

The bag rolls on two permanently affixed rear wheels and one optional clip-on front caster that slides into a hole in the aluminum handle system. Evoc claims these are skateboard wheels, but they look more like scooter wheels to me. Regardless, they are replaceable, which is a bonus.

I cant imagine using this bag without the front wheel. It makes maneuvering around airports a breeze. Just dont forget to detach it and store it in the bags front pocket. It merely rests in the handle slot, so will fall out as soon as the bag is lifted off the ground!

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How To Pack Your Bike For Travel

Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro

After setting up the sticks and getting the case to stand up in form, the next step is to set up the metal guide stand for your bikes dropout configuration. I travel with my do-it-all cross bike most of the time and found the 142 x 12 drop-out dummy axle holder fit nice and snug.

There is a small amount of configuring what level to put the dummy axel in there are four in the rear and two in the front. These are set up in various heights to make certain your chainring doesnt pass under the metal frame. Some bikes are easier to fit than others, but no matter what all bikes will fit.

Like the MTB oriented EVOC Bike Travel Bag Pro, the rear support is designed to protect the rear derailleur and derailleur hanger from impacts. To do so, simply shift the rear derailleur inwards until it makes contact with the vertical support now any impact wont be able to bend the hanger.

After you remove your wheels, you attach the frame to the bike stand mounting the front end first and moving the rear to meet the dropouts. The sliding dropout on the metal frame is super nice and you never have to fight with pushing or pulling into place.

When I travel, I usually take some tools with me and remove the rotors from my bike just in case. So after removing the rotors, and pedals I stored them away in my Green Guru bag and pack the wheels.

The bike should slide easily into the bag, though Ive heard some stories of riders needing to drop the seat post a bit to fit.

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A Few Flights With The Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro

EvocsBike Travel Bag Pro is what the German brand refers to as their high-end solution for bike transport. Its a soft/hard-sided hybrid case with multiple integrated bells and whistles designed to keep bikes safe and secure in transit. Ive used the Travel Bag Pro on a few flights this year and, while Im not a big fan of air travel nor checked luggage in general, this bag has been a pleasure to use.

Lets check it out in detail below!

Prior to this year, I went a while without flying, and even longer without hauling a bike with me , but had some trips recently where traveling with my bike made more sense than shipping it or renting once at my destination. My only former experience with bike luggage was an old two-piece hard side case that worked well for road bikes and some older MTBs, but I sold it once my mountain bikes got bulkier and no longer fit.

There are plenty of options for bike travel bags and cases on the market these days, and I honed in on the Evoc line because they appeared to have a balance of efficiency and strength. The soft upper portion also allows them to be collapsed when not in use for easier storage. I own a few Evoc camera bags, as I appreciate their thoughtful organizational layouts and overbuilt qualities, so had an idea of what Id be getting from one of their bike bags.

1988 Toyota Pickup tailgate for collapsed scale


  • Collapsible to 147 x 36 x 22 cm for easy storage

Spacious Comfortable Bike Travel Bag 305l

Product description for Evoc BIKE BAG PRO, Multicolour Bags Unisex

The lightweight and robust bike travel bag Bike Bag Pro by EVOC is the secure high-end solution for easy bike transport.

No matter what kind of bike you travel with: its sophisticated geometry and the adjustable Bike Stand Pro keep the bike perfectly protected throughout its journey. Smooth-running skate wheels simplify the transport of the packed Bike Bag Pro by EVOC.

  • Fits most: Cross Country-, All Mountain-, Enduro-, Freeride-, Downhill-Bikes up to 29″,Gravel Road-, and Triathlon-bikes
  • Includes: Bike Stand Pro, Clip-On Wheel 2.0 and Frame Pad
  • External, seperate wheel compartments with Disc Protection
  • Skate wheels, replaceable
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What Is It Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro

PUSHYS REVIEW: Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro

The new EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro is a bike case that looks to take the disassembly and uncertainty out of air travel. The collapsible bag is specifically designed for drop-bar use hence the dramatic bar-shaped padding near the front of the box.

The idea is to get the bike packed and stored safely with the least amount of mechanical turmoil and time. After a few trips with the EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro, its safe to say they hit the mark.

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Sustainable Evoc Bike Travel Pro Bag 310l

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Simon Williams Flying To Spain With A Cervelo R:

‘Until now, I have always used a Polaris Eva bike box, which is reasonably small. The upshot of that is that you have to almost completely completely dismantle the bike to pack the box.

