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Specialized FSR xc full suspension mountain bike review

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Mountain Bikes are designed for the dirt. Singletrack trails, double-track, rocky terrain, dirt fire roads, the desert and yes, the mountains, are exactly the kinds of landscapes that these bikes are made for. As the name implies, a full-suspension bike will have suspension in the front and rear. The suspension allows the bike to tackle rough terrain with ease, providing more control, speed, and comfort to the rider. Full-suspension setups are found on many different types of mountain bikes, with shorter to longer travel depending on the bikes intended use.

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Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy Descending Performance

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

Undeniably, the magic of the carbon-framed S-Works Turbo Levo is still present with the alloy version, or at least it could be unleashed with a few component upgrades.

The chassis sizing and front-to-rear-centre ratio, plus the hand-to-feet relationship, the bottom-bracket height, and reach and stack figures made me feel like I was riding in the bike, rather than on top of it. That connection helped it feel amazing in the turns, where it was easy to lean over and commit, the bike augmenting rider inputs by just the right amount.

Equally, when charging down a flat-out straight, it was possible to sense the chassis contributing to overall stability. This made committing to high lines into turns or charging across cambers an efficient and rewarding way to ride.

Despite its weight being one of the lowest of our bikes in this category, it frequently overwhelmed the trail-focused damper. At the lower pressures required to improve comfort and traction, it struggled to provide enough support in its mid-stroke to truly complement the frames capabilities.

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

Increasing the size of volume-reducer spacer helped, but only really reduced bottom-outs rather than improving mid-stroke performance. In this respect, the Fox X2 fitted to the higher-end Turbo Levo bikes is much better suited to the bikes performance potential.

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

Adding to the underperforming suspension was Specializeds high-volume GRID TRAIL casing tyres.

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The Latest From The Brand

Today, Specialized has a hand in every aspect of the two-wheeled world, from commuter e-bikes to aerodynamic road bikes, and theres no sign that the companys devotion to innovation is slowing down. Its recently updated headtube shock, the FutureShock, is being placed on more road and adventure models. Meanwhile, it purchased fit system Retül that uses infrared mapping to help its retailers put you on the perfect saddle and frame. On some bikes, the integrated SWAT storage system lets you store ride essentials without wearing a backpack or filling pockets. And its road bikes continue to be lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic.

The brands size, domination of some specialty retailer’s floor space, and its aggressive defense of patents has cost it some fans. But its hard to argue with the quality and performance of its top bikes.

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy Climbing Performance

2012 Specialized Camber 29 Large Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

On the climbs, the Turbo Levos chassis and motor work in harmony to provide a powerful, comfortable and fluid experience.

The motors natural, discreet but strong assistance defines a large part of the ride. Its progressive nature, where it tapers both on and off in the same way a riders natural inputs would, make it exceptionally easy to control. Wheelspins are irregular and traction on soft, wet ground is impressively easy to control.

Its backed up by the well-balanced climbing position, where my bodys weight felt centralised over the middle of the bike.

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

The generous 447mm chainstays and long 821mm front centre combine with the steep seat-tube angle and relatively stout top tube to give a fairly upright seated riding position.

This makes keeping the front wheel glued to the ground or feeding in traction to the rear wheel much easier than a bike with geometry that stretches a rider out over the front, or positions them a long way over the back wheel. Hand and arm fatigue was also reduced, thanks to most of my weight going through my sit bones rather than into my hands.

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

The Turbo Levos seat tube angle positioned my hips over the bottom bracket rather than behind it, improving seated climbing comfort and efficiency compared to a bike that encourages a more stretched position.

Battery life

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

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Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy Specifications

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

Specialized hasnt compromised on motor or battery specifications for this Alloy version, so to keep the price down certain parts have been downgraded from the S-Works model.

Up front, we see a Fox 36 Rhythm ebike fork with 160mm of travel. This ebike version has thicker stanchions compared to standard EVOL 36s, and means the air spring has a lower volume.

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

Out back is a Fox Float X Performance shock with low-speed rebound adjustment and a two-position lockout.

Its specced with SRAMs GX Eagle drivetrain and Code R brakes with a 220mm front rotor and 200mm rear.

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

There are a host of Specialized components, including bar, stem, saddle, grips, and wheels wrapped in Specialized Butcher front and Eliminator rear GRID TRAIL casing rubber, while the X-Fusion Manic dropper has 175mm of travel .

