Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

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Fly Racing Rayce Youth Helmet

Enduro Full Face MTB Helmets: In Depth Look At Our Favorites

At 873 grams for a size medium, this helmet is designed for BMX Racing, FreeRide and DH Mountain Biking. The Default features an aerodynamic poly-alloy shell, sharp graphics, vents, removable and washable liner and cheek pads, padded chin strap with a D-ring closure. A complete size run for kids: Small 47-48 cm, Medium 49-50 cm and Large 51-52 cm. Downhill certified ASTM F1952 .

Where to buy: Jenosn USA | Dan’s Comp| MSRP: $119 USD

Idp M1 Youth Tactic Helmet

A lot to love here. Light weight, 840 grams, with a big eye opening for great field of view in two sizes for the little rippers . 7IDP has the little guys and gals covered with great protection, D ring buckle and a cool 17 vents. Available in 5 colors.

Where to buy: Jenson USA | Chain Reaction | | MSRP: $109 USD

How To Choose Your Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

Above are some of my reviews for the top 15 full face helmets. I hope you have formed some priorities about the ideal one.

Now comes the next step to define the best amongst them: You should consider the following factors because they are the scaffolds for the best full face mountain bike helmet of your own.

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With Excellent Coverage Airy Designs And A Strong Focus On Safety Todays Mountain Bike Helmets Are More Comfortable And Protective Than Ever

  • / Best Mountain Bike Helmets of 2022

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If your mountain biking gear budget has been stretched thin and youre tempted to skimp on the helmet, dont. Skip that extra bit of carbon instead. Its true, mountain bike helmet prices are creeping up, but we find little reason to complain. For hurtling over rocks and dodging trees, spending a little extra on a good lid is a sound investment. Fit and retention systems continue to improve, and safety advances like the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System aim to reduce the chances of a serious injury. For a breakdown of these important considerations, check out our comparison table and buying advice. Below are our top mountain bike helmets of 2022.

Helmet Safety: Mips Spin Turbines And More


Youll find MIPS listed on many helmet models like the Giro Source, along with a price hike of about $20 to $30. What are you getting for the extra cash? Extra noggin protection for angled hits is the claim. MIPS technology works by creating a low-friction layer between the helmets shell and soft liner. Weve removed our MIPS liners and its impressively simple: theres one thin plastic layer that connects to the helmet with a few small tabs. When hit at an angle, the MIPS layer in theory lets the shell move just enough to help relieve the rotational forces on the head and brain.

MIPS put slip-plane technology on the map, but a growing number of alternatives have emerged over the past couple years. For instance, POCs Octal X helmet above features their SPIN system, which is beautifully simple, using the pads on the interior to reduce rotational forces on the brain. And most recently, Bontrager has released their WaveCel, which shakes up the market with big concussion prevention claims and a unique look. As with MIPS, its tough to say that one design is safer than the otheror even to definitively prove that the technology is worth it. But the science is continuing to mature, and were happy to see more companies investing in this important safety research.

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What To Look For In Mountain Bike Full Face And Convertible Lids:

Removed chin bar

Want extra protection without getting hot-headed? You need one of the latest enduro lids. Read our guide to mountain bike full face and convertible helmets. Lightweight full face and convertible helmets have been around for ages, but the rise of the do-it-all riding discipline called enduro has made them way more commonplace. One added benefit being safety conscious riders can enjoy fewer weird looks rocking a full face lid at trail centres or local trails nowadays.

Like many other bike components bitten by the enduro bug, the products here mirror this by merging extra protection, full face, downhill helmets with better-ventilated, open face, XC or trail lids. And, whereas downhill helmets used to be too hot, sweaty and heavy for pedaling around in all day, this new helmet breed is aimed at exactly that with extra protection over a trail lid.

How Do Mountain Bike Helmets Work

Mountain bike helmets are generally comprised of two layers: an outer, polycarbonate layer, and an inner layer made of eps foam. The hard, plastic outer layer protects the eps foam and allows the helmet to skid, rather than catching and whipping your neck around. Meanwhile, in the event of a hard impact, the eps foam will crush and/or break, absorbing some of the force of the impact. This force absorption is the main way that helmets protect your brain.

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Best For Enduro And Trail Riding

Weight: 708g | Sizes: XS-S, M-L, XL-XXL | Rating: 9/10

Pros: Super stylish, comfortable, good ventilation, MIPS

Cons: TLD label comes at a premium.

For a full face that is properly downhill certified, the Troy Lee Designs Stage is incredibly lightweight, its only 90g heavier than the test winning Bell Super Air open face. TLD has been able to cut the weight and still meet the certification because its using a dual-density closed-cell foam in the construction theres a regular EPS inner layer with more resilient EPP wrapped over the top. Inside youll also spot the distinctive yellow MIPs liner, which in the Stage moves quite freely because there is no retention device anchoring it in place.

