Folding Electric Bikes For Adults

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Foldable Ebike Wheels & Tires

DOHIKER Y1 Review – $479 Cheap Folding Ebike – Small Electric Bicycle for Adults

In the past, most foldable bicycles had skinny tires on small diameter wheels that served the purpose of saving as much space as possible. Today, youll see many folding electric bikes with chunky fat bike tires, which are the complete opposite. Fat bike tires allow you to ride on multiple terrains with ease, whereas skinny tires limit you to riding on smooth paved roads only.

  • Fat bike tires Multi-surface riding, better comfort. Generally 20 diameter wheels, 3 to 4 wide.
  • Skinny tires Faster and smoother on paved roads, better mileage due to less friction

How Fast Is The Fastest Folding Electric Bike

Your pedaling ability limits a foldable electric bikes speed considerably. The electronic drive system of most E-bikes will stop assisting with a speed of 20 miles per hour. These bikes fall under Class 1 and 2 categories and are also called low-speed throttle-assisted bicycles.

High-performing models power the foldable bike at speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. These are considered Class 3 bikes and are called speed pedal-assisted electric bicycles. The fastest bikes on our list can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour.

Are Folding Electric Bikes Worth It

This really depends on how much you’re going to use it. Be honest about how many car or train journeys it’ll replace, and add some slippage for maintenance and it’ll give you a reasonable idea of how much money you’ll save on annual basis.

Multiply this by how long you’re likely to use the bike for in years and you’ll have something approaching a total cost offset. This is very broad brush though, and doesn’t take into account non-financial considerations like the joy you may get from riding, or the fact you just really want one.

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Does My Folding Electric Bike Have To Have Small Wheels

Addmotor 20"  Electric Folding Bikes M

Almost all folding bikes will be using a 16″ or 20″ wheel size, primarily as it drastically reduces the overall length of the bike when unfolded, and allows it to fold up into a much more compact area that would be possible with 700c wheels for example.

An added benefit of such small wheels is increased manoeuvrability, which comes in handy when dodging potholes or someone stepping into the road while browsing Instagram on their phone. It does take a little bit of getting used to, and some riders can feel a little unsteady to begin with, but with a bit of practice you’ll soon adapt to the new handling.

The common nature of the wheel sizes also means tyres are also readily available, so don’t let that concern you, with eBike specific options available too, to cope with the higher speeds.

One downside to smaller wheels, however, is that they don’t rollover bumps so easily, so may be a little more jarring over rougher roads. If comfort is a concern then pay attention to the maximum tyre width.

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Best Folding Electric Bikes: Increased Power And Decreased Size For Maximum Convenience

The best folding electric bikes combine nimble handling, a powerful motor, and the ability to fit in a tiny space.

Folding bikes have been a staple of the urban commuter for years. Whether your commute involves a train ride, your apartment has limited storage, or your office has no cycle provision and you work 15 floors up, their ability to fold away adds a level of convenience that other bikes simply cant offer. Many of us will have dealt with the ignominy of trying to bring a bike onto a train that already has its allotted two bicycles, only to have someone swan past us towards the luggage racks wheeling a far less stressful option.

Given the recent boom in the popularity of ebikes it’s no shock to see the technology trickle over into the folding bike market. For those who previously had to choose between the assist of an electric bike or the convenience of a folding bike, deliberate no longer as you can now have your cake and eat it, all while gliding through traffic with the satisfied glow of someone who hasn’t had to fill their car up with fuel.

If you’re still in two minds, we’ve got a guide to take you through all your burning questions at the bottom of the page, along with separate buyers guides for the best electric bikes and the best folding bikes, should you wish to go down either of those routes.

Best Uses For Your Electric Folding Bike

Because of electric folding bikes unique capabilities to fold for easier transport and storing, they are popular for RV, camper, and van life. Our customers use them for outdoor activities that they bring their ebikes along for, including camping, hunting, and fishing. Learn more in our blog about taking your folding ebike along on a summer road trip.

These ebikes are also great for city life where storage in small spaces is critical. There are many other ways that you can use our folding ebikes, including with your boat or around campus.

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Best Folding Electric Bikes Top Models To Consider In 2022

Folding bikes have long been the go-to choice of cyclists who often use alternative transport, such as city commuters, cycle tourists, or motorists who like to drive to their cycle spots.

With the recent rise of electric bikes, many of these same cyclists are now pondering upgrading to something offering motorized assistance.

Thats where folding electric bikes come into the picture.

Electric folding bikes help you ride longer, climb hills with ease, and then easily fold them and take them on public transport, or store them inside your apartment.

Here are the 11 best folding electric bikes we recommend!