Without pedals, my S4 test bike weighed 24.02kg on my scales.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Full suspension mountain bikes are essential for those harsher and more demanding trails. Not only do you take advantage of the front suspension forks, the full suspension invites you into the world of rear suspension. Rear suspension is required at bike parks and more demanding local terrain and at other times is an added level of plushness to the ride quality.

When the tracks dry out during summer the terrain can become hard with no give in the ground. Jump on board a full suspension and your average speed increases along with comfort. If you get into trouble on a fast rough descent, a full suspension can get you back on the right track and safely home. The more you spend the lighter the bike becomes and the more you can fine tune the suspension. We stock a great range of full suspension bikes in both stores and our staff are all very experienced riders.

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Womens Specialized Amira Expert Road Bike 51cm Carbon Frame Ultegra Components

Specialized Amira Expert Womens road bike. This bike has very few miles, maybe less then a few hundred. 51cm carbon FACT frame and fork. 51.5 cm top tube. Ultegra shifters, derailers, brakes, pedals and crank set. 2X10 drive train. Fulcrum racing wheels with 700C Michelin Pro 4 Endurance tires(Prest …

How Does Future Shock Rear Compare To Isospeed

Stumpjumper Setup

Our Media

Thompson says there is probably a similar philosophy in terms of the direction of compliance between the Future Shock Rear and Treks IsoSpeed design found on bikes such as the Domane and Madone before it was updated in 2022.

Thompson says, however, that the Future Shock Rear differs in two main ways: tunability and damping.

With the rear Future Shock system, the number one thing is its tunable and personalisable so every rider can get the same experience, he explains.

With IsoSpeed, for the most part, theres one setting and thats the experience and amount of compliance you get.

Second, the rear Future Shock has damping in it. So that controls and manages the increased amount of suspension you can get from the system.

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New Future Shock Rear Suspends The Rider


Specialized says the starting point for developing the Future Shock Rear was a problem that proved simple, yet diabolically hard to solve.

The brand wanted to find a way to keep riders comfortable and in control over rough terrain but retain the acceleration and direct handling of a rigid, double-diamond frame.

The process of finding a solution began more than five years ago with Chris DAluisio, one of Specializeds concept engineers, developing several Diverge prototypes more than two years before Specialized continued to refine the design for another three years.


Specialized says the final Diverge STR and Future Shock Rear design resolves the diabolical problem by suspending the rider above the rigid frame via the flexing frame post.

According to DAluisio, one of the advantages of this system is the travel happens in an arc shape, with your weight travelling down and backwards, rather than up and down on the seatpost axis.

DAluisio says riders are particularly sensitive to saddle height change and if the travel happened on the seatpost axis, it would feel as if it was being pulled out from under you.

DAluisio says this leads to a better ride experience, particularly when climbing. Instead of having to stand out of the saddle and unweight the bike when riding over bumps, the Future Shock Rear means you can remain planted, gaining more traction and power as a result.


Sub $2000 Full Suspension Ready To Rip

Unless youve been living under a rock, you know that Specialized loves to build mountain bikes. Specialized is best known for its iconic Stumpjumper and Rockhopper models, but those are far from the only bikes with the big red S logo out on the trail. In fact, Specializeds lineup is so complete that if you cant find a bike that fits your riding style, youre being too picky. Specialized makes bikes for everything from downhill to cross-country. The Specialized Camber 29 line falls comfortably in the middle of those categories, with just enough travel to conquer technical trails but not so much that it hinders pedaling efficiency. You could argue that of all of Specializeds offerings, the Camber is the truest mountain bike of them all, with versatility that makes it capable of riding all over the mountain.


The Specialzied Camber 29 is designed to excel at XC, trail and all-mountain riding. In fact, it is so versatile that wed be hard-pressed to put this bike into just one category. The Camber could handle XC or endurance racing, as well as some of the gnarlier trails encountered on big backcountry rides.




Setup: Setup is made easy thanks to the single air valve on both the fork and shock. While this version of the Camber does not come with the patented Specialized AutoSag feature, it is still very easy to set the shock to 25-percent sag and the fork to 20 percent.