‘Plenty of thought has gone into designing this Evoc bag and the accompanying stand. The stand, which sits in the bottom of the bag and holds the frame and fork via the dropouts, was excellent. Given the experience of using the bag the first time, I would have used a spare quick release to make the transition into the bag smoother when dismantling the bike. That way, you can remove the rear wheel, keep the frame in your hand and secure immediately, without needing to remove the rear quick release and fit into the frame setup.

‘I was nervous initially about the soft outer, but the bike came through both flights unscathed and I had no issues with it at all. The large soft handles were excellent when moving, along with the wheels.

‘I travelled with the family to Valencia. It was a family holiday, so the bike needed to be transported with minimum fuss! It went in the car upright, with the middle seat folded down. We travelled on public transport when we arrived in Spain, and I had no issues with moving the bag around, or getting on or off buses or trains with it.

‘I would absolutely consider buying this bag if and when I replace my existing bike box. Despite the extra cost for the stand, it does make the bag easier to use and your bike more secure, so I’d recommend it.’

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Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro


  • Fits: road bike, triathlon bike
  • Bike fitting proof – only wheels and pedals need to be removed
  • Easy to travel with – thanks to extra wide wheel chassis, clip on wheel and multiple handles
  • Necessity/Accessory pocket
  • Aluminum slide rails
  • Extra light and ultra-safe hybrid construction
  • Collapsible to: 142 x 38 x 32 cm
  • Maximum wheel base: 106 cm

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Longer Taller Fatter To Fit Longer Lower Slacker

Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro (310 Litres)

I love traveling with a bike, said no one, ever. Bikes are designed for riding on trails, not planes, and they like to remind us of this fact at every opportunity. Just when you think packing your steed into a cardboard bike box is the hardest part, you arrive at the airport and see the queue for the ticketing booththose are the most difficult switchbacks youll ever encounter. Thankfully, quite a few companies, like Evoc, offer bike travel solutions to help ease the pain.

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Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro Case Long Term Review: Works For Gravel Bikes Too

EVOC was born when we started designing and building bags for our own needs: sophisticated products of the highest quality with reasonable features. We noticed on trips to remote locations that the last thing you want is to worry about the functionality of your equipment. It was not long before friends and riders we met started asking us for our gear, so the idea gradually turned into a business. EVOC Sports

EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro

Revolutionary hybrid road, and triathlon bike travel bag for very safe and convenient bike transportation. In this instance, the bag was tested exclusively with several gravel bikes.

EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro Review

In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew utilizes the EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro Case to travel far and wide. Four trips as at the time of this review:

  • Gainesville, Florida to Adelaide, South Australia
  • Adelaide, South Australia to Melbourne, Victoria
  • Gainesville, Florida to Denver, Colorado
  • Gainesville, Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah
  • This detailed review includes real-world usage footage demonstrating operating the case, the airport experience, loading into a rental car, and more.

    Technical Specifications

    Travel Bag Pro Setup And Loading A Bike

    The bag arrived completely collapsed and required the bike stand to be assembled and the sticks/rods installed to give it shape. I first made the mistake of trying to load the bike frame while the stand was inside the bag. My bike comes so close to maxing out the stand/bag that there was hardly any clearance to do so. Hot tip: load the bike on the stand and then lift everything into the bag together.

    Evoc includes a pack of axle adapters sized for all modern axle standards. These adapters slot into the hubs at each end of the bike stand, which the bike is then attached to as if threading axles through wheel hubs for a secure fit. Hubs are height adjustable using a series of vertically-slotted holes. I tried to find the sweet spot where my chainring would be elevated off the floor of the bag, while also leaving a buffer at the top where the stem wouldnt protrude too much into the top of the bag.

    With the stand together I removed my wheels and handlebar to mount the bike on the front and rear axle brackets . With the bike affixed to the stand, my handlebars came off and I strapped them to the included top tube protector.

    With my bike taking so much lengthwise real estate on the stand, I was forced to remove the derailleur to make it all fit in the bag. This wasnt really a big deal and I actually appreciated not having it protruding from the bikes rear end and, rather, resting on the floor of the bag where it was less prone to impact and damage.

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    Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro 2


    • Fits mountain 26″, 27.5″ and 29″, road, time-trial, cyclocross, and triathlon bicycles
    • Robust system for securing frame a

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    Where To Buy The Evoc Bike Bag

    Best Bike Travel Bag For MTB? (EVOC Bike Travel Bag Pro vs Classic)

    You can get the EVOC using the below links, or from your LBS. Your LBS may be as competitive as the online retailers on price, and you’ll get good advice and warranty support.

    Retailer links in the EVOC Bike Travel Bag are affiliate links and these retailers kick us a bit of loose change when you buy through them. This doesn’t cost you anything extra and helps us keep the lights on and doing free reviews like this.

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