Instead to fine tune the fit, Troy Lee relies on an array of different pad sizes you get two different thickness neck rolls, three jaw pads and two liners included in the box, and the Stage is also available in three sizes. That said it does come up a little small, so if youre borderline wed recommend going up a size.

Due to the excellent ventilation and superb fit, it really doesnt feel like youre wearing a full face. The only sticking point is the price. But if youre looking for a bit more protection for enduro or trail riding, and the occasional day at the bike park, this is the one to get.

Troy Lee Stage Helmet

SMITH MAINLINE REVIEW – All day full face helmet for enduro mountain biking rides?

Another amazing light weight “enduro” helmet at 690 grams. The addition of MIPS to this EPS and EPP dual density foam offers great protection rotational force,high and low speed impacts. Large openings in the chin bar and extensive on head ventilation make this a cool full face helmet. Smallest size fits 54-56 cm.

Where to buy: Jenson USA | REI | MSRP: $299 USD

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Best For Lightweight Full

Weight: 570g | Sizes: XS-S, M-L, L-XL | Rating: 9/10

Pros: Incredibly light weight, high protection rating, plenty of ventilation, flexible adjustable visor, RECCO

Cons: DH racers might want less exposed EPS

Italian protection legend Dainese is back with the worlds lightest ever DH-certified full face cycling helmet. Called the Linea 01, it targets a new breed of long travel e-biker or trail rider looking for extra coverage.

Linea 01s heavily-vented shell uses a polycarbonate outer layer on top of an EPS liner, but inside, a key to the exceptionally low weight is an embedded nylon exo-skeleton that bolsters penetration resistance and overall strength. Dainese also uses different EPS densities in different zones to optimise protection, thick foam cheek pads to protect against the chinbar getting smashed into your jaw and the latest MIPs rotating liner.

A flexible visor can also distort in a crash to avoid accelerating forces or extra twisting loads. It also has RECCO and NFC TwiceMe technology carried over from snowsports.

Extensive vents aid air flow and cooling, including on the chinbar, where a huge mouth port pumps cooling air into the face. The rear retention dial moves with a three-height headband, and theres a padded chinstrap using FIdlocks quick magnetic clasp system.

Smith Mainline Mips Mountain Biking Helmets

This full face mountain bike helmet from the Smith company takes pride in using different innovations which helps in protecting the biker should he encounter unintentional crashes during the bike ride. The Koroyd coverage and the MIPS are two features integrated into this helmet to protect the users head from hard impacts.

Apart from the protection, I also like the other features of this full face helmet. There is a strap fastener that I can easily adjust the size for my face to fit easily. This feature gives me the comfort I need, especially in adjusting the helmet to my big and rounded head.

Meanwhile, I was also impressed by the ventilation of this full face mountain bike helmet. In fact, I rarely feel the heat when I use it, especially when on the road. Also, the helmets ventilation system also pairs well with goggles for a fog-free lens and a nice vision on the road.

With its other features, I also like that this helmet is super light which somehow enhances the comfort it gives to me. This helmet is really comfortable the moment you put it in the head. And it looks very sharp as well. The matte finish is very impressive, in my opinion while the overall design is very simple without any unnecessary branding.

  • Difficult to put on or take off

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Types Of Mountain Bike Helmet

As you may already be aware, there are two main types of mountain bike helmets to choose from full face and half shell. Below, we will highlight the main differences between the two.

Full Face – Full face helmets will give you the most protection, as they cover the whole head and chin, too. This type of helmet is perfect for those who like to test their luck on challenging mountains, as of course, these routes come with an increasing amount of risk. Although they offer the most protection, full face helmets will have smaller amounts of ventilation, so its worth getting one with a detachable chin so that you have the option to remove it if you get uncomfortable.

Half-Shell – If you hadnt guessed it already, half-shell helmets cover your head, just like a normal cycling helmet would. Half-shell helmets are perfect for less-aggressive forms of mountain biking and can be used on a daily basis. Although you might think youd be able to get away with a normal cycling helmet when it comes to mountain biking, remember that half-shell helmets are designed with mountain biking in mind, meaning theyll have far more protection.

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmets

Fox Proframe Full Face MTB Downhill Bike Helmet

Protection is always the priority in using a bike helmet, and it should, especially if youre doing that adrenalin-pumping but dangerous downhill mountain biking and other similar biking activities. This full face downhill mountain bike helmet from Bell has all the features to protect anyone during the bike ride.

The moment I used it, I was immediately impressed by its ability to fit in my head. It fits great right out of the box, which is pretty impressive. There is actually padding inside that makes the fit lovely and comfortable to the face. The helmet does not move around or squeeze my face.

I feel that the padding is similar to those standard motocross helmets being used, which is excellent in protecting the face of the bike rider in case of an accident. The ABS shell construction also brings a lot of toughness and durability to this full face mountain bike helmet.