Swag Cycle Folding Electric Bike

Vivi Electric Bike Folding Electric Mountain Bike for Adults Review

For those in the market for the lightest electric bike or best electric bike for kids, Swag Cycle folding electric bikes are a great entry level beginner e bike for kids or adults under 200 pounds. Swag Cycle e bike is completely foldable and weighs 30.4 pounds. The battery has a range of 15.5 miles at a max of 18 mph on a full charge . The Swagcycle comes equipped with a USB port for easy cell phone charging. Swagcycles app gives smart riders robust data on their trips like speed, GPS, etc.

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Do You Have To Pedal An Electric Folding Bike

The short answer is yes, e-bikes work through pedal assistance there is no throttle . The e-bike will deliver power proportional to how much you are putting in yourself.

However this is only up to a point. In the UK, e-bikes are limited to providing pedal assistance up to 25 kph above that speed you will be propelling the e-bike under your own steam.

In the US, it’s a bit more complicated, as the laws vary from state to state. The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association has sought to clear up the murky legislation with a three-class system each limited to 750-watt motors.

  • Class 1: the motor is strictly pedal assist and is limited to 20mph
  • Class 2: can provide assistance whether or not the rider is pedalling, and is limited to 20mph
  • Class 3: the motor provides pedal assist, is limited to 28mph, and must be equipped with a speedometer.

Our friends over at People for Bikes have complied a complete guide that breaks down the rules state by state.

Starting off riding mountain bikes on the South Downs way, he soon made the switch the road cycling. Now, hes come full circle and is back out on the trails, although the flat bars have been swapped for the curly ones of a gravel bike.

Height: 177cm

Green Travel Solutions With Electric Scooter Toronto

While Epic Cycles is all about e-bike benefits, we also know electric scooters have something special to offer as well. Some advantages include:

  • Easy to Use on Sidewalk While electric bikes can be used on sidewalk in some cities, electric scooters have lower maximum speeds and are more universally accepted on sidewalks.
  • Easy to Maneuver Because of their slim design, electric scooters are easier to maneuver around crowds and other objects, which is another reason they can be used on sidewalks.

  • Easy On and Off The low to the ground construction of electric scooters makes them incredibly easy to get on and off of. Additionally, if you have knee problems when pedaling a bike, an electric scooter may be a better option than a bike.

  • Easy Fold Design With weights under 40 lbs. and foldable frames, scooters are even easier to store and charge in tight spaces. This also makes them easy to take on buses and the subway when needed.

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    How To Choose The Most Popular Best Folding Electric Bike

    There are three most important factors to keep in mind while deciding on a product: pricing, quality, and popularity.One obvious consideration is price. You must make sure that the price matches your budget.To get the greatest product, you need to pay attention to the quality of the things you are purchasing.When it comes to acquiring new clients, popularity is just as important as pricing or quality, if not more so.

    The 11 Best Folding Electric Bikes In 2022

    20Inch 500W Electric Bicycle, Electric Mountain Bike, Folding Electric ...


    Aventon makes various affordable electric bikes, including the Sinch folding eBike. This modern, attractive-looking bike folds up quickly and easily for hopping on trains or buses or storing at home.

    Powerful electronics, versatile fat tires, and fork suspension make the Sinch an excellent option for taking on off-road camping adventures.

    Range: 40 miles | Weight: 68 lbs

    Unfortunately, this is one of the heaviest foldable bikes on this list, making it a little harder to carry and lift.


    • Motor: 500W front hub motor
    • Battery: 772Wh removable lithium-ion
    • Display: Backlit color with application sync

    The Sinchs aluminum frame has an integrated and removable 672Wh battery and a 500W hub motor.

    This bike goes up to 20 mph with an average range of 40 miles. The tires are 20×4 with mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear.

    Fits payloads up to 300lb

    Over 100,000 units sold in two years

    Folded Dimensions: 37 x 12 x 27

    MSRP: $999Lectric eBikes

    This foldable e-bike from Lectric is a steal at only $999 and comes in both a standard and step-through model. The bike has a strong, chunky frame that folds down to 37 x18 x27, making it small enough for easy transportation and storage. It weighs a rather hefty 63lbs though, so keep that in mind if you think youll need to lug it upstairs.

    Range: 25-50+ miles | Weight: 63 lbs


    • Battery: LG 48V 10.4Ah
    • Charge time: 4-6h

    MSRP:$1,499Rad Power Bikes


    RadExpand Size Recommendations

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    Ecotric Foldable Electric Bike

    The Ecotric fat tire ebike packs a punch from the 500W brushless motor to the giant 20-inch fat wheels. It has four easily switchable riding modes that make riding adventurous and fun. This folding ebike puts out a very impressive range between 30 and 45 miles even with a maximum load of 200 pounds while in pedal-assist mode.

    The Shimano 7-speed gear system with the hub motor lets you ride with 20MPH max speed. Both wheels are given disc brakes for safe braking even at higher speeds. The removable battery sits behind the seat and has a lock for safety measures.

