Fultyme Rv 1300 Hitch Mount 2-bike Rack

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What Makes A Bike Rack Rv

High Capacity, Affordable Ebike Rack (Northern Tool & Fultyme Ultra-Tow Fat Tire Bike Rack Review)

Its essential to choose an RV-approved bike rack because theyre specially designed to withstand the added force from a trailer, 5th wheel, or motorhome. RVs often dont have the same suspension and handling that your car does, and the added weight and nature of a tow vehicle can jostle and even break a standard bike rack.

RV bike racks go through specific tests, so you know they can handle the bumps of riding on an RV. Theyll secure your bikes much better than a standard rack and offer greater peace of mind.

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How To Bring Your Bikes Camping: Best Rv Bike Racks

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Wherever you go camping, theres a good chance youll want to have your bikes along with you. Naturally, youll start looking for a good RV bike rack to carry your two-wheeled toys. But youll likely run into various opinions on the best bike rack for you.

Lets look at some of the best RV bike racks weve seen.

Bike Racks For The Whole Family

Thule Apex XT is a hanging hitch bike rack that can carry up to 5 bikes. This secure bike rack keeps bikes stable on the trip, and fits a range of frame styles and sizes. Perfect for a bike vacation with the whole family.

Thule Apex XT Swing 4 hitch bike rack has all these perks and more! This bike rack provides access to your trunk with the bikes still loaded.

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Mini Review Of Fultyme E

Tom@WashDC said:Since purchasing my two Aventon Levels I knew I would need a hitch mounted carrier sooner or later. With very kind input, pics, and measurements from one of our EBR board members , I ordered this $115.00 carrier from Walmart. My expectations are wildly exceeded and I am impressed. This carrier is rated at 200lb capacity and will secure my Level Step Thru models easily. It appears to be powder coated, double reinforced steel. Assembly time was 1 hour. It is lightweight, secure, and collapsable for easy in vehicle storage. You can quickly load and off-load two bikes in less than five minutes. It tilts so you can access the trunk. Heavy duty carriage bolts and pins. The Walmart rack goes in and out of stock quickly, but it is available from other vendors too. YMMV. View attachment 71764

Why You Should Bring Your Bikes Camping

Fultyme RV 1300 Hitch Mount 2

Bikes and camping simply go together! If youre in a large RV park or campground, bikes can provide straightforward, fun transportation. Bikes can also be a means to explore if youre camping in the woods or off the beaten path.

Many RVers like to bring their bikes as an additional mode of transportation. Its easier than towing a car, and they use it to get around the campground, travel to nearby trails, or even make grocery runs if the store isnt too far.

E-bikes have become especially popular among RVers as a second mode of transportation. Capable of going up to 40 miles, these bikes are practical and fun to bring camping with you!

Taking your bike on a designated trail also exposes you to more scenery than you might see if you were just walking. You can explore a great deal on the seat of a bike!

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Surco 501br Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

About the Surco 501BR: The best thing about this ladder-mounted bike rack is that it fits on ANY ladder! It will carry up to two bikes on padded cradles. Plus, you dont have to remove the rack to access your ladder. The arms pivot away from the ladder, so you might never have to remove the rack!

Mount Type: Ladder

Easy Installation Rating: 9/10This product is aluminum thats solid but doesnt weigh a lot. Its easy to install, and we love that it fits any ladder without inconveniencing you.

Thule Range Hitch Rv Bike Rack

About the Thule RangeRV Bike Rack: This beast will carry up to four bikes with a max weight of 150 lbs, so its perfect for the hardcore mountain biking RV family! The bikes space 7 apart and are individually ratcheted down. The rack comes with an integrated lock, so your bikes will be safe both when youre driving and when you park.

Mount Type: Hitch

Easy Installation Rating: 8/10Its an effortless installation for those with a 2 hitch receiver.

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Camco Rv Ladder Mount Bike Rack

About the Camco RV Ladder Bike Rack: This bike rack easily installs on standard RV ladders with soft grip handles and pins to hold it in place. It securely holds two bikes up to 60lbs total and folds for convenient storage.

Mount Type: Ladder

Easy Installation Rating: 7/10 It comes with an easy install, but many users report needing additional straps or bungees to feel confident on the road.

Where To Mount Bikes On Your Rv

Post-install review of Fultyme RV Hitch Mount Bike Rack. #ebike #super73rx

But when youre packing for that camping trip, just WHERE the bikes fit is often a puzzle.

If you have a toy hauler RV, you may be able to simple roll the bikes into the toy-hauling garage section and call it a day. However, this takes up space inside the RV that you might otherwise use for a second bedroom or office space.

The ideal space-saving solution is to mount your bikes outside your RV. You might be able to mount them to your RV bumper or ladder. Or, if youre towing, you might be able to fit them on a hitch-mounted rack. Lets take a look.

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Fultyme Rv And Northern Tool Hitch Bike Rack Vs Hollywood Racks

I am impressed by the Fultyme RV/Northern Tool Hitch Bike Rack and what it offers at a much lower price point than my Hollywood Racks. The Hollywood Racks is of higher quality but the Northern Tool hitch rack is a more affordable way to travel with your electric bikes.

The main benefits to the Hollywood Rack hitch mounted bike rack are:

  • Locking hitch pin, locking frame mounts, and a light security cable lock for added security
  • Hitch pin is easier to install
  • Anti-wobble hitch system with no accessories needed
  • Hollywood Racks is sturdier

You can check out my full Hollywood Racks review here.

Northern Tool Bike Rack Features

Impressive 200 lbs Capacity

Many electric bikes are more than 60 lbs each, which is the limit on other bike racks. The impressive weight capacity sets this Northern Tool bike rack ahead of its competition, at a price that is much more affordable than racks from companies like Thule, or Kuat. Suffice to say if you own a heavy electric bike your options for a bike rack are limited.

Fits Wide Tires

The Fultyme Hitch Bike Rack and the Northern Tool Ultra-Low Fat Tire 2-Bake Carrier easily fits fat-tire bikes up to 5 wide. My brother hauled his RadWagon 4 and a Ride1Up 500 Series ST to Florida on this rack. Note that that the wheel holders can accommodate narrower tires as well.


The foldability makes this bike convenient in two ways. First, the middle bar folds down so which may allow you to access your trunk with bikes on the rack. Second, when the rack is not in use, you can fold it lengthwise or vertical depending on your preference.

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