Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

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Framed Minnesota 20 Fat Bike Black/green

Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike – 100 Mile Review
  • Fork: Framed 6061 Rigid Alloy Fork
  • Seat Clamp: Promax Bolt on
  • Crankset: Truvativ 38/28T Chain Rings
  • Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike Black/Green

    Key Features of the Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike:

    Tips for being a better mountain biker

    1 . Always use trails and open paths and never go cross-country, do not open new paths or skidding and drag the wheel on trails or tracks , and never, but never, come strong in curves without visibility because, The day that passes, it might not be just a scare.

    2 . It always circulates by open public roads and respects the signs of prohibited passage, in addition to always respecting private properties . What would you say if cyclists passed through your room?

    3 . Give way to people and other road users. Always go left and keep a minimum distance of 1 meter with other people and objects to avoid unnecessary falls or knocks.

    4 . Try to avoid as far as possible paths and trails that other foot users use, and if you do, you have all 5 senses active to the maximum.

    5 . There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying nature and that is why you have to respect it to the fullest. Be careful with the flora and especially with the fauna that can be frightened and can even attack us in moments of maximum tension.

    6 . If you have to cross a gate or gate to follow your path , once you pass, close it to prevent the animals from escaping or that others think it was open.

    Minnesota : The First Fat Bike Built For Women

    February 11th, 2015 BY Erinn Morgan

    A fat bike built just for you? Yes, its true. While today there are nearly 100 bike makers crafting fat bikesthe fastest-growing segment in the bike industrynone had focused on making a womens fat bike. Until now.

    When the folks at St. Paul, MN-based Framed Bikes noticed a lot of women out riding mens fat tire bikes they got inspired. And, after spending a year working with some local female riders, Framed debuted its Minnesota 2.0 womens-specific fat bike.

    What makes this ride female friendly? With a vision to specifically engineer a bike to accommodate the unique features of the female form, Framed came up with a bike in two sizes that features a lower stand over height. It also boasts a shortened handlebar length , shortened crank arm length , and a comfy womens saddle.

    In addition to its covetable womens-specific features, the Minnesota 2.0 also falls in step with Framed Bikes missionto produce highly engineered bikes that are priced so that all cyclists, regardless of socio-economic standing, can enjoy the benefits of cycling. True that. The Minnesota 2.0 delivers a quality build and solid componentsall for the very affordable price of $899.

    I recently had the chance to demo the Minnesota 2.0 womens bike on the snow here in Durango, Colorado. It arrived nearly assembled major points here for no fuss no muss. I was out and riding shortly after the box arrived.

    Where Do I Start

    Maybe you are buying your first mountain bike, or perhaps youre in the market for the first time in a long time. Either way, theres no doubt that the field can be overwhelming and confusing. There are all kinds of technical terms and jargon that may be unfamiliar. Not only that, but cycling is a sport where technology and equipment evolve quickly.

    Once you talk to friends or peruse the internet, its not uncommon for armchair experts to advise you to spend more, spend less or to aim for simplicity, reliability, longevity. Worry not. The easiest way to approach the purchase of a new mountain bike is to take it step by step.

    With the following information, youll be better equipped to know how to set a budget, define the style of riding you plan to do and where youre going to be doing it.

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    Framed Minnesota Gets A Makeover

    Back in the winter of 2014 Framed bikes released its first fat bike and it had a significant impact on the fat bike market to this day. The Framed Minnesota was the first thousand-dollar fatty and that affected the price points of the other few bike companies that were producing fat bikes back then. The first complete Pugslies that hit the market were priced 50% higher than the Minnesota and Salsa Mukluks were priced higher than that. Fast forward to today, where prices have gone through the roof for just about everything, Framed has given their Minnesota fat bike a new look and the MSRP is still just $1,100 USD.

    The first thing that caught my eye were the three new colors that they released. Cyan/Black, Black/White & Green/Gold arranged in a two-tone paint job that steers clear of some of the more recent colorways from other fat bike brands that seem to assault the optic nerve like some kind of tropical birds breeding plumage or a really pissed off, siamese fighting fish. I dig the new colors YMMV.

    Tips For Buying A Mountain Bike

    Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

    What advice should we keep in mind when buying a mountain bike?. When we decide to buy a mountain bike because we consider that the one we have is short, we start up for the purchase of another bike. Buying a mountain bike MTB can be a bit frustrating, and can take us some time. These tips will help you to put your ideas in order before making this investment, so that it is easier for you to buy a bicycle and for that investment to be the most appropriate. Although these tips are focused on those already started on mountain bike, they are also helpful for anyone who is about to buy a mountain bike for the first time.

  • Budget available. Follow these tips: There is almost no limit to buy a mountain bike MTB, so we must adjust to our budget. We must then look at those MTB bikes that do not exceed it, we will avoid our final frustration. Also follow these tips: We must never tell the seller the budget we have to buy the bike, we only ask about prices and features, components and options, thus avoiding the price adjustment.
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    % Builds Now Available On All Bikes

    Since the assembly is performed by hand and per order, it may take 6-8 business days for the assembly of your new bike to be completed and shipped.