    The folding ebike is upgradable with accessories from Ecotric, including a folding lock, bag, phone case, and even a suspension upgrade.


    Why Consider An Electric Folding Bicycle

    Folding electric bikes combine the ease of portability with the additional convenience of motor assistance. This makes them the ideal bikes for city commuters who need a sweat-free trip to work and may also need to use the train occasionally. Superb maneuverability is what makes this type of bike very convenient to use. You can easily ride through tight city streets, or push the bike to an elevator.

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    Heybike Ranger Electric Bike

    Heybike Ranger is optimized to better fit the city rides. This foldable ebike is best suited for city traffic, moderate trails, and neighborhoods. The step-through design with adjustable handlebar and saddle post make it suitable for riders of any height.

    A 500W brushless rear hub motor powers this ebike using a 15Ah lithium-ion battery. The Heybike Ranger also has a 7-Speed Shimano gear system and 20-inch tires that let you conquer any slope without breaking a sweat. The folding ebike from Heybike has a top speed of up to 25 Mph and a battery range of around 40 miles per charge.

    Heybike Ranger also comes equipped with both front and seat suspension that further increases the comfort of the rider. Rangers max load capacity is around 330lbs, so no worries about your body weight. Like many other folding bikes, you can collapse the Heybike Ranger from the middle of the frame and the handlebar vertically.


    Is It Time To Get A New Best Folding Electric Bike

    Honbike folding electric bike with driveshaft! First ride!

    Youre looking for a new best folding electric bike. Think about it. It’s impossible to foresee pricing fluctuations in the future. The sooner you buy, the better off you’ll be if manufacturing doesn’t slow down. If, on the other hand, production is falling and prices are expected to climb, you might want to hold off on making a decision until the hype has calmed down.

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    Can You Manually Pedal An Electric Bike

    Yes, you can. Most electric bikes on the market include pedals, which you can use with the accelerator or separately. For some riders, the power assistance of electric bikes makes electric bikes more advantageous than traditional bikes. Some electric bikes have a charging mode that allows you to charge the battery while pedaling, but they are more expensive.

    The 9 Best Folding Electric Bikes For Adults 2022

    As an AmazonAssociate and Affiliate Marketer, I earn from qualifying purchases. Although I may get a small commission, I strive to provide honest reviews of products to keep my readers happy! Full disclosure

    Electric Bikes are taking the biking world by storm. People love how convenient it is to have the option to use the battery for an easier riding experience or no motor for a better workout. E-bikes are a great way to get started in cycling. They allow you to ride long distances with minimal effort. After a while of riding an e-bike, you could start riding a non-electric bike for long distances as well.

    E-bikes can be big and heavy. With the size in mind, it can be pretty difficult to transport e-bikes when you want to take them on the go. Folding Bikes are the solution e-bike manufacturers came up with to allow for better transportation. Folding E-bikes are bikes that fold in 1 or multiple places in order to make them more compact for transportation and storage. Most folding bikes come with smaller wheels than the average bike. These wheels are typically 20 wheels but they can vary depending on the bike.

    A good folding bike can be stored in a small space either in your home, garage, or outside, if necessary. They can also fit in most cars, especially hatchbacks and SUVs. You can see how a folding bike works in the gif above.

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    Best Folding Electric Bikes Of 2022

    E-bikes of all types have had a huge growth in popularity and improvement in technology in the past few years. Folding bikes, including folding electric bikes, have also seen a jump in use.

    This is because they are a convenient mode of transport for commuters or cyclists who need to transport and store their bicycles more easily.

    With folding electric bicycles, you have the power to take on longer commutes without breaking a sweat, reliably bring your bike on any public transit, and fold it up easily to store it at the office or in your home.

    The best folding electric bike will fold quickly and securely, be relatively lightweight, be comfortable to ride, and come fully equipped for urban commuting. With that said, lets take a look at some of the differences we see between models.

    How To Choose An Electric Bike For Adults

    Addmotor 20"  750W 48V E

    No matter what kind of riding you do, there are a number of constant factors that you should look for in your electric bike. These include the bikes range, power and weight, how comfortable it is, the quality of the bikes components, and the reliability of the bikes brand. Depending on how you ride, you may also want to look for accessories like racks, fenders, and lights to empower you to use your bike for more journeys.

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    Are Folding Electric Bikes Light

    As with any broad question the answer is, to some degree, ‘it varies’. They will however be noticeably heavier than those without a battery.

    If your commute involves several flights of stairs then pay close attention to the weight. It won’t make a great deal f difference while you’re riding, but if you get to your desk with a dead arm and are unable to even lift a coffee to your lips from lugging your new bike upstairs you’re going to quickly look for an alternative.

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