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Sourcing Guide For Specialized Mountain Bike:

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Easy Sourcing

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy Bottom Line

Specialized 2014 Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

This alloy-framed version of the Turbo Levo has the potential to be as good as the S-Works bike. It uses the same motor, geometry and suspension system, and in changing the frames material, Specialized hasnt compromised on feel.

However, the fork and shock, when coupled with the thin-casing tyres on this model, negatively impact control, smoothness and capability when the trails get rough and raw, which are the exact conditions the S-Works Turbo Levo excelled in.

Unlocking the magical ride quality of the S-Works bike would be possible with fork and damper upgrades, but also a costly thing to do.In my eyes, the Turbo Levo Comp Alloy doesnt offer performance equivalent to its asking price, despite the potential being there.

How we tested

Despite this being the inaugural edition of eMTB Bike of the Year test, weve had plenty of experience testing ebikes to their absolute limits. That means finding out which of these eight bikes is the best electric mountain bike currently on sale was made a little easier.

Although thats not say our job was simple, and choosing a winner came down to the wire where the second and first place bikes swapped positions more times than we checked our tyre and shock pressures.

Our 2022 eMTB Bike of the Year contenders are:

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Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy Geometry

Andy Lloyd / Our Media

Super-customisable geometry helps give the Turbo Levo its category-defying handling.

Thanks to a Horst-link pivot flip chip and three head-angle positions, its geometry can be morphed from sedate trail bike to raked-out enduro rig.

Like other Specialized bikes, the Turbo Levo Alloy uses the brands S-sizing, where the focus isnt on seat-tube lengths dictating what size bike a rider should select.

Rather, seat-tube lengths are kept short across the six-size range so riders can size up from their recommended bike to have a more nimble or more stable ride.

For my 178cm height, I chose to test the S4 bike that has a 477mm reach. Head angles can be set anywhere from 65.5 degrees down to 63 degrees, and bottom-bracket heights change by 7mm depending on setting.

In the low and slack setting, the wheelbase is 1,268mm, the chainstay 447mm and the bottom bracket sits 342mm above the ground. The Turbo Levos geometry makes it a trail bike like no other.

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Small Womens Specialized Full Suspension Mountain Bike

  • Date listed:3 days ago

For sale an awesone women’s Specialized full suspension mountain bike. Its a Small frame size all aluminum frame. Ideal for riders up to 5’2 tall.FeaturesFull Fox suspension on forks and shox with dial knobs for climbing, trail and descend respectively plus rebound settings. Currently working excellentSeals aren’t cracked.The Saphire is essentially the womens version of the Stumpjumper.2×10 set up= 20 speeds. Hydraulic diac brakesDT Swiss rimsBrand new gripsX2 Specialized 2blis ready tires tubless compatible tires, currently using regular tubes for lack of use.Flat pedals included Paint is in excellent condition without cracks, paint chips or dents.Hydraulic disc brakes currently working very good and it shifts thru all the gears. Tires aren’t flats and both have good treat pattern left.Rerail price when was new it had a sticker price of $ 2,750 before tax.. Firm on price or $1300 without pedals. Not selling 4 less.No lowballers, serious inquieres only. Venmo or cash only and PU at the DPD on the map bellow. No halfways or trades. Thanks.Its kind of similar to some specialized Stumpjumper or Orbea mtbs.

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy Review

How Good is the Base 2022 Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy?

The Turbo Levo Alloy Comp is aimed at offering S-Works performance at a lower cost

Latest deals

Our review

Specializeds newest Turbo Levo received a lot of good press when it was launched, including a near-perfect review of the S-Works version written by me.

The Turbo Levo Comp Alloy is at the more affordable end of the spectrum compared to the SWorks bike, coming in at £6,750, but with the intention of retaining the magic of the carbon-framed version that was such a resounding success.

Thanks to 150mm of rear-wheel travel, mullet wheels and highly adjustable geometry, the Turbo Levo comfortably straddles the trail and enduro categories with total confidence.

Keeping down the asking price of this model sees Foxs 160mm-travel 36 Rhythm electric bike fork mated to a Fox Float X Performance shock. It uses SRAMs GX Eagle drivetrain, but is fitted with a host of Specialized and Roval-branded parts.

Specializeds 2.2 motor co-developed with Brose and 700Wh capacity provide the assistance and power, boasting 90Nm of torque and 565 peak watts.

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