    Please allow 15-20 business days on select Framed custom built bikes.

    Our $99 Bike Assembly is here to help you maximize your riding time. Just tighten the handlebars, install the front wheel,pedals and ride! This process is done with care, by our experienced professional technicians to ensure that your bike not only lasts, but most importantly is covered by any manufacturer’s warranty.

    Our certified team of technicians spend the time to fine tune the bike so you don’t have to. During this process, our technicians will go through each of the bearing components, ensuring a solid, smooth ride from the first turn of the cranks. From there, the wheels are taken off individually for the truing process. Making sure your wheel is true is key to prolonging the life of your rims, and ultimately your whole bicycle. After this happens, the rear wheel is installed with care to make sure that the chain is tensioned properly and that the free wheel of the bike is in proper working order. The brakes are then adjusted and tested for reliable stopping power. During the assembly the bike goes through a thorough quality control check to ensure your bike is up to our high standards and yours.

    Guide And Tips For Buying A Mountain Bike

  • The budget. Perhaps for many, it is the most determining factor when choosing a mountain bike or another. Unless you are a professional, we advise you limit your budget to a range of average bikes since many times, investing in high-end bikes will not be profitable, as we will never get the performance that these bikes can offer us.
  • The size. When it comes to buying a bike, it is important to know our size. If you buy a small size bike, you can almost always climb the saddle, but if you buy a bigger bike than yours, you may find that it is impossible to lower the saddle and this will prevent you from being comfortable on the bike.
  • The material of which is made a picture . A bicycle moves with our physical strength, so, the more weight, the more effort youll have to make. Especially in the climbs.
  • Changes and speeds . Another aspect to take into account when buying a mountain bike are changes and development. A mountain bike usually assembles games of 18 to 24 speeds. In this regard, our advice is that you do not obsess about the number of sprockets and development. In general, if you are not a professional, any development that drives most bikes is more than enough to train at an average level. You will not notice a big difference between one and the other, unless you are going to get into big ports, it might not be worth investing in a very complex speed game. Conform with 18 or 21 speeds.
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    Framed Minnesota 20 Fat Bike

    Framed took the fat bike world by storm by building a price conscious fat bike with all the features of other bikes, for half the price! The MN 2.0 offers everything you want in a fat bike, ready to get you through trail and snow riding, beaches and bogs and even commuting or simple Sunday rides in the country. The MN 2.0 starts with a 6061 alloy frame loaded up with SRAM X5 and X7 in a 2X9 drivetrain for easy shifting and performance in any riding conditions. Framed added AVID BB5 mechanical Disc brakes for smooth stopping power. Traction is brought to you by our very own FRAMED Minnesota 4.0, 120 tpi folding bead tire with lightweight tubes. Riders agree these have a perfect tread pattern to be a true 365 day tire. We round this out on our Aluminum alloy 80 mm 32 hole lightweight rims, to reduce rolling weight and increase strength and performance. The MN 2.0 gives you everything you need in a cost effective package. Check the specs and compare to the competition! To top it off Framed wanted to make a fatty that was as multi-purpose as possible, with the Framed Fattie Slims and Fattie Trail 29er wheel sets. Fattie Slimswheel set” is a ready to ride 29er slick wheel set . The additional wheel set options allow switching from a “fat setup” to an even lighter, even faster “29 Fattie Slimswheel set” with no tools or mechanical skills. This is also available in a trail style knobby 2.1″ tire for single track and trail conditions.

    Gearing Is Less More More Or Less

    Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fatbike
    Single Chainring on newer Mountain Bike Triple Chainring on Vintage Mountain Bike

    On older mountain bikes, it isnt unusual to commonly see as many as 27 gears on a mountain bike. Usually, bikes had 7 to 9 cogs on the rear cassette and two or three chainrings using the front derailleur.

    If there are 9 cogs on the cassette attached to the rear wheels hub and 3 chainrings attached to the crank, then this bike has 27 gears in total. Some of the gear combinations are the same so maybe a position on the biggest chainring with the middle cog, is the same as a position with the middle chainring on a smaller cog. This means that space is being wasted with duplicated gears.

    When youre looking at new mountain bikes, youll notice that a lot of them have only one chainring: So it may seem that there are more gears on the older bike with three chainrings, right? Not necessarily. As mentioned previously, gears will be duplicated. Also, if there are only seven cogs on the rear, there may be less range than the single chainring, which always has 10, 11 or 12 cogs in the rear.

    This means the triple chainring is unnecessarily complicated and heavy. Newer bikes have more cogs on the rear cassette, giving a wide range of gears. There are less chainrings and no front derailleur on a mountain bike with a single chainring.

    Bikes with two chainrings are still common and parts are still widely available.