The ABS shell construction should make this helmet durable and sturdy. Sturdiness and toughness will play an essential role in protecting the head of the biker. Also, it comes with a chin clip which is unique compared to the D-rings that come with most helmets.

  • Sizing is very small

This product fits well, and the helmet comes with decent ventilation. It is one of the best downhill mountain bike full face helmets you can use to protect when doing downhill or trail biking. Also, it is very comfortable and light which is what you need when doing this type of mountain biking.

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How To Choose A Full

Mountain bike helmets come in all shapes and styles. Riding fire roads and cross country trails calls for a very different helmet than charging downhill at a bike park. Downhill and freeride mountain biking feature high speeds, big jumps, and tons of rock. A full-face helmet is critical for downhill and bike park riding. To hear about the metrics and testing process we used to determine the best DH helmets, check out our Best Full Face Bike Helmet Review. If you are looking for a daily, half-shell, trail helmet, head on over to the Best Mountain Bike Helmet Review.

Troy Lee Designs Mountain Bike Helmets

The effectiveness of a helmet can be measured by so many factors like comfort, fitting, protection, and so much more. But it all boils down to the one that makes you safe while on the road, such as this lightweight full face mountain bike helmet from Troy Lee Designs.

I am impressed with this full face mountain bike helmet because of its excellent construction. It is built with Polylite shell construction protecting the users head from crashes and accidents. Polylite is known for having resiliency and impact strength which fits well in this situation.

I am also happy and satisfied with this bike helmets fitting and overall customisation. It is built with two headliners, two neck pads, and cheek pads which allows me to be comfortable and gets the perfect fit that I want when I use it.

Ventilation is also a significant factor in why I feel that this product is the top-notch full face helmet for mountain biking. It actually has a lot of airflow intakes and exhaust ports which allows the proper circulation of air once it is used. This product will enable you to breath nicely, which is so impressive.

In terms of the physical aspect, this full face mountain bike helmet comes with a sleek design. It also comes with full sets of snap-in inserts to allow your preferred customized fit. Also, the visor does not flop around, and the finish is excellent. As a bonus, it also comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage.

  • The sizing guide is too small

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Can I Wear Any Helmet For Mountain Bike Riding

Cycling experts recommend that you only wear specially mountain bike helmets for mountain biking. This is because other types of helmets may not meet the required safety standards.

For instance, road bike helmets are not suitable as mountain bike helmets. They have a lower protection rating therefore will not offer you adequate head injury protection in the event of a crash. On the other hand, while motocross helmets have a higher protection rating they are not suitable for mountain bike riding either. A mountain bike helmet is designed to take up impact and bend or crash but motocross helmets stay intact which may transmit the impact to your head.

Essential Protection And Open

Versatile Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet on a Budget // 7iDP Project 23 ABS Review

The Speedframe MIPS Helmet has premium features usually meant for much more expensive helmets. A MIPS liner, goggle compatible 3-position visor, and our 360-degree fit make the Speedframe one of the best values in an open-face mountain bike helmets. Add in the legendary aggressive Fox design DNA, and you have one of the most shred-ready mtb helmets in the market today.

  • Proven MIPS impact protection system reduces rotational forces in a crash
  • Removable, washable moisture-wicking comfort liner
  • Optimized venting with channeled, in-molded EPS provides efficient cooling
  • Goggle compatible 3-position adjustable visor
  • 360 fit system allows you to dial in your perfect fit every ride
  • Note: Avoid exposure to aerosol sprays like bug repellent and sunscreens as they can cause your helmet’s finish to peel
  • Weight: 360 g, medium

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Top 15 Product Ratings

Breathable, more robust than other enduro-focused options, lightweight Extremely light, versatile, comfortable Lightweight, excellent ventilation, quality fit Stellar performance in trail mode, Solid feel in full face mode, lightweight Excellent airflow for burly DH helmet, light for DH helmet, good visor
Cons Not suited for frequent bike park duties, a little expensive Not the most protective, mud can clog up the chin bar bar attachment system Narrow range of use compared to other helmets, tight chin bar Pressure point on back of head on half shell mode, not as robust as other full face helmets A couple fit/comfort quirks, expensive
Bottom Line A dialed enduro-oriented helmet that delivers excellent breathability and solid protection An extremely light and well-ventilated convertible full-face helmet suited for aggressive trail and enduro riding A lightweight and supremely breathable enduro-oriented helmet A versatile convertible helmet that functions well in both half shell and full-face mode A true DH helmet that offers serious protection and spectacular ventilation and airflow
Rating Categories Bell Super Air R MIPS Troy Lee Designs St…
Bell Super Air R MIPS Troy Lee Designs St…
14.9 oz – half shell 23.8 oz – full face 24.3 oz
18 helmet, 8 chin vents, 4 brow ports 25 19 helmet, 2 brow ports, 4 chin vents 20

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