    What this means for you as the buyer of a new mountain bike:

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    Framed Minnesota 20 Fat Bike Conversion

    • BBSHD Stock 46T Chain Ring
    • BBSHD Aluminum Chainring Adapter and 42T Sprocket
    • Luna Full Color Display DPC-14 For the BBS02 and BBBSHD
    • Bafang BBSHD and BBSO2 Universal Thumb Throttle
    • Bafang BBSxx Brakes Pair – Silver
    • Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD Programming Cable
    • LUNA Wrench BBSHD and BBS02 Mid Drive Installation Tool
    • Standard 3amp 48v Dolphin / Bottle battery charger


  • The front derailleur is bolted to a welded post. I was thinking this might get in the way, but it doesn’t. In hindsight, had I thought about an ebike conversion when I purchased the bike, I would have gone with the single front chainring version–Minnesota 1.0.
  • Proper fit of the motor required one of Luna’s slim spacers on the drive side. This was not an issue with chain stay clearance, but rather to allow the bracket on the non-drive side to fit snug against the frame.
  • I used the smaller 42T sprocket rather than the stock 46T as it looked better and provides for better spinning. If I start doing some insane climbing, I may go to a smaller one.
  • The sprocket combined with the stock cassette doesn’t allow for use of the two lowest gears. I can shift into those gears, but when I try to shift to a higher gear, the chain drops. I can live with this for now, but will eventually switch to an IGH on this bike.
  • Tags:

    Easy Gear Changing Capabilities

    Because this bike is armed with both front and rear derailleurs , changing gear becomes easier than ever before.

    The fact that the shifters work with different derailleur models, as seen above, means youve got several gear options to choose from.

    The derailleurs also team up with the wide bike tires to take the stability of this bike a notch higher.

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    Framed Minnesota 10 Womens Fat Bike Review

    There are few things that can get me down as quickly as being stuck indoors all winter. Are you the same way? If you prefer sunshine to LED bulbs in the spinning studio, consider a fat bike.

    And it doesnt have to be an expensive one. The Framed Minnesota 1.0 is an excellent entry-level fat bike that hasnt sacrificed quality for price . No its not the fanciest bike and it doesnt have any blingbut it will get you some mid-winter Vitamin D and thats priceless.

    How Much Do I Want To Pay For A Mountain Bike

    Pin on gym

    If youre approaching your first mountain bike purchase , you probably arent looking to mortgage your house to pay for it. But that doesnt mean you cant afford a decent-quality machine with reliable components.

    The amount of money you can or want to pay for a bike may define the kind of riding you can do. The best examples of this are full-suspension mountain bikes.

    After you have decided how much you are paying for your bike, you might have more idea of whether you are buying a bike without suspension, or with either front or full suspension.

    For general use on a variety of trails, the most appropriate bike is a hardtail with front suspension. For more intense riding conditions and a larger budget, a full-suspension bike may suit. Keep in mind that full-suspension bikes are heavier and more difficult to ride uphills and on level ground.

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    Review: Framed Minnesota 20 Fat Bike Brings It

    When Framed Bikes announced they would be making a pair of sub-$900 aluminum fat bikes that were reasonably well equipped, people listened at least those living in snowy climates. Until the Minnesota 1.0 and 2.0 hit the market, no reasonable rider could justify the price. But, at $800 is the Minnesota 2.0 still enough bike to satisfy the most discerning riders?

    Framed Minnesota 2.0 Features

    • 6061 aluminum alloy frame and fork
    • 9-speed SRAM X7/X5 drivetrain
    • Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes
    • House-brand cockpit bits
    • Framed alloy sealed platform pedals
    • Wheelset includes Quando hubs and Framed rims
    • Vee Rubber Mission 120TPI tires with folding bead

    Saddles Does Plush Mean Comfortable

    Many riders assume that a bigger, softer saddle will be more comfortable. If you were to sit down on a stationary bike, or to ride a short distance on a wide, plush saddle, it may feel very accommodating. But on longer rides these saddles often create soreness in hips and legs due to excessive movement.

    The most important thing to consider is the shape of the saddle and its ability to absorb vibration.Bigger does not mean better.

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    What To Expect After You Place An Order

    1. You will receive an Order Confirmation / Email (within 15 min of submitting the order.

    2.In-stock orders ship in 24-48 hours. In some cases it can take longer.

    3. Expedited Orders placed before 1:00 PM CST typically ship the same day.

    Due to Covid-19 many shipping carriers are experiencing delays in specific regions of the country.

    3.Shipping Confirmation Email with a tracking number once your order ships. Please Note: during busy season economy orders can take longer to process.

    Where Will I Ride My Bike

    Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike: Review and test ride

    This is an important question to ask yourself. Are you riding close to home and if so, what is the terrain like in your local area? If youll be restricted to a flatter area, you may be satisfied with less suspension and a narrower range of gears. If your hometown is mountainous, a rugged bike may be a necessity.

    If youre getting into more specialized styles of riding or heading to mountain bike parks, you may want to look at a particular type of mountain bike. You might need to consider full suspension.

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